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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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protesters are being held near by. aubrey indicates is the center of the netflix series making a murder. you know it is the third largest parade in the country. >> this is an opportunity to come down and observe what we do and how we interact with our community and take it back home. >> tampa police getting it right during big events and police commanders from across the country are ready to find out how. year after year tampa police have successfully kept the crowds under control for an event that could easily get out of hand and keeping you safe. the security plan is so successful that other law enforcement are here this weekend to watch and find out how they do it. >> every year brings its own new fears and we'd like to do it better. >> gary stiles is the chief, he is here this weekend with 17 other police commanders to see first how tampa handles such
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>> tampa pd is very very good at what they do to have a safe event. all of us are interested in how they do it. >> and all of them want to avoid scenes like these where protests went wrong in cities like new york, chicago and seattle and who can forget the boston marathon bombing in 2012. here in tampa it's not just gasparilla the city has successfully hosted two super bowls and the republican national convention in 2012. all with only security challenges yet everything was kept under control. >> i was impressed because i was ready for the story that cost four times, they used brains and focused resources where their known problems would be so they had no unexpected activities. >> eric ward says planning is the key. >> we know this event comes every year, it's not a shock to us, putting resources in place is what helps us to get the
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>> we are going to have a front row seat on it, i am not going to partake in some of the adult beverages i'm sure it is going to be extremely fun. >> and the fulton county police chief says he is going to use some of what he learns at an event held in his area each summer a techno concert that attracts a hundred thousand people from around the world. traffic in and around downtown tampa will be affected by gasparilla. we are here to help you get out around the mess. putting these hot pink warnings on your cars come 10:00 p.m. they are going to start towing. there are also closures that you need to keep in mind, bay shore boulevard will be closed from dandy boulevard to the north end of plague street. by to bay to pled. tomorrow afternoon ken they dee boulevard will be closed at howard avenue.
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parade and looking for the best place to park there are several options, here are three of the main ones, tampa convention center garage for 10 bucks, the fort brook garage cost the the same amount of of money. twig street $7 for the whole day. remember all metered spaces on kennedy boulevard and south of kennedy boulevard are force up until midnight at the standard hourly rate. will you find more information on the parking and road closures on the 10 news app, 10 news wxyz in your app store and click gasparilla 2016. you probably never heard something like this before, volkswagen might buy back some diesel cars if they can't fix their quality issues fast enough. one the companies lawyers suggested the option during a recent court hearing, this comes months after the u.s. environmental protection agency accused of company of violating vehicle emissions regulations.
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wide were affected by the scandal. right now there are still four people occupying the wildlife refuge in oregon, the occ fires have been posting videos to the youtube channel but not issued a video update since yesterday morning. three men and one woman are refusing to leave unless the fbi guarantees that they won't be arrested once they surrender. >> we don't need felony charges, we are camping out here. who are we hurting? who are we threat being? >> authorities arrested 11 of the other activists including their leader, ammon bundy. another was shot during a traffic stop. the group has been protesting federal land restrictions and prison sentences of two local ranchers convicted of setting fires. we are days away from the iowa caucus, it has started every presidential primary season for decades, we are
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cast their ballots and the process ends there. for democrats though, it's a bit more complicated. voters are sent rated into camps according to the candidate that they support. any candidate that done hit 150% is eliminated. they can support someone else but basically it's a process in which neighbors convince neighbors who to support. the lion king will be on stage at the center in downtown tampa through valentine's day, a love story between two lions, a similar story played out within the cast. rob barometer lewis is on the road in tampa where performers found love on stage. >> one line and the show hooks you. >> it's that opening when you
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you sit there and realize how powerful this show is. >> most people know the story of of simba and nala to lion cubs who fall in love, the woman has her own likely love story to tell. >> this show is actually our life, had it not been for the lion king we would not have met. >> they were just kids growing up in south africa when the 10- year-old boy singing to mandela caught her eye. >> this boy motivated me and made me think, maybe one day i can be on stage and perform for thousands of people. that little boy now is my husband. >> no. >> yes. i first saw him on tv in 1996. >> but she wouldn't meet him for a few more years. they grew up just a few miles apart, made their way to the lion king stages around the
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same cast in jacksonville in 2008. >> from the day we started dating, i knew she was it. >> and i knew from the first time i saw him that, okay, you know, something belongs to him that is inside me. >> she is my heart, she is my life, my pillar of strength, she has been it from day one. >> it's all in the circle of life. >> it's like a fairytale. >> i have got to go see this. wait. >> oh, my goodness, she retired from the show in 2013 before becoming a mother, she is studying to become a nurse. and just to tip the iceberg of this love story, down the couple has two children a four- year-old boy and 16 month old girl. some have speculated vaccines cause autism, the real link may be in the parents' phone.
