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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we begin with breaking news right now out of new york.... we're getting word that 2 police officers were shot we begin with break news out of thy city. we're getting word that 2 police officers were shot in the brocks. you're looking at pictures from the scene. the nypd sayings one officer was shot in the chest, the other officer was grazed in his face. both were rushed to the hospital. we're working to find out what led to the shooting and will update you on >> thanks for watching. >> first tonight, a soaker of a day. and more changes are on the way. >> we'll swap out the umbrella for jackets and coats to keep us warm if not dry.
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rain in sarasota and polk county. it's on the way out over the next couple of hours. we're tracking heavy rain over the next 2 to 3 minutes. it's the cold air. maybe if you stepped outside in the last couple of minutes, you're feeling that. 57 in tampa. but look to the panhandle, 40s around pensacola, panama city, and quinn spip that's a hint of where we're heading in the morning. i'll tell you how much colder it gets. despite the rain and cooler weather, clearwater beach is the place to be. companies are paying big bucks to buy out and build high- episode hotels. why getting in the game is paying off for these beach- bound businesses.
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they hadn't even started on the hotels. >> it's a beautiful beach, beautiful area. >> reporter: plenty are rolling the dice on clearwater beach. in a 1-mile stretch, nearly half a billion dollars in sales and construction, and they all hope taking the chance pays off. hampton inn is doubling its rooms, totaling $12 million. guest house is adding 155 rooms for nearly $20 million. the opal sands is building $50 million. the windham grand will have 450 rooms and $175 million in construction. and the famous pier 60 is getting a half million dollar renovation. >> their occupations have been over 90%, which is incredible. that clearly shows a need for new hotel products. >> reporter: there are 925 hotel rooms under construction. it's not just a win for
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construction workers, and the locals. more tourists means more sales tax for city projects, and more bed tax helps attract more visitors. >> tourism is vital to the economy. >> reporter: the city says 1 million visitors e have had aer inly $2 billion impact. on clearwater beach, kendra conlin. >> you can head to to see -- to see how the city is helping to ease parking problems. the latest democratic debate wrapped moments ago. it was the first time hillary clinton and bernie sanders got to go head to head in prime time. the 2 continued their squabble over who is a real progressive. they also clashed over differences over president obama's health care law. things got heated as they talked about what it is to be a
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>> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. i represent, i hope, ordinary americans. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the establishment. >> sanders is well ahead of clinton in the polls in new hampshire. the republican candidates will gather for a debate on saturday. we're getting exact ily or hearing exactly what the tampa bay rays are looking for in a new ballpark. the team sent a document to the city of st. st. petersburg, detailing how the stadium will be evaluated. first, large site around 20 acres with room for development. the rays want to make sure that new restaurants, entertainment, and retail stores can move in and around the ballpark. next, easy access to interstates and mass transit.
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to have to walk long to get to their cars. new cases of zika in florida. there are 12 in 5 different florida county counties. 3 of those cases are in hills boro. none of the patients were infected. here. >> as zika spreads, concern is growing. will we see locally-way quired cases? what does that mean for you an your family? and what is hillsboro county doing to protect? you. >> courtney robinson has been getting ans for weeks. and what are the first big steps in this? >> reporter: governor rick scott declared a public health emergency. and now senator belle nelson is calling on president obama to appoint a zika czar. florida has to be concerned because the mosquito that spreads zika lives here all year. the worry is that someone
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come back, and get bitten by a local mosquito that then spreads it. the zika virus is active in the bloodstream for about a week. mosquitoes can live for up to 3 weeks. so the biggesty i had, where do the 3 people with zika live? the most they would share with me is the west side of hillsboro county. that is a lot of land, but mosquito control knows the exact location. they're trapping those mosquitoes and will send them off to the florida department of health to test those mosquitoes. we done know how long that will take, because up until now, florida has not tested mosquitoes for zika. hillsboro county is one of 4 counties under the governor's
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broward county is not under that emergency. people under the public health emergency will be able to get more tests. dion? >> to learn more about the dangers of zika in pregnant women, head to our website, we have broken down all of the information for you at our website. pull out those power ball tickets. someone in the bay area may be a couple of million dollars richer tonight. someone bought a $2 million ticket in sarasota. this is from last night's drawing. the ticket was purchased at a publix supermarket. time for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan. the irs is once again accepting electronically filed tax returns. yesterday, hardware failure forced several tax processing
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temporarily, including the e- file system. employees worked through the night to get that system back online. the agency says you should see a little but not muff impact on your returns and refunds. the world is getting a glimpse of playboy's first non- nude issue in its 62 year history. the latest cover is expected to look like a snapchat message. playboy's print circulation had fallen from a high of more than 5 and a half million readers in 1975 to ab 800,000 in 2015. maurice whites, the founder of legendary group earth, wind, and fire, has died. whites revealed he had parkinson's disease. in the mid-90s, whites stopped performing but remained active as the group's producer and songwriter.
