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tv   10 News Sunday Morning With The Tampa Bay Times  CBS  January 31, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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morning with the tampa bay times. i'm mark rivera. we're happy to have you with us. good morning. welcome to 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. we are happy to have you with us. >> coming up sunday morning with the tampa bay times. growing up in foster care can be challenging. a florida program is making it easier giving kids an education they need. head to the big top or the baseball diamond when we look at today's events. a love story takes center stage. the cast members of the lion king that found love in each
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first a look at what is making headlines on your sunday morning. right now we are just a day away from the iowa caucuses and the presidential candidates are pulling out all of the stops to attract voters. >> how would you like to make the pundits look dumb on election night. >> the latest poll from the des moines register shows donald trump reclaimed the lead on the republican sides and bernie sanders and hillary clinton are campaigning neck and neck. >> the thing that matters is the poll taken monday. >> there are still opportunities to find out where the candidates stand on issues today. one hot topic for iowa voters is ethanol, renewable fuel made from corn the state's number one crop. behind the candidates is a winter storm. kate, how is it looking for voters trying to get out? >> the good news is the winter storm won't hit until monday night.
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out. you can see where the cold front is. it's 60 in oklahoma city. 73 in little rock. on the other side of the frontal boundary, temps in the 30s and 40s. let me go ahead and show you if you are traveling today, no worries across iowa, staying nice and dry with the wet weather to the east. out west we have lots of snow and rain and that is the same system that will be moving toward iowa as we head into monday night so, there you can see by about 11:00 that snow filtering in to the state of iowa and a big winter storm forecasted for that region. mark? >> after a week of spot raids it was an observant citizen that lead police to catch these two fugitives that broke out of a jail in southern salmonella. the orange county sheriff says a man flagged down officers to point out a white van that looked like one believed to be stolen by the inmates.
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officers say the next step is to fix the security lapses that lead to the escape. four people occupying an oregon wildlife refuge held poxes this weekend, even posting live videos describing their situation. the group is demanding they be allowed to leave without being arrested. their leaders and ten other men remain in custody after last week's arrest. this weekend tampa survived the 101st invasion of pirates. hundreds of thousands coming to tampa for the boats, beads and, of course, some booze. a flotilla of fun. that invasion held by jose gaspar. while the sun was shining, it was raining beads millions tossed from boats along bayshore and a pirate treasure
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>> given to my grandchildren. i have six grand charleston here. >> definitely a lot of fun. we have a photo gallery showing the festivities on our web site right now. go to award season is in full swing and diversity made a come back in a flurry of wins at the screen actor guild awards and sundance film festival. a parade of performers including queen latifah and viola davis were honored at the sag awards. ceremonies celebrating diversity come after weeks of discussing inequality in the movie business. children in the foster care system can often face a difficult road to adulthood. getting an education doesn't have to be part of that issue. florida is a nationwide leader when it comes to educating fossster care.
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fees at any in state college. in today's conversation with the tampa bay times, jenny dean talks to lisa gardner about that program. >> so, in the state of florida they do something unique and they help pay for education for kids' college education in the foster system. tell me about it. >> so often you hear about the foster system in the news for things that are not always great, death, injury, abuse. this is a bright spot for florida. country. we offer undergraduate tuition add fees to instate colleges and universities for kids in the foster system or were adopted from the foster system tether coming of age. and that has been really successful in helping students who otherwise might not take that leap because they are coming from backgrounds where they don't have a support network or, you know, a mom
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are having trouble with their homework or a place to go over spring break necessarily. it's something good that florida has been doing for these students. >> is this -- is this widely known about? are there kids going through the system that could have had this opportunity but maybe missed out because they didn't know. >> i got the sense it's not something that a lot of people know about. that we have this program. not everyone in the system knows bit. currently -- about it. administer the program. i was talking to one student recently in her last semester and just found out she was supposed to be receiving this all along. she has taken out thousands in loans in her tuition. now she doesn't think she will get it back. >> now, i understand that you found out that the board of governors are thinking about
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two students recently petitioned the board of governors to change regulation that they have. the florida law actually only limits students under the age of 28. but the board of governors has its own rule where it can only apply to undergraduate courses and to 120 credit hours. some people don't think that that is in keeping with the law. the average florida student, regardless of being in the foster system or not takes more than 120 credit hours to graduate. change major, take remediation courses. that complicates things. so, the law doesn't specify also graduate or undergraduate courses. that is the board of governors set that limitation. some students didn't entry to get a graduate degree. some thought it was covered and found out partly through graduate studies that, oh, know, this is not being taken care of.
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that has been through this system and actually used the program. it's a success story. in many ways. i was talking to a young woman named jasmine randall. she was actually discovered when she was in st. pete. a s.w.a.t. team, an accident, they broke down a door to a house where they call it a trap house, where drugs are kept and manufactured and brought out for distribution and she was left there by her mom and step dad to play for the day. they found her under the blankets as part of the drug raid. that was her first time being introduced in the system. she ping-ponged around it, experienced abuse, ran away, she had a baby in high school. all these things where you think she won't graduate high school but she was able to get her diploma from the university
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spring because -- i like to think she would have done it anyway, but the free tuition was a big help to her. she works as an adoption specialist at eckerd college right here and if she could get her graduate degree, which would be tempting to her if that was on the table, she would want to become a counselor for young women vulnerable in the system and someone that she could have used when she was younger. >> right now there is legislation in tallahassee working to clarify the rules between all the schools. coming up on sunday morning with the tampa bay times, a look for the baseball diamond. the events happening at tropicana field and so much more as you plan your sunday. and it's a love story behind the scenes. how one couple found each other on the stage of the lion king. good morning, tampa bay. ranch. definitely clouds in the sky for us. that won't stop us from having a good day. a little chilly to begin with
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coming up on sunday morning
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goes behind the scenes with cold play as they headline the super bowl halftime show. >> the implications of falling oil prices. cbs news chief white house correspondent, major garrett previews the upcoming iowa caucus. final preparations are underway for the big game that is one week from today. vince lombardi trophy made its first appearance with three time super bowl champ roger craig. after the game the trophy will be taken to tiffany's and company to tampa bay engraved with the names of everyone that fought so hard to win it. now a check of our forecast with kate. how are we looking. >> cloudy. nice mild temperatures. i think you will be okay with the forecast. right now we are looking at readings in the low 50s for some. already up to 60 in st. pete.