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crowd the glass hope to go get a a piece of the action. i know you are happy to get that sunshine back today, some high clouds overhead which should make for a gorgeous sunset tonight, lakeland all the way to wesely chapel, beautiful start to the night, we'll breakdown the weekend, talk about if you will need an umbrella or keep the sunglasses close by. i gotta tell you, jim, i'm proud of you, we have sunshine this weekend, if not i was going to to be at the weather desk later on. backup at howard frankland, drive slowly. the sky way bridge moving smoothly, wind gusts seem to be down and people are driving safely. avoid getting struck in a traffic jam download the traffic app. on accidents, alternate routes and tieups on bay area bridges. all next week you can watch
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to call in and win a $500
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time for stories making headlines around the state, and the northerly in tonight's 60 second scan, iran says it flew a surveillance drone and took precise photographs as part of a navel drill. this comes after a series of and a half ill incidents between iran and the u.s. in the gulf. rick snyder signed into law $28 million in emergency funding for flint, paying for
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lead testing kits. president barack obama are pushing for more protections against the jenner pay gap. his administration is expanding a program to identify employers that abuse equal pay laws. arm weekend a go pro camera, and 18-year-old german tourist illegally climbed to the top of the pyramid of giza, they made him delete the foe at thes he took, the teen did have software that allowed him to recover the deleted images. kids know exactly what they are doing with these computers. health alert tonight, research out to autism may be preventible. duke beet and obesity are at epidemic levels if you are looking togged pregnant much linking the two conditions to the risk of autism in children.
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journal of pediatrics found mothers who were obese and diabetic during pregnancy were four times more at risk for their child developing autism. researchers say the two conditions are related to inflammation which puts stress on 0 the body. >> i think it's very clear, actually, that the processes that underlie autism in a large majority of cases at least start before birth. that is true for genetic factors, that is true for pollution expose your. >> an estimated is 1 in 68 children in the u.s. have autism, it's important for moms to maintain a healthy weight before and during pregnancy. okay, stop what you are doing and walk owe to the tv, you have to see this new video it is going to melt your heart. a young montreal canadian fan was waiting near the edge of the rink after seeing the kid
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started hitting the glass and waving his hands, his efforts paid off, he got the attention of the player who tossed a puck, he looks so happy. it's definitely a day that he won't forget. and check this one out in chicago people are camping out to get their hands and feet on a limited edition air jordan. air jordan 2 just go on sale tomorrow, it will cost you $650. >> oh, please. >> for adult sizes. limited edition shoes are available in kid sizes for $350, they are limbed to one per customer. some people have been camping out in the cold in chicago since monday. i'm courtney robinson live in the news room, here is what we are working on, a battle is brewing over this road sign, we are breaking down the confusion
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and you could soon be able to take action if you see a dog in a hot car, would you know what to do in a panic? and it's not just about gasparilla, see the other festival drewing thousands of people to the by air -- drawing thousands of people to the bay area all new at 6:00. i got a question for you real quick. >> yes, sir. >> who in the heck is going to pay $650 for a pair of tennis shoes? you are not running any faster. you can't be like michael jordan. >> no. >> i mean we have cowboy bots that don't cost that much. >> only florida has seen its fair of sink holes. highway shut down after giant sink holes opened up.
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of oregon, it opened up near a shopping center, of course all the rain they've been seeing in the western coastlines from california on up shifting a lot of the soils and sandy grounds so we can empathize with those dealing with that out west. now, wind gusts today, my friends, we talked about at times today would be a little through. 30-mile per hour gusts, winter haven 30 miles per hour, st. john easy piss could pal school in downtown tampa 28 miles per hour. so, of course is looking like the winds are backing off, you probably felt that in the last couple hours.
