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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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glad tuesday morning to you. morning. >> we are staying on top of breaking new. a deadly crash has all lines closed. "10 news" reporter live at the scene. you are hearing the lanes will be reopened, soon? >> reporter: well, we were told that the roads were going to open up in about a half hour, but as you can you see, the cars are already coming through here, so it looks like things will be clear for your morning commute. here is a look at the scene
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there was a very large response to this accident. there were a lot of deputies and investigators working to figure out exactly what happened here this morning. we are told that an older model chevy van was going down southbound 275 when it suddenly stopped and that caused the semi-right behind it to crash into it. in immediately caught on fire. the van immediately caught on fire and that kill killed the person inside. we are told that the victim was wearing a seatbelt. unfortunately, that was not enough to save that person's life. investigators are still working to get to the bottom of what happened. as soon as we know, we'll be sure that share that
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>> these ared two employees filing suit. leo that you see here, 42 years old. deena, 50 years old. both of them are worried they will not be able to reinvent themselves and find new jobs after working for years for disney. they claim that disney handed them a pink slip after they trained their replacements. leo and dina, the two i just showed you filed class action lawsuits in tampa this week, those two day that disney hcl and cognizant included to break the law by using temporary visas to bring in the workers, and then lied under oath, saying no americans would ever lose their jobs.
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saying the suit is full of misleading facts as for the 250 people that were laid off. 95% of them were relocated to other jobs within disney. total snowfall up and down the east coast, 22 billion dump trucks. >> >> less than a week away from the iowa caucus. candidates on both sides are
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voters. democratic candidates in a town hall monday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are doing their best to set themselves apart from a race that has been deemed too close to call. on the republican side, the battle for iowa, also a close one between donald trump and ted cruz. the candidates will face off in a debate thursday night. >> >> the president will be reveal a proposal to congress next month that will allow 30 million americans access to retire minute savings. he said it will give tax breaks to small companies that enroll in the plan. >> >> a lock down at a north
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reports of a gunman on campus. it happened monday night take a look at this -- a yacht started to take on water. two hours later, it sank. rescuers say a mechanical problem may have lead to the issue. >> gradually took on more and more water. >> >> rescuers say the boaters
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to shore and made it easier for them to be saved. >> >> pirates are hoping to take over the city of tampa in a few hours. captain and crew of gasperilla demanding a peaceful surrender of the city. if negotiations are not met, the pirates say they will be >> >> tampa bay bucs fans have another reason to cheer during the probowl. >> the record setting player that was added to the roster. >> >> the science behind dooms day, how close you may be to a disaster. >> >> a cheating scandal ends with several people out of a job. >> >> 6:06 is the time. another reason to like the "10 news" facebook page and watch "10 news" at 11:00. all this week, we are giving
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two tickets to the daytona 500. watch "10 news" at 11:00 for the word. enter the word through our facebook page and we'll have
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>> great news for 275 drivers, all lanes are open after a fatal accident closed down all lanes overnight. it was interesting because they were telling me it wouldn't open until 6:30 and we went live to our reporter on the scene, all lanes just opened. >> the bridge is looking good. you can see coming across the howard frankland. no delays, drive time 6 minutes across. skyway bridge looking good as we go live to our sky 10 network camera. no issues.
