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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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inside of a car all too often with a tragic ending. >> fellas. >> yes, yes. >> never mind. >> choking. >> baby left in a car that somebody didn't know about. >> florida ranks 2nd in the country for the number of children that die from heat strokes in cars. since 2010, 16 children have died in hot cars. so what would you do if you came across a child or an animal in the car in the blazing heat, state lawmakers want to empower you to take action. >> dare run flowers what you can do to save a life. >> alexis weathers would bare that hot september day, and
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in the car, a 111 operator told her no one should break in. >> but a good samaritan still smashed the window and they were able to save one of the dogs. >> he is like i am not going to let them die because of a law that passed. >> that could soon change, a bill awaiting the governor's signature would allow to you break someone's window to to save a child or pet. >> i have an 8-year-old daughter. >> adams used auto parts, he says knocking a window out is not as easy as it may seem, have you to hit it in the corner to protect your hand as well. >> you go tapping through that glass your hand is going to get caught up. just be careful where you hit it. >> let me walk you through this, you check through the car to make sure the child or animal is in serious distress, check the door handles, then you call 111, and in a life or death situation you find a
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corner of the window you break it. >> and never been a liability issue with us as far as making sure that, you know, it's -- it's done for the right reasons. >> it's really nice actually to know there was actually an effort to put forth to help animals in need like that. >> it's not easy to break a window, you need to find whatever you can but also be aware when you break that glass it could shatter on the child or the animal, you want to avoid that if possible. >> have i an option for you. there is another tool that you could use, hadn't, it's clean, it's called a center punch, i have used this before, break into windows, it's cheap and you can keep it in your glove compartment, it allows you to stick this in the corner of the window and that will shatter it, that will shoot out and it
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window out, it's an easy way to get in or out in a car in an emergency. for a closer look how you can prevent hot car tragedies head to click seen on tv. the pinellas county sheriffs deputy who claimed he shot a man over his service weapon is charged with attempted manslaughter, today sheriff gob and three investigators came to the same conclusion, john's pass, sheriff's deputy tim virden did not shoot dylan tompkins-holmes in self defense. >> there is no way what i just described to you where somebody is handcuffed behind their back, sitting down like this who is a .28 drunk can reach around, do this, do this, do
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that period of time of the can't happen. >> virden who was fired has been released on it thousand dollars bond. the sheriff apologized to tompkins-holmes say the 26-year- old may have been drunk and mouthee but did not deserve to get shot. the sheriff also agreed to pay his medical bills. we've learned before signing on with the sheriff's office he was an officer with the same police department. in january of 20303 he was -- 2003 he was recognized as an outstanding employee. keeping you safe and secure for gasparilla tomorrow. the reputation for handling such large scale events is so good other police departments are taking note. more than a dozen commanders from departments all across the country they are here in tampa
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>> what they focused on is quit reacting to things, they've got real time information going to their front line officers of specific crimes that are happening in the officer's immediate presence. >> gasparilla isn't the only event tpd has successfully handled, they hosted two super bowls and the republican national convention. a traffic alert about the roads getting ready to close up for the big parade, bay slower boulevard is set to close tonight, if you are heading down there tomorrow or trying to avoid the area. to know. >> definitely expect heavier than normal traffic, some of the biggest road closures at 10:00 bay shore boulevard street. then you will parts of den they dee boulevard blocked off
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of behinds heavy, mckill and howard. have a pickup location if someone is coming to get i, also if you are thinking about taking anu per, they will up the charge. and call a taxi early because your taxi driver will also get stuck in traffic, with have all of this information plus parking information as well as best ways to get to the event on our website on click on traffic. have a safe and enjoyable time tomorrow. 10 news, wtsp is your ga pairial la headquarters, where to park and what to bring and everything you need to know, go ahead and download it right now, don't forget to send us those pirate pictures. in pasco county something looking for something non- weekend? the 19th annual kumquat festival, they are sweet and tangy at the same time, they
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downtown dade city, tens of thousands of people expected to be there, there will be live music, arts and cavs and food trucks. for bay area real estate agents a man accused acting in i can't rope rattily, stephen rohr is facing two counts of battery, he targeted female real estate agents inside model homes earlier this month. the agents told deputies rohr violated their personal space, he got too close and in one case an agent says rohr has rubbed himself against her. anyone caught with pot could get off with just a moving forward. voted to put together an ordinance that would give police the option of writing civil citations to anyone marijuana. instead of getting arrested,
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100 bucks, the goal is to reduce the number of nonviolent offenders in local jails and keep young people from getting a criminal record that could hold them back. we are staying on top of a story out of sarasota. when a mound of trash threatened a cemetery family members of those buried there contacted us. we got results and we continue to follow-up, 10 news isabella shows you how the company is making this wrong right. >> i'm related. they did what they said they would do. >> referring to this pile of trash next door as promised waste management cleaned it up in a day, away from the fence. >> oh, what a difference. >> just yesterday a 30-foot high pile of recycle bees -- recycles was next to a fence.
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>> on wednesday her nephew turned to 10 news for help much we contacted waste management. >> 10 news bless your heart, god bless you, i appreciate everything you have done and will be doing and i see you are community or generalled. >> waste management admitted it was their mistake, an operational error. >> he said he was so sorry, i could feel it. >> this morning workers placed plants on 15 gravesites along the fence and a teddy on at the leash i can't's great niece's tombstones. >> they wanted to pay respects to your family and other family members buried here along the fence line that was impacted. >> to keep this problem from ever happening again, they'll keep the trash that you way you see it now, piled over to the other side of the property away from the fence line along the cemetery. >> i thank them from the bottom of my heart and from the new town community, thank you all.
