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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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was lifted off of the roadway over the jersey barrier onto the far shoulder of the northbound lanes. so with that crash. you just heard broward county rescue describe is one where someone was not hurt. believe it or not. a tornado touchdowns near a college campus and one car wound up on top of another one. it looked bad but no one was hurt. it has been two days since tornadoes touched down in sarasota county. homeowners are slowly rebuilding and white victims are still nervous. >>reporter: home after home roofs are covered in blue tarp in time for more rain and severe weather. the tornado from january 18 shattered windows and every time a storm is forecast.
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again. and every time the wind kicks up. look around one home destroyed and others damage. sarasota county storm damage tops $30,000. half of property owners are across sarasota bay. spirit crazy and unexpected. >>reporter: the morning. the tornado hit it ripped off the roof. >>damaging building six on the beach. >> roof damage and air- conditioning units. >>reporter: counties declared both buildings unsafe. repairs will take up to eight months but in the meantime , they are moving forward.
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be prepared. >>reporter: these homeowners will have out-of-pocket expenses but they might be getting help to the federal government. sarasota will learn if they are eligible for low interest rates and the small business administration. now is a good time to download the content app. to get weather alerts the matter where you were. a threat that had schools on alert across the state. here's a text message that your social media. talked about shooting people at school in the morning or at lunch. this post put students at alert. they were not allowed to take back packs an extra officers were on the property. the threat was not relevant.
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media threats are becoming a serious issue. >>reporter: the rainfall is the least of parents worry wednesday at lincoln middle school after they received this message. >> this is the lincoln middle school president. i apologize for the lateness of urgent message. >>reporter: the principal warning them about this. >> our agency and school board members >>reporter: the message did not make it clear which school was a target. so all schools were on alert. police think they tracked the post down to an account in leland county. >> we will always error on the side of safety. >>reporter: threats can come from many sources. more and more on social media and districts across the country are spending more
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the post. >> it's becoming more prevalent. something school districts across the country are going to have to figure out ways to deal with and be able to respond to you. >>reporter: one way is to make penalties more severe as long as a post like this is being made . officials are not taking any chances. >> any type of electronic messages. we tried to follow up and identify the individuals responsible and we will prosecute. thank goodness. this was just a threat in 1997 lincoln was the scene of the first school shooting in manatee county. when a student shot another. members of a militia are holed up in the same place they have been for three weeks for the federal wildlife refuge in oregon. one member is dead and eight others are facing charges but
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the leader, bundy and his brother and six other members are being in court right now on federal charges. fbi agents stop them on a highway last night and at some point during the confrontation, shots were fired. the question. tonight is which side shot first. one person was killed, the father of--acting as a militia spokesman for the local sheriff has been dealing with the militia for weeks and got emotional about the deadly turn that was taken.>> there doesn't have to be bloodshed in our community. we have issues with the way things are going in our government, we have a responsibility as citizens to act on those in an appropriate manner. we do not arm up and rebel. we take it to the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore.
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>> the sheriff is asking the last of the militia to leave peacefully. right now the town is surrounded by law enforcement. similar police and deputies are desperate to find three inmates who escaped from a maximum- security jail. they want to find them so badly they have quadrupled the reward to $200,000. all three of these men were about to go on trial for violent crimes investigators are trying to figure out why it took 16 hours for anyone to know that they were missing. . it's your choice. 2016 and donald trump continues to break every rule in the book. he will not attend tomorrow night's republican debate. it's a bold move, but will it backfired? mark revere is digging deeper into what his absence could
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>> i'm going to put a circle near donald trump. you are so used to seeing him in the center of every single republican debate. now that is changing but the question is, will his absence help florida candidates jeb bush and marco rubio? >>jeb bush will need all the help he can get. >>reporter: folks at the say to a barbershop did not have a lot of love for jeb bush or marco rubio.>>as for trump's move to boycott the debate. he knows how to put the story out there. he has a plan. trouble be hosting a fundraiser for veterans and wounded warriors instead. so if he is not on the debate stage that will help the rest of the field. not so fast. >> by doing it.
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media say i am politically incorrect. >>reporter: trump is taking himself out of the line of fire completely it still commanded the conversation without letting his opponents lend a blow. so the key is helping the wounded warriors are getting positive publicity standing tall taking on the media, while others are in their mixing it up, tried to talk policies. >>reporter: we will break down the debate tomorrow night on 10news. we have a checklist with the porch of days, you need to remember. an organization that prides itself on helping injured veterans. but now the wounded warrior project is taking heat over millions of dollars in donations that are missing. do you know when your money is going. when you donate to a cause? >> i have never seen anything like it. you would think we were on the jerry springer show. the
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shocking arrest. we are breaking it down. how he ended up in handcuffs for taking away his daughter's cell phone. >> you need to be careful out there. some fog out there especially on to 75 at the sunshine skyway
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a a case that will have parents shaking their heads. how many times have you taken a cell phone away from your child as punishment? that's what one dad in texas
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this got him thrown in jail. he is free and talking to a reporter about how it all happened. connect us all. but for jackson. this phone have the opposite effect, he is talking about his 15-year-old daughter and her mom after he was cleared of criminal charges. today. snake you catch your child sending bad messages, you take it from them. to make a few hours later police showed up at his house asking for the phone. >> at that point i decided the police don't interfere with my ability to parent my daughter. >> as a mom, i am upset because the property belongs to me. >>reporter: she called police after dad took the phone away. >> it's a phone but it's the principle.
