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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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still has the delay key in it. >> that's shocking. >> in just the past couple of weeks two manuals have been stolen out of vehicles on the beach. >> they contact the dealer ships and say i've lot my key. >> we've had two cars stolen. >> this is a good reminder to all. >> there's got to be different pages that shows you the pin number and what to do. i imagine they probably have to get the vin number or something off that paperwork. go through your manual or contact your manufacturer or your dealer to find out what type of paperwork they would have to have to get a spare key. >> so your car doesn't become victim to thieves like this. >> i will take mine out of the
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>> we've put all of that important safety information up on our website, just click he seen on tv. >> really, it only takes a few minutes to check the glove compartment. new information tonight about a falls alarm in california. the navy medical center went on lock down. everyone was told to quote run, hide or fight. you can see them walking out with their hands up. law enforcement searched and checked surveillance video but there was no evidence of any shooting. happening right now police still looking for two young children. take a good look. this is a four-year old and a ten month old. they were last seen on florida's east coast. police think the kids with their parents who are wanted for murder. police say one shot and
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a pickup truck. if you see the kids or their parents do not approach them, instead call police. new information tonight about a lawsuit getting dizzy knee a black eye this week. we're now getting both sides of the debate. the lawsuit alleges in federal court that disney's work with outsourcing companies to illegally replace americans on the job. this story is complex so we're breaking it down for you. >> this is the first side. the lawsuit says that disney hired outsourcing companies to replace workers with immigrants they could then play less. one of the fired workers is leo peroro. before he left he says he he had to trained his immigrant replacement or risk losing a severance.
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for an immigrant working for disney had to legally swear -- >> that bringing in the foreigner will not adversely affect the working conditions of any similarly situated worker. their business model is to get americans fired. >> okay. it's right here in the application not once, but twice. once in working conditions, the other in displacement saying u.s. workers won't be displaced within the company, but here's the other side of the story from immigration attorney. >> this is the law. they can't. they have a right to. disney can definitely avail themselves of that possibility and take advantage of immigration laws. >> and whether the immigrants taking the job would be paid substantially less. >> that argument may not hold water either because you have to voluntarily that the worker is going to be paid what's called a prevailing wage. >> which is set by the u.s.
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we're going to keep an eye on this one for you. disturbing new information tonight about the three be inmates that escaped from a jail in california. they are still on the run and we are learning one of the men is especially dangerous. when his he is designed was learned about they said quote they let hannibal lector out. >> he's incredibly violent and dangerous. the acts that he committed in this -- our case nothing short of diabolical. >> investigators trying to figure out how they got the tools that they used to cut through the great and metal pipes. they used ropes to climb down from the roof. all will
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well, the blizzard is over but the big dig out continues. parts of washington and baltimore some streets still covered in snow. in dc the mayor says they don't have enough people to get it all done. federal government offices and schools are were closed again today. things in new york getting back to normal much faster. the city is close to getting all the subway runs up and running again. air travel back as well. right away let's look at tomorrow and thursday. >> yes, it looks like it's coming in several waves over the next 48 hours. you probably see had in the hints of change out there the cloudy skies out on the gulf building and that's a sign of what's to come. now, what we're looking at as we see showers coming up is the system that's out to the west. now, this will be tracking across the
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in generation that is going to be more intense than what we've got out here right now. as that slides our way we are looking at multiple rounds of showers and storms starting on wednesday. i'm going to take you through the timing where we might see severe weather if that's the case and we'll talk about thursday's round all coming up. i'll take you hour by hour at 5:15. happening right now people living among the california coast could lose their homes at any moment. an entire apartment complex believe it or not dangling off the edge of a cliff getting closer every single second to falling into the ocean. you can see the ground crumbling away. this is drone video. residents have been told to get out. the city manager even declared a state of emergency last night and while the video is pretty fascinating there is much more to the store. why he will mean i don't is responsible for eating away at
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>> at an apartment building in california police posted noticed telling people they have to go. >> you got to do what you've got to do. >> this woman moved in two months ago. >> where are you going to go? >> i have no clue. >> the lives here can rise more than 100 feet when the base is pound booed high surf. that's why these big boulders have been brought into try to slow that erosion. but when winter storms hit the cliffs take a beating. >> two of the apartment buildings have been sitting empty since 2010 when they were deemed uninhabitable. heavy rain returned. and they have seen this before. in 1998, the last big year constant winter
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leaving several houses hanging on edge, one collapsed under the beach brokers others had to be torn down. >> the building where this man lived would one day meet the same fate. >> here it is, the old saying goes if you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space. >> the order to evacuate was criticized by the building's owner the at a city council meeting last night. the city manager insist issed that the danger was real. >> we didn't know when it was going to come. not an action we took lightly. >> five thousand people live in that coast at all zone and half of the businesses located there as well. 2016 it is a virtual tie for
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days to go for the iowa caucus. no other republican candidates have more than 7 percent support. the caucus is on monday, new hampshire's primary is february 9th but the date that you need to remember is march 15th, that's florida's primary and today the supervisor of elections showed off its new voting machines and they were checked out to make sure they were working before the election. you do still have time to register. we're breaking down the deadlines you need to know about. >> we are not giving you the keys we're fighting and we'll see you when we throw a party. >> i think he said it best right there, right? they're trying to
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as you heard the mayor refused bucking a tradition. they will invade on saturday but before the parade we have some insider intel there are some rumors the again. okay, you know a big part of the parade is collecting as mean beads as possible. well, the school kicked him out but a girl just wants to say thank you to the classmate who might have saved her life. >> now, her parents want to know where teachers did nothing to help their daughter as she was
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all new tonight, it is a real danger for law enforcement every single day a deputy trying to direct traffic was suddenly hit by a semi. he did survive. >> his doctor calls him m and m and it's for miracle man. >> i felt the impact of the semi rolled you up in a bush. >> this is is the instant that landed him in the hospital. >> i think i'm staying in a safe area because i'm hard right to the semi and you can see it kind of jackknives in the video and shoots it hard into me.