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>> thanks a lot, hillary. >> >> nice comfortable temperatures out the door. you don't need the heavy layers for the kids. 52 heading out the door. much milder than yesterday. dealing with cloud cover, even with that, warming things up into the 70s today. this time tomorrow, we could be tracking strong to severe storms moving onshore likely with another round possible during the early afternoon hours. we'll be watching it carefully and we'll continue to see scattered showers in the forecast on thursday. more on that cupping up in less than 10 minutes. >> >> time 6:11. nearly 27 inches of snow, new york city got a little help from the sun to melt it away. >> that melting is causing dangerous conditions for folks on the road, trying to walk on the sidewalk. piles of snow-covered walks. causing walkers and runners to
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temperatures, they will be refreezing almost every night this week, making all of the water and slush turn into ice. >> very dangerous to walk through. >>. president is banning the use of solitary confinement in federal prisoners. >> he said it isolating prisoners can lead to long-term problems. he said that solitary confinement will be used as a last resort when the prisoner becomes a danger to themselves and others. >> >> the white house race is heating up. >> three democrats faced off if a debate monday night. bernie sanders and hillary clinton were forced to watch one another's tv advertisements and react to the campaign ads. >> the search continues for three escaped inmates in california that's topping your headlines in the facial and around the world in 60 seconds. security experts believe they
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working inside of the jail. the inmates sawed through a metal gate, and repelled to the ground with bed lynnens. they are considered armed and dangerous. >> scientists will tell us if we are any close e are closer our further from dooms day. the talk will talk about how vulnerable the world is to catastrophe. >> >> when it comes to treating heart disease, bother doctors may be providing better care for men than women. heart disease in women remains under diagnosed and under treated, especially for african- americans. women's heart attacks may have different causes and symptoms than men. >> >> it's 6:13, here is your traffic update. right now, we are dealing with an accident in hillsboro county, i75 going southbound and it looks like it's on the
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is blocking a lane, however, i do know it's not causing any significant delay. i just checked on speeds and drive times. if you are heading all the way down to manatee county, there are no major issues. let's go to our sky 10 network camera. kennedy boulevard. i'm watching it because we all know how busy these lanes can get. you are in the clear, now. no delies on the howard frankland bridge it's getting busy out there. nothing to tell you as far as an alternate route, i'm watch this for you. >> >> i want to take you to pascual county, an accident, little road at fulton. south of u.s. 19. it looks like it's not causing you any delays. main lanes of u.s. 19 looking fine, which is the major concern. just a heads up, you will see police on the scene if you are
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polk county, polk parkway, 59- miles an hour. i4 drivers, heading into tampa from polk parkway all the way 75 into tampa, your drive time is 15 minutes. that's normal drive time for you. sarasota, manatee county, no problems for you. there was construction blocking lanes. that has all been cleared. all of the main lanes are open, you can see speeds at a good 67- miles per hour and u.s. 301, u.s. 41. >> >> if you have any problems on the roadway. whatever it is, you are seeing a safety issue out there during your commute times. answers. >> >> thank you, hillly, off to a quiet start. we are scanning the skies, "stormtracker" 10 not finding any rain. don't expect it today. tomorrow, the story line
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54 in tampa, 57 saint pete. significantly warmer temperatures than what we were seeing 24 hours ago, thanks to easterly instead of northerly winds. everything is pretty light. winds will be picking up starting this evening ahead of the system rolling on through, bringing overnight showers and thunderstorms and likely at a minimum, bringing some showers for your morning commute tomorrow, but this morning, we are quiet as we look over pascual county. seeing a lot more cloud cover working its way in. notice they are moving in two different directions. high clouds moving west to east and low clouds pulling from the south east as well. it indicates turning in the atmosphere. i wanted to give you a heads up, thunderstorms coming in tomorrow, we have wind chill. for today, we are in the clear, yes, we'll see more cloud cover. won't be producing anything in the way of rain chances at least through mid-afternoon.
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to see a couple of showers popping up. but we'll see light rainshowers, moving in and out. they do develop quickly not until 11:00 that we really start to see more widespread traction, but still pretty light as we head into 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. we start to see more heavy rain coming from onshore and there will be pockets of heavy rain for your morning drive tomorrow. today, 74, looking great around the tampa bay area. we will get some glimpses of sunshine in the forecast for you, as well. that being said, a great day to get out on the water. winds out of the east. five to 10 knots. a light chop on the bay and water temperatures, a little on the chilly side.