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away. >>reporter: dad got a citation in the mail and requested a jury trial after he refused to take a plea deal. a warrant was eventually issue. jackson had no idea and he was arrested. he spends a night in jail, page $1500 to be released. >> i have never seen anything like it. you would think we were on the jerry springer show. >>reporter: the teenager testified about her dad taking the phone . the judge ordered the jury to find him not guilty saying there wasn't sufficient evidence. jackson won the case. >> i can't have a relationship with them again. >>reporter: he lost a lot more. smith, she disowned her father over a cell phone. >> the case is far from over. the attorneys plan to file a
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a lot of people are weighing in all over social media. >> to hundred of you sounded off. a lot of you going after the mom. what is wrong with her mother? good for you, dad. someone in your family had to be responsible and discipline your daughter and randy st. finally a real parent and this one we saw quite a bit, she should be older to even have a phone. you made a good point. the fact that this made it to court says a lot about the state of our country and the entitled brats people are the conversation. we want to hear what you have to say go to our facebook page 10 news wtsp.
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pasco alligator alley sounds like a far distance, but as big as this storm distances there is not much room for error. you can see rain and low clouds and this is helping to keep the temperature down with the rain. it has greatly helped us out and keeping severe weather to our south. here are some rain photos and wind gusts 36 miles an hour, sarasota at the international airport. 2 inches of rain today in venus in the last 20 for hours at inch and a quarter and about 1.37. also at fernando county airport. nice rain coming down. it's good to get it during the dry season as long as we can keep severe weather at bay. but this morning. since 5 am it has been coming in all the way across alligator alley so we have been watching
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miami and fort myers making sure everyone is okay and it sounds like minor injuries from the tornadoes. so the rain. we are tracking is not severe. although there are places around inglewood and they are coming down heavily. i have that at the top of the hour and this rain is coming down over the sunshine skyway bridge where to 75 comes together in manatee county. and it should be in dover at about 6:17 pm and heavy rain at lake placid i have some showers that look like they will get into the south side by about 5:30 pm. all of this is likely to remain severe, although we have a rainy night for a lot of you. we will show you what we are
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this has several impulses of energy are several pieces to the puzzle that have produced multiple rounds of rain and still more to come. so for tonight. and this evening. it's dispatch right here at this little piece looks to come in for thursday but we are saying this develop over the rio grande valley. a lot of that should track to our north and the panhandle for tonight with roads, temperatures in the mid-60s. let me take you to the future cast mainly showers. don't be surprised if you hear some thunder south of tampa towards the sarasota around highlands and harding county, if we see more severe weather, it will be more likely around
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but we will keep track it. we won't stop until the system has passed and as a slave goes by tonight there are some energy that will try to produce some showers and storms and this will come in around midday. so a look at your seven day forecast was 70% coverage and depending on location. we do have some dry cooler weather saturday morning. 470 and we will talk more about cooler temperatures where you live for the weekend. if you can't make it to the big game february 7 you are in luck hooters has teamed up for your chance to win a watch party for eight people. we are giving away the last
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you can use that word to enter on our facebook page. we will announce of those winners tomorrow. finding a fix for the flat water crisis. see the new and death. the plan to help families who are fearful of drinking from the tap. the wounded warrior project coming up. how much money it raises actually goes to the wounded warriors. ahead, how you can find out how much of your hard earned money, goods to your chosen charity. to make cashing in on oprah's weight loss how investing in weight watchers stock could really pay off. those stories and more coming up next on 10news and at 5:30
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tonight. tune in for 2 broke girls and mike and molly and code black and the join us for 10news and at 11 pm and stay up for the late show. tonight's guests include danielle brooks. connect new video of a garbage truck. this started burning and then exploded in the middle of a new jersey neighborhood. people said it went off like a muscle. -i for the missile. watch. nobody got hurt in that. the blast ripped a hole in one house and damaged three more.
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operator smell the smoke coming from the. full tanks. the huge explosion. you saw was from one of those tanks. to make a blizzard. the slam the northeast turned deadly. but we are learning about a bizarre survivor story coming out of maryland. a woman trapped in her car was found alive after three days. a neighbor noticed she had been living in the car noticed. not see her. crews had to break a window because she did not want to their help. to make it was a situation where she will get the help she needs. in that weather. i don't know how she did it. smith, the woman was hypothermic but she will be okay. the car ran out of gas and she was inside and she had run out of food.
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pair of tickets to the super bowl. wait until you hear who is behind this ad the turned out to be a prank. to make a south florida woman
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i am courtney robinson. thanks for joining us. three stories we are staying on top of. atlanta is a mess after a state trooper got into a shootout with a suspect. the trooper is in the hospital and our news partner say he was shot in the ankle. he chased the suspect this afternoon before the confrontation on the highway. south florida. crews are cleaning up and
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