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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it's supposed to be a sacred place. >> people get in trouble >> outraged family members fear this bulging heap of trash is about to collapse on their loved ones' graves. >> good evening. i'm reggie roundtree. >> and i'm dion lim. we are getting answers for residents who are upset that a pile of trash is about to gave which on to graves. kendra conlon is helping put that to rest. >> this is my mother, my nephew, my sister and my great niece. >> this is there are loretta
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just feet away from where they play, this is what she and fehr family discovered -- she and her family discovered. >> we have trash on top of these graves. >> the waste manage. is pulling the trash high, breaking fence posts and digging holes. >> they have as much trash coming outs on this side of the fence. they have not been doing that. >> next door, we found more adding to the mounting problems. >> everyone's loved ones deserves better than this >> reporter: a waste manage. spokesperson spoke to us that's the first the company knew about it. workers should have caught this program with a perimeter check and now they vow to fix it fast. >> that is unacceptable to us we know that's unacceptable to them. we offer our apologies for that and we'll rectify it.
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added more workers to get on top of the overload from the holidays and snow birds and say that our story prompted the company to bring more equipment first thing in the morning to relief this stress on the fence and families. >> you forced them to take action. >> way to get results, kendra. family members tell us they plan to work with the newtown community to help clean up the entire historic cemetery. weather alert we have to tell you about. tracking another rain of heavy rain and thick fog. let's check in with our chief meteorologist. >> you can see the foggy conditions, anywhere around the bay, or the golf. we are seeing patches of dense fog. a marine fog advisory has been kicked into effect until 6:00 in the morning. basically all coastal areas. we can see fog with a quarter mile visibility through the morning commute.
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the morning commute. we have another way coming at you in sarasota at 11:06. we'll have more on the forecast and the weekend coming up. a scare in the air. an american airlines pilot was about to land at miami international airport when he spotted a drone right in his flight path. >> lives could be lost. engine. >> the flight was from chicago about 500 feet above the ground on final approach whit happened. airports are designed as no-fly bill nelson released a statement about the incident saying, quote, finding a way to implement the technology needed to prevent this kind of dangerous situation near our nation's airports will be one of my top priorities sarasota. after eight hours of public
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approved by a 3-2 vote an ordinance banning the retail sale of dogs and cats from commercial breeders commonly known as puppy mills. the county joins 40 other local governments with a ban to take effect one year from today the american civil liberties union is calling for an investigation of law enforcement statewide. this comes art group released a new study finding in 2015 florida law enforcement ticketed black motorists more seatbelt violations nearly twice as much as white motorists. tampa police issued 525 seatbelt citations for black drivers and 549 white motorists in 2014. however, black people made up only 23% of the tampa population. >> if people don't wear safety belts, you'll give them citations and you see that around the state. you don't look at people by race or neighborhood or anything else.
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had while studies show that blacks are less slightly less likely to wear seat belts, that does not account for the time now for head line around the nation and the world. this is your 50 seconds scan. ammon bundy and seven of his felony charges. they were arrested last night and will remain in jail after a deadly shootout with fbi agents and oregon state troopers. federal agents surrounded the national wildlife refuge where more armed protesters are refusing to end the scene. tonight, bundy urged them to stand down and go home. the american red cross needs your help. there is an emergency need for blood and platelet donors. donations will help supplies diminished by this weekend's snowstorm.
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300 red cross blood drives in 20 states and follows the holiday season with blood donations typically dropping off. election officials say that the group united for care gathered enough petition to have voter as second chance on that hotly debated issue. the amendment will need 660% of the 660 -- 60% of votes in november to pass. fire rescue has a new tool. a life saving one that will be rolling one for big events. the first amendment -- the first assessment stablization team is basically paramedics on bicycle. they did easily maneuver through large crowds where vehicles can't go. >> we carry i.v.
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oxygens and a ed for cardiac arrests. >> the pedaling paramedics were tested at the children's event. going above and beyond. a st. pete couple says that a police officer is their hero tonight. he saved them after a man took their credit card and ran. courtney robinson shows you what this officer did to help the couple in need. >> it's not many people like this. >> reporter: officer douglas gaddis made all the difference. they met the veteran st. pete cop under the worst of circumstances. >> he went above and beyond. he really did. >> reporter: james had just been released from the hospital. because of a stroke, he spent several months in rehab. on the way home, debbie noticed that they were running low in gas. they stopped. >> the card would not work.
