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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon i am allison kropff. at least 32 people were killed from the blizzard in the northeast. many died shoveling methods of snow. craig boswell starts our coverage from washington dc which is still shut down. >> reporter: people spend the morning digging out cars buried
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about 2 feet of snow is on the ground in the capital. or than enough to close federal offices and schools today. shuffling this much snow. >> people are not really fit for the job. >> reporter: it is dangerous. they streets in the city remain unplowed and impassable. some drivers are deciding to stop near the street and walk where they need to go. >> we are still in a snow emergency, and i am operating under a state of emergency in the district as a. >> reporter: dc is not alone. at least five states reported 30 inches of snow. new york city has lifted its travel ban but many people in queens are fighting is slow going. 89-year-old joe has a message for city officials. >> come down my blog once in a while. >> reporter: at the airports the let's presume this morning at reagan national and there is
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baltimore, and philadelphia. more than 12,000 flights were canceled over the weekend and caroline officials say it will take some time. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> is a positive is encouraging people -- bill de blasio is encouraging people to leave their cars parked all week. >> reporter: the people i talked to got back from a cruise and now they are stranded here in tampa. no flights or hotels, but look at the board here. only a handful of cancellations that we can see on the board. the question is will the hundreds of thousands turned away over the weekend the able to get a fight today? is after the huge snowstorm that ripped across the northeast with hurricane force wind. philadelphia, washington dc,
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breaking snowfall. we are seeing the highest concentration of cancellations there because of the sheer volume of snow. folks are working to hardest to take out today. in dc they are still at a standstill with federal offices closed today and other travelers stranded now wanting to get home. >> i just want to get home. we have nowhere to go. we don't have a place or in a hotel. we are just stuck in tampa. >> reporter: if you are headed to the airport today, and you want to check your flight on the go, get our app. click it and then scroll on up to track flight. when you click that, you can go in and track your flight, airport, to the conditions, and look at any delays for your family. just search wtsp in the app
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mark rivera, 10news , wtsp the plane made an make emergency landing late last mike in canada. paramedics took three flight attendants and four passengers to the hospital. new jersey shores cleaning up after a powerful punch from the winter storm. the shore which was hit hard by super storm sandy receives a lot of snow and serious coastal flooding. they put several towns underwater. the cross that and 9 feet. 94,000 people lost power. ashley batey joins us now. we have our own issues here. it was a very chilly this morning with the cold temperatures so far this year, they were a handful of people that were reporting upper 20s. that is called. there is no denying that.
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34 overnight in sarasota and 38 degrees in tampa. in citrus and hernando county we saw below freezing temperatures with crystal river getting down to 30 degrees. we are tracking system that will be developing in the gulf of mexico and that can bring our next round of strong storms with more on that in a few minutes. there is a manhunt right now for these three men. they made a daring escape from a security prison. danielle nottingham shows us how they did it.>> reporter: investigators say the surveillance video shows the three men on an unguided area of the roof of the orange county central men's jail. shortly after a 5 a.m. security check. they were able to repel nearly 5 floors to their escape. >> it appears to be a sophisticated operation but they were about to go through security access points and had some tools that allow them to do that.
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the inmates cut their way through a steel screen and made their way into plumbing tunnels. the man by past three security areas and gain access to the jail's bruh and used a makeshift rope of linens to reach the ground. the three men were in county custody facing charges for serious crimes. 20-year-old jonathan tieu is held on $1 million bail for charges. 37-year-old hossein hayeri is held without bail charged with kidnapping and program. 43-year-old bac duong faces charges of attempted murder, and being animate ex-felon. this is the first escape from this jail in more than two decades.>> escapes due occur from time to time. people in a jail have a lot of time to sit around and think about ways to defeat our system.>> reporter: and litigators don't know what
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any help. danielle nottingham, cbs news, santa ana, california. there is one week left until the iowa caucus. donald trump said cruz and bernie sanders appeared to be building momentum. for new york city mayor michael bloomberg and his he might enter the race as an make independent. all candidates are continuing to converge on island. tempest main tourism group is spending big bucks to get an audience out here for gasparilla. emerald morrow excellence -- explains. >> reporter: this is all about tourism and giving people one more reason to come down to tampa bay and experience everything our city has to offer. this year and the year after that and possibly for all the years to come, you will see a lot more tourists along the bay store taking in gasparilla. but you will be able to tell
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going to be decked out in pirate care -- gear. all of the events surrounding gasparilla with the parades and the festivals and the basis make up an entire gasparilla season which all happens during peak tourism time so it is a perfect opportunity to get international guests into tampa bay. that is why tampa bay is pumping money into advertising in london, germany, and toronto. they want people to see what we have to offer and gasparilla is a great way to do that.>> it puts us on the map in a good way. so we hope for good weather and good crowds and will let people offer. >> reporter: in london taxi decked out in florida colors promoting the tampa bay area.
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one of many things visit tampa bay is doing to get people interested in coming here. reporting in tampa, emerald morrow, 10news , wtsp. the zika virus is spreading fast. we will have a look at where it is expected to get worse. a rehab center in tampa is working wonders with wounded veterans. right at how you can help out on valentine's day. a new study showing patients diagnosed with this certain type of cancer are younger than the recommended screening age. we have got to warm up in the forecast and they are talking some strong thunderstorms. i will talk about that in the full forecast. an early morning crash shuts down the courtney campbell causeway for several hours. we are digging deeper into what
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a warning for all of you who use online dating. how criminals are using those apps to take advantage. all this week we are giving out a word of the day to win tickets. the winner will receive two passes to the sprint fan zone. watch 10news at 11:00 for the
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current governments see americans just don't screening for colorectal cancer at age 50. 15% of patients diagnosed are younger than that.
