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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> super bowl weekend is here. tonight, we have some coverage from the stadium to the fans to the rivalry. good evening, everyone. i'm tammy shields. before we go to the super bowl coverage, though. a shocking crime right here in the bay area. a man shot to death in a strip club inadvertently broadcasts his last moments here. >> its happened on club rain on nebraska avenue. there were eight victims, including one man who was killed. it was just after 2:00 in the morning, someone firing into the crowd, inside the club. gunshot wounds ranged from serious to minor. the club was very busy at the time.
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caught on camera, this kind of camera. martin lancaster iii thought he was that broadcasting the stripping, talking to one of the dancers. in a while, you hear the gunshots and won't see anything graphic. [ gunshots ] >> it us clear that the gunshot took marvin and that woman completely by surprise. you also heard the woman talking about a fight earlier in that same broadcast. a fight had broken out but no one seemed scared until the shots were fired and you heard the screams. you may also have heard about periscope moments after a woman was shot in a fast food window.
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pinellas county where a six- year-old girl was attacked with her father nearby. take a good look at this man. he is accused of assaulting a little girl last night at the westside countryside. police say she was in the women's restroom at macy's with her father waiting for her right near the door. the stranger allegedly went inside, forced open a stall, grabbed the girl, tried to cover her mouth. she screamed and ran off. we spoke to the father at the mall who has three daughters himself. >> we always tell them, when they least house, always be aware of what's going on around you. watch. keep your eyes oh they're like, no, you worry too much. no, there is no such thing as worrying too much. >> new tonight, police released photos of two women who may have been with the man at the time. police want to talk to him right now. they want to know if they know
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>> you can help police by going to our facebook page and share that photo. that photo has been shared more than 2000 times tonight. we are on the eve of biggest single event. it's going to be in the most high-tech eco friendly stadium in the country located in the heart of silicon valley. levi stadium opened less than two years ago as the home of the san francisco 49ers. the stadium has a powerful wi- fi network and a mobile app that lets you order food from the seats. you can also find least crowded restroom. and its eco friendly design includes nearly 20,000 square feet of solar panels. fans are still rolling into super bowl city for all the pregame concert, the fun and the matchup between the panthers and broncos for many,
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panthers and broncos, but cam newton versus peyton manning. some try to make it between the villain and the hero who is retiring. >> things that i learned from him and saw him do -- we don't play against each other but it's a great matchup between two great football teams in the broncos and the pain -- panthers. that's where the matchup is. >> reporter: and millennial people ages 25 to 34 will be outspending every other age group. more than half millennials say that they will watch for the half time show, the commercials and to get together with friends. let's check in with kaitlyn to find out what the forecast is
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>> tammy, i can tell you it's going to be better than our weather today. we are still tracking a few light showers, though, across portions of the tampa bay viewing area. most of the heavy rain is well off to the efficient and overnight, we'll zoo the rain showers. we did see some areas picking up an inch of rain. there you can see the line of showers. moving towards lake whales, about 11:06. south port, st. cloud, lp 30. these are just light showers. a quick look. there was an inch of rain and of rain. we'll talk about the super bowl sunday. i can give you a little tease, tammy. going to be chilly. more coming up in just a moment. three days before the new hampshire primary, the republican candidates just wrapped up their latest debate
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boy, oh, boy, there were some fireworks. after talking about hard- hitting issues like the war against isis and healths care, health care, they took a few moments to predict who will win the super bowl. what a difference a year makes after a fire rips through a historic bay area church. this was last february when new salem missionary baptist church went up to flames in what is known as the dobieville area. it took with it a good chunk of the community's history. >> we were just outdoors for a couple of week, worshiping literally out of doors. and that ended up in a bingo hall. >> today, church members are
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and dedication of their new church homes here. this is not the first time that pastor dr. henry lyon dealt with a huge fire. lion was later convicted of stealing money ear marked to rebuild black churches. he spent five years in busines son before taking over his current church. a unique offering today in st. petersburg where the prize possession of a 1920s tampa mob boss was sold off to the highest bidder. several items from the home of santo casessante, jr. >> the don is getting a lot of play. 40 years old. they are getting a lot of play. >> there were crystal chandlers, several oriental
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72. jameis winston had a rookie the year caliber season but did the writers agree? and former buccaneer tony dungy and john lynch were up for the football hall of fame. did they get in? and meet the new class of the ter against william hall of fail, next in sports and what is it like to go
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>> tammy, i want to show you a little time laps from the performing arts center in sarasota. and we saw lots of clouds today. and round after round of light rain moving in off the gulf of mexico. it just would not let up. but i have good news. we are starting to see increasing coverage in those showers. and look at how cool the temps are already. right now, 51 degrees in st. pete. storm track on the showers. no storms but central polk county, stretching across the i- 4 corridor. hours headed your way. st. cloud in about 25 minutes for now. again, distant light showers. then decreasing amounts of rain across the viewing area. but more moisture still out
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125 miles to the west of citrus county. that means, yes, a few isolated showers possible overnight into the early, early morning sunday. by about 8:00, we'll be completely done with those few sprinkles. chilly, though. 42 degrees, crystal river, carraway. 48 degrees. st. pete, 50. when you add in the winds which will be gutty out of the northwest, it's going to feel even colder than those actual air temperatures, feeling like the upper 30s across the nature coast. feeling like 44 degrees in tampa. feeling like 43 home beach and going to be chilly across polk county, feeling like 39 degrees when you wake up the next morning. keep that in mind when you are headed out to play golfing going to church, to breakfast. you will need to dress accordingly. we will be decreasing clouds. as that sunshine breaks through, that will help keep things up but only into the upper 50s by the afternoon. so i want to show you the clouds. fir thing in the morning with the future cast model.