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starting to feel more like the west. overnight scattered showers, a few thunderstorms, a few rumbles of thunder. strong activity will get going early tomorrow morning as the activity starts to move onshore. mainly light rain until 5:00 am and then we'll start to see the storms pulsing up. 3:00, we could see some strong storms moving into the coast and then another punch at 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow in terms of the really heavy storm, but continuing the shower active as an area of low develops in the gulf. the weekend, i have to tell you, looking fantastic. we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s saturday, great day to be along bayshore boulevard as we head into sunday. cloud cover working its way in. similar pattern to what we saw. we'll get the temperatures back into the 70s, just got to get through thursday, then on a nice dry stretch.
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back into the mid-70s as we start your next workweek. you can get the 10 weather updates on the road. -- dozens of people forced out of their homes >> el nino is taking the blame for this one. we'll slow you more of the individual yes and have the story coming up at 6:26. >> >> walt disneyworld has been soused by former employees over the hiring of immigrants. that story coming up at 6:30. take you live this morning to check out downtown tampa. very calm out there. 54 degrees. it actually feels really nice if you are heading out for your morning walk, your morning jog. grab a cup of coffee and join us back here in just a few
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>> is there few right now, travel times looking good on 275 after it was closed for quite some time, your drive time is back to 15 minutes from the apex down to 54 it was closed after a fatal accident. you are all clear for morning rush hour. veteran expressway travel times looking good. look at that, 12 minutes. let's go to our network. here is our close spot. these are the westbound lanes before 275. we are seeing some slow traffic there. drive time, two or three minutes delays. it takes you nine minutes taking you 15. >> >> we are off to a nice start this morning.
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even better. temperatures in the 70s, a few breaks in there from time to time. by 6:00 or 7:00, we start to thicken up the cloud cover. from there, not far behind are the rain chances we are seeing a line of storms working their way from louisiana into tennessee. for the great lakes region, low pressure develops on the southern fringen of this. that heads into our area tomorrow, bringing our next round of potential showers and thunderstorms this time tomorrow. more on that coming number less than 10 minutes. >> >> time is 6:24 on this tuesday, january 26th. >> >> an eye opener, a look at today's headlines in 60 seconds. >> this is a little ridiculous. >> reporter: millions of people across the east coast heading back to work after this weekend's deadly winter snowstorm. in the nation's capital where
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the federal government and schools will remain closed for the day. >> it shows their moral christmas, lack of ethics >> a test cheating scandal at the pinellas sheriff's office. i'm scared, i'm concerned, you never know. if they are that bad, that i will find some way to get to >> >> three dangerous jail escapees still free. the inmates that escaped from a prison likely had help to pull >> >> topping headlines, dozen of boat owners are not too happy with mother nature. look at this marina in kentucky. a lot of damage was done.
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of their covered slips were damaged. >> >> take a look at this video, pass civic could south of san francisco, residents are dealing with erosion on the cliff from el nino fueled waste. the town said there are cavities forming in the bluffs making it unsafe for people out there. those impacted are out raged. some others say they are just caught off guard from this. >> you never know what will happen at any mow men. unleashed havoc on the small coastal town for a month or so. parts of the town have been closed after massive waves caused the sidewalk to collapse. >> >> quarterback jamis winston, started every day for the team this past season. 28 touchdowns, the most of any quarterback in bucs history.
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ready to hit a long and winding road. ringo starr announced the lineup for his band. several weather join him on stage. it will start in new york and wrap up a month later in california. >> >> a story you do not want to miss, coming up at 6:37 >> plus, we are live streaming throughout our 6:00 am show. join us on facebook. we are chatting with you during
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good morning, let's get you out the door on this tuesday morning, much, much warmer than what we were seeing 24 hours ago. these numbers will be climbing into the 60s later today a nice warmup in store. already starting off very comfortable. a few 40s on the map. 54 in tampa, 57 in saint pete. notice, we are working in more cloud cover, but we'll see enough breaks to warm up into the 70s, today, temperatures drop behind our next system that moves in tomorrow bringing threat of severe weather with it. more on that in a few minutes. >> >> now, i want to send this to our busy road warrior, hillary.