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they also tended to live longer than older patients. possible warning signs of colon cancer include anemia and bowel changes. zika virus -- it is expected to spread all across latin america and the caribbean. the mosquito borne illness has a link to a birth defect that causes abnormally small head. the cdc is warning pregnant women to avoid travel to those countries. 's brown county had its first confirmed case last week. is one of three confirmed cases in florida. the other two are in miami dade county. and look alarming reports as we are on track to have more plastic than dish in the ocean i 2050. right now we dump one garbage trucks worth into the ocean every minute.
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permitted by 20s 50 -- 2050. thinking about dinner and dancing for valentine's day? there is an event that provides all of that and raises money for a good cause. kathryn bursch explains the way you can send a valentine to a veteran. >> reporter: enemy today are arlene and travis. there it is talk about a great event on valentine's day called valentines for veterans. first arlene marie, but can people expect? >> a fun party and a special night. you're having a great event for veterans send a cover 14th from 5:30 pm to 9 pm. you can expect a great night filled with light entertainment. there will be desert, appetizers, drinks, and the main purpose is to honor and
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which is an injured veteran. this will be a whole night to honor him. you might as well spend the night with us for a good cause.>> reporter: travis, you have been to the foundation the state insect foundation and the facility he has. this is just really inspirational. >> this incredible. when you here -- hear romy you cannot help but be inspired. when you here how much he loves his wife and children, and having opposed to spend time with them, when he sits in the room with you and says i wanted to help other people when he's been so injured on the battlefield for us, and then to come home and still be a fighter and wants to see his kids grow up and go to school and graduate
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folks do, he goes in there and he works and has also invited civilians in. this facility is not just for military personnel, it is for local civilians who needs to be treated as well.>> reporter: he had to go to seek treatment in orlando. he started to stay in step in the tampa bay area to help families to not have to travel so far. >> he has really made it happen. it has raised a lot of funds and wants to raise more. he has been tapped into grand marshall for a reason.>> reporter: and you really have a lot of folks in the community backing as well. >> yes. we have tons of support from the community. it is a nonprofit facility. they thrive on donations. >> reporter: is a great way to have an enjoyable evening. 10news marc rivero will help
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will be a great time. you can find out more information on our website and if you like a tour you can call or email. we are staying clear with lots of sunshine as we head out this afternoon. right now there is hardly a cloud in the sky. we are picking up these high clouds right now over florida southern college in lakeland. we are expecting through -- to stay dry. so 62 now in tampa and 65 in princeton. they are going to increase over the next several hours with 58 in safety harbor. heading for the mid-to upper 50s this afternoon and mouth through the overnight hours. not going to see those temperatures plummeting the way they did earlier this morning where much of the area that
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instead, we will have 50s. the daytime high today is 65 and 64 this afternoon. in clearwater, 66 and barstow is a can good at 66 degrees as a. over the next couple of days we will see are dew points increasing over the next 48 hours. as we head into tomorrow afternoon overnight, we hit the 60 degrees mark. that means we have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. we look at some showers and thunderstorms. we may even see some severe thunderstorm's with this system as well. when we get to most of the overnight hours tuesday night into wednesday morning we have the garden friday showers but we are watching closely in line of storms heading through bringing the possibility of damaging straight-line winds and an isolated tornado.
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is a few stray showers. wednesday afternoon from 2:00 until 10:00 with the night is when we highlight the threat for severe storms. there is a low chance of a tornado with lightning and gusty winds what we are really looking our eyes on. that'll be wednesday afternoon and evening. the scattered showers are left over early in the day on thursday and we will be able to work that on out of here. as we look ahead we have gasparilla and are in great shape with lots of sunshine and temperatures started to rebound. we will be back near 70 degrees for saturday and sunday with a good amount of sunshine both days and not super chilly in the morning as we dropped around the upper 40s near 50 degrees. you can get the forecast any time by downloading our 10news news app. coming up tonight at 8:00 supergirl bought by scorpion
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the teams for the simple is panthers. former buccaneer michael clayton joined us to talk about the big matchup.>> would you make plays outside of the pocket. he is exciting and young. pay in -- peyton goes on easily because he doesn't want to make mistake. i think a game like this with carolina scoring points peyton will have to play his best game. >> michael, -- i got clayton will be cohosting next week as
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be sure to tune in every day. if you cannot make it to the game february 7 you are not. 10news has teamed up to win a watch party at a hooters location. just watch 10news at 5:30 pm for a secret whatever they. then enter that word to our 10news facebook page. if you are heading out you will still want the jacket. at least for today. tomorrow and the overnight hours we are going to see a warming trend taking place so it won't be supercold tomorrow. look at you up to the 70s. but we are tracking some severe storms after 2 pm wednesday. so if you have already downloaded our app go ahead and download that and we will likely see some showers legally -- lingering over the claim. but we are the clear for gasparilla. they for joining us for 10news at noon.
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10news at 5:00 and tomorrow
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