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seeing that sun pop out and gusty winds will pre vial but we'll be nice and dry through sun day maybe you want to check out the florida state fair. looking good as far as you can leave your umbrellas at home but, again, dress in layers, especially if you are on one of those rides up in the air moving quickly. it's going to feel pretty cool out there. and then tells dropping down into the mid-50s by about 7:00. and, of course, the big event of the day. super bowl 50. right here on wtsp. mostly sunny, windy and cool. you want to sit outside and watch the game, feel free. i'm going to be watching it actually from here at work inside. the beach forecast. a few things i want to point out to you. sarasota manatee county. rip current will be likely with those strong north to northwesterly wind at 15 to 20 miles per hour. water temperature now, 59 degrees and not a good day for boaters.
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seas, 6 to 8 feet. high tides. low tides, 7:42 in the morning. so here is the area of low pressure and the cold front that is responsible for our weather today. that's raising off to the northeast. as does another area of low pressure. merging with that front and creating some instability. but as we head into sunday night, that's right all pushing to the east. now, the next system that we are watching is a cold front moving into the area late monday into tuesday which will bring us a slight chance of a few showers. i don't think quite as much as what we saw today seven-day forecast for super bowl sunday is going to be windy, folks. hold on to your hats. wind about 20 miles per hour, gusting up to 25. then we warm things back up, 65 degrees, not too bad. and then the change comes with the next front. a few brief showers. isolated showers early tuesday morning and the front moves through. highs in the 50s.
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warm up wednesday through the weekend about highs back in the low 70s by saturday. we are on the go tomorrow. want to keep on top of the weather? we made it easy for you. all you have to do is go to the app store and download the 10 news app free, new and improved. you can sign up for breaking news, track and weather alert. >> the countdown to kickoff has tarted. super bowl 50 now just a day away. fans celebrating in san francisco. this year, cbs announces that a whole lot of people will be watching for just more than the play on the field. sarah joins us now live from super bowl city where she will be telling us what you can expect tomorrow. good evening. >> good evening. you are wondering where all the people are behind me. about 4:00 this afternoon in san francisco, the clouds got so big that the fire marshal
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in and, so, they decided it could potentially become too dangerous now, there are thousands of people outside the gate that are waiting to hear, not see, alicia keys in concert. meanwhile, the teams are holed up in their hotel under a curfew. the broncos and panther has their final pregame walk throughs on saturday. the cps broadcast team is doing it final prep work, too. injury reports, statistics and player profiles are all part of their game plan as they get ready to host a full day of tv with the biggest single sporting event in the world. >> we have a sizable audience of casual fans who will be watching. so you can't get real granular and talk about it he is so estorically.
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how it affected them. i said that's not going to happen to moment but get in the huddle and see how nervous your teammates are is frightening. it's like, what's wrong with you guys? >> reporter: here in super bowl city, people are taking in all the sights, but many just can't wait for the game to start. >> we are here to see the panthers win the super bowl, the 50th. >> we'll win by 7 points on sunday. ready? we have things up our sleeves. >> reporter: fans who are unable to fork over thousands can still have pregame fun. singer alicia keys played a free concert saturday night at super bowl city. that concert is set to start any moment now. there are other concerts and parties that are super bowl related around town. you may have seen the nfl honor some of its top stars. tammy, back to you.
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welcome to 10 sports. last night, jameis winston won the fan vote as the rookie of the veer but the writers voted running back todd gurley as the official ap rookie of the year.
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that wrong, this one, they got right. tony dungy elected into the pro football hall of fame. the former buccaneers head coach turned around a downtrodden franchise with four trips to the playoffs in six seasons, including an nfc central title. dungy set the cornerstone for the first buccaneers championship before heading to indianapolis and becoming the only african american coach to win the super bowl. >> coach knoll told me that the job of a coach is to make everybody playing better. you know, so i would rather thee edge erin james, and others go first, but that's why you have a chance. >> reporter: he mentioned john lynch for a chance to go, but
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the three-time pro will be pack up for selection for the year. eddy debartolo, jr.'s election into the hall made it for the make it. he won 13 division titles during his time in san francisco. brett favre will headline the 2016 class including ken stabler, marvin harrison, kevin greene, orlando pace and dick stanfel. [inaudible]. >> let's talk baseball.
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bichette said he had a lot conversations. he says that pitchers are good for something. hitting home runs. alan tramel inducked with former pitcher roy halladay. halladay. >> kind of the face of it and have the best showing of people in the last five or six years, it's very special. it's just really cool. i walk around, you know, see him and see guys that i played with and i have my own highlight reels going on. you know, not homer, but being with these guys, that's really cool. >> i'm just a huge historian, traditional baseball fan. usf lady bulls, looking for second place in the american conference.
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all-american courtney williams from deep ties it at 64. we are still knotted up. off the temple miss. puts it back, up and in as the owls upset the bowels for the first time in -- upset the bulls for the first time in their history. 61. forest. and we have prediction. >> i'm going panthers all the way. >> too much on offense for them. >> should be an exciting day. >> i'm looking forward to it.
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news morning. we'll have the news partners of the tampa bay time and the legendary tony dungy talks about winning the super bowl fame. >> that's fantastic.
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be sure to see that. and sunday morning, we take the time to tell great local stories. >> and bobby lewis went on the road all over the state recapping some of the fan as it tech super bowls that we had here. >> what a great special. >> should be a great time. >> that's the news for us at 11:00 but be sure to join us tonight for super bowl coverage. kickoff for the big game, not until 6:30 but plenty to see.
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