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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we'll have more coming up in a few minutes. >> let's accepted it over to road warrior hillary zalla. >> westbound lanes of the causeway are shut down. you are able to take the access road. you can get around on the service road because main lanes are shut down. two people seriously injured in this accident. one person is in custody. the best bet would be to take the howard frankland bridge. i am getting details of a serious accident on 275 southbound at the gappedy boulevard exit ramp in pinellas park. at the gandy boulevard exit ramp in pinellas park.
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morning to you. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. this pig digout could take days. millions of americans are going back to work today and trying to catch a flight in spite of all those elements. hundreds of people stranded in tampa over the weekend. we are just trying to get a flight to get home. >> reporter: yeah, i spoke for a lot of people that actually just got off of a cruise to belize in mexico. now, they are stuck in tampa, no flights, nowhere to go, no hotel room. today, there are only a handful of canceled flights at tampa international airport. not looking too bad. question is will the hundreds of thousands of folks turned away over the weekend be able
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this is after the huge snowstorm that ripped across the northeast. it was record-breaking snowfall. folks working that you are hard toast dig out this morning. at least 30 others died across the country because of the storm. d.c. is at a stand still. federal offices closed today and other travelers stranded at the airport just want to get home. >> i just want to go home. my family just want to go home. at this point, we have nowhere to go. >> reporter: flying will be messy today after 12,000 flights were canceled this weekend. only about 1300 canceled today. that is the good news. not too many issues here at the tampa international airport. newark. two to washington, d.c. one delay there. one cancellation to new york
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if you are on the go this morning going to your flight, coming up at 6:30, i'll walk you there an on the go way to check your flight status with our 10 news app. mark rivera. investigators say these escaped inmates are considered violent criminals. they escaped on saturday from santa ana. they managed to get tools to cut through 1/2 in. steel bars. they cut through plumbing tunnel before making it to the roof where they rappeled four stories to the ground. >> he with will not stop until these individuals are back in our custody. >> deputies say tips have been pouring in but there have been no confirmed sightings. the race for the white house is heating up. candidates hillary clinton, bernie sands are and martin
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time during a town hall at drake university in iowa. sanders is currently ahead in the polls in iowa. clinton says if sanders wins this that state, her campaign other states. the video you see here is from the attacks that killed 130 people in november. the new isis video shows the extent of the planning for the paris attacks as well as threats to attack britain and prime minister david cameron. the extremists are also filmed prisoners. out of plant city, police homicide. they say family members found 36-year-old reginald brown dead street. we don't have a lot of information. once we get new details, we'll update you here and online. manatee county deputies are searching for two men suspected
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they want you to take a good look at these surveillance photos. deputies say the images showed two men running from the scene of a shooting in bradenton. they say charles leopard was shot and killed in a parking lot. investigators say the suspects were seen driving off in a red suv with chrome trim. official will look ate piece of curved white metal right here found on the southern coast of thailand. investigators say the wreckage was found by a fisherman. a report indicates the serial number belongs to a boeing 777 that is the same model as mh- 370 but no official confirmation whether it is from the same aircraft. the flight disappeared near hi two years ago after it took off from kuala lumpur to beijing. airline officials working
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milan after their plane was diverted to canada. the american you're lines jet left from fawn but was rerouted when it ran into severe turbulence and seven people were hurt. paramedics and fire crews met the plane on the tarmac. just a few more days until the gasparilla piratefest. the city is making a big push for get people from all around the country to take part. why this push to get people from around the country to come here to tampa? >> reporter: this is all about tourists and getting people to come on down to tampa bay and see everything that it has to offer. so this year and in years to come, can you expect to see a lot more tourists throughout the bleachers enjoying the parade and everything that the event has to offer. not that you will be able to tell anyway because everybody
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and be decked out in their pirate gear. starting next week, they are making a big push in detroit, chicago and boston. they will be spending a lot of money on a digital campaign in those cities to get people down here. marketers say every year, this is an event that gets shared more and more with people outside of tampa. it is actually the third largest parade in the country. so marketers want to take advantage of that. since this is prime tourism season, the fun is a great look to get people to tampa bay. now, the group is spending nearly $800,000 on this marketing campaign in the cities that i mentioned, detroit, chicago, boston. and what do all of those cities have in common at this time of year specifically? really cold there so i'm sure it won't be hard to convince them to get a little sunshine and come on down to tampa bay. so when you fill up this
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to like what you see. aaa says gas prices are still falling. that is despite oil prices increasing at the end of next week. prices are dropping at the rate of about a half cent a day. the state average is $1.96. you still see $1.72, down into that area. >> that is really nice. so this is a story that will pull at your heartstrings. >> a bald eagle dies in a shocking way. now, her mate is left to take care of her eggs all alone. >> first, the days of protesting may soon be over for teachers in detroit. >> here is another reason to like our 10 news facebook page and watch 10 news at 11:00. we are giving out a word of the day for a chance to win two daytona 500. the winner will receive two passes to the sprint fan zone.
