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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nothing is more important than the truth. >> a deputy on the wrong side of the law tonight. >> making a mistake is human, lying about it is not. >> dash cam audio calling into question why he ever fired his weapon. good evening. >> and i'm courtney robinson. a former hero now charged with attempted manslaughter. last month a deputy said he fought for his life at this scene when he shot a handcuffed man. but his dash cam told a different tale. 10 news reporter takes a closer look at whether this incident might make the sheriff's office buy in to body cameras. >> reporter: how could a man with his pants down around his ankles and his hands cuffed
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[ do this, do this, and then get the gun out. didn't happen. >> reporter: it took less than two days for the investigators to find holes in the deputy's story as to why he shot the 26- year-old dillon thompson holmes during a dui traffic stop last month. >> so there is no evidence of any struggle. there is no evidence of anyone reaching for a gun. >> reporter: as a result, he was fired and arrested on an attempt manslaughter charge. >> he left his last job a lot differently. here he is a hero. his name is in the lobby of the headquarters. so it just doesn't happen to the best in law enforcement. >> what this does is it shows you don't have to have a body camera and have a camera on every cop for the right outcome to occur. >> reporter: the sheriff might not have a choice as the body camera bill is shooting through the state legislature. >> the body cameras, dash cameras are just one of the tools we should be using to
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a body camera would have shown, but another camera clearly helped in this case. 10 news, wtsp. we do have the entire dash cam video in this story up on our web site. we want to warn you, some of the language you'll hear in that is graphic. happening right now, the search is on for an armed carjacker in tampa. the police say a woman who was sitting in her parked car when the suspect opened the car door, pointed a gun at her face, and then told her to get out. the suspect and two other men got in the car and than they took off. this happened at north central avenue and east kirby street. the woman was not hurt. the officers apparently looking for the 2014 black four-door ford focus. it has a florida license plate of 153-a h. m. we posted this info at new tonight out of chicago, a dash cam controversy involving the police department
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watchdog group dna info chicago analyzed maintenance logs of dash cams object cruisers. the group found in several cases microphones happen been disabled on purpose. the department does not deny the allegations. in october of 2014, the shooting of laquan mcdonald, none of the five cruisers on the scene recorded audio when an officer shot mcdonald 16 times. the department is testing body cameras sometime in the spring. iowa is a buzz with politicians this weekend as the campaigns make the final push before monday's caucuses, but the clinton campaign now has a big hurdle to jump. the state department revealed today system of those e-mails from hillary clinton's private server contained top secret information. the seven e-mail chains totaling 37 pages were not marked classified at the time they were sent or the time they were received. her campaign called the move
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the result of, quote, bureau cattic insiders. right now there is a very unusual case under investigation. two monkeys were recovered from a room at this motel where a woman was also found dead. she has been identified as the 59-year-old linda maria smith from arcadia. and the monkeys were removed and are in good health. relief for bay area real estate agents a minnesota accused of acting inappropriately toward agents working alone has been arrested. he has been charged with two counts of battery. the investigators say he targeted female agents inside model homes in gibsonton and riverview earlier this month. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60-second scan. one down and two to go. california authorities say a violent inmate who escaped with two other prisoner as week ago is behind bars. and he walked special a business in santa ana and asked
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he could surrender. facebook says it is cracking down on on-line gun sales. a new policies with announced after complaints from gun control groups. it bars private individuals from advertising or selling firearms on the social network. in colorado, an officer's body camera captured his life- saving efforts to rescue a teen from an icy pond. the officer grabbed a large tree branch. he pulled the boy from those freezing waters. unfortunately two other boys did not survive. and nissan is recalling its altimas again. it is the third time since 2014. the problem? hoods can fly open while the cars are moving. the recall covers all the mas from 2013 to 2015. nissan already recalled the cars but says in some cases the fix didn't work. that's your 60-second scan. around the state tonight, a pretty sad sight on some of our beaches. thousands of starfish were found beached at port st. joe
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the people living there say the sea creatures washed a shore over the weekend. the officials say this is rare, but it has happened before. they say environmental factors like temperature change or the recent case of red tide could have caused the starfish to within ashore. the biggest party and pirate invasion is just hours away, but before the beads fly and the booze flows, we have what you need to know so it does not cost you your treasure or your freedom. >> reporter: this is the calm before the chaos. bay shore and several other streets just shut down within the past hour and now the police are focused on clearing the side streets and keeping you safe so you end up wearing beads and not handcuffs. some pirates have already started the party. at this preinvasion celebration. >> it is a madhouse.
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parade of pirates, is on their minds first, the police had a parade of their own rolling out to the neighborhoods bordering bay shore, warning cars like this one they're about to >> they have had at least two or three weeks' notice that this is going on. parking signs have been put up thought the neighborhood letting people know that there is no parking, and we ticketed, and we still try to locate people. as last resort, we have to toe the vehicle -- tow the vehicle. >> reporter: the sergeant says if you're driving downtown and plan to drink, know every officeer in the department is on duty. the dui squad will be out in force, so don't let the party booty. >> the average dui is probably about $10,000, so i think uber would be much cheaper. i'm all ready. >> reporter: and while a drink in your hand is allowed along the parade route, it is not okay to throw one back along your walk there.
