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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon, i'm allison kropff. thank you for joining us today. we want to get to kate wentzel, and we've been watching this rain after a wet start to the day. it was a soggy start.
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the second round is approaching and we'll be dealing with more showers and storms. unfortunately this afternoon, more this evening and i hate to say it but even more on thursday. so, keep those umbrellas handy folks. here's the big area of wet weather and a strong line of storms already moving across the sunshine state. that's been responsible for what appears to be a tornado over in broward county. now, looking at this moisture in the gulf. sum of the vein heavier than you can see on radar as it gets closer, you will see that. we're still keeping an eye on the possibility of severe weather, the possibility of a tornado. we'll be very closely watching that for you. take a look at these showers out in the gulf. they're moving to the north and sarasota, 12:54, bradenton 1:07, we expect lightning,
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of even some hail and there you can see heavier rains as well. we'll have more on the ray tar and what you can expect this evening. let's look at what can be here. this was damage left from the tornado. several trees are down and this truck is on its side. you can see the tree down right there. we're hearing several southbound lanes after a tractor-trailer was flipped over to its side because of those high winds. this is a good time to download our free 10 news app. this will show you how quickly this can happen. search for wtsp10 news in your app store now. new at noon, it appears someone is making threats against the schools named lincoln.
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there is a shooting at a school, police and the school investigated overnight. there were threats against schools lincoln and other states and in other parts of florida. lincoln middle school is open with an increased police presence, they're not to the bring their backpacks or other related items today. armed activists have occupied a national wildlife refuge for weeks now. they arrested the group and refuge. these are the mug shots, they are all arrested. bundy and other followers are discussing their views on land. the f.b.i. intercepted. it's unclear who shot first. 55-year-old robert finicum was killed. he talked to the reporters during the stand-off. three men escaped from the orange county prison. guards didn't notice that they
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they believe two of them may be hiding within the extensive county. just one day on fox news, donald trump says he's skipping it. he's upset that meagan kelly is monitoring that debate. she claims -- he claims she's biased against them. we learned that they both intend to treat donald trump unfairly if he becomes president. instead of going to the event he'll host a fundraising event for wounded warriors. a way to get to you quicker if you need help from a crowd. they'll be getting to places where rescue vehicles don't normally go. they went to the gasparilla children's parade. they'll be ready to go full force for the pirate invasion
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mccoy got the idea after his bike unit responded to several calls during the last parade, medical. we are sitting there and waiting, we need fire rescue and we're having trouble getting to you. >> paramedics will ride alongside tampa, each has bike saving equipment. it's not just for events like gasparilla, the team will be on hand for any major city events or festivals where there will be large clouds. >> parents who are two stories to. one is involving two tennessee teams dying after making a homemade alcoholic drink and another that killed a washington team. two teenagers, best friends other. the teens mixed racing fuel with soda and drank it. content.
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one boy was dead in bed and another boy died at the hospital. then there's the duct tape challenge that nearly killed this 14-year-old. you walk duct tape around the body and see how long he could escape. they taped his hands and legs, he hit his head on a window frame and then on the concrete floor. it happened so fast that his friend couldn't break his fall. south carolina is now recovering. hillsborough county public schools have plans for their students. they're offering a gifted center at the elementary school. you can apply for your child right now. emerald more row shows you how. >> parents who are interested in this program can come right here at the boyette springs elementary school at 6:00. they'll be having a information gifted studies. educators in hillsborough county are so excited to have
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time that gifted students will have access to gifted classes all day in all different subjects instead of just for a i know you're wondering, how program. well, your kid must be in a gifted program or the district or private psychologist can support them. you have to fill out an application here at boyette springs. >> we're hoping it's successful and maybe look at other schools about it's successful and model schools. >> to have that piece, and not like just an hour or two hours students and learners and we'll have joyce for learning at this school. >> there's already been so much interest in this program that 130 applications, however, there are only 200 spots in the
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gets more than 200 applications, they'll have to use a lottery system to figure out who is going to get in. >> in river view, wtsp. a 99-year-old woman here in florida wakes up to an exotic animal curled up on her chest. we'll get to that on 10 news at noon. . we sit down with the choice book. we have a movie preview coming up next. a health alert after an out break of chicken pox at a bay area school and why they're pointing a finger at other parents and they're out raged. this afternoon. sarasota, storms in the gulf, it's headed your way at lakewood average 1:1, when will
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we'll talk about it in a few minutes and we'll look ahead for the weekend. >> we're giving out tickets to the february # first daytona 500. all have you to do is watch ten
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. a health alert for you. people are upset. 8 kids have chicken pox and more could get it. the illness is preventable and they're angry that other kids are not giving the kids the shots they need. and how parents are getting away without getting their
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we remember getting it as a kid. the parents can get a religious exemption which makes it simple to opt their kids out of shots without any questions. we've seen a lot of out breaks of measle cases and whooping cough shots. parents worry if others are not vaccinating their kids, what else are they opting out of. >> i don't think someone is not going to get the chicken pox vaccine, they'll choose not to get the measles, pollio, whooping cough, ear endangering other people's children who cannot get vaccinated for medical purposes. >> they've soon an increase in the number of parents getting those religious exemptions but how big of a deal is chicken pox. we had it as kids, it's the right of passage.
