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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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on the east coast of whale and her calf are back in florida wildlife officers have been tracking the white whales in shallow waters mom is 45 feet long her calf, an astonishing 20 feet. only 509 remain on the earth. fortunately today they swam right back into the ocean. it is fat tuesday. the final day of mardi gras. the final day of mardi gras. thousands of people lined the streets of new orleans french quarter to drink, catch beads, and watch the parade. after the parting is tonight the solemn period of lent starts tomorrow. and auburndale man is among the growing list of people lining up to sue monster energy drinks. many claim the drinks is causing serious health problems. 10 news reporter tammie fields is getting help from medical experts tonight about energy drinks and how safe they are for you and your children. >> marvin santiago needs to keep his energy level going up
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alert, he says he won't down a monster energy drink, no matter how tired he gets. >> it's not an option for me. >> attorneys with morgan and morgan claim monster energy drinks and many other energy drinks can actually be life- threatening. >> heart attacks, strokes. >> . >> the law firm has filed five cases in florida already and are investigating a least 100 more across the country. alleging the ingredients have not been tested and there are no warning labels. one of the cases involves a 14 -year-old who suffered a stroke. >> we have had a lot of children admitted to the er and hospital because of energy drinks. >> lori wright is an energy dietitian and says the drinks can be dangerous. >> it is really a deadly combination of caffeine and sugar. >> especially for young minds
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she pours of the actual amount of sugar in just one can. >> caffeine by itself can make you feel shaky, your heart races, you may feel short of breath. >> while the medical and legal debate bubbles over, marvin sandiego says he will stick to differ drinks for now. >> i drink iced tea and mango juice and orange juice and natural juices basically. >> . >> you feel better about that question mark >> yes. >> monster beverage corporation released this statement saying in part, the lawsuit filed today of a copycat case filed by personal injury or lawyers are trying to a cottage drink companies. monstrous comfort in the safety them. the dietitian we talked to says there are other drinks that are much better when you need an energy boost. you can find those listed on our website wtsp .com. developing tonight, the royal caribbean cruise shift
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instead of making a schedule stop importing outlook, the anthem of the seas will be back in new jersey tomorrow morning. as they get better cell phone reception, more passengers are tweeting and posting pictures of the damage to the ship. and they are talking about what happened. >> the fact that i was on deck five and was taking in water from the rain, you could hear the waves crashing against the whole, metal twisting twisting was scary. things got, no one panicked. the big question remains, question remains, why did the ship sailing to the path of royal caribbean says that is one of the mount hour winds were much higher than the forecast called for. senator will nelson once the ntsb to investigate. florida gets a bad rap for a lot of things lightning,
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florida was at the very top when it came to unprovoked shark attacks last year. take a look at these numbers. out of the 98 shark attacks worldwide last year. states. the other top countries were australia and south africa. out of those 59 , 30 some more florida carried most of those were in brevard and volusia counties on the east coast. the other states where the carolinas and hawaii. researchers at the university of florida. some important important things to remember. most of these encountered resulted in just minor injuries. only one florida attack was here on the west coast. a man was standing in shallow water on marco island when a short necked his leg. dog owners could get the okay to bring their pets to parts of a beach for the very first time. tonight city commissioners in st. pete beach could allow to
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sand between the first ave., north and third avenue. dogs would still have to stay on a leash. beach leaders say they are looking into the change after several dog owners take them to open a small area where they could let the dogs play in the sand. a day after it was reported missing, this $20,000 face has been reunited. someone put into a box outside of the arts center this morning. a cleaning crew noticed it was missing monday. st. pete police are still going through surveillance video looking for fingerprints to figure out who took it in the first place. keeping drunk drivers off the road is an idea we can all agree on. the city of tampa's come come up with a great approach on that topic. it is an approach other cities and counties should talk -- copy. >> recently 10 investigates highlighted a law in the city of tampa that helps keep drunk drivers off the road.