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open containers is a civil citation, and the thing is to be safe. the more intoxicated people you have at events like that is craziness. >> looking at all of the people having fun. >> it is a lot of fun, man. you can't beat it. >> reporter: let the invasion begin. in tampa, 10 news, wtsp. >> and if you're heading downtown, download our 10 news app before you head out. you'll have everything you need to know and how to get there, where to park, the alcohol rules, all right there at your fingertips. the big cheese at marco's pizza went undercover in tonight's episode of "under cover boss." the pizza joint is one of the fastest growing franchises in history. we watched with some local employees. >> it is very exciting. we had no idea until a couple of weeks ago. great exposure. >> after going under cover, the chief operating officer now
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work one day a year on the frontlines at marco's pizza. still to come -- ever had trouble getting a good seat to sporting events or a concert? it may not be your imagination, what one investigation found. a warning tonight for anyone who wears nail polish. how this woman ended up with burns to more than 30% of her body. feeling creative? how about getting paid to build lego masterpieces. already 40s out there across a lot of the viewing area tonight. in fact, as cool as 42346 crystal river. 49.
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for you. a is recalling millions of wall devices. there is a risk they could break and then shock you if you touch them. the two-prong apple a.c. wall plug adapters that you see here were designed for use the your rope, australian, argentina and brazil. they were sold from 2003 to 2015 with mack and certain i.o.
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ios devices. they were also included the apple world traveler adapter kit. if you own one, we have posted information on how you can exchange it. have you ever tried to buy concert tickets the second they go on sale but you can never get a ticket before it sells out? well, an investigation in new york found that ticket sales for both music and sporting events with fixed. the new york state attorney general's office looked into ticket sales for three years and it found that one broker using a high-tech purchasing technique was able to get more than 1,000 tickets in just one minute for a u 2 concert. some shows had 70% of the tickets marked for pre-sail events and were not available to the general public. >> artists, promoters will hold back large number of tickets that never make it to the regular market. >> the report says there aren't many solutions for fans out there. the best advice?
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early access to tickets or rook for single seats as soon as the tickets to popular shows go on sale. a texas woman has a warning for you tonight after she nearly died taking off her nail polish that's right. last april brittany smith was home alone taking off her nail polish with a bowl and she lit a candle on the other side of the dresser. she says the two weren't even close to each other, but the flame of that candle ignited the vapors of the ace tone jumping on to brittany's clothes setting her on fire. >> i looked down and i was completely covered from here down to my knees. all i could remember was screaming, jesus, help me, please help me because i really truly believed that night i was going to die. >> unbelievable. brittany had third-degree burns covering 30% of her body. she went through months of painful recovery. she still has nightmares. firefighters warn it does not take contact with flammable liquid itself, just the vapors in the air can start a fire,
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it has been nine months since this happened and brittany is now planning to become a nurse in a burn center judgement okay, reggie. we'll switch gears here. did you ever pray with legos as a child? >> i think i'm too old. i would have. >> well, if you're considering a career change. >> now might be the time? >> yes. this might be the time for you. >> how would you like to get paid to play with the miniature building blocks. legoland, florida is looking for a group of people to create lego masterpieces. >> it sounds like a sweet gig. >> yes. the company told "time" magazine they're looking for 20 model builders. you'd be working at their new legga factory. you don't even need a background in architecture or graphic design, just some skill. the interview process may require you to build a lego model from a photo. now, the model builders will
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be displayed around the world. so go with your 4-year-old right now and say i have a job for you. get to work! >> amazing how quickly they can build them. >> thousands pieces. >> incredible work. >> in 30 minutes. >> yes. i got the sunshine back today. >> you told us you would. >> and now -- >> the sun is down now. >> you kept your word. >> the cold temperature force the morning. and i'll keep my word on that. it will be kind of chilly. >> if you get up early. and a lot of you will to get boats in the water to hit the channel. we also expect the wind gusts to be brisk. we saw between 25 aened 30 maria. most of this is on the front end as the drier air was moving in. we had some afternoon breezes that were also around 20 and 25- mile-per-hour range. also a lot of high clouds streaming in. we talked about this as you can see on the sky 10 network. not the rain making kind of clouds, and although we will
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across the gulf again tomorrow, they should be high enough and thin enough that the sunshine still gets through, but just moments of our day is littling -- looking a little more cloudy at times. overall a very nice weekend coming your way after several days of rain. as we were talking before going to break, temperatures already in the mid 40s, and crystal river. 50 all the way down in sarasota. in fact, the suburbs, already 48 degrees. around the bay area, 48. planted city, and temple terrace, we're at 50. a little warmer by the water right now, by the airport and downtown, both tampa and st. pete were at 57 degrees. and the park central, already 51. here is a look at the storm tracker 10. a lot of clouds that are streaming overhead for tonight will start to thin out. you can see right to the west. in the as many clouds, and although the jet stream will carry them like so, we will go back and forth between clear
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saturday where it could be considerly cloudy. but, again, not expecting low clouds or fog like we had yesterday or even rain as we go through saturday and sunday. that colder air, 36 in nashville, 41 in charlotte that's what is going down tonight. as we go into your late friday night, the temperatures will hold in the mid 50s in tampa until just a couple of hours before daybreak and then we're expecting upper 40s even in and around the city of tamp ave, especially the suburbs where we'll hold in the mid 40s like brandon. about 46 to 47 degrees. so, again, if you're waking up early to head out to the festivities for putting the boat in the water so you can get up into the channel, jackets and coats first thing in the morning will be a good idea as we're looking for low 40s, and also even down to the west and deafer hills. 42 degrees at daybreak.