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questions. >> is it a debit card? a credit card? what's the pin number? and i no sooner said what's the pin number that he took off and run. >> reporter: debbie immediately thought -- >> we are screwed. >> when i got there, both were very upset. >> reporter: it hit this officer. he had to do more because james had difficulty speaking. officer gaddis called capital one and canceled the card and he pulled out his own credit card. >> he put gas in my car. he knew i didn't have any money. and he really helped us. >> i don't consider this going above and beyond. some people needed help. people. >> reporter: not only helping the pooles but reminding them that despite the bad they just experienced, there is still good. >> it's good to snow to -- to
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>> it's these types of stories that make you think it's such small gestures that speaks volume. >> and we are not surprised. we are seen time and time again. police officers are human, you know. some have problems and some have issues or whatever, but as a whole, i mean, these men and women put on badges every day, every night and that's why we sleep so well at night because streets. >> doing so much good. >> if you saw anything today, anything that you think would help, don't hesitate to call st. pete police. just call this lady the exterminate to. find out how looking for these led them to plenty of this.
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being a nightmare for your head for years, it's a business for local businesses >> lyce popping up in the bay area and businesses are busier than ever. >> jennifer titus tells us it's bus lyce is stronger than ever. >> it was disgusting. >> it was horrible. >> nobody wants to admit it. >> i was bit by it. >> reporter: scream of us have had to fight it. >> i was in middle school when i first had lyce >> reporter: spending dollar
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counter shampoo. >> i had to lean over in the bathtub and comb all the lyles out >> reporter: the six-legged pair sites have made a home in human hair since the beginning of time. but lyce has become resistant at that shampoo in 22 states, unclueding here in florida. >> they are in warm moist spaces like behind the ears. >> they are tiny >> reporter: her business is crawling with customers. booming business. >> reporter: she opened a business in south tame panchts hair >> reporter: on average, sewell see around 80 cases a month. >> each case, a family comes. it could be one person in the family, two or three. >> but it's not cheap. costing more than $150 a treatment. and it's dwairpt guaranteed.
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>> reporter: while the goal is to help, her goal is also to educate. >> nearly 3% of children in america have lyce. >> only hillsboro in port county have a no knit. in sarasota, you are allowed to have knit. in pascoe county, they don't even have a policy by recommendation. >> if one child has lyce in the classroom and you keep that child in class, then it's going to spread. >> reporter: cherry knows that with the blood suckers on the crawl, they'll continue to treat people's itch unless they are all sucked up. >> that's a tough pill to swallow. the big thing to do not to have
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tell all your children's friends parents. >> >> didn't that story make you feel itchy? >> guaranteed. >> if you want to learn more about the lyles removal business and how to remove the lyce from your hair, go to and click on the see on tv button. and the fast food chain learned of fraudulent charges through partner sites. customers are being asked to keep an eye out for any unauthorized charges on their debit or credit card. the company hired a team cyber security expert and a criminal investigation is underway. wendy's operates nearly 6000 restaurants in over 28 countries. what would you do to get tickets to the super bowl? many people thought a denver
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house for tickets the story is crazy. >> this is all a prank. ryan luck was getting nonstop calls after this ad was posted in local pairs. basically, watch closely. it says, getting divorced. leaving her with nothing. will sell home for two tickets to the super bowl. well, you can imagine a lot of response. someone even offered him two seats, 20 rows up, first class airfare and a suite for a hotel room. the only problem, it was not for sale. his friend, quote-unquote, friend, played a joke after the steelers played the broncos and lost. the man is now plotting his revenge. protecting your family. time for 10 weather. why oh, that's sad. >> first class airfare? and a hotel suite. >> you contemplate divorce that point. [ laughter ].
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no one's game is better than a marriage. weather. tractor trailers turned over. trucks and even buses on the turnpike turned over. if you look at the damage, the truck is flipped over but the win chilled is not busted out. very characteristic of tornadoes. look at this car, lifted up out. very much like a tornado would do. ef is 1 is what -- ef 1 is what it was rated. rain total here at home, almost two and a half inches at the venus. inch and 3/4 in sebring. just shy of an inch half.
