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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> good afternoon. thanks for joining us. marines of americans are in the path of more severe weather today. this just one day after destruction and tornadoes swept across the south. it flattened homes and knocked out power lines in mississippi,
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>> at least 12 tornadoes southern us tuesday. >> tornado on the ground. >> this one touchdown in scuba mississippi. leveling homes and leaving a path of discussion that stretch across both state. in rankin county mississippi, firefighters rescued at least a people from rising floodwaters. >> i saw this light coming down the road and i knew we were going to be okay. >> willie jackson and his family head as the tornado hit their home. >> the tornado that hit collinsville mississippi ripped apart the first baptist church. tornado sirens blaring. >> the pastor loaded his what wife and son into the suburban. you can see what happened to the back window.
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tornadoes in the south fueled blizzard like conditions throughout the plane. there are no reports of injuries or death from tornadoes at the south. the real sources flash flooding. >> take it look at the flooding in nashville. this morning rescue crews saved the people stuck in that lack pickup truck that you see right there. you can see the elements the crews had to fight through. the truck stuck in rushing water on the road and you can see a stop sign was also taken out of the water. this is ash action city about 30 miles northwest of nashville. so i hope bunch of people getting slammed with weather. >> let's not get worried that we will see widespread severe
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the same system and thunderstorms are in the forecast as we head into tomorrow. we are not looking at the same sort of impact we have time to go before it even arrives. we will stay dry through the day today and we will work its way all the way through the panhandle. we will start seeing stray showers popping up tonight, tomorrow because the maid main headline about how much rain we will see this weekend and i will talk about breaking that down coming up in a few minutes in your full forecast. >> you the zika outbreak has become a global emergency. there are now dozens of cases across the country including six new ones in florida. two of those are in hillsborough county. the county county will increase the number of mosquito traps and increase spring if necessary. especially since the virus has now been spread through sexual contact.
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need to know. >> health officials here in hillsborough county have confirmed two more cases of the zika virus, and of all the cases across the county, officials are now saying that someone contracted zika from having sex from someone who had a travel related infection. there have been no reports until now of zika being spread through sexual contact here in florida but can you imagine how scary it is for people dealing with it, especially people who are pregnant? the diseases linked to a breast effect that leaves babies with underdeveloped brains and unusually small heads, but as far as getting the virus through officials say they are not shocked by the news. might be rare sexual transmission. there have been eight couple of cases in the world literature
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way that zika spread this by mosquito. >> it's not enough to where mosquito repellent, you have to be conscious of how you protect yourself sexually. the good news is health experts not believe there will be a very widespread outbreak of the virus in the us. however, they are warning you that if you have travel plans to go to brazil, latin america or the caribbean, to be very, very careful. >> if you still have questions about the virus, check this out. right now on, we have five things you should know about the virus right on our homepage. go there. kentucky senator rand paul is dropping out of the presidential race after he fifth place showing in the i will caucuses, narrowing that race for the new hampshire primary. he had hoped to get libertarian support. donald trump just a few hours ago send out a series of tweets
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he writes, quote ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. that is why all the polls were so wrong and why he got form far more votes than anticipated. that was monday night that ben carson was poised to drop out of the race. in washington today to plant water crisis is taking center stage. the house oversight committee said michigan should have required flint to treat its water for corrosion causing element after elevated lead levels were discovered in the city. imagine being in a plane when this happens. take a look at the hole in the side of this passenger plane. this happened in somalia and one person was blown out of the plane. as jonathan shows us,
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whether a bomb caused in midair explosion. >> airport to the gaping hole of the plane. oxygen masks were tossed around and one passenger was sucked out. his body was found later. a somali diplomat on board who shot this video said everyone was afraid they were going to die. >> the first thing you worry about is can we really make it. african country when the plane exploded after takeoff. the plane was at a relatively low altitude and the aircraft held together until the pilot the plane pilot and aviation experts say the whole showed all the signs of terrorism. >> that is a bomb. that whole is caused by a bomb.
