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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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sky 10 network camera. this is the only ramp to eastbound i-4. this is state road 559. coming up in ten minutes i'll get you a detour and look at the bay area bridges. good friday morning. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. i'm ian reitz. too dangerous to sail. fog is to blame this morning for ruining the vacation of thousands of cruise ship customers. >> hundreds are stuck at the port of tampa bay. they can not leave until later this afternoon. >> reporter: this happens a lot. more than you would think. look how big this ship is. it is behind this gate.
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now think about the driver of that ship, the captain, trying to control this thing with so much fog. that is a scary situation. that's why they had to cancel this ship. the ones that are supposed to go out later today and delay this one from letting people off. wind, rain and heavy fog. it is a scary combination. on the carnival paradise [ no audio ] if you are ever stuck on a cruise ship like this i want to see how to get your money back and look at weather cancellations. i'll show you how to do that coming up at 6:30. donald trump held his owner
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700 supporters showed up at the charity benefit for veterans. trump claims his foundation raised $5 million. >> canidates talked about the major issue. trump was still on their minds. it was the 7th gop debate. some of the biggest fireworks came as the canidates sparred overillegal immigration. >> we should have a path to legal status for the 12 million people here illegally. >> you said on the issue of people here illegally we can reach a compromise. now you want to trump trump on immigration. >> marco made the choice to support amnesty because he thought it was politically advantageous. >> trump said he was willing to attend the debate if the network contributed $5 million
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this year tampa police will have a team of officers, bomb technicians and k-9s to make sure you and your family stay out of harm's way. there is one thing police are asking anyone. >> reporter: that thing is a drone. if you have one at home do not bring it to gasparilla. if you think you can sneak one in think again. police are not going to be watching with their eyes they are going to watching with cameras like this one along the parade route as well as other ones up in the air. check out these pictures our producer snapped at a drone at gasparilla last year. last year people were throwing drinks and beads at this one. that could have hurt someone, especially if the drone had crashed into the crowd. >> drones seem to be increasing in use.
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of it. you cannot fly a drone within five miles of an airport. the parade will have within five miles of the airport of >> reporter: bottom line no i talked with police about what you need to know in case an emergency breaks out. coming up at 6:30 we'll have everything you need to know to have a plan before coming out for all the fun. live in tampa emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. another set back for people who live in the kenwood neighborhood in st. petersburg. the motel on 34th street was all set to be auctioned off. at the last moment the owner filed for bankruptcy pushing back a sale for several weeks. neighbors are fed up with
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dealings at the motel. st. pete police said they responded to it 1400 times in 2014. >> we'll continue to work with city councils and the police department to report our issues and concerns and hope they'll turn and. better yet, we would love to see them go. >> more than 100 young children and their parents live at the motel. they are worried where they'll go if the place is demolished. st. pete city leaders are meeting with the juvenile welfare board to help move the families somewhere else. it is up to you to decide whether to legalize medical marijuana in florida. big names advocates are joined by patients hoping to get your vote. supporters say medical marijuana eases the pain for sick patients with debilitating conditions. people like this 5-year-old who
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and dealing with chemo and seizures. her mom turned to medical marijuana and said it helped her daughter right away. attorney john morgan has forked out $7 million confident there this issue. >> people are fighting for their lives and wasting away. this is not let's go have fun. >> opponents for drug-free america are saying this will make it easier for kids to get marijuana. a chinese ship with sonar equipment is joining the search for the malaysian flight 370. the ship is expect to get to the search area by late february.
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ashore on an island in the indian ocean is the only debris so far. a carbon monoxide scare sent 145 students and staff members to the hospital. they have since been treated and sent home. the school was evacuated when a student went to the nurse's office and was unresponsive. >> i didn't know what was going on. it was frantic. >> after the evacuation more students and staff complained of dizziness and headaches. the carbon monoxide leak was coming from a boiler. space florida is working on considering a major aerospace presence in the state. if it gets the green light it could bring 250 jobs with a salary of $86,000. fighter jets are flamed for
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be felt from the east coast from new jersey to long island. on thursday people thought it was an earthquake. u.s.g.s. was quick to pinpoint where it was coming from. in maryland they were doing supersonic testing. the noise lasted more about 90 minutes. >> i heard the house rattle and the house rattle and the whole house shook. >> the booms are caused when barrier. disney may have a gender equality issue on its hands. why some say the animated films dominated.
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legend has passed away.
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here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. >> if you say one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. with donald trump absent his biggest rival ted cruz became the main target during thursday night's debate. trump still managed to garner a lot of attention. >> is it a good thing? a bad thing?