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the more serious condition from chicken pox. another nicholas piring book is coming on the screen. the choice, and we sit down with benjamin walker and theresa who pays the characters. >> pay attention, i'm about to tell you the secret life. ready, the whole dam thing is about choices. >> excuse me. >> hey, you're my new neighbor. >> it makes sense that the new film is called the choice. doesn't it? it's about the two north carolina neighbors who get off to a rocky start, you know what they say about opposite and attractions don't you. he's a vet and she's a med student and her golden gave birth to a litter of chihuahuas. >> what am i going to do with
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>> have a chat with the continent guy. love is in the air and a choice has to be made, and she has a guy who won't take much of this tom foolery. >> everybody has choices to make and one choice leads to the next so on and so forth. what's the biggest choice you had to make in your life, how did you deal with it and are you happy with that? >> yeah, i'm happy with my choice, i'm sitting here and i made the choice then and i wouldn't be sitting here. i chose to leave my very like nice life in add laid where i was going to -- adelaide and get married and have babies and and school teacher and this opportunity came on my lap, to and actress and i'm 20 years old.
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>> and some are great and some are huge missteps. >> i have the same sort of story leaving home, going to boarding school and deciding -- but to study and see if there was something i really want to do and if i could handle it and if i'm any good at it. that remains to be seen and i'm happy to see if you guys see what a fraud i am. s. here's another look at the damage in miami after a likely tornado, look at this, a car on top of another car. this one flipped over on its side. a lot of damage down on this trees have been knocked town, area. we're talking about a condo economics and the roof is damaged in this area. several southbound lanes were closed after a tractor-trailer
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win sell is joining us now. they got -- kate wentzel is joining us now. this shows you why we have to take every line of storms seriously. the past history has shown us in the past few weeks, a lot of storms are producing tornadoes and today it seems like it's on the east coast. we're still watching for our i can't and we'll be doing so at least through your early evening for the possibility of severe weather and it looks like a rain issue and storms as well. here's the wide view, you can see lots of moisture across the southern half of the sunshine state streaming in from the gulf mexico, pretty quiet for the nature coast, we're tracking some late to moderate rain across the highland county and storms pushing onshore against sarasota county. northeast. you can see the moisture in the gulf, that will still be moving into the tampa bay over the
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in fact, some pretty, light to moderate rain including some storms off of pinellas county. we're looking for the next few hours to see this rain and also there you can see that demarcation of the possible likely tornado in broward county, in tamarac right there, near coconut creek, just north of 575, do you have friends or family in that region give them a call and make sure they're doing okay. we're under the possible risk of severe weather once again on thursday, scattered in nature. so, it looks like we have another 24 hours to go through before we are out of the woods clearing out friday into the weekend. take a look at the rainfall totals impressive. tampa more than an inch of rain there. brooksville as well, in river view, more than an inch, so pretty heavy rain and we'ring it to see more, we're in the done yet, keep the umbrellas handy. here's the futurecast for
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likely in the i-4 corridor. this is 1pm, sarasota. you're going to be socked, this will keep a close eye on the activity keeping onshore. the possibility of severe weather exists. the team will alert you immediately. things are tapering off a little bit this evening. we're not done with the rain. so, keep those umbrellas handy right through tonight. mild temperature with the clouds and the rain with an overnight low at 64 degrees. we could see lightning and strong winds today, the possibility of hail and a low chance of the possible as we look ahead monday night, we could see more activity and still more in the gulf. watching. we really don't clear things out until early friday morning the weekend.
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the hidest areas look to be sarasota county and highland county and polk with hernando we'll all see some. your seven-day forecast is shaping up like this today. stormy and rainy. the scattered showers and storms continue through thursday afternoon and clearing out late thursday, friday looking nice and it's in time for the big gasparilla parade. 68 degrees. if you're headed out and about this afternoon, you'll be on the road, you want to keep on top of the weather. the easiest way to do it is to download the free app in the app store, you can sign up for severe weather alerts so you know exactly when you could be in danger. imagine waking up to an exotic animal curled up sleeping on your chest. sounds scary right, it happened to a 99-year-old florida woman.
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it's a disney classic come to life. as the actor who played simba stephanie web, memorizing your lines is a small part of the show. >> you have the puppets that you're wearing, so, we are hosting this. we have to learn how to move our hand like a line. this is hours and hours in a mirror. i can't see how this works. we have this thing, it's on top of the normal actress. >> the show runs until february 14th. you can learn more by going to a 99-year-old woman woke up
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up and sleeping on her chest. it's a kinkajou found in the rain forest in central and north america. the woman called her daughter and a friend for help. attic to hide. >> they're docile creatures unless cornered and their teeth are their defense mechanisms. >> can you imagine waking up to that thing in your bed. they used sounds to lure it out of the attic. they kept the animal in the morning and turned it over to the vet. the kinkajou's owner came forward and is picking it up today. kate winchell is joining us afternoon. >> we'll be tracking rain today and through tomorrow. you can see all of that moisture is still in the gulf and it's racing towards us. i put a storm tracker on there
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there's more rain coming. lakewood ranch about 12:55.
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