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court 'campbell causeway drivers, you are still just getting by in the westbound lanes using the service road because of a serious accident right near rocky point drive as you are heading into pipally as county. the best bet is to take the howard frankland bridge. the gandy bridge is also taking you just five minutes to cross so no issues on your other good morning sunshine skyway drivers, you are looking good here as well. northbound and southbound taking you just 17 minutes. ashley? >> all right. we are going to be off to a chilly start this morning. make sure you are sending the kids to school with jackets. starting off around 40 degrees. we will be warming up around noon, topping out at 68. day. very nice tomorrow.
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we hold off on the rain chances until wednesday but we'll be tracking scattered showers, storms, possibly some isolated severe storms. more on that coming up in less than 10 minutes. >> if you only have 10 minutes to spend with us, here is what you need to know. federal offices and schools in washington, d.c. still closed today as people dig out from under two feet of snow after that crippling blizzard. >> you can see the work they've got cut out. emergency travel bans are lifted for the millions of others trying to get back to work. but getting around unplowed roads is proving to be very tricky. >> hundreds of flights have been canceled today. here is a live look at tampa international airport. they are expecting a busy travel day. a massive search is under way in southern california for three inmates. they somehow escaped a maximum security jail. >> investigators believe the men may have been making that escape plan for months. they used tools to cut through 1/2 inch steel bars and
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they were able to rappel to the ground using a makeshift rope. it is their last shot to make their points known before of the iowa caucus in just one week. >> democratic candidates, hillary clinton, bernie anders and martineau male will meet once again tonight in town hall. bit. an update to an investigation into the water expected today. that tops a look at headlines around the nation and world in 60 seconds. michigan's attorney general is expected to hold a news conference today on the investigation into the water crisis in flint. he said in january he would see if any laws were violated in the process that left the city's drinking water contaminated with lead. a detroit judge will hold a hearing that could force the city's teachers to end their sickout. detroit teachers have been protesting pay, class sizes and building conditions. they plan to protest outside the state of michigan building before the judge hears those arguments. carolina panthers and the denver broncos face off in
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cam newton will lead the panthers against five time mvp peyton manning in the big game. you can watch the super bowl right here on 10 news and cbs on february 7th. new information right now about a serious accident in pinellas county. the accident is reported right on southbound 275 at the exit eastbound. do you have some lanes going eastbound on gandy and also on 275. what i know is a vehicle partially overturned, ran into a guard rail and a person inside is stuck. serious injuries here. they are asking you to avoid the area. you are able to get through but there is such a large presence of police officers and emergency vehicle on scene. be sure to give yourself time heading in that direction. i'm also on top of an accident on the courtney campbell causeway and westbound lanes
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into pinally as county. the accident is on the tampa side actually. tampa police are on scene here. let's go live and check out the scene. you can see that police are still here trying to figure out exactly what happened. what we know right now is this is a hit and run accident t happened at 4:00 this morning. and the driver who fled the scene was taken into custody. two people were seriously injured in the accident. they are telling us that the westbound lanes won't open up for several hours. you can see traffic on the right-hand side of your screen. they are getting by on the access road, the service road next to the courtney campbell causeway. the frankland bridge will be your best bet. polk county and sarasota county, looking good drive time- wise. if you have any problems on those roadways, be sure to send me an e-mail.
