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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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fire the cannons! a tampa bay action! hundreds of thousands of people zero in on >> the cannons are a tampa bay tradition back in action. hundreds of thousands of people zeroed in on tampa for the gasparilla park festival. good evening. we're glad you are here. the question is, how was it? >> hi, there, familism you could not have asked for a more picture-perfect day today.
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just take a look. we just have an absolutely gorgeous evening hour as we pan towards downtown tampa. as the flotilla of floats streamed in, people are streaming out just as quickly. coming and here, i can't believe -- and we have seen this many times in the past but crews already are cleaning up bay shore boulevard, removing the trash. you know, where the fences are and some of the stands up for some time to come. but let me tell you what, it was an awesome gasparilla 2016. >> pirates and a flotilla -- fireworks and a flotilla in tampa. it happened as the mayor
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that's a move that sends off the celebration once a year. >> it does not get better than this. this is a chamber of commerce day. thank you, mayor. >> reporter: it brought in nearly 200,000. >> it's wild. >> reporter: sometimes, it's hard to tell who is having more fun. those in the crowd. >> let's go. i love this crowd. >> reporter: or those working it. what is the reaction see you coming? >> they want to see me. of course, they want my gold bead. >> reporter: a tradition in tampa that is getting known around the world. again, take a look at this picture postcard day here in downtown tampa on bay shore boulevard. really, officials are hoping to take advantage of this. they actually streamed today's
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world. they are hoping to make this an event that is not just for people around tampa but around the world. >> thank you for that live report. we appreciate it. check this out, everyone. today, one of our photo journalists came up with this back from 1926. take a look at your screen. pretty incredible. everything, of course, stays the same except for tampa bay's love of pirates and partying. and all the fun that you have out, there send it to our facebook on nice weather for that. talking about that sunset, talking about our meteorologist for the latest on this. >> hey, family yeah. it was a pretty nice day. temperatures not too warm, not
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sun is setting later as we head towards february. there is still daylight there. a good amount of clouds. that will help us to provide some warmth tonight. we have sees east winds but upper level winds out of the west. that's why many high level clouds are streaming across the bay area. current temperatures are right now in the mid-60s for the bay area. but some areas will get fairly cool tonight. let's start with bay city. as you can see, temperatures dropping to an overnight low of 49 degrees. i'll let you know what is coming up for sunday afternoon and, tammy, when you're going to need your umbrella at home in a few minutes. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you, kate. we are keeping an eye on a developing tory out of colorado.
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others hurt after a shooting and stabbing at the denver colyseum. it happened as two motorcycle clubs got into an argument. details are still coming at this hour. we will have an update for you tonight at 11:00. developing tonight, outs of california, two niewjatives on the run for more than a week after breaking outs of jail have been captured. whohossein nayeri and jonathan tieu were captured a day after bac duong downing turned himself in yesterday.
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detectives say that around midnight last night, a man was shots. the name of the victim has not been released. and new information about a home in pascoe county where a 16-year-old girl was shot. during the chaos, someone who lived there grabbed a shotgun and accidentally shot the girl on the shoulder as she was running across the room. one of three men were arrested for breaking into the home. one man was arrested. he admitted to being there, but he said he was only there to buy drugs. and a car slammed into a school bus with 40 students on board. this happened along hatfield road yesterday afternoon around 4:20 or so. the truck is black and green forth f-150 with a lightning
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with no license plate. the man is 20 to 30 years old with a tattoo on his arm. your choice 2016. we are two days away from the iowa caucus. hillary clinton's last minute campaign is being overshadowed by new details over use of her personal e-mail while she was secretary of state. craig boswell is on the campaign trail with the latest. >> hillary clinton got a big endorsement for kathy gifford, a former congress woman who turned gun control advocate after she was shot. >> i want to say these two words, next january. president. >> she says that she is best qualified to take office from day one. night.
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and fight for you in the next four years. >> and there is another story, clinton's e-mails yeah, i think about that a lot. >> one of the ralliers was disappointed she didn't address the issue. >> i think that's a high level national security issue. >> at some point between now and monday, you want to hear more about it? >> i want to her more. >> bernie sanders says he is staying focused on the issues that impact voters. >> right now, i'm focusing on it. >> republicans are also crisscrossing. in sioux city, marco rubio says that clinton is not qualified to lead the country. >> she believes she is above the law. what she did, she thinks that she is above the law. stay up to date with all the presidential hopefuls and what they are up to this
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still to come, it the gator game with west virginia turned a little ugly. all of this before the game even started.
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so this weekend, it's not just the sound of cannons going off. there are some drums as well. right now, the pinellas county sheriff's office is hosting an anti-bullying campaign featuring 12 nonstop hours of drumming. this is going on right now in osceola middle school in seminole. deputies are on a mission to raise awareness about bullying and the negative impact it has. these people have been drumming hard through 7:00 this morning. they have a little less than an hour to go. >> wow. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family. it's time for ten weather. >> gasparilla 2016.