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johnny football facing some serious allegations of violence against his ex-girlfriend. and new tonight, more details of the alleged assault against colleen crowley at the hands of johnmy manziel. sources say crowley is seeking a protective order against manziel. she claims he got rienlt during an argument over another woman. they left the hotel and the argument continues. she goes on to say i started crying even more and told me to shut up or he'll kill us both and then i begged him not to kill me, and he immediately respond, i will never kill you. you don't deserve that. i would only kill myself. end of quote. manziel has been in and out of trouble since being drafted.
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wallet. >> manziel is currently on the cleveland browns roster but not expected to return next season. the big game is this weekend and you can only see it here on cbs 10 news. if you're not that into football, chances are you'll be commercials. this year, companies are shelling out nearly 5 million for a 30 second spot. teaserry okita has been covering the super bowl excitement and joins us with the sneak peek. >> reporter: $5 million for a 30 skd spot brake do you understand to about $160,000 per sec. but those advertising say it's money well-spent. >> reporter: it's become a sport among advertisers to create the most buzzed-about super bowl ad. >> i'm helen miren. >> reporter: commercialials are
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media before the game. >> most amazing of all are the avocados from mexico. >> reporter: and it takes a lot of bucks. a 30 second commercial now fetches $4.8 million. at super bowl 1, that same half a minute cost less than $138,000. butkey owe motors' coo say it's worth it. >> we had people saying that people saw the spot, test drive the vehicle, and ultimately bought the vehicle. >> reporter: car and beer ads tarted towards men still dominate, but women are becoming a larger market. >> reporter: celebrities push a variety of products, while cute and dud cud lie animals never fail. >> 50% of the people who watch are watching primarily because of the commercials. >> want my coke? >> reporter: and in celebration
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of this all-time classic commercial, mean joe green and an all grown up coke kid, reunited after almost 40 years. >> reporter: the best ad of all time is up for debate. but a lot of marketing executives point to apple's 1984 think different commercial. at super bowl city in san francisco, terry okita, 10 news wtsp. still to come, where are they now? famous bucs kicker automaticagrammatica is still in the community. >> the wild story bind this crazy industry owe. >> and this is what happens
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the countdown is on. we are 3 days way from super bowl 50. someone will walk away as the champion of football. it's feeling will you never forget. just ask the super bowl xxxvii champs, the tampa bay buccaneers. >> former kicker martin grammatica is still kicking a
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>> reporter: browse around martin grammatica's trophy room, and the souper bowl memories congresswoman come flooding back. >> it was my worst warm-up of the year, believe it or not. >> reporter: but it was a per pick day for him, making all 8 attempt. >> what's the biggest kick you've ever made? >> that's easy. the carolina game. >> here's grammatica's kick. it's straight, and it's good. >> it just tells you the type of team that we had. >> reporter: grammatic a's claim to fame wasn't just his field goals how but how he celebrated gleam a lot of times, i acted like couldn't believe i just did that. but that's just how i am. i'm thanking my teammates.