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issue you have out there. just e-mail me what it is at road warrior at off to a cold start but we're clear. not dealing with anything in the way of rain. still, some chilly numbers with many of us below the freezing mark especially into citrus and hernando county where a freeze warning is in effect way frost advisory in much of the area. but winds are light. we are not adding that wind chill back into the mix. now, we are just starting to see the first inklings of the southeast winds coming back into play. we'll warm things up more this afternoon. we'll gradually see appear increase in our cloud cover and then our rain chances as we head into tomorrow evening. but through the day today, we just get to enjoy the warmer temperatures that these southeast winds are going to be ushering in. you can see eastern parts of the state cloud up a little bit earlier. areas to the west will see a few high passing clouds. that will be about it for much of the florida peninsula today and then overnight we start
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working its way in. what that is going to do is not allow the temperatures to drop off quite as much overnight tonight. so not nearly as cold heading out the door this morning. definitely need the jackets with temperatures right around 40 degrees. all in all, looking pretty good with lots of sun and a big improvement on the water from what we saw just a couple of days ago as well with winds out of the east-southeast, five to 10 knots, two to three foot seas and a light chop on the bay. that means a much milder start to your day tomorrow. we continue to pump in more cloud cover throughout the day tomorrow. that could be some isolated showers late in the night tomorrow. but the widespread rain, that arrives on wednesday. first, in the form of some showers out ahead of the main line and we see an area of low pressure developing in the eastern gulf of mexico and that could really cause some instability and that could lead to strong, maybe even some isolated veer thunderstorms as we head into the evening hours.
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very closely coming up over the next couple of days. that will be moving out late in the day on thursday. so before about 5:00, expect some showers thursday night. we are looking dry as we will be both days this weekend so mild temperatures with numbers right around 70 degrees in the afternoon and overnight lows near 50. got to get through that round of storms on wednesday and then the scattered showers and storms on thursday before we dry things out friday and stay dry into the weekend. get 10 weather updates on the road with our 10 weather radio partners. a mother will never complain about her child using an electronic device again. how the quick thinking skills of herling boy helped save her life. >> first, we have a new warning recycling. the impact it could have on our oceans in the future. >> you are looking along
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there for this morning run on the chilly start on the workweek. it is 40 degrees at the bottom
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drive times in pinally as may get a little slow because of a crash on the southbound exit ram of gandy. you have speeds down to 46 miles per hour there going eastbound. on 275 southbound, your travel time is still just about nine minutes from gandy on down to the skyway bridge notch significant delay right now. i'll be watching it for you. sarasota county looking good all morning long. u.s. 41 found taking you just 18 minutes.
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this morning but your evening commute will look much warm are 60s. light winds, just a few passing clouds. we'll be increasing the cloud cover tomorrow. now, we are starting to see some snow back towards minneapolis up into the dakotas over into nebraska as well. we stay quiet if you are country. heads up there but things are looking good out west. another storm system moving in wednesday. keep a close eye on that. we could be tracking some strong, possibly even some severe storms. it is monday, january 25th. here is your eye opener look at the day's top stories in 60 seconds. >> we need people off the streets for their open safety. we need people off the streets for the safety of others. >> the blizzard of 2016 is if the record books. as people get ready to head back to work this morning, authorities are still cautioning against unnecessary driving. flying is still messy after nearly 12,000 weekend flights
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>> the inmates cut through 1/2 inch steel bars to facilitate their escape. jot hunt continues for three inmates considered armed and dangerous. >> we need to no, ma'am knit a candidate who can beat the republicans and win in november of 2016. >> a battle for the white house. with just a week until the iowa caucuses, tonight the democrats face off in another debate. an alarming new report out this morning on the world's oceans. it says we are on track to have pore plastic than fish in the oceans by the year 2050. use of plastics has increased 20-fold in the last half century and is expected to double again in the next 20 years. we dump the equivalent of one garbage truck's trash into the ocean every minute. experts believe there are 165 million tons of plastic already in the ocean today.
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video from virginia. normally, you would see the washington redskins indoor look at this. the flattened and covered in the dome air-filled structure demeated from the weight of the snow over the weekend. the team's web site says the facility will be reinflated when the snow melts. a. unconscious because of having low blood pressure while on the phone with her mom. her mother then called her son- in-law. he tried to call the home and nobody answered. he called the tablet. >> i heard it beep and i pushed it. it has a cell phone on it. >> knew what to do. >> chadwick's dad told him to arrived. moments later, he let emergency responders into the house to
6:23 am
dozens remain out of the home as investigators look into what caused the deadly fire at a lakeland apartment complex. >> we are live streaming throughout our 6:00 a.m. show.