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running between 59-61 degrees cooling off there first. 61 in plant city, looking around 63 in the suburbs, new tampa and around south tampa, 62 degrees. of course storm tracker 10 nice and quiet. i will say it again, nice and quiet after the last couple days but we still have clouds streaming across the gulf. and this is what we expected, we have dry air at the surface, up above us we still have tropical jet stream bringing in cloud cover, and we'll see that off and on through the day on saturday. although we are expecting a dry forecast for your saturday. we will have like you see right here on sky 10 network some high thin clouds, they won't make rains, it could appear more cloudy and sunny for saturday. for tonight, temperatures in the mid-50s and dry with light wins if you have dinner plans or head out of the house, wakeup temperatures this will be about the coolest we are
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days, 479 port rich i and hudson. 42 crystal river. 10 degrees warmer around largo and seminole. 48 in plant city. so along east and i-75 and north of tampa the suburbs will be mid to upper 40s. 52 around anna marie island. starting in the hartland mid 40s from auburn scale, sebring and wachula. again at times some cloud cover overhead, no matter what you have planned a very lovely winter day that will be dry, temperatures in the upper 60s for the afternoon hours, in fact in a lot of hillborough county we'll hit low 990s for high temperatures. so if you are headed out for the invasion or maybe you are part of the invasion, although the morning will be a little crisp and chilly in the upper 40s, the afternoon gorgeous, 69 degrees and a light chop on the water as winds will stay
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low tide is going to becoming -- 129 knots or less. low tide is going to becoming around late afternoon. low humidity, no rain, and not much wind, fantastic saturday. allergy reports, the only fly in the ointment it looks like tree pollens will stay up, maple, elm, juniper, oak in the mix, too, we expect the next couple weeks the oak goes up and allergy report stays high. gorgeous weekend my friends, we will find also a few scattered showers and storms in the seven day forecast but not until the middle of the upcoming next week. great way to keep up with temperatures, look at storm tracker 10 and of course any time there are weather warnings we will be streaming live coverage on the app, sometimes we can lose power with those storms, but it's a great way to keep up through your cell phone, wxyz in the app store. it's a story every parent
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>> yeah, this little guy, he looks as happy as can be, but a couple photos changed his life forever, why his mom says you
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they say the eyes are the eyes may be giving you a sign health issue. >> that is what happen to one mom in arizona when she noticed something odd about her 3 month old baby pictures, vanessa ruez brings you this story. >> ryder is the happiest baby. >> like all proud parents, wanted to capture every moment
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and sometimes i'm like okay enough picture, we have to move on, we are in the grocery store, let's go. >> at 3 months old andrea noticed a recurring flow in ryder's left eye. >> it looks like a tiny flashlight. camera phone. the globe kept appearing in the pictures, andrea suspected something wasn't right. >> is 950 a day, out of is 145 his eye was glowing. >> ryder has down's syndrome and cataracts were common. she was wrong. 24 hours after his four month doctor's appointment the diagnosis turned into cancer, the glow was the flash reflecting off of the tumor. >> either remove the eye or you treat right away. >> they chose to treat it right away, is he receiving chemo treatment from a specialist in new york city.
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>> if it wasn't for that early glimmer in his eye this could be a different story, use that flash. >> if you see it once, take more. >> if the glow won't go then it's time to see the doctor, a picture is worth a thousand words and you can be sure ryder's parents will never look at a picture the same way ever again. >> no, first thing i will be looking at his his eye. >> those cheeks, oh, just so cute. >> yes, indeed. yes. there is an app to help you out it's called the cradle white eye detector. >> we have it all up for you at
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a snatch and grab without the risk, we breakdown what to do if you see a child or pet trapped inside a hot car. and fire the cannon, how in the world do you keep watch over thousands of partying pirates? tampa police say they are ready. and 10 news getting results, we'll show you what happen when a viewer came to us about a pile of trash stacking up along their loved one's final resting place. good evening i'm reginald round tree. and i'm courtney robinson, it's a gut wrenching scene.
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