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of a humble approach to his work, partnering with his brothers in a pre-fab construction business, providing homes to wounded warriors. >> we have energy-efficients ilated panels. >> reporter: and he's still getting in his kicks, whether it's as a youth soccer coach to his kids or a grammatica family foundation kickball game. he's now becoming known for his big heart. reporting from tampa, chris fisher, wtsp. tracking storms, protecting your family, it's time for 10 weather. >> rain on schedule. nothing severe. now there's a cold moving in outside your window. hitting in that drive time sure
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this is at the honda and toyota dealership here. always good in the dry season. it's well below severe littles. you need wind gusts town 60 miles an hour enorr higher to get severe thunderstorm warnings. the last bit of rainfall is what we're tracking right now. we see these showers tracking off. a few brakes in the clouds and a few showers will likely continue. we'll at least least get to midnight.
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although we have again some light rain on and off for the overnight whowshes that's what we're tracking now. we'll go from what are wet roads tonight and the um brel last and rain gear into jackets and coats to keep us warm. you can see temperatures already starting to drop out there, 52 in crystal river, 54 in land o' lakes. we're seeing some clouds and light rain for the next 2 to 4 clear. the temperature will be coldest around sunrise. 42 in zephyr hills and wesley chapel.
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50 in zaire sew that 44 for brad networkton with mid-40s in auburndale and winter haven. you won't need a coat tomorrow, but will want a layer or two to keep comfortable. the skies will be clearing before daybreak. and the coldest part of the air will whether filtering in. these 40s are like going to hold until 10 in the morning. our warmest temperatures are expected to be 60 to 64 in clearwater. you get the sunshine back, but with it you not only have the northerly wind. 5 to 15 knots with gusts town 20 to 25 knots.
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schools will be out for fair day. wtsp is your official state fair forecast station. we'll probably want a layer or two as far as jackets go, maybe a thicker coat most of the evening. for the upcoming week, only a couple of showers late saturday night and early sunday morning. it's this low that will be winding up over alligator alley. a few showers i-4 and south upon, but this will most likely be a south florida situation. gone by midday for your super bowl party. over the next 7 days, cool air sticks around. mornings in the 40s just about every day.
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the 50s for a couple of days next week. we don't see a strong storm system moving through the area for another 11 to 12 days. with those which would temperatures, you may want to get a look at where the temperature is at before you get dressed and head out the door. that's why we have the 10 news app. all you have to do is grab it and we have you covered. a new video you have got to see tonight out of pinellas county. wait for it. wow! 2 alligators caught on camera fighting. a man in clearwater says this happened just feet from him while he was on his lunch break. he posted this on his youtube account with the comment nature is awesome. the usf bulls are trying to salvage something out of this season.
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how about a super bowl announcement from commissioner roger goodell? in the future, nfl teams must interview women for any executive positions in the future.
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mouthy and so is e-manual sanders. sanders said norman talked himself into the media. >> josh knew him, josh knew him, he's a good player. it will be a battle. but at the end of the day, man, let's just get the fight started, man. the big story is on him. that's the reason why. he's a talker. he loves to talk. but at the end of the day, i'll just go out and play ball. >> i don't have any thoughts about the guy other than see him on sunday. i don't know if i even will be. that's why he's doing all the talking. >> it's a start. jim mackelwain hired george gray to be his new defensive ends coach. he's also responsible for recruiting florida and keep some of these recruits from leaving the sunshine state.
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they were pretty good early in cincinnati. this kid is good. wide open gary clark. and tough like this one to close it out. bulls are now 5-19. ouch. this is the scene in column bubs ohio, at the corporate headquarters of nationwide insurance, a message that says good luck, peyton. as anyone that watches television knows, peyton manning is the celebrity spokesman. >> chicken apartment you taste so good. >> you can't do that. >> stay with us.
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kevin keirmeier from the tampa bay rays took on an amazing comamg he faced off against a restaurant's 40 ounce, i ribeye. it also in-- an amazing challenge. he faced off against a restaurant's 40 ounce ribeye. it also included sides and a des expert to. the challenge raises money for charity. he made it through about half of the massive steak. proceeds from the event were
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