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controls part of the country. >> the passenger blown out of and downtown prepares for tampa bay security and tampa bay police putting on an active businesses downtown in case of a deadly emergency. >> the idea with the demonstration was to give some of the folks here and realistic appraisal of some of the dynamics that could go on in an actual situation. you get them thinking so they could better plan and better evaluate what they could do themselves. >> downtown partnership leaders say they look forward to provide awareness on personal trends and safety types. right now high above planet
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this is a live picture. two russian cosmonauts are of the iss. half hours, three weeks after a spacewalk had to be aborted after a water built up in an astronaut helmet. it's the zombie spinoff on the jane austen classic, pride and prejudice. pride and prejudice and zombies. what you can expect when the actors talk about an awkward moment involving a real-life attack on one of the zombie actors. but first, cbs taking over a popular pharmacy, all starting today. >> we are already seen near seeing near record temperatures this morning, 82 in tampa and behind the next round of
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i will talk about how chilly it gets this weekend in your full forecast. >> the florida state fair kicks off tomorrow. coming up, we talk about what's being done to make them most bang for your buck. and the registry of people who abuse animals. coming up on 10news beginning at six, the registry could keep you and your family safe in the long run. all this week, watch 10news at 5:30 p.m. for your chance to win a $500 golden source and as fashionably, as indoors. you need your personal style stunning room settings sunroom or lanai. choose a look lamps, pillows and more vision to life. celebrate with us during
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opened inside of a target in cbs bought the target pharmacies last june. looking for a job, home depot is hiring more than 1300 associates in the tampa bay area, and 80,000 nationwide. that is all in preparation for a busy spring selling season. if you are interested in working part-time, we have all the information you need and how to apply at the zombie craze mixed with the classic love story for the big screen. movie man sam hollenback talks about the movie pride and prejudice, and zombies. love stories and monster
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they are miles apart and pretty much every respect. that doesn't stop current screen gems from releasing pride, prejudice and zombies. >> i have been training for this my whole life. >> the plague hits london. the zombies run amok and amended all is a comedic bloodsoaked spinoff of love and lust, all done up in corsets and coattails. it turns out the setting was right for onset absurdity. >> there was a scene where there were zombie arms coming out of the ground, and they were actually real people, is that true rex.
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but it was an accident. [laughter] >> he was on the floor like these poor guys are. >> yes, i think she thought it was a dummy. >> i did tread on someone headed, yes. but in my defense, there were dummies everywhere. and then this random dude with his head down, with a dagger like glued to his head. [laughter] >> and she stomped on his head. god love him. [laughter] >> hopefully he got a bump in salary.
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>> for 10news, i'm sam hollenback. >> next up is gone with the wind. >> absolutely. [laughter] weatherwise, how are we working? pretty warm today? >> we are closing in on her record high temperature of 84, and intent in tampa, we are at 84. we may tie that up this afternoon, so it is a nice day today. nice breeze and we will not see this for whole lot longer. so, we got some of those bubbly cumulus clouds, and it's moving through the panhandle. through tomorrow.
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and we do have a little bit of wiggle room. but after 4:00, those temperatures will likely be right about where they are now. so they will still be close. right around 80 degrees for the 4:00 hour in tampa and that is what our models are indicating so it's likely you will see some's clouds thickening over. city warm-up, and we will get those mid- or low 80's, the couple couple of mid- 80's in there as well. right around 82 this afternoon, kind of where we are is going to stay. through the evening, isolate it showers through the overnight. one more round of fog and you can see that starting to roll in not so much through the afternoon, but we get to 8:30 p.m. or 9:00 and we start to drop those visibility is. those will linger into the day tomorrow, and i will show you something cool, you can see that frontal boundary coming through, and it's starting to
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satellite. let's look at the placement of the showers, and if you are west, the areas that are east due the with the quick little showers popping up it looks like around midday we are scattered showers and storms popping up and it looks like we were cleared by friday. and it will be some kind of hit but it does look like that happened saturday evening.
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and early up we may be dealing with that. so the storm continues to midday evening, early-morning friday and it looks like we will get a break through the early morning hours of super bowl sunday. and don't forget, you can get the forecast any time, just download the 10news app. >> rays picture chris archer, paula deen, and former buccaneer michael clayton spent the morning right here in our ten new studio. >> give me some of that sugar. >> they are all talking super bowl , and rays. that's coming up next. starting at 8:00, to broke girls followed by mike and
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the rays spring training season it.
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stoplight talk about his recent trip to taiwan, off for his love of baseball and travel. >> it expanded my mind of where we are in the world and helping to understand what i can do to have a greater impact, and see what athletes can do as far as inspiring people all across the globe. >> opening-day for the rays is april third. and while chris was here today, he along with michael clayton and stephanie web took part in light hearted challenges.
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was actually 200 brand-new recipes in here, and 50 of our classics, like macaroni and cheese and fried chicken. paula deen talks about her injury after dancing with the stars, her family and she will with up some healthy ideas for your big game party. >> with some extra butter. >> beautiful day to be outside, too. >> low 80's, sunny and picture- perfect. get out today because today will look very different, we are tracking our next round of storms. >> today students are learning to plant saltmarsh on their campus. the students are taking plugs of saltmarsh to establish their student constructed nursery. and weatherwise, you were saying, it's beautiful out >> just go outside.
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>> that's it for 10news at noon. be sure to join us for ten news
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