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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. good afternoon. i'm allison croft. thank you for joining us. naval base in san diego is on lockdown as we are learning about a possible shooter at the navel medical shooter in san diego. this is a live report. reporters are getting ready to do a live report there. the medical center tweeted out
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reported -- all occupants are advised to run, hide -- all nonmedical personnel are asked to stay away. it is placed on lockdown as woe continue to get updates throughout this show, we'll bring them to you. we'll have updates on our "10 news" app and at wtsp right now. >> >> we'll go over to ashley. you are watching bow since severe weather moving into our area. tomorrow morning. we could be talking about severe weather as early as 4:00 am. what is going to happen, we'll see an area of low pressure developing along this frontal boundary, being thrown across the gulf of mexico, thanks to a strong jet stream, resulting in winds, frequent lightning and we can't rule out the
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tornado or water spout, i'll have more on the timing, when we expect to to clear out and the all important weekend forecast. >> >> 45 people dead from the massive blizzard that ripped over the east coast. the federal government is shut down for the second day in a row after nearly two feet of snow brought the facial's capitol to a stand still. schools are closed an mayor said the city faces several days of cleanup dc's metro worked overnight to get all of the trains back up and running, but amtrak does not have all of its trains up an running. >> >> in new york city, the mayor issued a travel advisory. night time temperatures,
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streets will turn into black ice. >> caucuses it and primaries kick off in iowa next monday. edward lawrence is in washington, d.c with more on what the candidates are doing to win over the supporters. >> reporter: six days to go before the first votes are cast in iowa -- >> we are in the final sprint. >> this is crunch time. >> reporter: the latest poll out shows donald trump has regained the lead in iowa, ted cruz is within the margin of area, and trump is not pulling any punches. >> the man from canada. >> he could run for prime minister of canada. >> cruz is hitting back with a series of tv ads, including this one and cruz says there is a reason the establish machine is lining up behind the businessman. >> trump will cut a deal.
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spending expand the debt. >> democratic side, bernie heat. sanders has been gaining on clinton in iowa. >> i think we are touching a nerve with the american people that understand that establishment policies are just not good enough. >> reporter: clinton tried to reassure one young voter that republican attacks against her is because she's the real candidate. >> i have been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> reporter: clinton trails in young voters, but historically, that's a group that doesn't show up for caucuses. >> clinton is sending her husband to campaign for her in iowa beginning thursday. >> >> this open house, encouraging voters to stop by to see the new voting machines. this is another one at the office this afternoon from 4:00 to 6:00, hillsboro county, the
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florida and has more than 487,000 voters. >> >> disneyworld has been served a new lawsuit claims disney is ditching american workers. two wore workers saying disney replace them on purpose to save money. >> they claim that disney had them train their replacement beforehanding them a pink slip. 250 employees, recently let go. leading two to file these lawsuit the suits say disney and two global consulting companies got together to break the law by using temporary visas to bring in the workers and lied under oath saying no americans would there job in this deal. what does disney have to say? they denied it saying this suit
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in the studio, "10 news" -- >> congress gives out 85,000 of these visas, but they are supposed to be use for vacant positions. >> >> right now, we'll take you live to gaslight parks. pirates are walking up. the mayor is meeting with the crew of gasperilla. the the plan is to negotiate a peaceful surrender of the city. two are discussing a surrendering of the key to avoid a long and costly battle. as you know, the event is coming up saturday iranian president visited pope francis at the vatican. this is historic because the meeting could lead to peace. iran is trying to be more
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with western leaders and iranian president has not visited europe in two decades. >> >> some taxi drivers set tires on fire. drivers are demonstrating against working conditions and competition from uber. >> >> if you are planning to go to the superbowl, plan to pay up and big time. website said the average resale price for the game between carolina panthers and denver broncos is nor than $5,000. for free, you can watch the 50th anniversary of the superbowl and all of the commercials, right here on "10 news." if you can't make it to the game, you are in luck because hooters and "10 news" has teamed up. all you have to do is watch "10 news" at 5:30 in evening for a secret word of the day and enter that word to our facebook page. >>
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been suspended indestiny after questionable video appeared on twitter. take a look. >> reporter: the video came with the caption -- mattie moss missing the line i like he misses his r reselfers " >> there is no confirmation from missouri that the video shows the quarterback. >> >> cul willing up on "10 controlling dinosaurs, a new exhibit called dinosaurs in motion opens, why kids and even adults will enjoy the interactive exhibit. >> >> but first, in health fews, a new warning about teens using e cigarettes. >> >> and we are tracking much warmer temperatures today, ahead of a strong system moving in overnight into tomorrow, i'll talk about the severe weather threat an the timing
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the full forecast. >> >> another reason to like our "10 news" facebook page all this week, we are giving out a word of the day for the chance to win two tickets to the february 21st daytona 500. the winner will win two tickets to the fan zone. watch "10 news" at 11:00 to
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>> we are staying on top of breaking news out of san diego where a shooter also been reported at the navel medical center. right now, we know it is on lockdown. the center used social media to tell people about it. telling people to run, hide or fight. this is a live look at the
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vehicles leaving the area. law enforcement is on the scene, directing people away from the buildings. directs cars away as well. this is on lockdown as we get new details about what is going on, we'll let you know here onion line. >> >> in health news, a new study over e cigarettes. researchers looked at the teens that were smoking >> cigarettes and found they were three times more likely to start smoking regular cigarettes.