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the coast in sarasota, but 48 in northport and we'll look for temperatures in the 40s from haines city to lakeland. just the first hour or two of the day will be that cool. it will be a rapid climb to upper 60s tomorrow and again, with some passing clouds from absolutely wonderful considering the last couple of days we have gone through. picture perfect. now, again, a jacket or coat for the first hour or two of the morning, but by the time we hit the ha raid, -- parade, 69 degrees. perfect conditions for an invasion. by the way, if you are putting the boat on the water, a light chop on the bay. low tide about 40 min outeds away from happening. high tide will be about 5:30 in the morning. and in our seven-day forecast, we are looking at gorgeous conditions for both saturday and sunday. in fact, 73 on sunday.
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and would you look at that, 80 degrees for tuesday. yeah. we climb right back up tuesday before the next rainmaker that we're tracking. it should arrive the middle of the week. we're always tweaking that forecast. in fact, we're working on the newspapers that you'll pick much the morning to have an updated forecast. so as you drink your coffee, pick up the times in the bay area or in polk county, we have you covered with the latest. steven stamkos at the nhl all-star gym and guess what the network folks asked him? we have a denver broncos report. we have an old-school big-time rivalry in tampa basketball. and this needs some explanation.
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happy friday. here we go. steven stamkos is in nashville and today's media day, everybody talked with the reporters, and, of course, the network folks asked about the contract negotiations. he repeated his mantra. he said the two sides were still talking and he wants to stay in tampa. >> with regard to distractions, obviously you're human. you're going to think about those things, but i try not to bring it into the room. i try not to -- you know, you leave it at home. you bring it to the rink. it is the safe zone. the guys know. they're in your corner supporting you.
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it has been pretty easy to block out. >> boy, you hope things get resolved soon. the panthers and the broncos will add some final touches next week, and they will both arrive in california this sunday. now, peyton manning did just enough to lead the broncos past new england in the afc championship game. some say he's just managing the offense, staying in the pocket while the mobile cam newton is the future of football. >> it seems like every year the pocket passer is a dying breed. i hope that is not true because i will be out of a job and my brother will be pretty close behind me, you know. >> very good, i like that. >> the biggest golf toy store in america, otherwise then as the pga merchandise show, finished its round in orlando today. record crowds this week, too. over 40,000 attendees filled
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the industry leaders, golf retailers, all hawking the latest in golf gear and the pros like the legendary annika sorenstam explaining how the game needs to grow. >> and what i try to do is inspire the next generation to pick up the game because that's where the growth is, among the youth and among ladies. so we have to look at the afford bilityd, the accessibility and also the pace of play. we have to speed up. >> agreed. arch rivals in high school basketball. tampa catholic jesuit tonight, a nice kick-out here to the tigers running for three and jesuit up by five at the break, but the crusaders come alive. the high-scoring senior, the steal and the slam. 32 points, 16 rebounds for knox. boy, he was a man out there. and another added 19-a big second half and they rally to beat the tigers. the districts begin next week. and we close it with even more basketball.
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college kids come up with ways to distract the other team's free-throw shooter? this is one of the best here. at arizona state, they unveiled three swimmers, rather two out of shape guys and one olympic swimmer. that's michael phelps in the middle. >> i thought that was him. >> and complete with a speedo. distracting the other shooter. it turns out phelps trains at arizona state. he was discoed join in on the prank and he said, sure. i'm pretty sure -- >> oh, god. >> the other guy. >> can you zoom in to that video. >> i thought you were looking at the gold medals. >> i was. >> i wanted to count them. >> you can't miss the other guys. >> it was up there. >> good stuff. those college kids. i love them. >> wild times. >> and time right now to announce the winner of our two tickets to the february 21st daytona 500 race.
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>> congratulations retired army sergeant david skeleton from brandon. you are our winner! yeah! >> way to go. >> you're going to daytona. we'll be right back. tonight's lottery numbers
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check out sloan on the slopes! he is only 14 months old that e yeah, that is all. as a treat for learning to walk, dad took her snow wording in park city, utah. >> get out! >> i learned to walk, too. and pacifier and all. he said he bought her the smallest snow board on the market and still had to make modifications so she could properly sled on the slope and now effectively races the bar for 1-year-olds. look at her! >> oh! >> we hope you have a great weekend. thank you for joining us at 10 news at 11:00.
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