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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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done by a tornado that hit broward county. the national weather service said wins got up to 100 miles an hour. one person was hurt when the tornado tossed the car across the highway. to make the oregon mullis -motion member killed by police charged at officers while their group was being arrested, but the militia insists he was following orders. despite his death. the group is still in control of an oregon wildlife rescue. digging deeper tonight in a investigation that covers questionable spending at the wounded warrior project. in 2014. the charity raised nearly $300 million but records show more than 26 million of that went to conventions and meetings. that's a huge increases 2010. and some critics say this money should have been spend on veterans. eric gets reaction from local
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protect your hard earned dollars. when you give to charity. >>reporter: at the wounded warrior, author-office in tampa workers did not have much to say. veterans are sickened by allegations that the charity spend $26 million in 2014 on expensive parties at conferences and meetings, nearly as much they talk combat stress recovery. >> we have to many wounded warriors. they are not receiving help.>> a spokesman said the outings at conferences are the best use of donor dollars. that is used first teambuilding. nothing like leveraging-lavish
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army staff sgt. an iraq war veteran who came traumatic brain injury once participated in wounded warrior programs at once became a public speaker, but quit last year and discussed.>> using our injuries, our darkest days. our hardships to make money. so you can have these big parties and i'm sorry, but i will be damned if you're going to take hard working american money and drink it and wasted. >>reporter: other charities donate 90% of what they take into their cause was veterans but before you start donating your hard earned dollars. find out how much of your money is going to be chosen charity. by looking for the story on our website. wtsp. >> the wounded warrior project released a statements saying
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they do on behalf of the injured veterans. they also laid out more information on where your donations are going. you can read the entire state meant--state meant online. teachers and-have to report undocumented immigrants. the we are florida group stop by city hall. they want a resolution passed that would protect them from that law. they will soothe the government the doesn't comply. michigan government is rolling out a plan to help people in flint. no one has been able to drink water in over a year. gov. rick snyder said he is forming a committee to monitor the the doctor inside history first sounded the alarm over high levels of lead will oversee.
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million to rebuild and repair 15,000 damage service lines that run from water mains and homes to businesses. the civil rights group has filed a lawsuit. they don't want those who call flint home to pay a dime to replace lead pipes, even though they are still getting water bills. >>i have told gov. snyder that residents should not have to pay for water. they did not and are not using. some of the state has distributed 187,000 cases of drinking water and 30,000 testing kits. some of the oprah effect has weight watchers stock skyrocketing, or the 20%. when she endorses a product, people listen. after taking on a 10% share of the company oprah has earned more than $3 million an hour.
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she loves. smith i lost 26 pounds and i have eaten bread every single day. stick with the market value rose by hundred $50 million after she tweeted about her weight loss. 5 1/2 million dollars for every panel she lost. hot on the web an unusual animal. they gave a woman quite a scare. a kinkajou usually found in reinforce and central and south america, this one managed to get into a miami home. the lady was sound asleep if she feels something on her chest and she shook slowly wakes up and realizes there is an animal, curled up sleeping on her chest. i guess her first impression was, it might be a cat but when they both got a look at each other, they both freaked out. the lady screamed and the
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>>they said the woman's daughter and a friend were able to lure the animal out using a youtube video. the owner is picking up--from the event. house store owners are fighting for your business. plus a deadly concoction. the new trending challenge with some tragic consequences. what parents should know. still tracking what weather heading in from the gulf. we will tie you the timing and if you run into fog. we will adjust that as well. --address that as well. but all you need to know about your forecast at 5:45 pm. . here's a look at the network traffic camera this evening. that looks like the sunshine skyway bridge. let's take a look at 75 and
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traffic jam download the app and get instant alerts before you leave the office about accidents alternate routes and tieups. make sure you like our facebook page and watch 10news at 11 pm. all this week we are giving out a word a day to give away tickets for the daytona 500. the winner will get passes to the sprint fan zone.