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museum of science and industry. joining us, the directionor, >> good to see you. it's called dinosaurs in motion. when you look at what we are bringing in, it buy me away. we are talking about massive metal sculptures on dinosaurs. we can show you the time last video about putting it together. we want you to touch. these things are amazing. can you go up and take control of the dinosaurs. the artist that came up with it spent hours and hours of reclaiming. when you go in and interact --
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time you are with the last dinosaur, you are using playstation to control t you get the experience of this art comes to life. the other thing i think is really cool inside each of the scuplture, you can see how it works. to me, that's really cool because what you get is what is really important in the education system. science technology. you get to see those in action, but you don't feel like you are being taught about it. one of the things we want to talk about, you are looking at a huge growth in those fields, but it's hard to figure out how to work it into your
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so i brought some examples. you want to talk about art, logos on soda cans, why is one appealing and the ore one not? and renn when you are out and about, look at the helicopter in the sky. talk about why it stays up or if you go to the state fair, why are some rides more intense than others because of the gravity they use. all of the things you can work into your life. >> it opening saturday and runs through mother's day. you have to come check it out. dinosaurs in motion. >> you can learn more about dinosaurs in motion and sigh the time lapse video on our
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thanks for coming to talk to us. >> >> -- a floor safe found last week, stolen from the site, monday, excavate tors found this safe as they knocked down the wall. the the new owners are entitled what whatever is found inside. >> >> you see the mayor meeting with the pirates and the captain of the mystic crew. the mayor just said it, they are not going to give the key to the city over to the pirates. since they are not going to surrender the key, the pirates will return to this sat's gasperilla invasion. so far so good the forecast is looking great. >> we'll talk more about that, but first, we have to get through a a potential round of severe weather.
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more cloud cover as we look out from the sky 10 network. we continue to stream in -- notice how we got some of the higher clouds moving from west to east. that's an indication to us that we have winds here, basically, different directions. you go higher up in the atmosphere and that leads for the potential for some of the storms to begin to rotate. right now, we are way off toe the southwest, but as it gets closer tomorrow, we are concerned about the possibility strong gusty wins, but we are keeping our eyes out with that in the atmosphere, we can't rule out the isolated tornado. on top of that, we have been pumping in a lot of heat. 74 clearwater. 69 degrees as we get you intosy press county these numbers across the board, very, very warm, it's quite possible that some of us could actually see temperatures near 80 degrees later this afternoon.
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78, 79 in the works for some of us, by your 4:00 hour, we start to see the temperatures coming down just a hair through the evening, we are largely quiet, but as we look into overnight, we start to see some of the showers and thunderstorms beginning to get going. 70s pretty much across the board. no surprises there. we'll warm up a little more from where we are seeing. we'll see a big increase in our dew points. once we hit 60, we start to think showers and thunderstorms a possibility. we are getting the ingredients all together with the turning, strong jet overhead t looks like we'll see strong to severe storms. taking you through the morning. first up, showers and thunderstorms ahead of this. at 4:00 am, be on lookout for the potent storms to move through. then we take to you 9:00. that's when we see the line starting to work its way through. it will be a slow mover. we'll see several hours of the potential for severe weather threat before it finally
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east. after that, a nice long break if here. once we get through thursday, we'll see forearea of low pressure developing, sending another round of showers and thunderstorms our way. the weekend is looking fantastic. temperatures in the 70s. by sunday. allison? remember, you can always get the forecast, you can always get breaking fews, today's headlines an traffic all by downloading our "10 news" app. >> >> before invading downtown tampa, the pirates invade local hospitals to spread cheer.
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>> right now, the naval medical diego. these are live pictures from the medical center as we are learning that law enforcement is on the scene there, directing people away from that area, away from the buildings where there was the report of the active shooter. we learned that the medical center used social media to tell people to run, hide or fight. download our apps. you will get information on that dr.-- in san diego, an active shooter. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> >> the latest exhibit -- combined work stretches the imagination and leaves visitors wanting more, today the curator
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artists. >> dollly worked january 1946 through almost summer of '47. so, almost 16 months, worked on the project. >> the exhibit opened this past weekend and it will run to the 12th >> pirates invaded several hospitals. this is the crew at gasperilla. they had beads, canon balls an coloring books to children in the hop. >> for us, we are year round, we do probably 30 or 40 events. most of the time, we are if pirate guards, handing out beads and love. >> we are watching severe weather that could be possibly moving into our area. it's a good idea to download the "10 news" app. >> thanks for joining us today
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