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will i get less votes? who the hell knows? >> he dominated the google search engine. after being delayed by fog the carnival paradise is back at port tampa bay after excitement is building for tomorrow's gasparilla parade as hundreds of thousands get ready to celebrate. police are also preparing. there will be more officer on bike patrols, bomb-sniffing keep you safe. this is the morning commute that does not waste your time. we have learned another company could overthrow apple as the most valuable company in the world. the parent company of google may become the most valuable company in the world. it is because of the rise of the digital advertising market. silicon rivals could trade
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at the end of thursday apple's market value stood at $522 billion. alphabets was $515. high surf advisory in effect until start afternoon coastline. waves expected to hit 16 feet. pacifica pier is closed because of erosion in the area. people say this is not helping their property. researchers found in each film disney made in the 1990's males had more lines than female characters. especially in aladdin when 90% of the lines were men. an oregon highway is closed after several giant sinkholes opened up in the area. it started with one near a shopping center.
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oregon department of transportation said highway 101 will be closed a week until the road can be stabilized. >> it looks like we have both ramps blocked on state road 559 on and off eastbound i-4. give yourself some time and avoid those ramps for now. this accident is blocking them. i want to take you to our maps to show you where you'll get on
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that is before if you can get on the polk parkway. road closures keep on going until the parade starts tomorrow. give yourself plenty of time as you head into tampa. leave earlier then you normally would. live to our exam in pinellas county i-275 at 54th avenue north. traffic is picking up going north on i-275. nothing major. no significant delays or anything. sarasota county you are holding on to a good drive time on u.s. 41. 19 minutes from university parkway. i-75 in the clear. if you have any problems on the roads be sure to e-mail me at we are not dealing with fog looking out over wesley chapel we have a few high clouds. storm tracker 10 picking up on nothing in the way of rain.
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it is cool. you'll need light jackets. 50 clearwater. 46 crystal river. we have breezy winds along the coast. that will add a chill to the numbers. make sure the kids have a jacket heading out the door this morning. partly cloudy. cooler. through the day we'll be warming up. we'll get a good amount of hawaiian. that allows those temperatures to rebound somewhat. it will be cool. we have northwest winds to contend with. they'll be on the breezy side. notice those numbers take a little while to hit the 60- degree mark. we'll do so around 11:00 a.m. and warm up from there into the low to mid 60s this afternoon. still comfortable. that sunshine will help you out a lot. add it to the mix and we'll stay rain-free. that's the key to our forecast today. 64 tampa this afternoon. cool, sunny. heads up. we don't have that cloud cover anymore to blanket the heat overnight. we'll drop off quickly after sunset.
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northwest 20 knots. five to seven foot seas offshore and a heavy chop in the bay. overnight waking up to temperatures near 50 degrees tomorrow. we'll rebound more. we'll get more sunshine in the forecast. that pattern continues into the day on saturday. sunday we thicken up the cloud cover a bit but not enough to worry about rain chances. saturday for gasparilla looks great. temperatures in the upper 60s. low 70s for sunday with more cloud cover. all in all we are looking good both days this weekend. looking ahead to early next week we have temperatures near 80 degrees coming up on tuesday. it is short lived. we'll get monday and tuesday
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round of storms roll through on wednesday and continues with cooler temperatures into thursday. road with our tampa bay weather patterns. if you are having trouble sleeping that may lead to more than being tired. >> condition diagnosed in women who have a tough time sleeping.
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we are looking good on i-4 into downtown tampa. still taking 90 minutes from i- 75 to i-275. rest of majors not congested yet. it is a good time to get out the door. if you are traveling i-275 down to university parkway it is taking 13 minutes. same drive time heading north. we are looking good for your evening commute. we'll see a lot of sunshine. make sure you have the shade on if you are driving to the west. the sun will be in your face. that bright sunshine continues partly cloudy skies. comfortable temperature. they'll be dropping off overnight getting chilly. it is friday. if you are heading somewhere for the weekend heads up, there will be some snow falling back in new england. we are watching another storm system moving in the northwest. if you have travel plans in those areas check with your airlines. 700 passengers are stuck on a cruise ship in port tampa
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they are getting ready to deboard. >> the ship was supposed to arrive thursday morning. because of the fog it was delayed by thursday night. 1500 passengers have gotten off the ship. anyone who missed their flight was allowed to rebook at no extra cost. without front runner donald trump the spotlight was on ted cruz and marco rubio. they both took center stage thursday night during the gop debate. >> political analysts say both need to stay strong in iowa to stay on top. they both called one another out saying they flip-flopped. they denied they switched their positions. fighter jets are the reason for a series of booms felt from the jersey shore to long island on the east coast on thursday. earthquake. folks started calling 9-1-1 to figure out what was going on. navy was running test flights
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health alert for women who have trouble sleeping. new research from harvard says you are more likely to develop type two diabetes. women with several sleep problems like snoring and waking up a lot for four times more at risk. if you watch the superbowl for the commercials we have a couple you have to watch. be sure to join us on facebook. we are live streaming through the show this morning. we do so every morning at 6:00 a.m. search for allison kropff and ian reitz on facebook. come say hello on the live treatment.
