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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we're on top of breaking news right now in oregon. the more than "3-week long we are on top of breaking news. oregon tonight the more than three-week long standoff at a federal wildlife refuge may be over. according to the fbi the group's leader ammon bundy and five others have been arrested after a gun battle took place. they all face a federal felony charge. one person was killed in that shootout. they seized the refuge in the west. good evening and thanks for watching. >> also developing tonight, two women are in the hospital after a brutal home invasion robbery. it happened on middle fairway drive. courtney robinson is there to
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they knew their attacker. crime scene tape is the only sign of the brutality. around 4:30 tuesday afternoon a man broke in and attacked the two women who live there beating them so severe wherry that paramedics rushed them to trauma centers by helicopter. it was a neighbor who heard cries for help and called 9-1-1 but by the time deputies got here the attacker was gone. they set up a perimeter around this dated community and within minutes just beyond this gate they say they caught their guy. >> took us about 20 minutes but able to catch the suspect after a foot chase that wound up on the parkway. >> it's hard to believe they say. there's no crime here. their neighborhood is safe. >> here in this neighborhood. >> yeah. >> we saw the emergency vehicles here. but no one knew what was going on. we didn't anyway. >> deputies aren't saying much.
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knew his victims so they won't say how. 10 news. wtsp. this story continues to develop. investigators are expected to receive more investigation. we'll have that for you on 10 news this morning. >> weather alert some potentially severe tomorrow -- storms for tomorrow. and all of this rapidly coming up from the caribbean and developing tonight. they will put us into some pretty noisy overnight hours. 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning t. disease look like it's going to be the case. by talked a about that. the situation for the morning commute. at least the first wave looks to be just strong storms but a threat of severe weather is possible behind this. there's a lot more to track. we'll do so. i'll take you through that wednesday forecast at 11:16. right now 23-year-old
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charges after he allegedly planned a machine gun attack on a masonic temple. fbi agents were tipped off to the intention months ago what he planned to attack israelis. they did not work out. he returned his focus to milwaukee. the affidavit saying he wanted to kill 30 people and doing this to defend the muslim religion. the republican presidential front unarer is ditching this week's debate. the gop candidates are set to square off thursday night. fox is hosting. trump has criticized the new york for playing games and for -- it'll be the last republican debate before monday's iowa caucuses. >> some elementary school -- came down with a case of chickenpox. the kids are students at plum elementary and any students who
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being told that they cannot return to school for 21 days. >> i don't understand if your child is healthy enough to receive vaccinations why you wouldn't vaccinate your children. everybody has a right but your endangering other people's children who cannot get vaccinated for medical purposes. >> at this point it's unclear whether the children who got the virus were vaccinated or not. chickenpox is spread by coughing, sneezing, saliva and contact with the rash associated with that virus. a local christian school is on defense tackling players rights to pray over the -- the university christian school football championship. the florida high school athletic association shot down their request to share a pregame prayer over the pa. well, tonight the school tells 10 news reporter they're now
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apology from the state. >> the part of our life is pray to god. >> she says students at cambridge christian school say a prayer before every home game. the -- they couldn't pray over the loud speakers here at the citrus bowl in orlando because it's a public venue. primarily paid with tax dollars and against state guidelines. >> i was mad actually. >> they joined together on the 50-yard line. >> we started doing the lord's prayer. i was so happy. >> no one should be afraid of engaging their faith in the government and the government should never been censoring someone's prayers. >> they just fired off this letter to the athletic association. they're calling on the state to say they're sorry and change prayer policy so this never happens again. >> i think they'll be able to offer an apology and be able to
