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coming to clearwater beach. what it means for your next beach day. the search for a new rays stadium site is underway. a look at what the team is searching for. and we're two days away from the super bowl and those great commercials! what you can look forward to this year. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby
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despite the rain and cooler weather, clearwater beach is a hot place to be. companies are paying big bucks to buy-out and build high-end hotels. 10news reporter kendra conlon shows why getting in the game is paying off for beach-bound businesess. the skyline is changing on clearwater beach... new yorkers scott and roxanne murphy.. see why... plenty are rolling the dice along gulfview boulevard... in a one mile stretch, close to half a billion in sales and construction. and they all hope taking the chance
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the number of rooms to 181 at its location.. guest house is adding 155 rooms.. for nearly 20-million dollars. opal sands is set to open later this month -- 50 million in construction there.. hyatt just sold for 120 million.. the wyndam grand, when complete will be the largest on the island with 450 rooms, 175 million in construction.. at the famous pier 60.. a half million dollar renovation is almost finished. right now, there are 925 hotel rooms under construction... it's not just a win for tourists... but the businesses... construction workers and the locals... more tourists mean more sales tax for city projects... and more bed tax.. helps attract even more visitors. the city says one million visitors have had nearly a 2 billion dollar impact... with the hope to help
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and the mom and pop places thrive... on clearwater beach, kendra conlon, 10 news wtsp head to wtsp dot com to see how the city's working on parking and transportation to ease traffic troubles with more visitors. your choice 2016. the latest democratic debate is in the books. it was the first time "hillary clinton and bernie sanders" went head-to-head in a prime time debate. the two continued their squabble over who is a "real progressive." they also clashed over differences about president obama's healthcare law. things got heated as they talked about what it is to be a part of the "establishment." sanders is well ahead of clinton in the polls in new hampshire. the republican candidates will gather for a debate
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this morning, we're getting to hear exactly what the tampa bay rays are looking for in a new ballpark. the team has sent a document to the city of st. petersburg, detailing how the different stadium sites around the bay area will be evaluated. first, a large site around 20 acres with room for development. the rays want to make sure new restaurants, entertainment and retail stores can move in around the ballpark. next easy access to interstates and mass transit. plus enough parking so fans don't have to walk far to get to their cars. and authenticity, showcasing iconic views and architecture only seen here in the bay area. new cases of zika virus in florida! now there are 12 in 5 different counties. 3 of those cases are in hillsborough. none of the zika patients were infected here. they got it while traveling to "zika infected countries." as it spreads, florida is taking the first big step in this. governor scott was the first in the country to declare a health emergency and now, senator bill nelson is calling on president obama to appoint a zika csar, a point person who would coordinate the
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florida has to be concerned because the mosquito that spreads zika lives here all year. the worry is that someone travels, gets infected comes back, gets bitten by a local mosquito that then spreads it in our communities. hillsborough county mosquito control is trapping mosquitoes near where the zika patients live. mid-week next week, the florida department of health will test those mosquitos. we don't know how long it will take to get results because up until now florida has not tested mosquitos for zika. those results will determine how much they spray. hillsborough is one of 4 counties under the governor's public health emergency. we will get more kits to test people who have zika symptoms. the c-d-c will also work with hospitals in each of these counties to educate them about the virus. to see the full list of symptoms-- and learn more about the dangers of zika in pregnant women-- head to our website check those power ball tickets! someone in the bay area may be a couple million dollars richer this morning! florida lottery officials say someone bought a 2-million-dollar winning ticket in
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this is from wednesday night's drawing. the ticket was bought at a publix supermarket on bee ridge road. so far, the winner has not come forward. time now is . let's take a look at headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. the i-r-s is once again accepting electronically filed tax returns. wednesday-- a "hardware failure" forced several "tax processing systems"-- to shut down, including the "e-file system." employees worked through the night to get the system back online. the agency says-- you should see little, if any impact on your returns or refunds. the world is getting a glimpse of playboy's first non- nude issue in its 62 year history. the latest cover is meant to look like a "snapchat message." the change is part of an effort to reach a new generation of readers. playboy's print circulation had fallen from a high of more than 5-and-a- half million readers in 1975 -- to about 800-thousand in 2015. maurice white, the founder and leader of legendary r-and-b group "earth wind and fire" has passed away. he was 74 years old. in 2000 - just before his band was inducted into the
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revealed he had parkinson's disease. in the mid-nineties, white stopped performing, but remained active as the group's producer and songwriter. they sold more than 90-million albums worldwide. a developing story "johnny football" facing some serious allegations of violence against his ex girlfriend. this morning, we're learning new details of the alleged assault by johnny manziel against colleen crowley. sources say crowley is asking for a protective order against manziel. according to a court filing, she says the two of them met up at a dallas hotel last weekend and started arguing over another woman. she claims he got violent. they left the hotel. the argument continued. she goes on to say, "i started crying even more and he told me to shut up or i'll kill us both then i started begging him not to kill me and he immediately responded. i would never kill you. you don't deserve that. i would only kill myself." manziel has been in and out of trouble since being drafted.