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temperatures, in fact freezing in some spots. we get lots of sunshine in the mix so we will be warming things up but we have a lot of work to do. we are seeing a lot of 30s across the area. we will see an increase in our cloud cover as well as our rain chances over the next couple of days. i'll have the timing of the next storm system coming up in a few minutes. first, we'll send it over to hilary zalla. >> we have a live look from sky 10 right now flying over the courtney campbell causeway. all westbound lanes are shut down after a serious accident. you can see traffic is being diverted onto the service road. here are the main lanes of the courtney campbell causeway. you are getting around on that service road and boy, are we seeing delays. this is westbound towards pinally is. you probably want to take the howard frankland bridge to get
6:26 am
i also want to show you an accident in pinellas county on gandy boulevard at 276789 a vehicle partially overturned here on southbound 275 at the exit ramp to gandy boulevard. we do have lanes blocked there. i'll have drive times coming up in less than 10 minutes. good morning. snow covered streets all over the northeast are snarling traffic. the snow has stopped falling but right now mill i don't understand across the country are working to deal with and dig out of the aftermath of the massive winter storm. >> reporter: 12,000 flights canceled over this weekend all because of this. take a look at this video. this is swat massive winter storm looked like from space. you can see just how much of the country was pummeled by the snow and ice.
6:27 am
through times square. icy waters come up to some homes. now, folks are trying to dig out of that big mess. some of them are trying to get to the airports because of those 1,000 flights canceled. a quick way you can easily on the go check your flights is right here. take a look at this. go download our 10 news app. scroll down to track flights. click that and can you track your airport, your flight and all of the delays right from mobile device. search wtsp in the app store. happening today, the top three democratic presidential hopefuls will face off any aup to hall meeting in iowa. it is the last time hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will be on the statement cannel before the iowa caucus. v.-- will be on the same stage
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>> michael bloomberg is contemplating a third party runment we are told a decision on that could come in march. three inmates who escaped from a maximum security jail in california are still on the run. investigators say the men used an elaborate plan to break out sometime after a friday morning head count. one of the men is accused of murder. >> the inmates cut their way through the plumbing tunnels and ultimately gained access to an unsecure area of the roof. from the roof, the inmates rappeled off of the roof of the building behind me down to the ground. >> there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. fire investigators are still working to find out what caused a fire at a lakeland apartment complex that left one person dead. it started at the bella vista manor, an independent living facility. they think the fire started in the same apartment where they found the body. forty-one people are out of their homes because of that fire.
6:29 am
a plan with the management now and we are going to allow a couple of the stories to be opened back up to residents. >> this building was built before fire spring hers were mandated. it could have started from an electrical outlet in a bedroom or someone smoking. bald eagles in the area are dieing a horrible death. volunteers believe that one eagle died after eating rodents that had eaten rat poisoning. >> he will probably sit out here for another week or so which is really sad and he just sits up there and he calls for her. >> to learn more about safer
6:30 am
threatening the lives of other wildlife, go to if you thought that gasparilla couldn't get any bigger, think again. the main tourism group of tampa is spending big bucks to get more out of town guests to line the streets of bayshore. this right here will have a huge impact on your wallet. we have a report this morning. some people feel that gasparilla is a tampa bay thing and asking why do we need to share? >> reporter: there is an old song that continually runs this. if you didn't catch that reference, the answer is money. tourism plays a huge part in us not having to pay sales tax. if we want to keep that extra cash if our pocket, we have got to continue to welcome tourists into our area and watch the grass april apriority invasion along the bay. and who does not love pirates? all the events surrounding gas
6:31 am
festival, the races, they make up an entire gasparilla season which all happens during peak tour imtime. so it is the perfect opportunity to get international guests and people across the country into tampa bay. so that is why visit tampa bay is pumping a lot of money into advertising in london, germany and toronto because they want people to see what we have to look in. >> every time we can bring somebody in, it allows for a family, someone to have a job. it keeps a roof over someone's head, it keeps schools open and helps promote museums. the whole point of everything we do is economic development for the betterment of our community. >> reporter: take a look at this. how cute is this little taxi. this is a london taxi decked out in florida colors promoting the tampa bay area. it is one of the things visit tampa bay is doing to get people overseas interested in coming here.
6:32 am
pirate invasion in those taxis. so if you hear a few foreign accents this weekend, make sure you welcome all of our tourists with open arms because remember, those tourists are why we do not have to pay sales tax in florida. >> pretty cool way to get the word out. florida philadelphia ann scott will be visiting the bay area in just a few hours. she will be celebrating literacy week florida. this week honors the strides that students have made over the past decade. students will be encouraged to keep reading and improve the literacy skills. blue bell ice cream will be back in bay area stores today. the company was forced to stop distribution back in april after three people died and at least 10 were sick from the lysteria outbreak at the production plant. among several flavors hitting store shelves, butter crunch, dutch chocolate and homemade vanilla.
