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kropff. and i'm ian reitz. we're on top of breaking news out of germany. right now, rescue crews are trying to save people who are trapped after two trains collided. it happened just a couple of hours ago in bavaria, near bad aibling...its about 40 miles southeast of munich. at least eight people are dead and about 150 people are injured. a police spokesperson says this is the biggest accident in that region in years. as zika continues to spread, the white house has big plans to tackle the virus across the country. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at the mosquito control center in clearwater. emerald, the obama administration will be asking congress for a lot of money.
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nearly two billion dollars in emergency funds to put towards keeping the zika virus in check. - and some of that money will end up going to mosquito control programs... - because it doesn't take much for mosquitos to breed...they only need about a capful of water... the president wants to give more than 800 million dollars to the cdc to help them with research on the zika virus - and to help them figure out ways to prevent the virus from spreading - and because there is no cure...he also wants 200 million dollars to go towards vaccine development and research. - here's what he told cbs' gayle king.
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what officials here in florida are doing. today, mosquito control officials will be coming together to talk about their plan to keep the insects under control. airlines are doing their best to help people who already booked trips to places where zika is spreading. i'll tell you how they want to help...coming up at 6. the man clearwater police say assaulted a six- year-old girl inside of a mall bathroom.. is behind bars this morning. it happened friday inside of the macy's at westfield countryside mall in clearwater. 18-year-old ricky blake thompson is in the pinellas county jail charged with battery. thompson told officers that he was at the mall to meet his ex-wife and pick up his young son. he claims he accidentally went in to the women's restroom the girl saw him and screamed. he told investigators he panicked and covered her mouth . she fell to the floor
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according to someone recognized thompson from a surveillance photo and tipped them off. eyes are on new off the first primary. and today florida will get a jump start on our own primary. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the pinellas county election office. sarah, florida's primary is still more than a month away. what's happening today? we've got until the second week of march but today 200-thousand ballots will be mailed out-- if you can imagine this: that's 17 pallets, stacked 5 feet high with ballots. but today in new hampshire, there's a lot of buzz sorrounding jeb bush and the idea of the florida candidate getting a second wind.
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candidate getting a second wind. bush finished 6th in the iowa caucuses, but he is setting his sights high on new hampshire. he told supporters he knows he's been written off and the end could be near but new hampshire is key. the state has been known for reviving struggling campaigns and embracing underdogs. coming up at 6-- we have the latest results in new hampshire. plus trump's very unconventional get out the vote speech. sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp parents in a hillsborough county neighborhood who are upset their kids may have to change schools next year can find out more tonight in an informational meeting. it's part of a new boundary proposal to help ease overcrowding. it's basically taking kids from stowers elementary and putting them into three other schools. the meeting starts at 6:00 at stowers elementary school. happening today, dogs could soon be allowed for the very first time on parts of pass-a-grille beach. today city commissioners in st pete beach could vote to allow dogs on the sand between 1st avenue north and 3rd avenue. dogs would have to stay on a leash. beach leaders say they're looking into the change after several dog owners begged them to open
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where they could let their dogs play on the sand. keeping drunk drivers off the roads is an idea we can all agree on. in fact, the city of tampa has come up with a great approach on that very topic. it's an approach other cities and counties should copy. here's 10news president and general manager elliott wiser with his reasons why. recently 10investigate's noah pransky highlighted a law in the city of tampa that helps keep drunk drivers off the road. if someone has too much to drink at a bar or restaurant, they can leave their vehicle parked in front of that drinking establishment all night and until noon the next day..without the fear of having that vehicle towed. that's the good news. the bad news was some tow truck companies were not following that rule.. and were towing vehicles at 5 in the morning.and not waiting until noon. even worse, key tampa city officials weren't aware of the rule. thanks to noah's
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the basic premise. someone belts down too many drinks and the last thing we want is for them to get behind the wheel. knowing their car will not be towed until noon the next day is great incentive for the inebriated to call for a designated driver. kudos to tampa for having the law on the books.'s time for other cities and counties to copy this rule. come on st. pete.clearwa ter.sarasota and all the counties. don't be proud.this is a great idea.steal it. there is no reason not be a grace leave their cars if they had too much to it's better to have a bunch of cars parked outside a bar as dawn have tipsy drivers on the road in the middle of the night. were quick to adopt red light cameras. they said it was a safety issue, but as shown over the
