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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening. i'm reginald round tree. >> i'm courtney robinson. europe's top police agency has issued a warning about the islamic state group. officers say extremists will don't go after soft trgettes in europe as the group grows globally. the warning comes as isis has released a new video calling for more attacks. heavy snowfall being blamed for a roof collapse at a church in silver springs, maryland. take a look this. video shows the extensive damage caused by this weekend's blizzard in the northeast. luckily, no one was injured when the collapse happened. south america is taking drastic measures to try to stop the spread of dika, a mosquito- born illness links to birth defects. countries like brazil and columbia are asking women to avoid getting pregnant until 2018. the virus has already spread to more than 21 countries. also happening right now, three dangerous inmates are official on the loose in
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elaborate escape from a county jail. the sheriff is begging people live noorg the jail to help track them down. the men escaped from the orange county central men's jail in santa ana, about 30 miles southeast of los angeles. two of the men are linked to vietnamese gangs so they could be embedded in the large jail. $50,000. one of the inmates is charged with murder, another for attempted murder and the third for kidnapping and torture. one of the most shocking parts of the stories how they were able to escape from this maximum security jail. we are taking a closer look at the elaborate operation. the inmates disappeared friday just a few minutes after guards did a head count and no one noticed until 16 hours later. now, first, the men somehow got tools and cut their way through
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that gave them access to plumbing tunnels. they crawled through and made their way through an underground unguarded part of the roof of the jail. the many cut through razor wire and rappeled 50 feet to the ground using ropes braided from lippens. investigators are still trying to figure out if the men had help from inside. caught on camera, a bay area man watches his home being burglarized live. alerted him to it. jennifer titus gives you a closer look at the new technology catching thieves and protecting your stuff. >> reporter: smile. you are on camera. this tampa thief caught on video all because of something he didn't expect would be inside. >> what we received was the surveillance video from his home. he was keeping an eye on his home and it guches you an alert when there is movement in the house. >> reporter: you can see what
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with the click of a button, no matter where you are. >> must be pretty alarming when you see something like that happening in rail time. >> reporter: get this. some of the technology on these in-home video cameras are so advanced that not only can you log onto your camera from your computer at work, there are now apps that are letting you check in. >> there is also two-way audio capability as well if we want to get a closer shot. we could zoom in. >> reporter: michael paris says in-home cameras are more on popular than ever. >> it transmits via wireless to your network. >> reporter: because they are more affordable than ever. >> we can log in and this is a live shot. >> reporter: paris shows you just how easy it is. this kind of system is what police hope will help them catch criminals like this man who aren't expecting to be caught on camera.
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for the home oarpz. >> this one has pan, tilt and zoom. >> jennifer titus, 10 news, wtsp. >> the guy you saw in the video is still on the loose. if you recognize him, call police. and the cost to put one of those camera system into your husband about $200. for more on the surveillance system being check out this story on when was the last time you gave in toon impulse buy. guilty! research are says we love to make snap decisions while we shop, whether it is in person or online. according to credit, 84% of americans say they've splurged by making an impulse purchase that they never even planned for. we are breaking down the numbers for you. most of us are guilty of small impulse buys like an extra pack of gum at the grocery store but the same study says that one in
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a surprise purchase and most impulse purchases, no matter what the price, they are for selfish reasons. 47% say they bought it for themselves. 21% buying for their kids. 16% buying for a spouse or significant other. if you have a tendency to make impulse purchases, one way to cut back, find ahead of time what you are looking for every time you walk into the store. three other tips to stop impulse buying, click on this story on our web site. the first results for your choice 2016 will start rolling in one week from tonight. tonight, democratic candidates will object stage in iowa one mother time for a town hall meeting. hillary clinton, bernie sanders neck and neck in the polls. as a t whole country watches
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students and their professor are heading to another early voting state, nam and a half. the students will split up and work with campaigns of seven democratic and republican candidates including clinton, bush, sanders and trump. >> i'm definitely excited. don't really know what to expect. the snow will be kind of nice. i'm excited to get in the thick of it, be on the front lines for donald trump and just to see how everything pans out. >> did he say the snow would be wait until you get there. the class leaves on sunday and they will be in new hampshire february 9th. >> every now and again. the iowa caucuses are a week from today and a new poll shows donald trump has once again taken the lead in iowa. the cbs news battle ground tracker has him five points ahead of ted cruz who led the
