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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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road games as oregon will go to arizona, so you play in tucson and tempe, no easy trip. washington is much better this year. >> spero: dorsey bobbled it for a moment. >> doug: that's the cause of inconsistency, the depth of quality team. >> spero: booch boucher, that's good. [cheers and applause] >> spero: 18 for boucher! and the young man having his moment here in eugene. this is goloman, and there's a 3, back of the rim, no and then last touched underneath by the ducks. >> doug: what a weapon, chris boucher, the junior college all-american. a shot blocker. and a floor stretcher, all at the same time. only 190 pounds soaking wet. >> spero: he is all arms and
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coming up tonight on cbs, it all begins with ""ncis, los angeles" and then "48." only cbs. the final 45 seconds. and ucla certainly not the defensive effort that steve alford was hoping for but they were right there for much of this game. welsh extends and finishes. >> doug: i thought their defense was better at times in the second half but they couldn't secure the rebound. >> spero: just a tough team to figure out. on their best days, they can play with anyone. >> doug: and credit oregon. they did a tremendous job of taking away the strength of ucla's offense. >> spero: i would go out and -- on a limb and say that the oregon ducks will be in the tournament. >> doug: i think they are a tough match-up and you could see them in the second weekend if they continue to improve. >> spero: and benson is able to
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perfect exclamation point for the ducks and holiday's heave at the horn is short. dana altman and oregon flexing its muscle as they defeat steve alford's bruins, 76 86-72. and right now oregon in sole possession of second place. >> doug: and is they get a shot at the arizona wildcats upcoming. and guard your yard, protect your turf, and the ducks did just that, sweeping ucla and usc. >> spero: this one was fun. for doug gottlieb, this is spero dedes saying so long from eugene. your final, orgover ucla. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> spero: this has been a
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. groom georgia to massachusetts, old man winter paralyzes cities, 12 dead, a quarter of a million without power in this blizzard. plus, bundled up and red write to party like a pilot. we're live at the children's parade. and the mayor of st. pete goes on the record about three big issues that impact the entire bay area,ened the future of the tampa bay rays. good evening, everyone. i'm tammy shields here, and a
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the really cold weather. >> yes, tammy, so cold that some cold weather shelters are opening. pay attention to this because we're not just talking about weather, weather, it is going down into the 20s for some folks tonight. let's get right to current conditions. major cities in the northeast are shut down. they're shut down in new york city. a travel ban is underway. it is dropping a record amount of snow in kentucky. it left hundreds of drivers stranded overnight on an interstate. meanwhile the jersey shore is getting slammed with coastal flooding. all of this severe weather is being blamed on the death of -- deaths of a dozen people. the storm has caused 10,000 flight cancellations across the country, including several at tampa international airport. check this out. florida actually got its own snow. temperatures in gainesville and
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this is the scene on st. pete beach today. extremely windy conditions mixed with choppy water and high surf. a few brave souls bundled up to check out the surf. and this was closed because of powerful wind gusts, and the same wind gust left passengers stranded in a channel for hours today. passengers contacted 10 news and said the ship's captain wanted to wait until the windy weather died down. we're going to check back in for tonight's forecast. >> reporter: it is still kind of breezy to windy out there. sustained winds. clearwater airport, 20 miles out of the northwest and look at the wind gusts that were recorded, st. pete at tropicana field, a 50-mile-per-hour wind gust. the good news, as we head into your saturday evening, the winds are coming down a little bit. now, with the lessening of the wind, that will actually allow temperatures to drop even cooler.