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there again, we'll allow you the opportunity to prayer. >> they aren't backing down sending this statement claiming it's not against public preor postgame prayer. the state insists of upholding a decision that says by allowing a team to use the pa system gives the impression it's endorsing the prayer. >> the kids can see we stand up for what we think it's important >> if the state doesn't meet the demands in 30 days they'll tyke the fight to federal court. >> they can apology to us now or with the judge. >> the -- both teams conduct prayers before and after the championship game. and doesn't have a problem with that. so what do you think about the players taking a timeout for prayers over the pa? head to our facebook page to post your thoughts. >> time now for headline around the nation and the world. this is your 60-second scan. in maryland a woman has been
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inside a car buried in snow for three days. a concerned neighbor says the woman was attempting to live in a that car and refused help after he called the national guard three days year. they had to break a window and to safety. >> some communities in pacific -- look at. that the cliffs are being eroded by waves, sparked by powerful winter storms. police say it's dangerous and residents have to leave but a lot of those residents saying forcing them out will leave them homeless and unavailable missouri. it's the crime that could happen right at the pump. take a close look at this video. a suspect sneaks into a car stealing a purse and then leaves in another car pretty much unnoticed. police call these thieves sliders because of the way they slide in to the vehicle. suspects have all been caught
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to stop them lock your doors at the pump. >> a call for help coming from a large yacht. it was leaving port in fort lauderdale for a month-long trip but it was about 6 in the evening when the crew noticed trouble. >> we noticed the boat was tilting to the left and the captain went down to check and he said -- we were taking on water. >> a family of six was on board along with the crew of seven people. the captain ordered everyone into the life raft. it shows the final 10 minutes of the yacht tilted bow up and then sank. they're investigating what cause cause vessel to sink. the snakes that are capture ready killed and turn over to researchers who are searching
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python population in the everglades. what to watch for tomorrow. sarasota -- right now 40 other florida counties have a public ordnance in place banning the retail sale of commercially bred animals. they may now join them. animal rights groups argue this will help save the animal. they say it will kill their business. they'll consider that ordinate at # a.m. tomorrow after hearing public testimony. >> still to come, hot topic, big debate. what do you think? should students be required to learn cursive? >> the viral link that's shutting down iphones. >> a big part on the ice and off it. how the lightning is helping families battling pediatric cancer. >> and he's your word of the day.
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receive two passes to the fan zone. the word is finish.
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a consumer alert. a cruel internet joke is reeking havoc. do not visit here's what happens. it adds a number to the address bar. your phone can't keep up with it. that caucus voters your phone to crash. now it won't ruin your phone but you could lose any unsaved data. think before you click. >> we've heard of airlines offering credit and waving change fees but tonight two carriers are doing the same. american and united say they'll allow customers to cancel or postpone their trips to the areas of effected by the mosquito born virus. they add the dominican republic
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they're -- it's been linked to birth defects. >> fever, a rash, muscle and joint pain, eye pain and eye well swelling. it's been found in 20 countries. >> screening for colon cancer is recommended to begin at age 5-50 but new data shows -- one in seven colon cancer patients is now under the age of 50. those patients denned to have more aggressive tumors. and now there may be an alternative to a colon os -- it's highly effective. the test can detect tiny amounts of blood in the stool which is a sign that cancer or a large poll -- it doesn't require the bowel cleansing preparation and -- let me ask you a question. do you know how to read and
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student but now there's a new push to make it mandatory in school. lawmakers in two states indiana and washington are considering similar bills. it would require to make it part of the regular curriculum. one senator said it's critical to make sure they could hear historic documents but some critics say cursive writing classes are unnecessary and she should be focusing on typing skills. what do you think? should kids be required to learn cursive? >> we asked on our facebook page. 90% of you said yes. i posted it on my facebook page. you brought up a good point. sign their own signature; right? >> yep. >> i'd love to hear what you think as well.