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another hot spot in hillsboro county, an accident, 301 north of i75. fhp said there may be some lanes blocked. you are still in the green, but i'll keep you updated on this. let's go live to our skycam network. good morning i4 drivers, westbound lanes getting very as you are heading tours 275. your drive time, 15 minutes, a five minute delay alt this point. coming up in less than 10 minutes, we'll look at your bay >> >> good morning, it's 6:32. >> we do want to let you know that i275 is back open after it was closed for several hours following the deadly crash. hillary mentioned this a few minutes ago. deputies say a van was stopped in the center lane when a semi- crashed into it. the van immediately caught on fire, killing a man inside the driver of the semi-truck was not hurt hurt.
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stop, but all lanes of i275 in both directions open. >> >> candidates on both sides, trying to get the last-minute votes. in aiowa with the caucus a few days away. bernie sanders and hillary clinton took part in a town hall. clinton defended her experience, bernie sanders women's health. >> i have laid out a plan to defeat isis an the radical jihaddist terrorist network. >> i have a 100% prochoice voting record in every speech that i give what i say is not only do we stop the republican efforts to defund planned parenthood, we should expand funding. >> >> on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz are tied in iowa. the candidates will debate thursday. >> >> winter storm that hit over
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if you are headed out of tampa, trying to catch a flight, make sure you check our website. go to traffic section and click on the section that says >> >> students in baltimore, philadelphia and washington, d.c will get a second snow day. massive snowstorm over the weekend shut down buildings and businesses up and down the east coast. this morning, it's all about digging our, trying to get back to normal. some areas saw nearly three feet of snow. disney said this lawsuit is not true. >> reporter: disney said they followed all of the rules. the facts inside of the lawsuit are misleading, but employees said 250 people lost their jobs.
6:28 am
they want to know why they had to train immigrant workers for their own jobs before they were handed a pink slip. >> former employees, they accuse disney of providing immigrants with temporary visas. moore said after she was laid off, she applied for more than 150 other jobs at disney and did not get a single one. now, an attorney in sarasota has taken on this case and the reason why, she said she is sick of companies abusing the visa system and she hopes disney will be set straight >> time, 6:34, a lock down at a north carolina college has been lifted hours after reports of a gunman on campus. it happened monday at winston salem. a spokesperson said a person pulled out a gun, but there were no reports of shots fires. police did a sweep of the campus and did not find anything. >>
6:29 am
the pineric kirschner llas training. bitle offered to give information for training tests, sends it to a fee fee pail and warns her not to share it with others so he does not get busted. she did use it to pass and helped six others cheat. they were fired. biddle resigned. >> people who are cheats and liars don't belong working in law enforcement and they are not going to work for the pinellas county sheriff's office. a weekend visit to the beaches in the panhandle turned out a little fishy for people walking along the beach. instead of shells, one saw what looked like thousands of starfish up and down the shoreline. >> i have never seen it like this before.
6:30 am
thousands of them. we walked on the beach for maybe a quarter mile and it was just solid. >> temperature changes or recent cases of red tide could have caused the starfish to walk ashore. officials plan to study that area. >> >> we aren't the only ones feeling the effects of the cold water temperature. nearly 30 sea turtles needed to be rescued from the cold. unfortunately, eight of them could not be saved. when they are in cold water, they take on the circumstances of their surroundings. you can check out the turtles at the aquarium. >> you have heard of the chicken crossing the road, this is a little different. >> take a look at this guy, right here. stuck on the side of the highway -- a rough time crossing the highway. >> it's the real deal. getting a tighter grip on the barrier as more cars drive by.