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this is among republican voters. 10 news this morning anchor allison kropff teams up to check a claim that trump's appeal extends to both parties. >> reporter: trump's continued domination has some worried afraid he might steer gop voters away o a recent cnn round table cialg former republican congressman mike rogers said trump would have the opposite effect. important point here. he is appealing as much to democrats as he is to republicans. he has this whole group of democrats for trump. >> reporter: that viced fact checkers so they asked him for his sources. he pointed them to two polls from the new york sometimes and u.s. news and world report. but the pollster said rogers is misreading their findings. they said the opposite is true. trump is less appealing to democrats. >> we look for the poll that
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popular with republicans than democrats which matched up against hillary clinton and when we looked at another source, we found out he was as much as 20 times more popular with republicans than democrats. that is hardly about even support. >> reporter: because those numbers aren't even close, they claim pants on fire. it is worth noting one of the polls rogers site righted didn't question people would leaned democratic. they were actually republicans who were still registered at democrats. tracking heart attack symptoms. why you might be paying attention to the wrong signs. >> plussing a piano prodigy turning heads. how this high school senior is becoming an internet star. >> did you see frost where you were this morning? >> sky 10 network tracked temperatures of 30 in brooksville. 35 at mcdill and 33 in riverview at fire station 37.
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and what can you expect. will we be back in coats or will you be back in shorts? we'll talk about it at 5:45. >> here is a look at the sky 10 network come rae this evening for your commute. a little backed up on the end. the howard frankland bridge.
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10 news and hooter's. we have teamed up to give away a watch party for the big game on cbs.
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word of the day through our facebook page. today's word, tackle. three separate winners will each get a party for eight at a tampa bay hooter's location. wins are will be announced thursday, january 28th. time for stories making headlines across the state, nation and around the world. this is your 60 second scanment i'm new development in the deadly san bernardino attack. officials say a bomb left behind by the couple responsible failed because it was poorly constructed. they also say the couple stayed close to at tax site in hopes of detonating a remote control bomb. another safe was found a miami beach mansion once owned by pablo escobar. the former waterfront mansion has been demolished. sifting through the rubble, a safe was found. it was stolen before it could be opened. 1500 prisoners serving time for murder could get out earlier than expected. the supreme court ruled that killers sentenced to life in
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for parole or reduced sentences. hilton is launching a new hotel brand focused on younger travelers looking for good deals. rooms range from $57 to $90. true is meant to compete with economy changes like comfort inn and la quinta. that is your 60 second scwan. in turns out there are big differences between men and women when it comes to heart attack symptoms. instead of shoulder and chest pain, women may experience nausea and stomach pains during a heart attack. this is the first time the american heart association has highlighted the different between men and women. >> it may not feel like they expect it to feel but there is usually discomfort somewhere in the chest area and/or in the neck and the jaw, the back, the upper stomach t can even be in
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>> now, it is also important to remember, black and hispanic women have more heart attack risk factors like diabetes and obesity. a teen's piano performance at the mall is hot on the web. he had no idea he would become an internet star after playing at a mall in michigan. listen. that is mon attempt l west. he started playing to kill time to friday. a woman recorded this and posted it and it went viral. piano by watching youtube i'm dion lim. coming up on 10 news at 6:00, dating dangerment we told but taxes that happened after dating online but now it is
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how criminals are luring in their victims and how you can protect yourself. >> what is in the water and why did so many of you not know you were supposed to boil it before drinking it? we are digging deeper. >> and breaking new ground. technology that could cure our crops infected with the deadly disease. the lasers of all things that could save our oranges. we've shown you everything and you've probably seen it on social media, everything that was unleash bid that massive blizzard up north but wait until you see it from nasa's perspective. >> a couple of days ago, we had the front end perspective of the storm just starting to develop in the middle part of the country. here is the entire thing. there is texas and just look at it wind up from the great lakes, the mid atlantic and the northeast. >> that is huge.