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we will stay nice and dry. temperatures are warming up on the golf links. looking at temperatures of about 59 degrees at 9:00 a.m. 67 degrees by 11:00 in the morning. here is the set up. we have high pressure to our north and to the east. clockwise flow around the area of high pressure giving us surface winds out of the southeast. a warmer wind flow. in the upper levels, wind flow is out of the south and southwest. so, that is why we will continue to see the clouds streaming across the peninsula through the afternoon. so, we will be purely sunny too. winds today out of the east- southeast at the surface. changing by the afternoon. we will see a little bit of a southerly wind flow then variable through the evening. tonight we will stay on the mild side. a look at the high temperatures. wimauma, up to 73 degrees. 72 davis island and st. pete, by the coast, a little cooler
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72 in spring hill. bradenton. so, throughout the afternoon, partly sunny skies. winds out of the southeast and then this evening, around 7:00, 65 degrees, not too bad for the last day of january. then overnight mostly cloudy skies. low temps dropping to near 60 degrees. for boaters, winds east- southeast 10 knots. bay waters a light chop. i want to go ahead and show you storm tracker 10, futurecast model. we will see more moisture lifting from the south monday. so, a few spotty showers are possible mainly south of the i- 4 corridor. not a big deal whatsoever. then tuesday, looking nice. more sunshine. but as we move into wednesday, you are looking in the corner of your screen, this is the next system that will be approaching from the north and northwest bringing big changes to the forecast. right now it looks like thursday, the best day to see the highest rainfall amounts
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evening and the first half of friday. but then we clear out in time for next weekend. let's talk about the seven-day forecast. mainly dry conditions today. 20% chance of spotty showers on monday and tuesday. very famous weather holiday, ground hog day. so, if punxsutawney phil sees his shadow six weeks of winter. if he doesn't see the shadow, we could have a an early start to spring. warm tuesday. highs in the upper 70s and low 0s then a better chance of showers and storms wednesday into thursday, first half of friday. cooler by next weekend. when you are on the go this afternoon and you still want to keep on top of the weather, we made it easy for you. all you have to do is download the 10 news app new and improved and free in the app phones. that way you can have access to
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as well as our sky 10 network cameras. mark? >> like kate said, it's shaping up to be a great day out there. there are so many things to do while it warms up. 10 community kathryn birr she has ideas. >> if you are looking for something to do today, i have options for you. equestrian show is in st. pete. two performances. the show features big beautiful horses and fantastic acrobatic tricks. bound to be breathtaking moments there. the tab home show at tropicana field. talk to all sorts of home improvement experts. there are seminars and giveaways, too. and in sarasota, the st. are monday art festival runs from 10 to 5 at the st. are monday circle. a wide arrange of art including painting, sculpture and jewelry.
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prices to suit all budgets. have a great day, everyone. still ahead, on the road to the straz center as the lion king hits the stage. this time with a second love story that comes from behind the scenes. >> good morning, tampa bay.
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the lion king on stage at the straz center through valentine's day. the love story between two lions but a similar story played out within the cast. two performers found love on the stage. >> one line and the show hooks you. the opening when you hear evening and you sit there and you realize how powerful this show is. >> most people know the story of simba and nala, two lion cubs that fall in love. did you know that the woman that plays nala has her own unlikely love story to tell. >> this show is our life.
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king, we would not have met. >> growing up in south africa watching a nelson mandela birthday celebration when the 10-year old boy singing to mandela caught her eye. >> this boy made me think maybe one day i could be on stage and perform for thousands of people. the little boy was my husband. >> no. >> yes. i saw him on tv in 1996. >> she wouldn't meet him for a few more years. they grew up a few miles apart, made their way to the lion king stages around the world before landing in the same cast in jax, in in 2008. he played the singer and the performer. >> any from the first time i saw him, something that belongs to him that is inside me. >> she is my heart, she is my life. she is my pillar of strength.
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>> it's all in the circle of life. it's like a fairy tale. how beautiful is that. she retired from the show after 2013 becoming a mother. she is now studying to become a nurse. the couple has two children, a girl. how incredible is that. wow. >> so good and so happy that's the best part. >> so talented, too. absolutely. look for. >> it will be a nice day. warm in the afternoon. we do have an event going on today, tampa bay home show at tropicana field. it's in doors. you will have no problems getting there or home. we don't expect any rain. it's cool now with temps in the low 50s across the nature coast 70s. i don't know about you, mark,
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warmer temperatures. it has been a little chilly across the area. >> that's it for 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. thank you for joining us. 0 to comment on the news stories and get the latest news and weather updates, like 10 news on facebook and follow us on twitter. before we go, we want to leave you with the sites and sounds
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