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on the the environment so the entire bay area is under a wind chill advisory through sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. that means we could feel like temperatures around 35 degrees, and for the coast, a little more serious. this is a freeze warning, which means they could see temperatures as low as 27. much more on our local cool down, plus, the situation across the northeast. that's all coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. thousands of tiny little pirates took over bay shore boulevard this afternoon for the children's parade. this was the scene from our sky 10 helicopter. despite the chilly temperatures today, the families still lined up along the streets of the popular tampa tradition here. we're going to take you out live. and are you having a are the of fun out there? >> reporter: too much fun. this was a long parade. it ended moments ago. people are funneling out, and
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for all kids out here. there were so many adorable little ones that were all bundled up, and so were their parents. there was a moment when the sun came out which provided some relief. it made it a little bit better, but then, as you can see, it has gone down. the parade is just ending so people are really getting chilly now. but what i wanted to say is it has been around 50 degrees out here and people for the most part have been braving the weather for the parade. a lot of people have left a lot of people have stayed. the adults are chillier than the kids. but once, again, it really is cold out here. we spoke to one woman who had seven kids she had to get ready to come out to see the parade. >> 8:00 the the morning is when the showers started. yeah. >> reporter: but they weren't stopping? >> oh, no. not at all. they were trying to walk out
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we ended up not leaving until 10:00 so we could get a good spot. it was fun. >> reporter: everything went pretty smoothly here at the parade for the most part. at one point the police tell us a 5-year-old boy got separated from his family but was found just a few minutes later. the biggest thing here is people just trying to keep your kids warm out here at the parade, but it seemed like everyone had a great time a lot of people stayed even though it was chilly and windy and it is really cold now, and even though they still stayed out here and had a good time. for now i'm live in tampa, i'm darren flowers, wtsp. >> thank you.
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and. inside a dimly lit theatre. >> bustling, transcend errant and trump free. >> a supportive crowd quick to clap over accomplishments over the last year and what is to come. >> we love where we live, but we're not perfect. >> he spent most of his speech addressing challenges facing the city's poor south side. >> issues like the pier and the baseball team, they're important, but they don't keep me up at night. >> like the murders of seven months. >> it is unacceptable for me. it is unacceptable in a place city. >> and he also said to shine light on schools, found to be the worst in the state. >> i don't want anything called a failure factory in my city. >> in the past year the city said good-bye to continue
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soon say the same thing to the rays. >> christman says the city is a catch, in part, because of all of the new residential units being put up downtown. >> in fact, 2,383 residential units are currently under construction or being planned for our downtown. >> a city on the high-rise. in st. petersburg, 10 news, wtsp. for a look at -- look at our extensionive coverage of the issues the mayor spoke about today from gun violence to the rays stadium, go to and click seen on tv. and some have been critical of one of the mayor's recent proposals to fight the gun violence. and he wants city leaders to find a million dollars in the budge to tackle the problem. well, until a decision is made, the community leaders gathered here today at the church in gulf port.
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courts are better than juvenile courts. >> and the gulfport pirates, the city of gulfport, and you show the families and the youth what is out there for them to do so that they don't have to run the streets. >> the organizers say they invited parents and grandparents here to educate them on all of the different activities already available to young people in this area to keep them out of trouble. crime alert. deputies searching for a man wanted in connection with the murders of three people. let's take a look. this is who they're on the look- out for. jamal jon smith. they believe he may have been involved in what the sheriff is calling an organized execution that left three dead and one person critically injured. the crime happened in lakeland earlier this month. two men from miami are already facing charges. the investigators believe smith is from miami as well. today family and friends gathered to say good-bye to a married couple who were killed in last weekend's tornado in manatee county.
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after a tornado packing winds of up to 125 miles per hour hit their home. those who knew the wilsons described them as caring people with big hearts who would do anything to help someone else out. still to come on 10 news at 6:00, the lighter side of the winter storm covering the east coast.