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his dash cam is recording as he's sent flying off to the right side of your screen. >> my hand and arm got caught in the tire. >> medics surround him within minutes and rush him to the hospital but to understand how all this was set into motion we have to re wind the video. he's on a minor wreck as he's directing traffic a semi drives over the train tracks but stops when he waves him on and the truck is pinned in and a train is coming. he told the driver to steer right and the train slams into the semi. >> it almost looks like i'm going to be ran over a second time. >> but he says a small incline near that bush sends him rolling to safety downhill and away from the back wheels. the only injuries he's left with 25 stitches for two gashes on his head and a broken left hand.
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it really is. it's very -- makes you think a lot, but it's definitely one of those that, you know, flip this way, flip that way, no bush, it could have been really bad. so i'm very lucky. >> he truly is. >> well he says he's looking forward to getting back to work as soon as his doctor approves. he wants to return to light-duty starting next week and full duty when his hands heals. tracking storms, it's time for 10 weather. >> the warm weather. >> i know. >> it was awesome though to get outside today if you were able to. >> even with the cloud cover it was quite an improvement from monday, very complex 48 hours in the forecast. so let's try to pin this din for you. as we
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the 7s on the map isn't it. 75 tampa, and 77 in riverview tonight. now, your planner for this evening is keep the cloud cover, keep the mild temperatures, but some stray showers or isolated showers possible ahead of the systems, not system but systems that are coming our way over the next couple of days. now, let's talk about this. the main low, again, is tracking across the gulf and will be moving over our state of the we're going to do a little bit different on the graphics here because we feel like we need to slow it down and time this out for you. it is looking like the strongest storms going to be starting up around mid to late morning in our northeastern counties and moving across the bay area right around mid-day of the there are some things we could change in this and i'll show you that in a moment but we're looking at heavy rain, thunderstorms and a couple of these could be right
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gusts over 60 miles a an hour, an isolate storm rotating, it is possible. we are at a marginal risk for severe weather south ward for the entire state. and as we go through the day we are looking, and i want to slow that down for you, again, not just rain showers, but thunder in the mix, could have some gusty winds, with most of this looking to be intense through late morning around lunchtime ask covering us with some heavy rains. as you can see start to go try to wind down right around mid-afternoon, late afternoon for around sarasota. but there are some things that i'm keeping an eye on tonight that i see in the gulf. so could some of this change? yes, it's a possibility. here's what i'm watching for and this is why i
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in at 11, this area is pretty weak but there are some other models and i want to show you, it's a little more aggressive but notice how it really develops it in the middle of the night and brings some heavier showers by as early as 4 and 5 a.m. i want to get a better handle on what's happening to the south over the next couple of hours. so i will have an update for you tonight at 11, but i think we need the next couple of hours to get an idea of will we see showers that heavily for the drive time and before and it's about a 50-50 shot that that could happen. thursday the storms look to be stronger south of us. the heavier rain and stronger storms right now up here to wednesday but this system is coming in two to 3 waves across the state so still a shot thursday there could be strong, possibly ice a plated storms as well. all of
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perfect weather to try to get that key from the mayor on saturday. and we're going to talk more about this system at 5:30, i'll have more details on also the cool mornings coming behind it. if you can't make it to the big game you are in look who theers and 10 news have teamed up for your chance to win a watch party for 8 at a tampa bay hooters location. all you need to do is have the secret word of the day and we're going to give that to you in our next half hour. we'll announce the winners thursday, january 28th. good luck. beads go hand in hand. what happened to all of the beads when the party is over? a brand new study confirms what many who already live her knew is that florida is the place to retire but the same
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that some folks may not know about living out their golden years in the sunshine state. plus the search is still going strong for this driver involved in a frightening road rage incident all caught on video.
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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here's a look at what's coming up tonight, at 8:00 we've got ncis, catch limitless at 10
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all right check this out something pretty scary that we need to share with you because it's important. there is another terror group rising in power that could be the most dangerous yet, and just like all the others they hate your way of life. first there was al-qaeda responsible for the september 11th attacks, then the group that kidnaped hundreds of school girls. the u.s. and allies have been focussing on the islamic state for months now but that focus has left room for another group. a new report says the group is much more dangerous in the u.s. than isis in the long run. this is video of the group attacking a syrian army base last year. it has not attacked the west yet but it wants to. the state department said
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35,000 fighters from 100 countries. some big moments at the vatican today. iran's president met with pope francis. officials covered up the nude statutes with white boards. there they are. and it was out of respect but a lot of italians upset. defend ago classmate who saved her life. for the first time hear from a girl who nearly died after having an asthma attack in school.
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happening right now three
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