6:31 am
taken to a vet and released before he was released into the wild. >> >> superbowl, a week and a half away, now. if you are you thinking of trying to head to the superbowl, get ready to pay big, big bucks. >> the going rate to watch this big game in person. >> >> if you can't make it to the big game february 7th. you are in luck. we have teamed up to win a watch party ferralet at a hooter's location. watch "10 news" at 5:30 in the evening and you will get a secret word of the day. enter that word and three win ares will be announced on thursday. >> >> if you are planning ahead on this tuesday night, we have you covered at 8:00 -- 6:37 is the time for you on
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pretty nice temperature wise. 54 degrees temperature bug is at the bottom of your screen, live look at downtown tampa as we kick off this morning. if you are headed out on a walk, run, catch the sunrise, send us a picture on facebook,
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now right now an accident is blocking lanes on north u.s. 301 at i7 a 5, so you can see they were able to pull it onto the shoulder. no major lanes blocked any more. i'm on top of this for you and i'll let you know drive times in 10 minutes. howard frankland bridge coming into tampa, slowing down. you are not backed up, yet, but we know it will get there. be sure to leave in the next 30 minutes and save yourself some time. >> >> skyway bridge not looking too bad. right now, no significant delays. speeds 65-miles an hour and your drive time, 17 minutes all the way across. ashley. >>
6:36 am
high today, but they will be dropping off tomorrow. more moderate levels picking up by the end of the week, associated with a storm system bringing rain tomorrow and moving out and staying out. both days this weekend looking gorgeous. temperatures in the 60s, temperatures in the 70s. before we get there an area of low pressure will be developing in the western part today. whipping across the gulf of mexico, bringing scattered showers even showers and thunderstorms tomorrow i'll >> >> 6:42, starting with a traffic nightmare in new york city. >> an accident on grand central parkway, leading to this airport.
6:37 am
>> buses, taxis, unable to reach the terminal. >> >> the president is proposing expanding retirement plans. some of his plan consist of legislative proposals, offering tax credits to businesses. he will outline the proposal in the 2017 budge he will submit to congress next month. if you are planning to go to the superbowl, plan to pay up big time. the average retail price is more than $5,000. keep it in mind, though, for free, you can watch the 50th anniversary of the superbowl and all of the commercials that go with it right here on "10
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>> you control what you have for dinner. no line to the bathroom. better seating, maybe. >> much better. >> >> hey, this morning, a bay area family thankful for a group of hillsboro county deputies. they pitched in their own money to buy items for a woman and her 11-year-old grandson. these two lost everything in a fire. and deputies picked up a brand- new bake for the boy as well. >> i told him not to give up. him and his grandma are fine. he can start over any time he wants and i asked him -- i was like -- >> deputies gave the family gift cards donated by wal-mart and publix to help the two get back on their feet. >> >> we know you are on facebook and you are likely to see this story. wendy's and burger king kind of
6:39 am
burger king sent a tweet promoting its five for $4 meal against wendy's four for $4. somebody asked how wendy's would respond to that. wendy's tweeted "with edible food." that was retweeted more than 24,000 times with more than 31,000 likes. later on in the day. we don't know if this was a direct response. burger king tweeted out saying -- check out that story on your facebook page. >> >> new, right now, i'm on top of an accident in hillsboro county. 301 at i75. we are seeing a little delay speeds down to 35-miles per hour, let me go live to our scam cam network 10 camera. it looks like it involves a semi. we are seeing onlooker delays. not blocking any major lanes, it's not helping with morning
6:40 am
delays with an accident in the shoulder. we'll keep an eye on this for you, i-75 is looking fine. u.s. 301 is a little slow. >> >> a live look at a very slow 275 in hillsboro county. this is a live look at bush boulevard. if you look closely in the shoulder, there is something going on. not quite sure if it's an accident or broken down car. we are seeing onlooker delays your drive time is getting up there, usually 15 minutes. we are looking at 20 minutes a five minute delay if you are >> >> let's go back to our maps an check out drive times for you out there in hillsboro county. veteran's expressway drivers, 18 minutes, the drive time, a three minute delay from sun coast to the airport. i75 southbound, a little delayed between 656 and the expressway. if you are coming from pascual
6:41 am
tampa, it's taking you 22 minutes there. polk county, quiet all morning long. lakeland, no accidents. polk parkway and i4 looking good. if you are traveling into tampa from polk parkway, on i4 to 75, you are only delays as you are going through plant city and then are you clear. sarasota, manatee county looking good, here, as well. no significant delays. if you guys have any problems on the road, be sure to send me an e-mail. i'm your road warrior. all you have to do is e-mail me -- ashley. >> >> thanks, hillly, roadways are looking great this morning because we are not seeing rain on them, weather-wise, we are off to a nice start we have much mother comfortable temperatures. not needing as many layers. 57 in saint pete. holding onto 49 crystal river.
