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tv   10 News at 530pm  WTSP  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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at evening. >> three big stores that we are following. more federal spending to battle the nation's heroin epidemic the obama administration once a $1 billion spending increased to expand access to addiction treatment. the are looking for a 90 -- another $90 million for local programs. tornado watches in parts of the south eat. -- east. there is an enhanced risk for severe storms through the night. an atv crash could keep tony stewart from racing. the three-time nascar champ is in the hospital with a back injury, he is able to move his fingers and toes. his racing team is expected to share more. the broncos and the panthers take the field on sunday. two very different players will
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gary okada is live with the two very different quarterbacks.>> reporter: hello, we are starting to hear from the players, the super bowl week is heating up. ain't -- peyton manning and cam newton are going to have much of the spotlight. they are also going to have much of the scrutiny. the panthers qb has a unique style, the 26 rolled loves his signature celebration. they claim his a showboat. he is unapologetic pick >> from being labeled this player, that player, you know, for me, i have always kind of you these things differently. i have played differently. not the prototypical way. >> he is built like a linebacker but he moves like a running back.
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defense.>> i get the better end of the stick. >> reporter: this is his first super bowl, and peyton manning's fourth. it comes out of a challenging season for peyton manning. the five-time league mvp is the comeback kid. >> even with all of the different challenges, i feel like i had a piece about the whole time. >> reporter: just a month away from age 40 he has not decided if he will hang up his cleats. he will have to deal with a possible nfl investigation over a media report linking him to human growth hormones. >> i welcome their investigation, but i can tell you what they will find. a big fat nothing. >> reporter: there is a mutual respect between manning and newton a shared love of the game and talent few others will ever know. peyton manning does not run
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he does run it in he will dance to celebrate just like cam newton. reggie, carolina's defense might have to say something about that. reporting live, back to you. >> we have been a number of live shot and i have to ask you this question. i want a pair of those first thought she pants that cam nude dass first thought she -- designer pants that cam newton has. >> reporter: he said the reason he was trying to stay with gold and black for the super bowl l, and that's all he had was gold and black. >> thanks. i will have to hunt goes down. thank you very much. have a good time. >> she is having a good time. you would look great in those pants. you may want to consider using free wi-fi, they say the
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threats. security analysts say open wi- fi is just that, open. it can be viewed by any individuals. they will try to use malware to swipe credit card numbers, or bring up false charges, ransomware or extortion track -- tactics. all are in san francisco, in san jose security is tightening. tampa is all ready doing the same for another began, the college football playoff national championship will be played at raymond james stadium next year. enteral agents or road on top of plans to help keep you safe. this is one of the many canines that will be out sniffing around for anything suspicious the doctor specially trained to recognize hand signals and can search areas for chemicals, bombs, weapons, anything that could pose a threat that an officer or agent could not
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>> i placed a little plastic container in the blue can over there by the garbage dumpster i'm going to do a line drill, and let her search that area. when she finds it, she will sit alert on it and i will recall her and reward her.>> and she goes straight towards the trashcan without any hesitation, and then she sits there to let her handler no that she found something. they say that they feel pretty confident about keeping your faith because, just keeping you safe, they have -- keeping you safe because they have had big events before. the zika virus is believed to have been sexually transmitted, a patient was infected after having sex with someone who traveled out side of the us. prior to that all the cases had been contracted elsewhere in brought back. there is one case in hurls
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hillsboro. meanwhile, they are going to avoid the olympic games as risk of the virus. bill has seen the largest outbreak with an estimated 1.5 million cases. morgan 4100 babies have inborn with the defect called microcephaly is expected to be linked to be zika virus -- to the zika virus are you sick at all during your pregnancy quick >> no. >> they are spraying to hope to kill the carriers. the games are in august which is during brazil's winter, a dryer time when there are fewer mosquitoes. and listen to this, zika virus has an automaker rethinking its brand. they had the unfortunate time of coinciding with the same name of the zika virus.
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-- name. investigators are trying to figure out who abandoned a boxer puppies. take a look, someone spotted them on the side of the road and brought them to the humane society of tampa. the mixed breed puppies are extremely emaciated, that's are working to stop their hair loss. they expect in a month or soar session so they will be ready to find new homes. if you would like to -- they will be ready for new homes. if you would like to help with their care, go to our website i do remember one of the stores they were shipping in limos. >> what we have learned.
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looking to bring severe weather to the deep south.
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all you lovers listen up. just in time for valentine's day is the chance to win a $500 gold and diamond store gift card, all you have to do is call that number. and you know what, the 10th caller wins. stories making
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scan. their meeting in rome for a strategy session on the nicest, carrying american allies agreed that libyan security defense systems need more training. airstrikes continue in iraq and syria. and earth observation satellite is expected to launch weeks after a nuclear test. critics say it is an opportunity to test ban technology for a missile it could strike the usp or the panel hired by air bag maker takata needs to have a airbag inflator's were blamed for 11 deaths, they say they left products through the through the design process without adequate inspection. a new inspiration for tv series, o.j.
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they call it bold, smart, and one of the best docudrama's to hit tv. the state of florida has hosted, get this, the team super bowl all of them were memorable but only one for all the wrong reasons. bobby lewis is on the road in jacksonville where fans are still talking about the super bowl train wreck. >> reporter: this is what a typical jacksonville day feels like. >> it is pretty laid-back. >> you have to know the right places. >> reporter: not too rushed, not too cramped, but that certainly was not the case in february 2005. >> it was crazy, it was crazy. >> it was pretty congested, i didn't know what was going happen.>> you had people coming
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people coming in by car. i remember one of the stories that they were shipping in limos form -- from miami because our limo factor was not high enough.>> reporter: super bowl xlix was in town and they were buzzing. >> it basically took over. an additional 120,000 people flooded the streets before game day even arrived.>> a lot of people from out of town looking for a good time in jacksonville could not hold that capacity of those people. they were from other parts of the country and state so, i have heard bad things about the way that it went. >> reporter: nowhere was that more evident than in the hotels. >> the almost needed to phones. -- we almost needed to phones. >> i don't think that there were any rooms available, some people least their homes out.