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little bit earlier than expect. >> a lot of in the early stows will stay on time. we are definitely going to lean toward the morning drive. wet road as well. let's talk about it on the lakewood ranch cam. the rain coming down. a little bit. those are racing off to the east and northeast. about 45 miles an hour. we'll walk you through what's coming. these storms moving through now from lakewood ranch. blasting to the northeast about 45, 50 miles an hour. to got this track. moving toward barto it's just rain as far as everything we can see. just some brief heavy downpours. 11:45 and coming in off of the gulf showers race ahead. this is not the main line that we're expecting or tracking. this is all out ahead of
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the gulf, another wave coming at you around 11:38 for us. right around 11:47. at this point, but the main wave is actually still back to the west over here. west of pensacola. all of this tropical moisture coming in to play and it's going to lead to a pretty wet overnight and a very wet start to the morning drive. you may want to adjust to your alarm clock. give you a little jump ahead of any traffic as you know wet roads in our morning commute don't play very well together. now, not only are we tracking those two waves of rain but this potentially could be a third round of showers for some of us on thursday. get to that in a moment. let's talk about your wednesday first. on and off showers am pretty good part of the day. what's different about this system is it comes in
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a couple hour of showers and done as you can see in futurecast. a big view. bring it home. on and off showers for most of the state. all that caribbean moisture will trigger round after round of showers and storms. most of it will just be rain. from around brooksville to about daytona beach southward of some of these becoming severe. again most of it should just be rain fall but there's a chance that a couple could be borderline severe storms. so as we zoom in, see at least for the morning drive moderate to steady showers will likely be around a good point -- start at 4:30 in the morning with 10 news this morning. if any warnings come, we'll be here. we're not leaving the office. be feeling -- wakes you up. we'll be on tv letting you
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through the day, the strongest wave is right here. late morning, lunchtime. to early afternoon. that is -- if anything is severe, that would be the best chance of anything potentially going that way. that's not to say something at 5:00 or 7:00 in the morning. and becomes strong to borderline severe. add to it, rain totals pretty healthy. so if it spreads out through the whole day then flooding won't be too light likely but some of these storms train which is one cell hitting add one city and another one right behind and another one right behind it then flash flooding could be a problem. out around anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of rain. it is going to be a long 36 hours but 10 weather will be here tracking on t. tv and online. most likely chance again for the strongest stuff 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. but just know through the overnight and the morning there will be rain.
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looks to be south of our area. going to go just a little bit change. i really want to focus on the on thursday. and as promised to pay off the beautiful friday and weekend coming. just picture-perfect. 68 and nice and sunny skies. if you haven't signed up for the 10 news app yet it may seem like wallpaper now but making sure i got your attention. we can get alerts to you in the middle of the night. wtsp for free in the app store. >> see if the gators can win four sec games in a row since a trip to the final four. a heart on and off the ice.
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a new head coach. giving no shot at winning the title. but falling a season-high shooting per -- the music city to dance with the doors. stragged to find the rhythm. from beyond the ash much. but -- strong to the -- 5060 d issue panthers pride are l be
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jerry richardson is paying for every panthers employee from interns up to attend the game in santa clara. be warned, philadelphia eagles tried this. eagles lost. to the ice. when it comes to the lightning charitable efforts. his wife are making a big impact in their own way. >> ryan cal has been is known as a guy who plays with all heart. but behind the doors is how big his heart truly is. >> the families in the seut are apart of his crew. nearly every lightning home game ryan and his wife host pediatric cancer patient. >> we wanted to help kids out and, you know, and hopefully be
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get away from their treatment. >> traded in their hospital beds for a great seat and eats. >> these guys go through so much. things that people don't want to hear about. just not pretty. and so to be able to just forget that and come here and almost feel like you're a celebrity. it makes them feel good. >> tough to go through what we've been going through with the chemo treatment. just an opportunity to retrieve as a family and an opportunity by the -- been remarkable. >> and the fun wasn't done after the bolts clinched a win. they got the chance to meet members of lightning. >> a very down to earth person. he's a tough guy.
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in real life. he has a really big heart of the >> enjoy, all right? >> for them to be able to say that they've met these players and forged friendships with them, it's just -- it means the world. >> how sweet is that? terrific. his wife was telling me that their events are rubbing off on the other players. victor had his own charity group. they're working with a lot of different foundations and they're starting their own foundation. they want to do a lot more. >> a chain reaction. >> love it. >> okay.
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talk an determination.
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10,000 miles across the pacific ocean from san francisco. get this, they road 24 hours a day with two hours shifts with stops to restock supplies. they are the first female team to row the pacific and the first four-person crew to finish it. they raised more than $54,000 for injured servicewomen and breast cancer patients. >> i like that they cracked open a beer.
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