6:42 am
most of the area -- the direction will be important, especially as the day goes on. more out of the east where they are, now from the south east later today. that will be largely responsible for warming up these temperatures quickly through the morning. what is not so much is abundant sunshine. by 10:00 or 11:00, we start to see it thicken up. breaks, not going to be overcast, but there will be times you are seeing a lot of gray, not a lot of blue out there. but we stay dry through the daytime hours. heading through the evening, a few stray showers beginning to pop up through 10:00 our coverage will be around 20%. after that, it will start to increase, but more importantly, the intensity of the storms increases during the overnight hours, but especially into tomorrow morning. notice, 5:00 tomorrow, we start to see some of the heavier showers and thunderstorms moving onshore and we can't rule out an isolated strong to severe storm with these as well as they track from the
6:43 am
daytime highs today will be in the 70s. we'll not worry about the rain chances. a great day to get out on the water. winds out of the east, south east, light tap on the bay and one to two foot seas. mild every time its, overnight. dew points will be soaring through the overnight hours, only coming up to around 60. that's where we can drop to. plus, we'll be talking about thunderstorms working their way in. what happens today? we are going to see the system developing in the gulf of mexico along the tail end of a system that is bringing snow into the great lakes area. ahead of that, we are seeing some stronger showers, some thunderstorms moving in. notice, these are discreet or separate cells. what happens there. they can absorb all of the energy around them. they are note competing for resources, which is why we should see strong to severe storms tomorrow morning with a secondary batch moving in. during the early and late
6:44 am
overnight when we start to see the setup relaxing. but it's over, done with for the weekend. sunday looking great as well, saturday -- the temperatures keep on climbing as we head into early next week with the temperatures making a nice comeback into the mid-70s. make sure you check out our 10 weather news forecast as you are reading the morning paper or tampa bay times. >> >> we are putting the news back in the morning before you head out the door, your top stories coming up right after the break. and we'll check on weather an traffic as well. >> >> as we take you to break, it looks like it will be a beautiful sunrise, 54 degrees is the temperature. sunrise just minutes away. if you are out taking a run or
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good morning, sarasota county, i'm on top of an accident 75 going northbound, right at river road. it looks like there could be a lane blocked, but you are still in the green. which is good. >> >> right now, we are flying over i75 and i4. we are picking up on i4 going west into downtown tampa. you are about five minutes delayed between 275 and 75. >> another live look for you, 275, kennedy boulevard, coming off the britain it is really backed up. we are about to see traffic backed up all the way to the hump. yesterday morning, it was backed up into pinellas county. be sure to leave early and follow me on twitter. >> >> off to a much warmer start than yesterday. temperatures in the 50s.
6:47 am
but overall, we are heading for 70s, today, notice not a lot in the way of sunshine. especially after 3:00 p.m. , but we'll stay warm during the overnight hours. however, we'll start to see showers developing along a line of storms that will be impacting travel plans to places like new orleans and knoxville and atlanta as well. but then we see the heavy rain moving in early tomorrow morning with likely a second round of strong to severe >> >> 6:55 is the time. democratic and republican candidates will continue to make a big push for iowa voters today, less than a week before the iowa caucuses. on the republican side, donald trump is saying ted cruz is a nasty guy. >> >> as parts of the northeast continue to dig out from a weekend winter storm, forecasters are watching a
6:48 am
big storm by the weekend. federal offices and schools in washington, d.c remain closed a lawsuit filed against disney accuses the company of hiring immigrants to replace americans. the two that filed the suit said they trained their replacement before they were fired. disney denies those allegations. >> >> a man in brooklyn built this igloo for two in his backyard. during the weekend snowstorm. he described it as a chic -- he gets points for creativity. >> probably really warm in
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>> thanks for joining us, hope you have a great day. we'll see you back here at
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