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tv   10 News at 630pm  CBS  January 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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was in his eyes and he was going to imagine seeing your best rent diving for you. a drunk driver was driving the wrong way. tomorrow's caucus with only a fraction of the registered voters are dissipating.
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we are so glad you're here. investigators again suspect that this one involves overhaul. tonight we have the emotional story. he nearly missed the collision only to have his best friend hit have on. >> on saturday they spent the day riding on clearwater beach. john is recently engaged with two sons. he was hit head-on here on county line road.
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the wrong direction. the truck that hit his friend was troubling between 50 and 60 miles per hour. it was going in the wrong direction. he have no time to react. we do it. there's nothing you can do. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. the driver is now charged with the ui of manslaughter. facebook page.
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really be. i love him. he was my family. right now the search is on. the deputies say this is the following. they were last seen wearing green shirts. right now crime stoppers is offering a 3,000-dollar reward.
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race to the white house. why does it mean anything to you what's going on in iowa. you can have all the polls the world. these iowa voters this is the rest. just before those first votes are cast. they will have a good chance to stay in the game.
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the florida primary. they've gone out to folks that serve overseas. where they board cap their ballot. they have essentially throwing away their primary votes. every single vote matters. well had live coverage starting tonight. now that they've cleared out of tampa bay. more than 100 volunteers have
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many that could end up in our waterway. this is all about keeping tampa bay beautiful. it's really important for people to know. with the clean up the trash afterwards. we ask for volunteers. it's a tradition. vandals smashed in. the rabbi says it's gotten to the point that it will happen. i've never reported it to the police.
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they can keep more of an eye on the premises here. this act did actually help the synagogue. well had that part of the story tonight at 11:00. police have arrested two virginia tech students. the objectives of the 13-year-old and natalie helped him dispose of the body. we are investigating all types of tips. the 18-year-old virginia tech freshman and member of the schools cross-country team is
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murder. she was always the cutest little thing. her father posted this message while she was missing. if you're out there you can come to me i'm not mad at you i'm worried about you. it sparked a four-day search. brian webb for cbs news. an important traffic alert to tell you about. watch out for lane closures and detours signs.
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to close. the onramp wall so because.
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investigators say the student died after although in after falling six stories. he fell over a waste high really into a courier. instead of heading to the team start parks the crews are state of the country and and suites they woke up with a huge mess to try to clean up your lease our state up to 50 cars were broken into overnight. they boast -- busted out the
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their vacation is completely ruins. halfway through the day say there have been 66 pythons captured so far. it got under way to sit out to help control. the weather has been a big help to especially days that are cold and sunny. it's time for 10 weather. when it's cold and sunny i can think of a million things to do instead of hunting pythons. you have to pay me a lot of money to do that. it was an okay day. it was a beautiful because we have a lot of cops around. in fact we are starting to warming trend. this is the scene.
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the skies have brightened up a little bit. but they are still able to get out and about. current temperatures is so mild in tampa. 70 degrees. the temperature stayed pretty consistent overnight. not dropping a whole lot here as you can see temps tonight dropping down into the low 60s. that was it for the overnight lows. slightly cooler for the other coast. the wind out of the south. that will usher in the mid- and high-level clouds. you can see the beautiful sunshine today. it's easy to pick out where the brown -- boundary is across the country.
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all of the storm in the rain to san diego is going to be moving into the north and to the northeast over the next few days and it will eventually drag the cold front to our region. but not until friday. very mild for your sunday evening. low temperatures in just about 61 or 62 degrees. was a cloudy skies but as you can see slightly cooler for the nature coast. monday afternoon you're going to notice a little bit more humidity percolate coffee skies. they're running about 45 degrees above average. a nice change of pace if you have been missing the warmer weather. decreasing cost monday evening. some areas actually hit 80 degrees.
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80 degrees for the folks in lakeland. not showing a whole lot of activity on monday. one area could see a few isolated showers very short lived and brief. if anybody does see the showers would be highly county and hardy county. taking the boat out and really nice weather. the surface temperature has come up a few degrees over the past few days. it's back up to 6 degrees. low tide 1252 in the afternoon. let's check out the seven-day forecast. a few isolated showers. more sunshine for groundhog day. and up to about 80 degrees looking good for our forecasts. and then we see increasing chances of rain mid to late week. here is why. as we check out the setup we see some showers out there in the gulf on monday evening. here comes in a frontal
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that will be pushing it through the south and southeast. this puts out a little bit. it goes first around 3:00. just about 6:00. and then thursday afternoon and looks like the rain chances well had ties to the north. that front finally was stopped in by friday we should be just about done with the rain. nice in the next two days and then our best chance of rain comes into the bay area after 5:00 p.m. on wednesday scattered showers and storms throughout the day. our highest coverage looks to the north. and then on friday are showers mainly before 8:00 a.m.. clearing out once again and a little bit cooler with our low tempters back into the upper 40s on saturday. you are on the go this work week and you want a quick look at the weather we have made it easy for you. all you have to do is download
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you can have access to live storm tracker. you can also sign up for breaking news come out whether and traffic alerts.
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all right super bowl time. they're on their way. it goes to northern california. there were a few thousand bronco fans. they watched team plane take off on big-screen tv. a few thousand fans cheering their heads off for the panthers. they are new in california and a couple of hours. cheering these guys on. we are here. there we go. the all-star game. they try to save a boring game. it seems to be working.
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break. they will get this an assist on a roll. another save point blank. on. for the men. they play well just not we'll enough against temple. that was willie on the right. the freshman for three. the bulls were playing well. they are in it all away in the first half until the last few moments. clinton was the big eye for temple.
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they knock off 70-63. thanks to courtney williams. half. she wound up with 19 points and eight rebounds. the bulls won 66-48. they are now 15 and five in the season. no upset on a men's side. they one of the six singles title. that's also an 11 grant slam championships. and the merchandise it showed this week. now he insists -- consulting. it's designed for junior golfers and they tested it on the range
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it was a great moment her coach told me i'd never hit the ball straighter. he has a national reputation. you must get your clubs fitted. it has to fit perfectly. that is the news at 630 p.m.. don't forget you can always take
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thanks so much for watching.
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