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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and pure dominance by denver's defense. peyton manning and the broncos are your super bowl 50 champs! a law to keep drunk and it's being ignored. 10 investigates is getting answers for you! social media warning! parents you may not know what your kids are getting into with some apps on their phones. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm ian reitz.. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby
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now one for the this morning the denver broncos are waking up the new n-f-l champions. in santa clara with a look at the big night. supers: peyton maning, denver bronco quarterback :15-:19 jim nance/ cbs sports :19-:25 teri okita/cbs news :42-
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the denver broncos won their third super bowl in became the first to win with two different teams. this game was like it really tested our toughness. linebacker von miller was named the game's mvp. track: super bowl 50 pitted the n-f-l's top offense against the top defense, and fans ... the majority dressed in orange ... watched a gridiron battle. the final nail in the coffin.came off a cam newton fourth a broncos touchdown. standup bridge: more than 70- thousand packed the stands . with tens of millions more watching live in over 170 countries around the world. track: coldplay scored big at their half-time performance . with beyonce and bruno mars. track: pre-game, lady gaga sang the national anthem. track: but the real show was during quarters. bowl champs head back home with their and heads ... held high. teri okita, cbs news, santa clara.
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super bowl moves to houston. the san francisco bay area host committee will pass the ball during a hand-off ceremony later this morning. and coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... former bucs player "michael clayton" will us -- to go over the biggest super bowl moments. we all want to see fewer drunk drivers behind the wheel. and that includes tampa bay's largest city... which has a creative law to encourage smarter decisions after drinking. but 10 investigates found out it's getting ignored. reporter noah pransky shows you how aggressive towing could be putting all of who travel on the roads at greater risk. nightlife doesn't get much more vibrant than tampa's south howard district. but alcohol can lead to bad decisions. and few can be as deadly as getting behind the wheel
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people just leave their cars and come get them the next day?" "i tried to do that... "...and my car was already towed. they say they tow at 5am." as part of it's ongoing investigation into predatory towing, 10investigates analyzed tens of thousands of tow records and no location in the region's largest city saw more vehicles towed last year. than 533 south howard avenue. each morning at 5am , a wrecker makes the rounds, seeking vehicles left from the busy bar scene the night before. the tow driver almost always finds one. snatching it up - and out - often, in less than 60 seconds. sometimes, he's doesn't even give drivers until 5, footrace to get back saving the car the wrecker's clutches. except drivers shouldn't have to a ticking clock, and possible intoxication standup see, the consumer-friendly law on the books that allows you to leave your car until noon the next day without getting towed - outside an establishment that sells alcohol on- the idea is to get you to make smarter decisions about driving under the
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except, some people are ignoring that law. 10investigates went undercover on a friday night, parking our suv in that same south howard lot.right in front of a pair of restaurants that serve alcohol. the city ordinance should protect our car from getting towed until noon the next day. but we came back at 5am. and so did the tow truck driver, hunting for his prey. after hauling away a red coupe.....he then his sights on our suv. he snapped a couple quick photos.. and 14 seconds later, was ready to hit the road. we had to run in before it was too late. clip 1 2:34-2:40 - "the city of tampa rule says you can't touch this car until noon." "that i don't know, because i have a contract." "i have it right here." we had the law in- hand; we weren't getting our car back without forking over the cash the state allows tow trucks to charge for a "drop fee." clip 1 2:50-3:08 - "can we get our car dropped please?" "yeah, it's $57.50." "well, actually you're violating the law here." "no i'm not - i'm within my right." "so this is the city of
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understand that, but there is no alcoholic beverages being sold on this property at 3am." "do you want me to show you my receipt from last night?" "i really don't need that, sir." but we had proof. because the night before, we visited those businesses, ordering a burrito and beer... then sushi and sake. enough alcohol to put most drivers above the legal blood-alcohol limit. which is why the city goes out of its way to keep them from having to drive home. clip 2 - 6:17-6:31 "it says you are not to touch a car on a property that sells alcoholic beverages between 9 and noon." "well, it's $57.50 for me to drop this vehicle; if not, it goes back to my yard and you can deal with that." it was cash- we paid and got the car dropped. then we went straight to hillsborough county's public transportation commission. 1629 "obviously, if your car got towed, there's a problem." the agency's head, kyle cockream, wasn't even aware of the ordinance.which begs the question, what good is a law aimed at discouraging drunk driving..if nobody even knows about it? 1117 - "in light of our conversation, i
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we're going to be moving forward stuff specific and unique to this issue." cockream says the agency won't just be alerting tow companies. it will look into local ad- buys to let consumers know their cars are safe overnight outside bars and restaurants in tampa. as for the owners of this lot, who make money off bar patrons, then order their cars towed out. they declined numerous interview but the tow company its 5am tow overnighting us this check for a refund. for tips on how to fight for a towing
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or to find out if you've been overcharged... go to wtsp dot com, and click on the "10investigates" link on the left side. right now the search is on for a violent fugitive. he's wanted for trying to kill a deputy. take a good look at 26-year-old "j'rokton williams." the pasco county sheriff's office says he tried to run over a deputy with his car. they were trying to arrest him on an outstanding warrant. he drove off in a 2008 infiniti -- g-37. it's purple with florida license plate e-b-k : b-1-9. there's a $3,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. the race to the white house is making a stop in tampa bay. donald trump's campaign now confirms he will be at the u-s-f sun dome friday night at 7.
