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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. and i'm ian reitz. hundreds of cruise passengers are stuck on land. at the same times, thousands of others wait until tonight sail a day late. and it's all thanks to heavy fog. 10news reporter at port tampa bay. sarah, several their flights as a result.
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are sleeping inside that ship-- the carnival cruise ship paradise. but 15-hundred folks already got off and this morning they're forced to rebook their flights home after this ship arrived hours behind schedule. wind and heavy fog would have made it too dangerous for the folks on board. out in the gulf, weary passengers tweeted they were going in circles. by day six on board, carnival paradise had lost its luster. and get this-- the trip ship to belize and three-day cruise to the weather snarled plans for people that are supposed to take off on cruises today too. we're told the ship will push off at 4 weather shouldn't be an issue this time. coming up at 5-30, people on board the thoughts this
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frustrating delays. sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp with just days to go until the first caucus in the 2016 presidential election, the candidates hit the campaign trail in iowa today to make their closing arguments to voters. for the republicans, except donald trump, the final pitch started thursday night in the fox news g-o-p debate. some of the biggest fireworks came as the candidates sparred over illegal immigration. a spokesman for fox says trump offered to appear at the debate only if the fox says trump offered to appear at the debate only if the network contributed five- million dollars to his charities, which it refused. donald trump held his own event
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the debate. about 700 supporters showed up at the charity benefit for veterans. trump claims his more than five million dollars. if you're heading to weekend...don't miss this story. as pirates gear up to take over tampa, police are also ramping up plans to keep you safe. 10 news reporter live along bayshore gasparilla parade tomorrow. for this weekend's events will be very tight. yeah, it has to be this is the third largest parade in the entire country and whether you're here in the stands watching the parade...or down in the streets... there will be more than 300 thousand people in this area and there's always the question of security with crowds this large. - so just what are police doing to keep you and all your pirate mates safe? - well for one...there will be a ton of officers out here - some you'll recognize bc they'll have on these bright green vests...some will just be in plain clothes - police are also working getting a lot of help from outside
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checking out all the floats and the entire parade route before you get there - those won't be the only eyes watching - police are really going to be using technology to their advantage - they'll have cameras all along the parade route - as well as in the air where they'll be looking out for anything suspicious from two skywatch posts and police are going to be looking very closely at what you i'm working on a bring... i'll be sharing that live in tampa, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp. new this morning, advanced sonar equipment is joining the search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370,
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ago. the ship will leave this sunday and is expected to get to the search area by late february. the plane vanished in march of 2014 on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing with 239 people on board. a wing flap that washed ashore an island in the indian ocean is the only debris recovered so far. a carbon monoxide leak forces a texas middle school to close today. health officials say at least 145 students and staff members were sent to the hospital since they were exposed to toxic gas. they all have since been treated and sent home. the school was quickly evacuated when a student went to the nurses office and was unresponsive. after the evacuation, more students and staff complained of symptoms, including dizziness, headaches, and colorless, orderless gas. investigators found the carbon monoxide leak was coming from a boiler. another setback this morning for
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the kenwood neighborhood in st petersburg. the mosley motel on 34th street was all set to be auctioned off today and a developer already lined up to snag the run down motel. but at the last moment the owner of the motel filed for bankruptcy. that pushed back any sale several weeks. neighbors are fed up with the prostitution, drug deals and noise at the motel. st pete police tell us they responded to the motel more than 400 times in 2015. young kids and their mosley motel. they worry about the place is demolished. st pete city leaders are meeting today to figure out what they can do to families somewhere else. space florida is possible new deal considering a major
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in the state. if it gets the green light, it could bring 250 jobs with an average salary of 86 thousand dollars. the project involves a 36 million dollar manufacturing facility. as of right now, it's unknown where that facility would be located. fighter jets are being blamed for causing a sonic boom that could be felt along the east coast from new jersey to long island. around lunch time on thursday, some people thought it was an earthquake and hundreds of 9- 1-1 calls came in. the u-s-g-s was quick to pinpoint where the boom was coming from. they found that jets from a naval base in maryland were supersonic testing on a flight strip on the atlantic ocean. the noises lasted about 90 minutes. the booms are caused when the jets go faster than the speed of sound, caused when the jets go faster than the speed of sound, breaking the sound barrier.
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england is issuing a new dress code..and its causing some controversy this morning. but it's not for students, it's for their parents! but first, disney has dozens of films featuring princesses...but now the company could be dealing with a gender problem. we'll all next week you can watch 10 news at 5:30 pm for your chance to call in and win a five hundred dollar gold and diamond source gift card. when you see the number on your screen. 10th caller wins.
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we're putting the
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we're putting the news back in the morning.. another company could overthrow "apple" as most valuable. that's topping headlines around
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world in your 60 second scan... "alphabet", the parent company of google may soon become the most vauluable company in the world. experts say it's because of the rise of the digital advertising market. the silicon rivals could trade places as early as today. at the end of thursday, apple s market value stood at 522 billion dollars and alphabets was at 515 billion. a high surf advisory is in effect until saturday afternoon for parts of california's coastline. take a look at this video out of pacifica. waves are expected to hit about 16 feet. the pacifica pier is closed because of erosion in the area.. and people in the area say the high surf isn't helping with erosion on their property. disney is facing scrutiny this morning over their animated movies. researchers found that in each film made in the 1990's .. the males had significantly more lines than the women. especially in aladdin.. where 90 percent of the dialog came from
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researchers say the trend began with the little mermaid.. where arial loses her voice. an oregon highway is closed this morning after several giant sinkholes open up. take a look. it began with just one near a shopping center, but soon two others opened up nearby. department of that highway 101 in that area will be closed for at least a week until the roadway can be stabilized. weather updates on the road - with our
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weather updates on the road - with our 10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather
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maxima 92-5. a story that will make you smile this morning... a little boy from tennessee is giving back to his neighborhood. instead of playing around in the snow, he's helping his neighbors from getting snowed in. but first, doctors pushing for women need more sleep..or they could face more
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we're putting the
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we're putting the news back in the we're putting the news back in the morning. right now.. about 700 passengers stuck on tampa bay are getting ready to get off the cruise ship. the ship was supposed to arrive thursday morning, but because of fog, it was delayed until thursday night. 15-hundred more passengers have already left the ship. anyone who missed their flights book them at no extra costs. without front runner donald trump, the spotlight texas senator ted cruz and florida during thursday night's g-o-p debate. political analysts strong in iowa in order to stay on top.
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suggesting the changed their stances on immigration. they both called one another out -- saying they had flip- flopped. they also both denied they had switched their positions. fighter jets are the reason for a series of booms felt from the jersey shore to long island on thursday. it happened around lunchtime. thinking it was an earthquake, hundreds of people called 9-1-1. the navy has taken responsibility. it was running test flights in the atlantic ocean off the coast of maryland. the boom sensation is felt when the jets go faster than the speed of sound. a health alert this morning for women who have trouble sleeping. new research from harvard says women who have difficulties sleeping are much more likely to develop type two diabetes. doctors tracked more than 133- thousand patients. they found women with numerous sleep problems like snoring, walking frequently.. were up to four times more likely to develop the condition. remember circuit
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might be making a comeback. new owners have bought the brand and are planning to debut the first store in dallas, texas this june. along with electronics, the new store will also sell drones and 3-d printers. owners hope to have 100 corporate stores operating by 2017. as super bowl 50 quickly approaches, advertisers are working hard to bring you memorable commercials. the big names top companies are bringing in to promote their products. but first, another music icon passes away. how many are reacting to the death of jefferson airplane co-founder paul kantner. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app
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