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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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causeway, backups are just as common. take awe look at what was going on this morning. a crash that left one person critically hurt took almost seven hours to clear. police closed all westbound lanes at 4:00 a.m. they weren't back open until 11:00. we are getting answers tonight on behalf of frustrated drivers questioning why it took so long to reopen such a busy roadway. >> i dim think it could have been done faster. >> reporter: it is not that commuters aren't sympathetic to this morning's crash. to get moving on to. >> reporter: she and thousands of more drivers were shocked that police shut down the main lanes of the courtney campbell bridge westbound for nearly seven hours to investigate. one of only three major arteries spanning the bay petersburg. >> clean opportunity, get their evidence, get their pictures, need. >> i know it is inconvenient
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we cleared it up as quickly as we could but we had to make sure we had all the evidence. >> reporter: detectives moved traffic to a one-lane access road to carefully process who might become a traffic homicide seen. >> if you are going to bring charges, you need to know what happened. >> 3:00 until after 10:00 to investigate it? >> reporter: drivers delayed nearly half hand hour on the way to work, but mike says he understand police have a job to do. >> when you have t you know that is a busy bridge. >> reporter: it took longer for the resources to get on scene because it happened about 3:00 in the morning. the person responsible took off on foot but was captured by a clearwater police officer on the west end of the bridge.
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news this morning to stay top of traffic alerts across tampa bay. hilary zalla was keeping track of the courtney campbell delays. the snow has stopped falling but the northeast is still struggling to get back to normal after this weekend's blizzard. here what is we know right now. the storm is being blamed for at least 36 deaths. people were killed in car crashes, by carbon monoxide poisoning and some heart attacks while shoveling snow. alone. federal government offices in washington were closed today and experts say the blizzard's economic impact could be as high as $850 million. schools in washington, d.c. had another snow day and it is still tough to get around the city as crews work to plow 24 inches of snow from the street. >> in new york city, digging out from under 27 inches. the mayor is asking people not to move their car if they can
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jersey shore is cleaning up the flooding on top of all that snow. >> the fact that the water came up as high as it did caught a lot of people off guard. we didn't expect this kind of tides. >> the storm surge higher than three feet dragged boats into the street. water left people stranded on the roads and about 100 people had to evacuate. there is an end in sight to all of the travel problems caused by the blizzard but things won't be completely back to normal until tomorrow. dozens of people were stranded at tampa international airport over the weekend. some of them were cruise ship passengers who didn't even have hotel reservations. taking a live look at flight's misery man. you can see from the red, most of the problems are still in and out of new york, d.c. and charlotte. until their lives can straighten everything out, we
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track the flight delays and cancellations. there is an entire section on our 10 news app to get you caught up on travel alerts. erica kingsman claimed jameis winston raped her in 2012. she claimed fsu didn't properly investigate the rape. fsu did not admit to liability in the settlement. winston is currently the tampa bay bucs quarterback. seven pinellas county deputy recruits fired from the sheriff opposite office. investigators say those deputies cheated on training exams. a supervisor became suspicious when several of tests came back with perfect scores. pinellas sheriff says his office has no room for deputies
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>> it shows their lack of a moral compass. it shows their lack of ethics. it shows a lack of a sense of right and wrong and being willing to cut corners and that the ends justify the means and they don't have to follow the rules inform this profession, you follow the rules. >> those extra screws were hired back in november. today, one of the training officers resigned after it was discovered he gave the test to one of the recruits who then passed it around. we are getting the sheriff's response to whether this type of cheating scandal could have happen before and we'll have that answer all new at 6:00. the search is on in southern california to find three inmates would escaped a maximum security prison. the orange county sheriff's office believes two of the three men are still in the area. they do have ties to vietnamese gangs and might be getting help to stay hidden. deputies say all three of the men should be considered dangerous and their escape from prison was pretty elaborate.