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are seeing there from the sky 10 network. con know buildings usually very easy to see, even at night. you can see the fog getting in the way of that already. most of the areas impacted by this, the coast but also areas backing up to the bay. that bracket in the channels as well. if you do live by the water, know that you may want to give yourself a little time not just with the rain that we are track but with the marine fog advisory. it starts at 6:00 am but could take longer than that to extend. we are tracking the rain as well. all of this is just rain, nothing severe. but we see this up in central and southern pinellas county and troy acres right now. should be in tampa across the bridges about 11:30 and bush garden, usf around u.s. 36, this way coming through
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lakewood ranch, making its way through apollo beach. we expand our view. through. like we talked about in the last couple of days. the main reason, the jet stream is pulling most of the energy off to the northeast our north. we are getting these little impulses along the front. that's what's keeps firing up one round of rain after another. while we were talking about it and watching so closely, the potential for severe weather, look at how wide the system is. runs from the central bahamas to the carolinas. what runs by coconut creek and miami county. the fog, rain with us all night tonight on and off. so between the two, it may be another morning where you want to set that alarm just a few minutes early. start your morning with us.
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we'll track fog, rain, of course, road warriors, sub tract any traffic problem. we'll get you to work as quickly as we can. if there are any problem mr.s, we'll help you get around it it. all that energy to the west still have to pass by. we are looking at numerous rounds of showers again tomorrow. but the atmosphere has stablized quite a bit with the cool air, fog keeping that temperature down, should keep a lot of this to just rain. there will be one pocket that we'll watch for very small risk for severe weather but it will be those of you in southern sarasota, manatee as well as hardy and highland county. it's about the lowest category that you can get but it is something that we'll still be tracking until these storms can clear the area. so let's talk a look at your seven-day forecast. 80% coverage. temperatures in the 60s for one more dreary, kind of messy day. but as i've been promising you all week long. the payoff is clearing out on
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windy and cool and saturday, 47 to start. cool from gasparilla to at least get the boats going but a beautiful saturday afternoon. don't forget to download apps for days like today, days like tomorrow, nice to have storm tracker 10 right there in the palm of your hand on your phone. and looking hate to the super bowl. but what about the bucs
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well tomorrow could 10 sports.
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fant in the room but toronto brought their circus to the area. stamkos pulled the disappearing act under the bolt optional morning skate. he pulled the reappearing act. bolt on the power play. stamkos, one timer, 21st of the season. season. 1-0 lightning. andrei vasilevskiy stole the show. leafs 0-for-3 on the power play. and then making the big save and then in all alone, big pat sajak, that's the lefty. second career shutout as the bolts win 1-0. >> in the rink with a goal in mind to get two points.
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we accomplished that. i don't think that we can sit here and say that we deseverred win, but viasi stepped in. the pro bowl has become boring. understandably, players don't want to get hurt. and the nfl has done away with the conference, withhall of famers selecting. rice selected doug martin while team irwin drafted david and jameis winston. let's go to the hard wood. u.s. f men's team on the road. tulane. first half, down 24, murray taking over. two of the game high 23. u.s. f wins two in a row for the first time this season.
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u.s.f beating up on houston behind fantastic freshman. that's their second win in the row. reggie, i know you are a great communicator. >> yes. >> we suggest putting steve yzerman, steve scam cost in a room -- steven stamkos and you in the room and hammer out a contract. they have to pay him i'm just saying. i do the math. >> before we go, here is your word of the day. this week, you can enter to win two ticked for the daytona 500 race. the winner will receive two passes to the fan zone. there it is. write it down. the secret word is flag. now that you have the word, head to our facebook page, enter for your chance to win. we'll announce that lucky
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finally tonight, the age automobile made famous in the
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now returning to the roads. droarian motors announced it will make 3 help replicas. the new delorean will cost under $100,000. they are scheduled to go on sale early next year. i can see you riding one. >> no, no. give me the wing machine. >> oh, that's how you role. >> i had the food processor on the back. oh, yeah. >> making smoothies or something. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. that is 10 news at lp. join us starting at 4:30
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