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it will be cool. grab a light jacket. temperatures rebounding in the 60s today.
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up as we head closer to the weekend. you are never more than ten minutes away from your next check of weather. >> in pasco county there is an accident at u.s. 41 and preservation drive. a live look at i-275 in hillsborough county heading south into tampa. you are definitely seeing some congestion. there is a live look at busch boulevard. coming up in ten minutes we'll look at drive times across your bridges. good morning. it is 6:30. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. glad you are with us on this friday. look at this. a carnival cruise ship passing under the sunshine skyway. it is in the center of the screen. the ship was 15 hours delayed getting back into port. fog is destroying vacation plans for hundreds of people stuck in port tampa bay this morning and thousands more still waiting to set sail. you are doing checking to see what folks should do if something like this happens to them. what did you find?
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likely this could happen to you. when people showed up at the terminal they were excited to get on this ship. they could not wait to start their vacation. now they are wondering if they'll get their money back. we learned they'll get 50% off this cruise and 50% towards their next cruise. i want to find out what works best for you. how will you get your money back if something like this happens and fog is very common. what we found is cruise critics always recommend buying travel insurance that cover weather disruptions. that's an extra add-on. it will cover you in case like this. if you book an excursion through the cruise lines you are sailing you'll get a refund if the port is canceled or delayed. you'll want to double check if the policy is booked independently. they may not have a weather policy. the bad news is the possibility of delays because of fog happens every year.
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will usually try to compensate you for delays. for passengers stuck in tampa it is frustrating. some are keeping a good attitude. >> i didn't want to get off. >> got here at 7:00. i don't know what time it is now. i don't have a watch. i'm glad i'm still on vacation. >> reporter: as you can see he was excited still. here's the thing. fog is a cruise ship worse enemy. if the fog is too heavy the cruise ship can't dock. that means passengers on board won't be able to disembark. the passengers waiting to start their cruise can't get on the ship. it puts everything behind schedule. as for the passengers that are here waiting to set sail, i just checked with the port. they said 4:00 tonight should not be an issue. the fog is lifting. we are seeing employees show up now. it should not be an issue later today. 10 news wtsp. we are one day away from
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things you need to know. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live along bay shore boulevard. police say they are not the only ones who need a security plan. >> reporter: that's right. they say anybody who is coming down here to watch the pirate invasion on the water or to see the parade along bay shore definitely needs a plan before making it to gasparilla. why is that? parade. emergency could break out. your group. police say make sure everyone in your group has each other's cell phone number and send a group text of where you parked and take a group picture. everyone needs to know where to meet up if you get separated from each other. if there is a big emergency in the area police say remember not to panic. there will be lots of officers around the area to help you out and tell you where to go in case you have to evacuate.
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i hope that you have a very safe and fun gasparilla. reporting live in tampa emerald morrow 10 news. the entertainment world is mourning the loss of a legend. jefferson airplane co-founder paul kantner passed away. family and friends say he passed away in san francisco at a hospital after suffering a heart attack. he was known for white rabbit and somebody to love. he passed away at the age of 74. other artists and fans have having a tough time. bowie and glen frey. >> we are seeing reaction on twitter this morning. many people giving condolences about his passing.