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wants you to boil your tap water before you drink it for aryz east and west of brown acres -- areas east and west of brown acres subdivision. once the notice is lifted, we'll update you here and online. if you are looking for a job, here is something to check out today. tampa international airport is holing a job fair. they are looking to fill 125 positions in restaurants and shops that are expected to open this spring. if you are trying to sell your home, you may run into some trouble. >> after a strong year in sales, experts believe 2016 will not be the same. >> here is what is coming up tonight. stay up for the late show with stephen colbert. >> we know who is going but if you can't make it to the big
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in love. we've teamed up for a chance for win a watch party at a hooters tampa bay location. just watch for a seek red word of the day. make sure to put that word on our facebook page. there will be three winners
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we are busy across the bay. good more than, courtney campbell causeway drivers. you can see westbound lanes still shut down at rocky point drive because of an accident that is blocking lanes there. you are using the service road to get around that. this is a live look at it right now. you can see southbound lanes looking just fine. no significant delays. ate good alternate for you. you are going on the courtney campbell and will have to take the access road around the crash which isn't really best thing to do just because you are so delayed there. sunshine skyway drivers, you are looking pretty good there. only one lane is get big from construction. it is not a huge deal. you are looking at just about a three-minute delay at this point. heads up allergy sufferers.
6:36 am
counts over the next several days. it looks to hit the peak on thursday. still remaining high. that all-important weekend forecast looking fantastic. we'll see more cloud cover on sunday than saturday but temperatures nice and comfortable hovering right around 70 degrees both days with overnight lows in the others. before we get here, we have to get through a storm system that has the potential to bringsy veer weather with it. more on that coming up in less hand 10 minutes. -- to bring severe weather with it. millions of people along the east coast are headed back to work in just a few hours after this weekend's crippling snowstorm. >> federal offices and schools in the nation's capital remain closed as people in that area continue to dig out from undertwo feet of snowfall. while much of new york city came back to life after record snowfall totals, many are still dealing with unplowed roads. >> wondering what happened to the sanitation department, why they didn't kerr about these blocks. >> the impact is also being felt as many of the nation's
6:37 am
tampa international airport just try to get back to normal. they have one more chance to show the people of iowa that they are the best person for the job. >> the top three democratic candidates will meet tonight for a town hall meeting right now, polls show bernie sanders has the lead there. over the weekend, the des moines register endorsed former secretary of state hillary clinton for the democratic nomination and florida senator marco rubio in the republican race. a massive search is under way in southern california after three inmates used an elaborate plan to escape a maximum security jail. >> investigators say they don't tools were involved. they are unsure if they had help from the inside or possibly outside the jail. 2015 was the best year for home sales in nearly a decade. the national association of realtors says purchases of previously owned homes jumped over 14% in december alone. they say that warmer weather with this. as for 2016, the group predibts
6:38 am
because interest rates will likely go up. coming up on 6:45, researchs are are calling for an increased awareness about the warning signs of colorectal cancer i'm study found nearly 15% of patients diagnosed are younger than the suggested age for the screening. current guidelines suggest that americans start screening for that cancer at the age of 50. a construction proposal would dewater niagara falls. it is one story you will see trending on social media. that is a look at what that would like like. two pedestrian bridges need reconstruction. crews would need to shut off water flow on the american side of the fall. for some, this is the second time the falls have dried. another time was in 1969 when researchs are stopped water to study the effects of erosion on build-up of rock at the base of the falls.
6:39 am
but it could have a negative impact during the busy summer tourism season. new right now, drive times definitely getting busy out there for hillsborough county. i-4 westbound into downtown tampa getting slow as well and veterans expressway especially as you are down to 37 miles per hour. you a on top of an accident new right new on hillsborough avenue in town and country at memorial highway. it looks like there is one lane blocked heading eastbound. be sure to give yourself a little extra time. not a significant delay yet. i'm also on top of the serious accident that has closed down westbound lanes of the courtney campbell causeway. let's go live to the scene. those are drivers taking the access road here around the main lanes of the courtney campbell causeway.