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you step by step into how they all pulled it off. we'll have that at 530:67:89. imagine your car shaking several times a month for the last couple of years and they be finding out even more rattling could be on the way. it is happening in a rural part of pasco county where neighbors are worried about the proposal of a new mine. mine would be along 143 acres of land, u.s. 41 approximate five miles north of state route 52. we talked to neighbors who fear unbearable. >> i was outraged. >> reporter: neighbors a reactions after discovering there is a third mine seeking to begin blasting for lime rock close to their homes. t. >> certainly, it startles me and it has me frustrated with what is happening to my home. >> reporter: in 2001, bob bought his rural pasco home that sits on seven acres. >> we wanted peace and a relaxed atmosphere.
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mining lime rock nearby and there was already another mine across u.s. 41. now seven diamonds almost lc is requesting a lapped use change bringing possibly more blasting. >> the house shakes. the last blast, i was sitting in front of my monitor, it rocked back and forth. >> he says his home is being damaged and he expects more to come. >> there is no reason not to expect it to get worse. that mine is going to be four times the size of the current mine. >> this is the seismic monitoring. >> reporter: terry says this monitor has never registered a violation but according to the state, a closer monitor shows on two owe indications in 2015, blasting levels were exceeded. >> it is an internal feeling. >> reporter: and terry has been trying to sell his home for the last self months with no takers. real estate exparties say to protect yourself when buying check the parse el i. d. with cower yountery's planning and growth for future use, check
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realtor and ask the neighbors worse. we posted more information about lime rock mines in florida on developing tonight, toxic water crisis kept kids home from school today. this one not the water crisis in flint, michigan making headlines for weeks. this time, the problem is in sebring, ohio. it is a small town between can tuned youngstown, about 06 miles southeast of cleveland. ohio's epa wants a criminal investigation into sebring's water treatment plant. they say the operator of the plant didn't tell anyone high levels of lead were found in tap water. schools shut down and vlz have water. in flint michigan, volunteers have been handing out bottled water along with
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>> you knock on the door, they see the police or somebody in authority and they are afraid to open the door. they won't even open the door. i put myself in their shoes. how would i react. i think i would be the same way. >> reporter: anyone who can get clean water without showing their i. d. but an immigration lawyer says that is not the case. michigan's attorney general is launching a new investigation into whether any laws were broken during the process that led to flint's water crisis. make sure you grab a pen and paper or just have your cell phone ready to take some notes. >> you want to pay close attention on this story after the break. are you worried about tax identity theft? you should be. i've got the top three things you need to know to protect yourself. >> say scare in the air. a flight out of florida did i haveed after major turbulence. >> see your breath in the air last night or this morning? yeah, 38 in tampa and st. pete.
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5:00. let's get you back to that county. the that intersection back open students from seven springs middle and mitchell high school were on board the bus. it has since been towed away. no reports of serious injuries. that intersection back open. tax season is just getting started like we needed to remind anybody.
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should probably be thinking about. >> because thieves are stealing your information and then using returns. >> 10 news reporter jenny dean protect yourself. >> reporter: frank is a retired new york city cop now living in done ead in. identity theft is not something he worried about. >> not so much. i have just a few credit cards. i'm not too concerned about it. it has never happened to me. >> reporter: but tax identity theft could happen to frank. it could happen to anyone. >> reporter: florida is number one for identity theft in general and we have aheld that position for several years in a row. thieves are looking for the opportunity and tax season is that opportunity. so here is what you need to know to protect yourself from tax identity theft. number one, file early. >> because you are filing before the thieves get an opportunity to file. so the sooner file, the less chances that they will have. you don't want to wait until last minute.
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file online, make sure you have a secure internet connection. >> they also want to make sure it is a legitimate source and a secure web site. >> reporter: number three, if you plan to have someone do your taxes, make sure they are reliable. >> you are if i having all kind of perm information, social security numbers, income. you wanted to make sure that information is treated securely. >> reporter: beware of someone calling claiming they are from the irs. >> the irs law enforcement government is not going to just call you and threaten you saying you owe back taxes or you need to make a payment. . >> for even more ways to protect yourself from tax i. d. fraud or day theft in general, head to and click on this story. .