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a lot of twitter followers and fans wishing well wishes to him and his family. coming up on 6:35. an island in hawaii is closed after a man was attacked by a shark. lifeguards said the man just had cuts on his hands. with three days to go until the iowa caucuses all the republican canidates are back out hitting the campaign trail today after a thursday night debate. front runner donald trump did not participate in the debate. some of his rivals mocked him at the debate on the fox news channel. >> i'm a maniac and everybody on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly and ben you are a terrible surgeon. now that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a teddy bear to me. >> fox says it refused trump's demand that the network donate
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order for him to participate. he help his owner vent a few miles away from thursday night's gop debate. 700 supporters showed up. trump claims his foundation raised more than $5 million. if you are looking to fix up your home but you need ideas check out the tampa bay home show this weekend. you can meet with the areas top home improvement experts. you can see 500 exhibits featuring home improvement tips, home entertainment and landscaping. tropicanna field. it is free. superbowl is coming up. >> it is fun to see what they come up with for the commercials. amazon hired alec baldwin. kevin hart will be promoting hyundai. it is $5 million for a 30- second spot. that's up from 2015. of course you can watch the big
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>> we seen a few spoilers. >> they look good. a 3-year-old is showing everyone that just because you are small doesn't mean you cannot make a big difference. >> this is a great story. we'll show you the good deed talking about. that story is coming up at 6:44. traffic is looking all right as we start this friday. it is the howard frankland bridge. you can see it is not too bad out there. rush hour. there are a couple hot spots bridges for you. we have more weather and traffic than anyone else.
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we are starting to pick up across the bay. this is a live look from our sky 10 network camera across the howard frankland bridge. all the head lights are heading into tampa before the kennedy boulevard exit. bridge drive time is six minutes. past kennedy boulevard into downtown tampa that's where you see congestion. looking at the sunshine skyway bridge. you are still in the green. i just checked with fhp. drive times are 17 minutes. speeds 65 miles per hour. i'm helping you beat the backups this morning. i'll be back in ten minutes with drive time and hot spots. ashley? >> isn't it amazing how we are not seeing water or fog on the roadways. allergy levels are up as a result. they'll stay high for the next several days. we'll be tracking our next round of rain. i'll talk about when that moves in and we'll look ahead to a big warm up later in the week coming up in your full forecast.
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to start your day in ten minutes. 2016 presidential canidates continue to campaign in iowa ahead of monday's caucuses. republican contenders made their case thursday night in des moines. with donald trump not present target. other canidates dealt with and national security. a texas middle school will be closed until further notice after a gas leak there. >> 145 student and staff members got sick when they were exposed to the toxic gas. it was concentrated to two hallways in the main building. a carbon monoxide was coming from a boiler. the navy taking responsibility for a series of booms felt along the east coast thursday afternoon. >> fighter jets were running test flights in the atlantic ocean off the coast of maryland. the boom was felt from the jersey shore to long island. u.s.g.s.
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jets go so fast that they break the sound barrier. >> mystery solved. that would be scary. do we live in a healthy, happy state? the well being index polls people and calculates which states are doing really well and which are falling behind. this is all based on having a sense of purpose, supportive relationships, love in your life, a sense of economic security, enjoying your homes, taking pride in your community and maintaining good healths. good trends this year include more people had insurance. a decrease in the amount of smokers and increase in exercise. there are negative trends including obesity rates continuing to climb and people having trouble finding full- time jobs. florida came in 12th on the list. if you want to scroll through the states and see how they did search for allison kropff on facebook. i have this for you here. click on the link. it will take you to the page and you can scroll through the states.
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i think the weather plays a big role in that. >> especially when we can get out and exercise. >> when other folks are stuck inside during the winter we are doing good. you have to see this video. a 3-year-old in tennessee is taking care of business clearing snow after that snow storm. this guy here is sam curry. he got a bulldozer for his birthday last month. between sledding and building snow men he is making sure the roads in his neighborhood are good to go. >> the driveway was clear and the roads. we put him on it. he was having a big time. >> he is still learning how things work. he is learning some of the buttons. when the next snow storm comes through he'll be ready. it is a golden show down in
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versus denver bronze sunday news wtsp. 50. his arm. had surgery monday. plans to be there for the panthers in the superbowl. cam newton rushed for 12 rushing touchdowns. regular season and playoffs. the broncos defense did not allowing a rushing touchdown by a quarterback this season. panthers tackle buckle up. we saw how miller and way had their way against the patriots in new england. that's the toyota huddle on the 50. for superbowl 50 coming your way nine days from today on cbs 10 news wtsp.