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money making scheme. there are too many laws on the books.but in this over regulated world we live in..this tow truck grace period is definitely a smart all you elected officials outside of tampa.get busy and adopt this new law and save lives. i'm elliott wiser...president and general manger of 10 news.and that's my opinion. please go to 10 news facebook page to voice your opinion on elliott's editorial. you can also watch it again on today is fat tuesday! it's the last day of the mardi gras season as it falls the day before ash wednesday, signifying the first day of lent. let's take a live look at new orleans this morning on bourbon street. some people on the street walking around right now. a big day is ahead for the city. closer to home, you can celebrate! one of the biggest mardi gras parties in the state will be going on in
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there will be live music at pioneer park followed by street entertainers, drinks and a parade at 7:30. a sign that baseball season is just around the corner. the tampa bay rays are loading up the truck for spring training. the team will once again play games at charlotte sports park in port charlotte. the first spring training game is march second against the washington nationals. there are just 14 days until pitchers and catcher report. it hasn't even been two days since the last play of super bowl 50, but predictions are already in for who will play next year. the top teams that experts say you may see at super bowl 51. but first, a record year in shark attacks worldwide. at 5:46, the surprising number from florida. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, n-c-i-s, followed by n-c-i-s new orleans at 9:00. at 10:00, limitless. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests olivia wilde and christiane
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right now, at least 8 people are dead and more than one hundred others injured after two trains crashed head-on into each other in germany. it happened just south of munich. police say some people are still stuck inside the wreckage. injured people
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hospitals by helicopters and boats. no word yet on what caused the trains to collide. voters in new hampshire have already begun taking to the the first in the nation primary contest. republican frontrunner donald trump has his sights set on a win today, while rival contenders ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich and jeb bush are locked in a battle for second place. democrat bernie sanders could come away with a win in the granite state after losing iowa to hillary clinton by a small margin. florida senator bill nelson wants the n-t-s-b to investigate why a cruise was allowed to sail through a storm on its way to port canaveral. the anthem of the sea was forced to turn around because of damage. it will dock in its home port in new jersey tomorrow morning. royal caribbean says the ship sailed through 20 foot waves and 100 mile per hour winds on sunday before turning around. passengers will receive full refunds and certificates toward a future cruise. we may be a year out from super bowl 2017, but vegas is already making its predictions. the patriots,
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seahawks are the favorites at nevada sportsbooks. they're 8 to 1 heading into the offseason. packers, cardinals and panthers are next at 10 to 1. the browns are the biggest longshot at 200 to 1, the only team with odds in the triple-digits. the bucs odds by the way are 50 to 1. next year's big game is set for february 5th at nrg stadium in houston, texas. it's the third time the city will host the game. listen to this...2015 saw the highest number of shark attacks worldwide. the florida museum of natural history says there were 98 attacks, including 30 alone in florida. the previous record was 88 in 2000. experts say attacks could continue to rise as shark populations
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newspaper tease:
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the ledger if you or someone you know has a fiesty cat, there may be a reason why. coming up, the new research behind why cats have attitudes. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app store now. a live look from italy this tuesday morning. this is a street- side view of piazza navona in the heart of rome. it's just before
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lovers out there, you'll want to check this out. if you cat has a bad attitude, a new study suggests the color of its fur may be to blame. researchers found a connection between a cat's markings and its level of aggression. they found calicos and tortoiseshells cats are more likely to be feisty. air b-n-b can thank beyonce if they have a surge in business. the super bowl halftime performer posted a photo and note on her facebook page thanking the vacation rental company. right now, that post has more than 570 thousand likes. t-m-z reports the performer and some family rented a 10 thousand dollar a night estate in silicon valley. the rental has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a rooftop vegetable garden and even live chickens.
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wildlife officials are keeping their eyes on a right whale and her calf. here's a closer look at them. they were found swimming in a brevard county inlet...that's over on the east coast. florida fish and wildfire have secured a perimeter to keep the waters clear. experts say its very rare to see this type of whale close to shore. coming up on 10 news this morning.. a massive rescue operation is underway right now after two trains crashed into each other in germany. energy drink is now why morgan and causing healthy people to have
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good morning and welcome to 10 news it is windy and cool out this morning. here's a look at the help your forecast it's a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. very windy and that will stay with us all day today. there is cooler air coming in from the north and west. that is behind that front that
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