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one of tampa bay's most premiere events. so many people coming from all across the country. they needed somewhere to hang out and we are so grateful that the weather cooperated for this event. looks like everybody had a good time of course, the weather played a big part in that. a lot of people that were here today really enjoyed soaking in the sun. a little cool from time to time. >> you don't want it hot and humid for sure. >> no. >> with the way the weather has been for the past few weeks, i'm thankful that we didn't have another rainy day of storm. we lucked out with the weather in for gasparilla. >> we did>> and, in fact, sunday is going to be similar. here is the scene. it was not the sparkling sunshine that we sometimes see, but the clouds will actually help to act as a blanket keeping some of the surface
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then we won't see temperatures drop as much as we do when the sky is clear. current temperature, 65. tampa, 65 degrees in karrowood. we are nice and dry. for saturday evening, we'll see temperatures dropping down to about 56 degrees overnight. now, with calm winds and some low level moistures still around from the rain that we had earlier, this past workweek, we could see some patchy fog in the fog-prone areaings. if you are heading out early maybe to grab breakfast, headed off to church, be aware that you might run into some fog. 52 degrees will be the low temperature in tampa. but much cooler on the nature coast. 43 at sarasota springs. brook ville, 46 degrees.
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harbor, 61 degrees. sarasota, 52 degrees. upper 40s for polk county. so you will probably want your jacket first thing in the morning. notice the temperatures a bill warmer as we head into your sunday afternoon. up to 79 degrees and that's because the winds will be veering out of the south- southeast. a warmer wind blows in on isn't day and then by sunday evening, more, milder temperatures for you but we have a chance to see some fog sunday night into monday. monday, we stay nice and dry, but once again you see the clouds streaming out of the gulf of mexico. surface winds out of the east- southeast. mostly cloudy skies at times but we'll see some sunshine, too, and high temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s for you in polk city, up to 70 degrees. a lot of folks are suffering
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that's because we have a lot of oak in the air and juniper and elm. staying in the high category all the way through wednesday. hang in there, folks, if you are sneezing a lot, itchy, watery eyes. hopefully that's allergies and not head cold. winds out of the east-southeast at 5 to 10 knots. bay waters, light chop, and temperatures a little chilly. high tide at of 6:53 in the afternoon. let's talk about the seven-day forecast. nice and dry for sunday. fog in the morning, partly cloudy skies. monday, we are talking about a 20% chance of some showers. let me go ahead and show you storm tracker 10. dry tonight and tomorrow. but notice what happens as we head into monday. we'll see the upper level disturbance across south florida, actually in the keys.
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heavy rainfall monday morning. with all that in place, we might see a few more scattered showers here across the bay area early monday but not a big deal, a 20% chance of rain. not until midweek, wednesday, thursday and friday that we'll track the next system frontal north. with that, that deep southwesterly flow will give us a chance of showers and storms all the way into wednesday night. heavier rain and possibility of storms comes thursday, thursday night and even all the way through friday morning. definitely a better start to the workweek than the end. wednesday, about a 40% chance of showers after 5:00 p.m. 70% chance of showers and some storms, too. thursday, for the first half of friday. and then the timing looks pretty good, drying out by next saturday and temperatures cooling off a little bit with the high of 49. we'll be warm for the first
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temperatures close to 80 degrees. when you are on the go tomorrow, you can always check out live storm tracker 10. sky 10 network cameras are current temperatures. all you have to do is download it's free. you can get all the alerts as
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let's start with basketball. the big 12 sec challenge and it's turning out to be pretty good. for the gator, should have been a hole today but their opponent
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they did a dance on the logo half court. that didn't go very well. coaches had to separate the guys. and west virginia is physical but the gators did not back down. smith got the three. gators shot very well, over 50%, only 14 turnovers. here is finny smith again. 88-71, gators win. first win in several years over a top ten team. this guy, freshman phenom dwayne bacon for theseminoles. and the other half duo malik beasley. >> more good news for florida state today. they're going to start selling beer at baseball games, at dick hauser stadium this season.
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selling beer on campus have been studying this for a while but no plan to sell beers at football game. at least right now. here is a shocker. angelique kerber er who beat williams at the final of the australian open. williams was going for a tie of the record in grand slam victories. jason gore at the par 5, 18. that is higher. that's an albatross or call it a double eagle. great shot by gore. scott leads the turntable.
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shot like jason gore, go to the pga merchandise store. this one caught my eye called, hackers are x. developed by this guy, a dr. dick miller in jacksonville. he developed this tool which helps alignment and stance and position. his buddies at the club convinced him to market it. the tool just fits in your back. >> i know that i'm consistently this far from the ball. that's a perfect distance. once you determine that with your probe, you are able to determine the distance. each day, when you go to the golf course, you can set up from there. >> there you go. a lot of different tools like this on the market. >> i know you were in heaven there. >> it's a toy store for golfers, to be honest.
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it's going to be marketed during the next couple of months. >> did you spend all your money. >> no, not yet. stuff there. it's more for retails and golf professionals but you find out like merchandise like this. >> early on. >> it's on the website very cool. thank you for that. before we go, here is what's coming up tonight on 48 hours. california. sound crazy that he would trial. >> it's not for the weather. it's because he is innocent. >> you know, this guy is a murderer. he cut up bodies like your local butcher. >> wow. strange saga. robert zerr, the multi- millionaire who is accused of murdering. 48 hours started following him a few years ago.
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