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we expected through the last couple of days. and now, out there, offshore in the atlantic, we are looking at the next system headed our way. let's talk about it. look at this sunset. doesn't that look great? a beautiful start to the evening tonight t won't be near as cold for your evening plans as we are still seeing just a little bit before sunset, 69 degrees in brooksville, 62347 land o'lakes. 56 in river view. 69 in sebring. and 64 in sarasota. storm tracker nice and quiet as you would expect with the gorgeous mr. skies out there tonight. here is the next system we are tracking. the north end of this will go up towards the northeast and then it will pull this cold front over the next two or three days down into the gulf and then track over the sunshine state with this low intensifying as it comes across the gulf. we'll take you there this. but that is nothing that happens tonight or in the morning.
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numbers first and we'll talk about the impact of that next system we are tracking for you. 59 in the early evening. course mid-50s, much better. won't be seeing your breath tonight. we are looking at no worries of any frosts or advisories. even though it is look to be in the morning, we are expecting that this will be a need for a jacket around pasco, hernando, citrus county. no 50s for us around plant city and sebring. tomorrow will be a transitional day from the clear skies we had today to the rain on the horizon and storms that we're likely going to see before too long. at times, i'm expecting some very nice sunshine for your tuesday and at other times, a little bit cloudy as we will expect to increase the clouds through the day. you can see 70s are back tomorrow and that is after starting in the low 50s.
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thermometer for you for your tuesday plans. now, this front, slow to develop and slow moving across the gulf as well as the northeast. we are looking at storms likely ramping up somewhere around mid- morning. there are some indications that could be actually a little bit earlier. so check back again at 11:00 as we get a new look at the models. this really doesn't look to move too quickly. this will likely be a little bit of a drawn out event for wednesday. thursday and thunderstorms and a couple of these could be around borderline strong to severe storms. as that front moves through, we'll look for a secondary throw bring us still some showers for the first half of thursday. for now, only at a marginal risk for severe weather for wednesday but that could be upgraded. check back at 11:00 to see how things are playing out. tomorrow, the in between, a fantastic day another water. light chop.
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most likely around the storms, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. wednesday. showers and storms wednesday. probably the first half of the day on thursday. but the payoff is the amazing weather for gasparilla. it will be aling cool in the morning at 4 in tampa. as we head through the parade and festivities, we're looking at upper 60s and low 70s. wonderful day both saturday and sunday looking fantastic. we'll keep tracking this system both on tv as well as online. you know that means mobile as well on your phone. thank you want to keep up with the forecast on the go, might i recommend the 10 news app in your app store. it is free. one young lady has much more to worry about than getting good grades in college. >> yes, she does. how this young lady is hoping to inspire others after
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only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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incredible store yaism minnesota college student is defying the odds. >> she has had more than 100 brain surgeries. it is not stopping her. adriana broadus introduces us. >> reporter: las vegas isn't always fair but olivia won't let a rare brain disease stop her. >> i trust my neurosurgeon with my life. he has probably done close to 120 surgeries on me. i have a condition called hydrocephalus which is when there is abnormal fluid in the brain. >> reporter: fewer than 200,000 u.s. cases are reported each year. >> that is abnormal fluid in my brain.
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>> reporter: the competitive sophomore doesn't let that get in her way. playing sports is like treatment. >> it has always kind of been an escape for me. my headaches for some reason, when i play sports, i feel better. this is my best friend. i love her so much. she knows to come hay down with me when i don't feel good. >> reporter: next week the bond between his and her best friend will go stronger. >> i will be having surgery this upcoming wednesday, brain surgery. and that shunt is infected right now. >> reporter: but surgery 121 is the last thing on her mind. she is focused on making the dean's list again. >> i'm going to try and do classes from the hospital at least when i can, maybe skype into classes. >> reporter: she hopes her story will raise awareness and promote research that could one day cure the ugly disease. >> almost second nature for
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>> people complain about life and we have problems and issues. then you hear this story of this young lady and what she is going through and what she has accomplished. >> and what she plans to do. she is majoring in communications. she says she one day hopes to work at a nonprofit in the
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a water pipe breaks making water undrinkable. it. >> a disease obliterating our oranges. could this machine be the key >> looking for love. don't set up another date until you hear about the important parts of the bay area. i'm rent signaled roundtree. >> i'm dion lim. thank you for staying with us. >> a 10 news alert is all about the drinking water. some residents in clearwater are being told to boil their water for the rest of the week and one bay area city asked people to start boiling their water over the weekend before consuming it. but get this. some restaurants knew nothing about the boil order and continued to serve water to their customers.
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