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cleveland browns roster, but is not expected to return next season. the big game is this weekend. and you can only see it here on 10 news and cbs! and if you're not that into football, chances are you'll still be tuning in to watch the commercials. this year companies are shelling out nearly 5 million dollars for a 30 second spot! reporter terri okita has more from super bowl city in san francisco.
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10 news this morning, good news this morning on a massive gas leak in the l-a area. when crews say the leak will be
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a plane heading to charlotte makes an emergency landing after a strange odor is discovered. an unexpected visitor is caught taking a snooze at a san diego area restaurant. as the super bowl approaches, we're taking a look at "where are they now?" famous bucs kicker automatica grammatica is still right here in tampa bay and now he's helping the community. and check this out. behind this crazy
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on. we are 2 days away from super bowl 50.. someone walks away as the champions of football, it's a feeling you don't forget. just ask the super bowl 37 champs: the tampa bay buccaneers. as 10 sports chris fischer reports, 13 years later, former buccaneer kicker "martin gramatica"-- is still getting a "kick"-- out of uplifting the community. the super bowl is practically a the super bowl is
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the super bowl is practically a
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it's about the football, the half time show, the commercials and the t-shirts. 10 news reporter bobby lewis went on the road to one of the companies that makes the "official" n-f-l t-shirts in our own backyard. 0-6 fox sports 49-55 rob brodersen, vp gm majestic athletic just before 10 p.m. in charlotte, the carolina panthers roared into super bowl 50. nats moments later, the printers roared to life in tampa. sot cliff feiga "cam. taking care of cam" and won't stop all week. by 6 a-m the morning after the matchup was set. v-f image wear in tampa had shirts on shelves. both black. and orange. sot jim pisani "we're neutral. we want all 32 teams to perform well but we're just looking for a great super bowl." and a big part of enjoying it. is wearing your team colors. sot rob brodersen
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for the teams that are in it you want to represent your team. the event itself, just being part of it, everybody wants to have that shirt. " sot rodd blazek "we're going to do about 85-thousand shirts in this facility today. we're probably going to do about 25 different graphics. probably 12-13 for each team" over 1,000 employees in tampa stamp, dry and fold shirts lightning quick. sot pisani "we can print a t-shirt in 60 seconds." good thing, too. because there are a lot to print. "thousands. thousands" 500 thousand to be exact in one week.. which means this tampa company is making 500 thousand fans very happy. sot pisani "sometimes the smiles on their face says it all especially when it comes off the printer and it's in the store and it's on the site and they see the actually graphics. it's pretty impressive." that was bobby lewis reporting. the company started planning the super bowl designs six months ago. majestic is currently working
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new video you have to see out of pinellas county! 2 alligators caught on camera fighting! a man in clearwater says this happened wednesday-- just feet away from him while he was on his lunch break at his office. he posted the video to youtube with the comment: "nature is awesome!". still ahead, what happens when you challenge an athlete to take on a 40 ounce steak? the great video as the rays' kevin kiermier chows down ahead. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, undercover boss, followed by the super bowl's greatest halftime shows. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests bobby cannavale and donny deutsh. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app
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kevin kiermaier from the tampa bay rays took on a massive challege last night at smokey bones in clearwater. a packed house watched as the golden glove winning "center fielder" faced off against the restaurant's new 40 ounce ribeye. the challenge also included sides and dessert with cash on the line for charity. he made it through about half of the massive steak. proceeds from the event were given to the friends of joshua house foundation. coming up on 10 news this morning, it's student day at the state fair. the changes being made this year to make sure everyone stays safe. a faster commute versus preserving a historic
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the big protest planned this weekend against expanding i-275. and the final tweaks are being made to the super bowl halftime show! we take you live to san francisco with what you can expect. whether you have ten minutes or thirty--you'll get everything you need to start your day with us on 10 news this morning. we're back in
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