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on the campaign trail this weekend, donald trump raising eyebrows after the comment he fans. loyal faithful. did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue now and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. like incredible. >> trump made these comments during a campaign stop in iowa. the audience, as you just heard there, laughed. there could be a new face white house. the former new york city mayor michael bloomberg, is said to be exploring the idea of candidate. if he decides to run, it would likely be con termed by the end
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for ball lats around the country. -- ballots around the country. if you spent any time outside today, you know how cold it is, and whenever the sun goes down, it feels like it gets even colder. >> absolutely, tammy. tonight we're talking about the real deal, not just kind of chilly for our standards, but cold for anyone's standards because we have the freeze warning in effect for portions of the bay area. as you can see, current temperatures right now, it is 45 degrees in crystal river. 47 degrees in brooksville. so, yes, those temperature also be plummeting overnight, and i do want to show you a -- temperatures will be plummeting overnight, and i do want to show you. this is a mixed bag of weather today, that is for sure. we saw early morning showers, clouds, and more sunshine as the afternoon went along. you can see the water is rough out there on the bay in sarasota. the good news, the winds will
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late tonight and sunday as well. now, this is very important. we do have a wind chill advisory for folks in pasco county and the entire bay area citrus. they had different warnings. so we have a wind chill advisory through 9:00 a.m. sunday. that means the feels like temperature from 26 to 35 degrees so, please, when you're headed out early sunday morning, you're going to want a coat because it will be that cold. especially on the coast, remember, you want to bring your pets inside, probably your sensitive vegetation. you will probably have an extra blanket on the bed. this means the actual temperatures, not the feels like temperatures like the wind chill advisory, between 27 and 32 degrees for two or more hours. so, yes, very cold conditions. of course, this is the other big national weather story. we have had unbelievable snow accumulation, all the way from d.c., philly, new york, and now across new england.
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in some areas paralyzing new york city. and you can see we're still tracking that snow. now, over the next 12 hours, improving conditions as that area of low pressure will speed off to the northeast so we're done with the precipitation across the northeast after about 10:00 a.m. as we head into your sunday. back hoar at home, temperature this is evening in the 40s. windy. it is going to be very chilly out there. then by sunday morning, mostly sunny skies. right around 38 to 39, so much of the bay area, and colder on the coast. 31 crystal river. brooksville down to 33 degrees. and typically one of our more mild spots, 44 degrees in st. petersburg. this is the situation across the northeast. this is going to be moving northeast. so by about 8:00 tonight, we quiet down for much of virginia. still seeing snow across d.c. and maryland. but then late tonight, early sunday morning, we start to see clearing conditions for d.c. new york city, pretty much done by midnight. long island, you're still
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and last but not least, cape a.m. 10:00. all of that moves off to the east and finally folks across the northeast can hopefully start to try to get back to normal, but it is going to take quite a while. afternoon. at least it will be one of those very pretty days with lots of sunshine for you, and notice the decreasing winds northwest at 4:00 during the afternoon. so future cast model showing us that we will have our wind predominantly out of the northwest and then the north as morning. near the coast. any folks that do see a few cloud also keep temperature as little on the warmer side. skies. perfect set-up for that radiational cooling, so all of the daytime heating escapes quickly into the atmosphere with no clouds to hold it close to the surface like a blanket. so if you're taking the boat
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the northwest at 10 to 15 knots. the bay waters, a moderate chop. rip currents will be likely, and small craft advisory runs through early sunday morning. so keep that in mind. low tide sunday, 8:38 in the morning. high tide at 3:30. i want to switch gears. take you the a little video a lot of folks, it is a serious situation, but check out the national zoo in washington, d.c. they posted this adorable video, and he woke up this pornography to find a lot of snow. -- up up this morning to find a lot of snow. oh, that is so adorable. i could watch that longer. what a cute panda! back here at home we are looking at a sunny but cool day for sunday. keep in mind we do have the freeze warning in effect for portions of citrus county, and the wind chill advisory for the rest of the bay area. still chilly on monday. 67 by the afternoon.
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warm things up tuesday with a high of 72 degrees. it is wednesday into thursday. this is our next frontal system that is going to bring showers and storms once again. our high osteoest chance the second half of wednesday through midday on thursday. and we'll be watching this for the potential of severe weather as we know from past history, a lot of these fronts have been pretty potent as they move through. so, again, the entire 10 weather team will be watching take for you. friday, saturday, as we head into next weekend, clear and cool once -- clear and cool once again. the best way you can stay on top of the weather, you can download the 10 weather app. it is free in the app store, and it also has access to live storm trackers. our sky 10 network cameras, plus, you can sign up for those 10 news alerts, breaking news and traffic as well. okay. and it is free. the bay area corvette club and chevrolet presented the
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