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it's free to get in, but you must register and parking cost 20 bucks. some students are also planning a protest outside the event. we have information on both, on wtsp dot com. a warning for every parent -- do you know who your child's talking to on the phone and computer? just this past week a 13- year-old girl was killed by a person police say she met on an app. 10 news reporter jennifer titus is looking into some of these apps... and what it allows your child to do. take pkg: 50613 i'm guessing everyone's always on tablet most of my friends and it's true. teens eyes glued to their smartphones- tablets-on apps like 51516 snapchat instagram 50411 i had whats up apps foreign to most adults 50445 it's
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do what some are doing is -- sending racy photos, talking to strangers, even bullying. apps like kik let users chat anonymously. you may never know who's really on the other end. in polk, a 31 year old man pretended to be a 14 year old to get a teen to send nude pictures. snapchat photos and videos are supposed to disappear after a few seconds. but there are ways around that. 44849 they're online communicating people you never would've let them do tampa police officer derek lang says the only way to keep your child safe is to know what they are doing on every app. 45107 'as a parent you have to go investigate google best friend out there don't let them download something til you research' -jen stand up- from kik to snap chatkeeping up with your childs apps seems impossible. hundreds of new apps go into the app store daily. police say it's a huge challenge even they face. and you shouldn't hesitate to check your child's phone. jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. want to know even more about certain apps... and how they're being used by criminals? just click on this story on our website wtsp dot com here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. a scary scene caught on camera in
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a driver goes on a hit-and-run rampage after an alleged fight inside a bar. police say he crashed his minivan into several cars -- and then backed up onto the sidewalk where he ran over a woman. she's expected to recover. police arrested the man a couple of blocks later. right now, donald trump has a double digit lead over the rest of the republican field. ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush and john kasich are all locked in a fierce battle for second. for the democrats, bernie sanders is ahead by 10 points. but hillary clinton is closing the gap. candidates from both parties will likely remain until the polls close tuesday... the polls close tuesday... cbs drama series the good wife made it official in a commercial during sunday night's super bowl. this is the show's final season. the show's creators say they're looking forward to using this seventh season to bring the lead character alicia's story to it's "natural conclusion". coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning...a tough night for the carolina panthers
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the super bowl. carolina quarterback cam newton's reaction after the game has a lot of people talking this morning. the game wasn't the only highlight of the super bowl....millions tuned in just to watch the commercials. we check out this year's best of the best. some good ones... we see it all the time, football players getting hit in the head on the field. we take a look at the damage done to the brain after each impact. still to come on 10 news early morning. the super bowl was not only about was a huge social media night as well. a perfect more ways than one. the life-saving
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janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike?
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bobby weather fans had a lot to say
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bowl game... some funny lines... some good takes on the game. 10 sports chris fischer has the best from social media...
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surprises her trending online -- a minnesota wife surprises her husband with the surprises her husband with the gift of life. steve rice is in stage 5 kidney failure and needs a new kidney to survive. family and friends got tested to see if they were a match, and steve didn't think anyone would
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the post is going viral on facebook -- with thousands saying they are inspired by the couple. the transplant surgery is scheduled for next month. still ahead on 10 news this morning... a bay area girl was seen by millions right here on 10news during last night's super bowl.. we'll show you why next.. here is a look at what is coming up tonight on 10 news... at eight tune in for supergirl. followed by scorpion at nine. catch n-c-i-s: los angeles at ten. then it is time for 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests: bill o'reilly and former nfl star
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was more about the commercials.. one commercial.. it's an nfl sponsored commercial called super bowl babies. they found fans to sing in a choir that were born the year their team won the super bowl. for 12 year old megan hoening from the fishhawk area -- that's the buccanneers who won back in 2003. she was really excited to film the
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it live during the big game. it was cool to see her during the big game. game. coming up on 10 news this morning...the highly anticipated halftime show for sunday's super bowl. the main acts that have everyone talking this morning. plus, chipotle--closing its doors today for a few hours. what the company is doing now after several health scares. and today is the last day for presidential candidates to make their case to new hampshire voters. we'll be back with another look at your weather and
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