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10news in and hooters have
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party for the big game sunday, february 7 and all you have to do is enter the word day. today's word, rush. three separate winners will each get their own party for eight people at a tampa bay hooters location. and we are going to come in a crash the party. the winner will be announced tomorrow. some mac time for headlines around the state, nation and world. a milwaukee man accused of a mass shooting at a masonic temple had plans to attack israeli soldiers. he was also recently fired from a--and lived in miami at the time. researchers in the world health organization are urged to take action against the zika virus. that mosquito transmitted disease has caused birth defects in thousands of children and is rapidly
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firefighters battled a six alarm fire in new orleans. that spread to a neighboring building and destroyed several businesses. the building sits along the mardi gras parade route and it could take weeks to find out what started the fire. so that the federal reserve is not changing the key interest rate but they will keep an eye on the global economy and financial markets. economists. they can expect slight increases this year to change the benchmark in december. that is your 62nd scan. imagine watching the business next to your store cashing in. you can't do anything about it. you are limited. recently, the city of-i for limited alcohol sales but some businesses say they were left out of a cold. marcus grayson breaks down how it happened. >>reporter: tim logan roselle
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this is what it looks like on sundays. empty tables and just a few customers. this is because of liquidsthat limits on alcohol can be sold on sunday.>>the city limits, the closest bar is a mile away. so it's convenient for them. but when they go there. i am not getting them back. >>reporter: for nearly 30 years. his business and others were on an equal playing field . but now he says his business is down nearly 15%. he is not alone. you're looking at a business that operates in the city of lakeland so that means they can start selling alcohol at 7 am on sunday but if you walk 40 yards across this way. he also sells alcohol but he cannot start until noon. they don't take the new law, why data. he went door-to-door asking people who sell alcohol to sign a petition. on tuesday, he presented the
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commissioners. >> customers will go into the city limits to make purchases. >>reporter: the county needs to wake up. this is not about current business . the future business. his customers are so close but yet, so far. certificates and economic downfall. >>reporter: marcus grayson 10news and . >> he is not done. he is going back before the commission and he plans to bring people to a deal. and the ordinance of the time you can buy alcohol go to wtsp and click on seen on tv. estimate teenagers are taking some unusual and dangerous challenges and one has turned deadly. some teenagers work drinking a combination of racing fuel and mountain dew. they call this mixture do
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one of them died last week and another was taken to the hospital, passed away on monday. doctors are worried they could see more cases like this. and that's not all. in washington stated teenagers recovering taking on something called the duct tape challenge. kids wrap up each other a tape to see how long it takes to escape. it sounds harmless enough. while trying to get out come a 14-year-old fell and hit his head and it caused a seizure and an aneurysm. his family created a page to raise money to help pay his medical bills. coming up on 10news and at 6 pm police officers and paramedics getting on two wheels to squeeze through big crowds. what these bikes are carrying that could save your life. a driver has her 1099 form sent to other drivers around the country. you will hear her story and i will have some tips to help protect your identity. if anything like this happen to
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and we will revamp. traffic troubles, how will anyone get there? the man who thinks he has a fix. good evening. the middle of the week is downhill from here. i do have some good news to get you into the weekend but it won't happen in the next few minutes. it will take time and you see at the east side of the terminal back to the northwest and tracking some steady rain. as we have more than we are tracking off to the gulf. let's talk about what we are saying. currently, everything is just rain. i'm not seeing anything in this round that is causing concern or alarm. so just rain and i don't see that changing. but drivetime will slow us down as it is and i know that you
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we have some moderate to heavy rainfall and we just had a shower come through. it's raining pretty decently and the next wave will be doing at 7:10 pm steady rain over lake placid in between sebring and avon park very light rain coming down and you have this coming across the howard franklin bridge and it should be downtown with some steady showers and this will be across the bay and this system, we will show you this is tracking. the outer banks of the carolinas on the southern edge toward the bahamas. it may sound like a distance,
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little bottle so we are thankful and feeling fortunate that had has just been rain for the bay area and strawberries will be sweeter and we don't have a lot to clean up. it's tracking out to the west through tonight and through part of thursday. and temperatures around 68 currently in tampa and 67 in sarasota and 63 in st. pete. we will hang in the 60s. tonight with low clouds patchy fog and rain through the evening and we will see another round likely through thursday and it will depend on location. so earlier in the day close to the gulf coast and later in the day east of 75 but showers will be likely from morning to mid day with temperatures in the 60s before we can move all of this out of here by tomorrow. and get all of this gone.
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thursday's wave is regenerating and we will see a few showers in the morning but the heavier bat is likely to come into play as we get into mid day. behind all of this friday, 63, looking good and saturday will be chilly as you are headed out to the festivities and 680 in the afternoon and so for the parade. we are looking fantastic. and sunday warmer at 730. we will keep track of these hours-showers but if you have to head out the door. maybe yes. something else. you have to tend to, you can't get an update anytime on the 10news app. some football fans will do almost anything to
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what about offering up a in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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what would you trade for super bowl tickets? many people thought hey man, a colorado was going to trade his house. it turns out it was a prank. >>reporter: ask brian lusk about the phone calls. he has been getting. >> is this the real thing? is this house for sale? i think you must have the wrong number. >>reporter: there could not be an ad. they just moved in six months ago. they are settling into their
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there it was.>>a home in erie for sale. best offer. >>reporter: that's a good description. there is even a picture up and then this. >> getting divorced. leaving her with nothing. will sell home for two tickets to the super bowl. >>reporter: that was the moment that this was far from a misprint. >>we had some bats going for the game and the broncos one so i wrote them pretty hard and gave them a lot of hack. smith this is how he got back. >> he ran an ad in the denver paper, the boulder paper, the longmont paper. and the phone calls kept rolling in. he was offered to seeds 20 rose up first-class airfare and a
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and the marriage? >> not getting divorced. so i think we are good there. >>reporter: has a message for his friends. >> brian, you are winning, but only for now. it's coming. i am thinking of ways to get back at you. >> what a prank. i will be so mad. how much are super bowl tickets? >> 3000 are for thousand dollars. hundreds of those revenge ideas have come and they say, wait until it powerball jackpot is over 500 powerball jackpot is over 500 million and make him think that he one. >> someone said die the snow
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the payback will be horrible.>> steelers fans.
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wild weather tears apart groups and sends cars fly. we are tracking more storms. an employee's social security numbers center
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to you. fans trying to get into the arena are faced with this. one man thinks he has the fix that will help traffic and our economy. good evening everyone. thanks for staying with us. right on top of alerts storms are pounding the bay area in south florida. strong winds tossed cars in a parking lot. the roof of a condo damaged her truck was lifted off of the turnpike during that storm. and chief meteorologist-i been is watching storm tracker 10. a lot of rain tonight, the severe threat is south of the day area that will be tracking
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you will know about it and you
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