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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you will know about it and you won't be surprised. heavier showers are mainly in our southern parts of the viewing area but as this makes its way to sarasota they are in a study brain from age 2 830 more in the middle of the golf tracking around the rio grande valley. so we have a lot to come tonight , but we will lay it out. 20 will need your rain gear and we can finally get back into your sunglasses put this behind you. tornado victims building across sarasota has a new respect for storms. picking up the pieces 80 harder than expected. >>reporter: these storm fronts
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making it difficult for tornado victims to repair their homes. they took refuge under tarps wall homes will be rebuilt the tornado destroyed homeowners sense of security. >> it could happen. your house is not going to be protection. >>reporter: $12.3 million in damages and property effective is major or minor damage. across the bay in the condominiums, the county declared a buildings unsafe. one had the roof ripped off 66 condo owners displace. prepares would take up to eight months. some are retirees on a fixed income but there might be help on the way. sarasota county will learn if they are eligible for low interest rose to the low business of minutes-through the
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you can track storm tracker 10 around-the-clock with our free app just download wtsp from your device app store. medical marijuana will once again be on the ballot. the group gathered to give the voters a second chance to have a say on this issue. the amendment would need 60% of the vote to pass. last time around it fell short by 3%. what do you do if your employer put your personal information across the company. it could happen to anyone. and that's what happened to a woman after uber it had a glitch in the system. our news reporter is out
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help protect yourself. i was in total shock. >>reporter: jamie ervin had a problem. after she learned her 1099 tax form from her former employer uber was viewed all across the country. to make your social security, name, address and how much you made. >>reporter: several reached out to her through social media. spirit. they said they have their 1099 form other people have a. >>reporter: she chose to get her information through email. snake you push on a button to get your 1099 minus popping up for everybody. >>reporter: she contacted uber, but did not get a response, she was hoping for. i contacted uber trying to get an explanation and they responded in writing. due to a bug in our system. one person's personal information was viewable at one time. the bug was fixed and we are sorry. we are in contact with the driver whose information was affected.
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suggest accident -asking them to send your documents in with you have to sign for them. and if your information is compromised higher a protection service.>> they could open a bank accounts and debit cards. if you don't want to have that happen. >> is not fair that i have to wait and stress and jump through hoops to protect myself when i shouldn't have to do that. >> now uber said they will support her with a credit monitoring service. we are breaking down what you can do if you think your social security number is compromised. first, fight for free credit monitoring and then consider requesting a credit freeze that restricts access to your report and finally file your taxes early before a scammer can do that. a trio of events, making
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about the headache. brain and road construction and the tampa bay lightning game with these big back the howard franklin tonight. we are alive about how terrible the traffic happens to be and also a story of one man trying to revitalize. you seem to be stuck in traffic. >>reporter: that's right. when you hit the break lights before the hop on the howard franklin you know it's not a good time. we are crawling at 5 miles an hour coming into tampa. if you are losing patience. you are not alone. so is the lightning owner. he said this traffic could put the brakes on progress in tampa. >>reporter: commuter chaos. a honking headache.
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shift on 75 driving frustration. if you are trying to make it to an event like the lightning game he won't get there in a flash. lightning owner wishes. this was the only red light his plans were saying. not these. >> we need to be looking at all modes of transportation to include mobility and that includes having rain were most people travel. smith, if traffic continues to trends like this.>>but no construction has finished on the fourth lane in about a month. her tried to leave early. if your goal is to show up on time. last week, there is really nothing they can do to solve this math-i for mess.
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live never get stuck in traffic again. check out our free traffic tracker and save yourself some time. schools around the state could get an assessment test. they voted for a bill and districts that would cause them to switch to other standardize test like the ctr sat. this is based on a national trends and the college entrance exams don't match florida standards. a proposal to ban the sale of pets from puppy mills. 7 1/2 hours and in total more than 100 speakers signed up and
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the podium. animal-rights groups are working on this ordinance for more than three years. the band will put them out of business. a scary day for 10news students manatee students after a message spread across social media. it said it was going to shoot up a school of the principal sent parents a warning on the phone. the police department investigated the threat of put officers on service but found the threat was not credible. >> the threats are coming -becoming more prevalent in so school districts across the country are going to have to figure out ways to deal with and be able to respond to it. >>they are working to find out
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will prosecute. washington dc is sticking out of a record blizzard but there is a twist. 15 of these trucks are heading north. take a closer look. a friendly message on the back encouraging those sick of the brutal cold weather to go on down to florida. printed on a poster #love florida. the trucks are helping to clear out the snow. get ready. get the swords ready. big pirate invasion just days away.>>what happens if things don't go as planned? you are planning on hanging out this weekend, but say something goes wrong? i will tell you why this bike could be a difference between life and death. the lightning are getting
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tonight after the news, 2 broke girls, mike and molly, criminal minds and code black. there is a new lifesaving tool on the streets of tampa. now they are peddling paramedics.