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debate in your house. is it cold outside to you? >> no, this is perfect actually. i'll take it any day. >> the more than, we had frost and it was quite cold. but this afternoon has been very pretty for a winter day. blue skies, hard to beat. 64 for winter, i actually have some news. we'll talk about t i think a lot of you do want some warmer weather. we'll able to make you happy too. 07 in lakewood ranch, riverview, 68. 64 in crystal river. 07 in temple terrace. 68 in plant city a cross the bay, 64 in st. pete. 69 in pinellas park. still holding onto 70 at land o'lakes. it won't be such a fast fall tonight on the temperatures. nice and clear as you can see around wesley chapel.
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on the sky 10 network and the whole state pretty much cleared out. jut a few fair weather clouds over i-95 and the panhandle. as we are talking about the next system starting to wind up, it will be an interesting middle of the week. at least the short term forecast is very tranquil. we'll come back with that low in south texas for a moment. for your evening plans, not as cold or as quickly does it cool off as temperatures just slowly fall through the 50s. we'll be seeing the 40s or the 30s both for the evening or the morning temperatures around the bay area. now, pasco, hernando and citrus county, it will still be in the 40s. but compared to this morning, that will be about 15 to 17 degrees warmer than monday morning. quite a nice difference. good looking day too for your tuesday. anything you want to get done, light winds, sunny skies off and o i see some clouds streaming in and actually through the day, we'll start to
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but also warm temperatures. 74 for a high and although an isolated shower is possible tuesday, the weather maker is this frontal system and how it dives into the gulf and actually regenerates this low in the gulf as we go into wednesday and thursday. we'll show you what will happen and what looks to happen is this front comes, in a fairly slow mover. not a player for your tuesday forecast but a player for your wednesday. mid-morning right now, although i see some indication some models could bring that up a little bit in time, but for now, we'll say mid morning to start on and off through lunchtime, early afternoon and the first wave of showers and storms trying to wrap up around the evening commute. this front doesn't come through all the way and it looks like a second one is going to try to develop. that is another thing and i think we need to pin down and need to see some consistency.
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south and don't bring us very far for thursday and others bring it right over the corridor here. for now, we are in a marginal risk for veer weather on wednesday so it will be another -- for severe weather on wednesday so it will be another day to be weather aware and pay close attention to the storms for wednesday as well as showers and storms for thursday. silver lining, gasparilla this weekend, cool, dry and clear. 6 # for the parade and sunny skies. both days this weekend look phenomenal. download the 10 news app with storms on the horizon t would be a nice thing to be able to get a weather alert to draw you back to the tv or online at you can get it on your phone in second for free. if you can't make to the big game february 7th, you are in luck.
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teamed up for your chance to win i awatch party for eight people at a hooter's location. the word is coming up and three winners will be announced on thursday, january 28th. . it was an elaborate, well- planned prison escape. all new at 5:30, we'll take you step by step to better explain how three dangerous men broke out of a maximum security jail in california. >> an in-home video camera catch as a burglar in the act. now the technology is keeping your home safe and how it is more affordable than ever. . >> plus, think you know the symptoms of a heart tax? you better think again. what you need to look out for especially you a woman. those stories and much more coming up next at 530:67:89. not in his barbershop t
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. here is a look at what is coming up tonight on cbs 10 news at 8:00. . we have new video tonight that you have to see. it shows a barber and his customer fight back against two armed robbers. this is at a barbershop in columbia, south carolina. the place was packed with regular customers, even children when two guys came in. one had a happened gun, one had a rifle. they told everyone to put up their hands and they started going through their pockets.
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two of their victims had guns of their own. >> when it came to him for his money, he told him that haze money was over there the chair and when the guy walked over to the chair, that is when he came out and shot. and when he started shooting, i came out and started shooting. >> you saw him pull out the gun as he was sitting there. >> the suspect would got shot tried to go back in through a back door but it was stuck. he was shot again. he later died at the hospital. the run >> is this a movie or what? seven people wound up in the hospital instead of lit itly after their flight to license. the plane had to make an emergency landing in newfoundland, canada, of all places.
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on its side and everything went flying including people. >> it was a very strong thing. >> it hit like a big dip and some flight attendants were without seat belts and they hurt themselves and then the other people -- i guess people pass out. >> scary stuff. >> an american airlines spokesperson says they are working to get the uninjured person on to milan. you'd never know it from this video but this college student has survived more than 120 brain surgeries. how she plans to inspire others for years to come. >> does donald trump appeal to
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