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neglected, she says it's time for the new town committee. continue loving them and caring for them by keeping these surroundings cleaned. >> and they've organized a cleanup for february 20th. in sarasota isabella 10 news wxyz. >> good to see that action was taken right there, waste management will replacement the fence this weekend, they are fulfilling the family's request, extending the privacy fence up another six feet. a viewer tip, if have you a situation that you think 10 news should check out, give us a call at 727577-tips, also e- mail us at tips at it's being called the most interactive dinosaur exhibit to ever come to tampa bay. a sneak peek at what is new at mostly this weekend. first clearing up confusion on a busy barrier road. the push to change the name of
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growing cities. hearing a lot of your chatter on social media sites, loving that sunshine that we beautiful sunset starting your weekend.
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coming up tonight at 10 news at 8:00, undercover boost. the 9:00 by bloods. stay for the late show with stephen colbert. jerry seinfeld and senator rand
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what is in a name, a live one when it comes to road that has serious economic influence in pasco county. >> 3.5-mile stretch of wesely chapel boulevard that has the attention of community leaders. up the gray area. >> a wesely chapel that way, land o lakes that way. that is -- those are kind of here. >> and we are in -- >> ask anybody in south central pasco county where three areas come together. >> it's so confusing. are in luce. >> and it all depends on i believe the zip codes. >> we are proud of wesely chapel they've done great things a lot of that is luce land o lakes. which reflects. >> the chamber would like for
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have some adequate representation. >> it's difficult for them and confusing. >> the wesely chapel chamber of commerce says businesses want it to stay unchanged. >> consist tease for our business. >> a lot of people get confused where they are at. >> let's clear this up a little, just over my shoulder is luce of hill borrow county, this green sign says i'm in land o lakes, state route 54 around u.s. 41, land o lakes boulevard you are in luce. >> give me one name and let's stick with it. >> in the confusing area, casey wxyz. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm confused now. now you get just how confusing this whole thing is. >> it is confusing. so what is next? community leaders have to meet
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before county commissioners for a final vote. welcome to your weekend, friends, we talked about today, you get the sunshine back, but the winds would kick up a little bit and on sky 10 net work we have seen gusts around the by area. 25-35 miles per hour. sustained winds holding 5-15 from the west and northwest. and we are expecting that to back down which will allow for the coolest temperatures we've had in a week or two, nothing crazy coming your way but definitely if you are up early in the morning we are looking at a difference from with we've had most of this week, we start our friday evening, 58 in land o lakes, also in bar to you, and lakewood ranch. i'm tracking the tropical jet
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in the high clouds overhead, we'll keep that tonight and through saturday, possibly even sunday. so even though the rain has moved offshore, this tropical jet stream is carrying moisture across mexico and the gulf and we'll still stream overhead for the next 24 to possibly 48 hours. those won't be the rain making kind of clouds, at times it may appear moreover cast or cloudy than sunny, these are thin, way up in the atmosphere, tonight you will be able to see the moon through them easily, it may duck behind thicker cloud from time to time. the colder air coming down tonight right here 48 nashville, 58 charlotte, spilling down into our area for most of us 40s will be found if you are up early, if you have to go to work, early ricer and like to get your weekend started, mid-50s forecasting for you this evening will
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40s depending on where you are located. 46 in luce, 47 in brandon, pinellas side of the pay 50-52 degrees from st. pete to palm harbor. inverness, brooksville and wesely chapel and zephyr hills, 49 it to begin the morning. about 51 for us, 48 in north port and over the hartland from lakeland, fort mead and lake wails, mid 40s. but as soon as the sun comes up it will be a rapid climb into the upper 60's, if not low 90s for a lot of us. beautiful day, high temperatures stretching between .90-72 degrees for most of us. a little cooler on the water. if you are headed out for the pirate invasion, it will be chris be and cool, 69 in the afternoon, wonderful day as far as saturday goes, northeast winds 2-12 knots, putting the
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around 55:00, early sunday looks good, too, forty times, 53 degrees. not bad if you are headed out to play a little bit of golf this weekend. we will see low 70s for high temperatures in the next storm system we are tracking doesn't know up until the middle of next week much and that's a look at the seven day forecast, i will have another look at models of course i can't noer update at is 1:00 11:00 tonight. >> we'll announce the winner of the daytona ticket give away. >> me. >> that's right. the winner receives two tickets to the february 21stdaytona 500
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hey there football fans, we haven't had a chance to talk to buck's players. but five of them are in hawaii this week for sunday's pro bowl. jail is winston who. >> i love love coach dirk, i love the coach as well. you know, that's just business. i just play football. but, i'm very anxious to see how he is going to do things. >> yeah, join the club. some in denver are lasting blasting the trade of corrie dickerson, they traded four years of dickerson for two
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not what the rockies are contenders. for the race they bought when dickerson's value was low, now they have a surplus in the outfield. and the pga merchandise show is called the major of golf business much and it rapped up today in orlando with record a ten dance, over 40,000 attended this year's show, it's golf pros, industry leaders, retailers, it's a toy store for golf lovers. >> we are going to look at, you know, the afford ability, accessibility, also pace to play, not everybody has time to be out there for 4-6 hours, making it fun with 3 holes, 6 holes, there are several initiatives to get families more involved. >> the biggest growth recently has been with young people and women. golf in this year's summer olympics is going to help, too.
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they are going to love this . the dinosaurs in motion exhibit opens tomorrow at the museum of science and industry in tampa, those playstation controllers, you can take control of these huge dinosaurs sculptures, check this out, a had 4-foot long t rex, the bad boy right there. you can check the exhibit out through mother's day, you might be busy this weekend.
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