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get to work because i didn't want to get caught in a traffic. 4 the nso has a rule, the host city must have a hotel without 100 -- 750 rooms. the hyatt regency was built with over 900 rooms just to keep the game and still, the city was short. >> we were the smallest city to have hosted a super bowl and, we had a big issue with hotel rooms. the solution was we would bring in cruise ships. we were like the little engine that could.>> going in you are nervous? >> we were really nervous. >> reporter: wasn't the only inconvenience, on game day the women's room toilets overflowed. >> it's the foulest thing i've ever been there. >> definitely disgusting. 4 the patriots beat the eagles. the fireworks outside the stadium, where what most people
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>> i think by large jacksonville said, we are proud of what we did, we are glad that we did it not sure if he will do it again, but we were proud the next day. and that was a big goal for us.>> and some had to take ferries from the cruise ships, many of those ships were parked in industrial areas. >> and despite all the chaos, many hotel workers say they would love to see the worker -- see it come back. i am live in the newsroom, coming up, not every dog makes a good pet but dogs like this one are getting a second chance. who is taking these canines and helping them become the best dogs they can be. a growing need for healthcare workers especially nurses, we do not have enough of them.
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>> it is a real problem. a center helping addicts on the road to recovery is losing major funding. we are digging deeper. good evening, we are tracking a storm system that is blowing up across parts of the middle south. you can see some strong storms beginning to pop up east of jackson mississippi, that will be the environment as we head into alabama that we could see severe storms. and then tomorrow it starts working its way through the florida panhandle. there is an advanced risk of severe weather. closer to home, we are quiet for now, the one thing we are tracking, is offshore see fog -- sea fog. other than that, things are quiet as we look outside we are
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we see 79 in tampa, 78 st. petersburg, and a 70 in newport. we have nice warm temperatures. we got all the way up to 82. we certainly made a run at it earlier today. largo had parts of 81 -- parts in 81. we could see a couple of showers, mainly if you are south of four and 75. they will be quick, they will not be strong, we are not particularly worried about that. maybe a little bit of a nuisance. we will be dealing with increased sea fog during the evening especially during the overnight hours that is likely to move in land. that heads-up for those early morning commute, you can start to see that rolling over the next couple of hours, that visibility starting to be
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quite as thick as what we saw yesterday morning. heads up we could see that occur in some spots. for the early morning run, there will be a few areas where it is a thick -- where it is a bit thicker. our next round of rain, it really looks to be a thursday event, other models will bring in a lot of activity for wednesday. we may see some showers out ahead of that way meant -- wednesday night. late morning to about midday and tampa bay, sifting the southeast from there. it looks like at that point friday, we will be much drier may be an isolated shower in the morning. we will pick up with another round of showers and maybe even some thunderstorms. heads-up as you are heading to the super bowl parties you will most likely need to grab some raingear. he will see temperatures a little cooler.
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will have to up those rain chances to 30%. have the umbrellas handy this weekend, also, have your 10 news app handy. if there are any alerts for strong or severe storms were going to be able to notify you that way. you can just take action. this might be my favorite story, two moms meaning under unlikely circumstances. >> she would be so selfless to think of another family while she was going through her grief.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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nationwide are waiting for a safe -- an organ transplant. >> this week in arizona mom who donated her child's heart heavy rare opportunity to meet the recipient monica greco brings us inspirational story. >> lookout, here comes jordan, she just had a heart transplant two years ago. >> she had a stomach plea, a stroke, brain surgery, she had so many issues. >> reporter: all from a faulty heart valve, she received a new donated heart. >> instantly, you feel relief. she may make it, but on the flipside, it's okay half a second for me to say a mother lost her child.>> reporter: that childless seven-month old lucas. >> he was the happiest kid. >> reporter: she didn't
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to donate his organs during a time of tragedy. >> the only thing i could think of was, i can't save my own son, why not save somebody else's? >> reporter: nearly 2 years after her transplant, these two mothers embrace for the first time. heather also got to meet the little girl her son saved. >> she is my best friend.>> reporter: she said she sees a lot of lucas in jordan and she can hear him to the teddy bear he gave to her as a gift. with the push of a button. heather can hear lucas' recorded heartbeat. both mother say that they are family now. >> for all of the grief that she dealt with using her child, in jordan being so sick and almost losing her a few times, it seems as if everything came together perfectly for both of us. 4 a selfless decision saved so many lives, this little guy saved two other guys with his donated liver and kidney,
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>> he did more in seven months of life and i did in 25 years.>> absolutely unbelievable.>> it hits you really hard. >> and for that mom to step up and say, he's going to live on your others. >> three children. >> you can register as an organ donor, by checking the box when you applied for renewing your license. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save.
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bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about
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a health crisis nurses are in high demand but are the enough programs to fill positions? what the bay area has to offer. the final iowa caucus results are in and they have more to do with you and your boat and you might have thought. they were on the verge of getting euthanized but these dogs are perfect for serving the community. good evening, i am reginald roundtree. >> i in dion lim. okay, it's time to sign up for the health insurance. about 1.6 floridians got injured. where baby boomers are retiring and the ailing age-related illnesses there is a stress on the healthcare field.
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