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it is on u.s. 41 at preservation drive blocking the intersection there. give yourself extra time. e.m.s. are on scene. south of there on u.s. 41 in lutz there is a broken down car blocking a lane at whitaker road at the intersection. let's go live to our sky 10 network camera in polk county. i have an update on this accident on state road 559 at eastbound i-4 entrance ramp. it is pulled over tone the -- over into the median. traffic is picking up in hillsborough county and pasco county on 75 south as well as the i-275. this is the apex heading into downtown tampa. you are experiencing heavy traffic. drive times a minute delayed from apex down to i-4. you are looking at 15 minutes. you can see speeds are at 31
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hillsborough avenue and head down to i-4. veterans expressway drivers you are at 41 miles per hour. we have a delay on i-275 past dale mabry highway. sarasota county no significant delays for you. i want to let you know near university parkway we are seeing a delay. speeds past that are at 66 miles per hour. gasparilla tomorrow. remember, we have a lot of road closures because of it. starting tonight at 10:00 bay shore boulevard shuts down. tomorrow a lot of roads in south tampa will be closed. leave early if you are heading into tampa trying to get through or if you are trying to go to festival you'll have to give yourself time to find parking. if you want to get a taxi or uber or anything like that, there will be a line and prices will be going up. be sure to go to our website we have all of the information for parking and traffic. ashley? >> we are seeing a nice start to the day. we have high clouds.
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little bit more sun. nothing going on on storm tracker 10. we are not tracking showers or storms. we are giving you a break for your friday. 51 tampa. 53 sarasota. we have upper 40s. 48 dade city. 45 crystal river. winds are up a little bit. it will be breezy for the next several hours out of the northwest behind that frontal boundary. we'll see those lighten up towards the afternoon. with the northwest winds it is helping drive in the cooler, drier air. overall it will be comfortable today. just a jacket or sweater heading out the door. temperatures are on the cool side. we'll warm up nicely. we'll be back in the mid 60s this afternoon. followed by warmer temperatures coming up this weekend. topping out at 64 degrees today in tampa. heads up, because we are getting rid of that cloud cover temperatures drop off quickly after that sunsets. we are already dropping ten degrees between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m.
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keep that in mind. on the water winds northwest 10 to 20 knots. that will lead to five to seven foot seas. it will be rough out there. choppy on the bay. we have a small craft advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m. overnight temperatures stay in the 50s. we'll wake up tomorrow to readings around 50 degrees. high pressure continues to build in. notice we have northwest winds. they'll lighten up tomorrow as us. we'll see light winds out of the north northeast. just a few high, passing clouds. that's allows us to warm up to 68 degrees coming up tomorrow. we are looking really great for gasparilla this weekend. starting off near 50. it will be cool the next couple mornings. we work in more cloud cover for sunday. that does a couple of things. it keeps those temperatures mild. or wise we would warm up more. notice we don't drop off as much during the overnight hours. if you like it nice and toasty
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check out tuesday. high of 80 degrees. as we look ahead to wednesday yesterday. yesterday, where we get storms that likely carries over into thursday. we fall back in the 60s for thursday. enjoy those 80s coming up. weather newspaper partners. be sure to put 10 news sunday morning on your much- watch list. mark rivera will have your top stories. ashley batey will have your sunday forecast. this week you'll learn about a program helping foster children get the education they deserve. you'll get a look at what is happening in our community.
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the scenes of the lion king. we hope to see you at 8:30. san francisco has people seeing the superbowl differently. we'll explain after the break. here's a live look at port tampa bay. a bunch of people on that cruise ship waiting to get off and a bunch on people waiting to get back on so they can start their cruise. this is because the fog delayed the ship. we have everything you need to
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travel times are busy. it is a live look at i-4 and i- 75. you can see the head lights coming into tampa. our slowest spot is i-275 at 21 minutes from the apex to i-4. i-
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state road 56 to the selmon expressway. the selmon expressway from i-75 to gandy bridge is 25 minutes going wet west. ashley? >> we are done with the cloud and rain. we'll get sunshine in the mix today with temperatures in the mid 60s. we are looking good. it is friday. a lot of folks have travel plans. heads up if you are heading to the northeast. we are seeing another round of snow moving through. nothing like what we saw with that blizzard. if you are heading out to the pacific northwest, to seattle, and places like that check with your airline before you head to the airport. donald trump skips the thursday night gop debate and held his owner vent -- own event miles a way iowa. 700 passenger stuck on a cruise ship in port tampa bay are getting ready to get off the ship.
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this ship was supposed to be back thursday morning. because of fog it was delayed 15 hours thursday night. it is gasparilla weekend. tomorrow the gasparilla invasion starts at 11:30. parade of pirates starts at 2:00 p.m. it might have been a prank but a superbowl sign in san francisco has been vandalized. >> 3-d sign in front of city hall was relabeled. you can see a few letters were
6:44 am
another superbowl sign earlier this week was rearranged to say superb 50. they'll fix it. >> that will become what people take picture with instead of the actual sign. >> thank you for joining us.
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