6:40 am
we are seeing delays because of that and actually high profile the detour. the best bet would be the howard frankland bridge. this was a hit and run and the suspect is in custody that took off from the accident. you can see just the damage to that car there. they are saying these lanes hours. i'll let you know when at least one lane can open back up. back to the maps. i'm also on top of a serious injury accident on 275 southbound at gandy boulevard. eastbound lanes of gandy are blocked. by. this is at the exit ramp from southbound 275. someone ran no a guard rail an the par partially overturned. morning long. can you see the drive time at 15 minutes into tampa. either. if you have any problems on the
6:41 am
i'll take a look at any traffic problems that you have. >> thank you. we are off to a chilly start this morning. we have a freeze warning in effect for citrus and hernando counties and for noncoastal areas. pretty much everywhere else, we are seeing a frost advisory until 9:00 this morning. we have 37 in lakeland. 34 at apollo beach. still 49 in st. pete. we do have subfreezing temperatures up into crystal river right now checking in at 30. light winds this morning. so not adding a wind chill to the mix. we will see light winds all throughout the day and the lack of cloud cover. so that boosts our temperatures as we head into the afternoon. if the weekend was a little too chilly, we'll see the return of the 60s. mid- to upper 60s in the forecast later on this afternoon. with southeast winds making a little bit of a comeback, they will be light today.
6:42 am
an increase in our cloud cover throughout the day. expecting to stay mostly sunny throughout the day. southeast winds. both of these are going to work really well as a team to keep our temperatures just a little bit warmer than what we saw this morning. by a little bit, i mean 10 to 15 degrees warmer than what we saw this morning. two to three foot seas. a light chop on the bay. water that is rivalling pacific temperatures with those very chilly readings in the mid -- in the mid-50s. we are going to be seeing some rapid changing developing in the next 24 to 48 hours. most of us stay try throughout
6:43 am
scattered showers possible during the afternoon and evening. overnight, we see several main line. the cause for some concern in regards to severe weather, that comes wednesday afternoon and an area of low pressure tries to develop in the gulf of mexico bricking with it some pretty strong storms. may see some patchy rain behind that on thursday but we clear things out shortly thereafter and the weekend really looking good with temperatures hovering right around 70 degrees for your highs both days. a decent amount of sunshine in there and not soup are chilly temperatures in the morning as well as overnight temperatures drop to around 50 degrees. you can get the newspaper praft as you are -- the newspaper forecast as you are reading. the sun is starting to come up. kicking off the week.
6:44 am
>> very cold outside this morning. 40degrees right now. >> only colder in some of the other areas around there. don't forget your coat as you head out the door this morning. if you get any cool pictures of of the sunrise, we would love to see them.
6:45 am
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premium plan new right now, delays are building across the courtney campbell causeway as we take a live look from our camera. we can see the backup from the westbound lanes being shut down across the bay. can you see that right at rocky point drive, there is an accident there. all westbound lanes are closed because of that. so you are having to get by on an access road which is pretty complicated. the best bet would be to take the howard frankland bridge into pinellas county. let's get live to the sky 10 network come rae as well on 275 and gandy boulevard in pinellas
6:47 am
an accident where a driver ran into a guard rail and partially overturned. one lane block on the gandy road going eastbound but all main lanes on southbound 275 are clear. morning. we will be warming things up thanks to lots of sunshine later in the day. staying quiet. we are watching a storm system bringing some snow to places like minneapolis back towards nebraska and eventually over towards the st. louis area although that will be liquid rain and we could see a little bit of a wintry mix as we head tomorrow. so a little bit of a heads up if you do have travel planned. as of right now, everything is looking good out west and around the bay area until that storm system moves in tomorrow. just joining us, we are on top of the stories you need to know before you head out. millions of people across the east coast are heading back to work this morning following snowstorm.
6:48 am
schools will be closed for today. much of the nation's air system is resuming service slowly. it is exactly one week until the iowa caucus. the democratic candidates will meet again tonight at a town hall that begins at 9:00 p.m. a new poll shows sanders holds the lead there. >> several law enforcement agencies in southern california are searching for three inmates who escaped from a maximum security jail. investigators are not sure how the three got out on friday morning. they say the men who include an alleged killer got tools and their cell offends and got on to the roof before rappeling four stories down. all three are considered armed and dangerous. keurig says they want to do something to help the environment. >> the company pushing to make the single serve cups by 2020. the company says it is trying to see if using a more recyclable material will affect the taste. that is one of the big criticisms is you can't recycle
6:49 am
>> you are throwing it all away. >> have you seep our trash can out in the break room? it is piled. >> thank you for joining thus morning. hopefully, you have a great day.
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