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weekend and jimmy dean shows you why these could mean the difference between life and death. a couple of hundred thousand people will line the streets of tampa saturday for the biggest private party, sarsaparilla. some people will need medical help. but in this crowd, they may not be easy to get to. to make the bike is going back and forth. to make tampa fire and rescue with a stabilization team. the paramedic riding the bike with 35 pounds of lifesaving equipment. >> we did a first iv set up an iv solutions and oxygen for cardiac arrest. suing the employees of the tampa bay bike in a put the
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saying they need for it. >> last year we had a guy with head trauma and we cannot get anybody to him. police officers are not trained for that so we had to stand by feel helpless until fire and rescue could there. >>reporter: right now there are 30 bikes that they can use it anytime at each bike fully equipped cost $5000. >> there is more we can do that is far beyond a special event. >>reporter: the team was put into action at last weekend's children's parade and gave emergency care to several people. do you think this could be the death? >> absolutely, it already has been. department thought the bikes for the program and they were paid for through a public-
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we just have to point out that jim has a few hours of shower last few days. >> i think five. spirit we want to be there for you and obviously what happened in miami. it was in the neighborhood and close enough that we were alerting you all night long. rainfall amounts nice to see it in the dry season and not on the weekend and the fact that we don't have severe weather and our immediate vicinity. it's a win. most of us seeing an inch and a quarter charter an inch and a half. again, most of the roof storms were just on the southern edge of our viewing area. we were tracking rotating storms at 5
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across alligator alley and you have seen pictures on the atlantic side of the state. we are tracking more showers and light rain half an hour away in heavier showers that i am tracking and anna maria island and a little after that and nine in tampa and with few minutes after that in busch gardens. a steady rain. i don't see anything that's alarming are concerning and you can think that low clouds so many rounds of rain that help keep the temperature down for
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tracking rain and it should be coming out at 643. it's very unfortunate. today the size of the system coming across stretching from the outer bank to the central bahamas so it may feel like a lot of real estate between tampa and miami but when you see the size of the system. it helps put it in perspective. so tonight's rain it right here and thursdays and this third way will pass through our north allowing us to clear up. let's time it out for you evening wet roads patchy fog cloudy skies temperatures in the mid-60s. massoud tonight with study showers i would not be surprised if we are tracking
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off and rain likely to provide showers for the morning commute and it will take all of that. before we take the rain out of the forecast. so thursday, looking cloudy and a few rounds of showers and surface winds have not been that strong for you probably noticed that but near the water. it doesn't look too rough. high tide at 5 pm. we will clear out on friday. it will be cooler and breezy with 630 and a crisp cold morning. saturday 47 and a beautiful winter day and warmer on sunday at 73. all of this week we are giving out a word of the day
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for the daytona 500 and the
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welcome there.
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play host to toronto. they hope that their native son will return home. one his deal is up at the lightning at the end of the season. there is a lot of amount of- there's a large amount of toronto media in attendance. >> if you think about it. it's human nature to wonder what's going on but i tried and i felt like i did a good job. >> we are bound together in that walker river we can't let that outside stuff. contract negotiations. that's nonsense. >>the all-star game in nashville
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showdown. >> is something you strive for. and it should be a lot of fun you try to take as much fun as you possibly can and try not to look at it is a work trip. we have a terrific story for you on our facebook page. callahan and kayla opening up their hearts for pediatric patients and tonight men and women. highlights coming up at 11 pm and you will hear from the capt. following the showdown with the maple leaves. back to you guys. opening the lightning will get a win. if you're getting home. we are tracking another round of showers in the bay area around 8 pm or 9 pm.
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watch that and if anything gets stronger. we will be talking online and social media and many warnings come out. we will be on tv but it looks like mostly rainfall. i will see you at 11 pm. >> maybe jim can take a nap. finally. >> is shaking his head. that's it for 10news net 6 pm. we will see you back here at 11 pm. >> always here and always on.
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