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drink at a bar or restaurant, they can leave their vehicle parked in front of that drinking establishments all night, until noon the next day without the fear of having that vehicle towed. that is the good news. the bad news was some tow truck companies were not following the rules, and they were towing vehicles at 5:00 a.m. , not waiting until noon. even worse, key tampa key tampa city officials were not aware of the world. thanks to know his story, they are are now. so let's get back to the basic premise. someone belts down too many drinks , and the last thing we want is for them to get behind the wheel. knowing their vehicle will not be towed until noon the next day's great incentive for the inebriated call for a taxi, uber, liberal, or designated driver. kudos to tampa for having the law on the books. now it is time for other cities
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come on say he, clearwater, counties. don't be proud, this is a great there's no no reason why there should not be a grace period if they have had too much to it is is better to have a bunch dawn breaks rather than having tipsy drivers on the road in the middle of the night. cities and counties were quick to adopt red light cameras. issue. but as 10 investigates has shown over the years, it was more of the money making scheme. listen, there are too many laws on the books. but. but in this overregulated world we live in, this tow truck race. is definitely a smart idea. so all of you elected officials outside of tampa, get busy and adopt this new law and save lives. i'm elliott weiser pres. and gen.
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>> please go to the 10 news facebook page where you can voice your opinion on elliott's editorial. you can also watched again on wtsp .com. we are tracking some strong gusty winds again this evening. in fact we've seen some gust up
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time for stories making headlines across the state,
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within the next month when it will begin removing lead contaminated heights from its water system. the project will cost about $55 million. the mayor says first priority will go to high-risk households with pregnant women and children. the italian coast guard released this new video of migrants rescued off of a greek island. crews pull them off a patrol boat one by one. they try to tried to warm them and take them to the shore. bluebell is getting more than a half-million dollar grant to train almost 800 employees. workers will brush up on food safety, refrigeration, microbial growth prevention and manufacturing. employees to complete the program will get a pay raise. the skies are getting a lot more crowded. the faa says there are now 325,000 registered drone owners in the us. that is more than the number of licensed pilots.
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is even higher because most drone operators have more than one drone. the faa started the registration program in december. here's something to watch for a few driving around downtown st. pete. construction on the firestone grand prix is going full speed ahead. a ceremony this morning marked the beginning of the 1.8-mile track construction. the st. pete mayor and 200015 winner one part globally a took part in the installation of the ceremonial first block at the nose landing. the race takes pl., march 11 through the 13. before ipad there were actually pin balls. a local store front is luring people into experience a little slice of their childhood. 10 news bobby lewis is on the road in tarpon springs, where old is new again.
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a lot like yesteryear. at the replay amusements museum you'll find all the bells and whistles. 50 pinball machines and 50 traffic arcade games with no quarters inside. >> once people walk in the door from eight - 80 it is amazing to see the emotion when they see everything in here. >> all of them belong to this man. the one letting his inner child run wild. >> it's like a museum. you come in in and instead of looking and watching and seeing your playing and touching and feeling. >> brian cheney considers himself a time traveler of sorts. and he's not alone in his pinball passion. >> there's nothing like this around the area for us. i live in brooksville and i'm down here a few times a week. i'm one of the monthly members.
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or maybe king kong? or was it the legendary pac- man? no matter what her classic, you you can find here at the replay museum where they are trying to invigorate the future the relishing the past. >> it brings them right back to maybe the first girlfriend at the arcade or the rollerskating rink or movie theater. it takes him back to that special place. whether they are old or young, everyone has that moment. >> the best part is you don't need quarters to play the game. >> don't you remember going with a bucket of quarters ? >> they do have a charge, daily fee of $13 but that is live for all day. >> that's a good deal for everything. >> the museum has more than 100 vintage games and is open thursday through sunday. it is an unconventional way
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coming up on 10 news at 6:00 p.m. >> want to burglar proof your home ? it could be as simple as what you planned. the landscaping tricks to protect your property. details of a new gun bounty program designed to get guns out of the hands of people who should not have them in the first place. it looks good on paper. but it people living in areas hardest hit by crime think it will really work ? a sundial tenant is already closing up shop. there is a winter storm moving through. so dc, the nation's capital is >> not just snow, they are mixing in some rain so kind of a wintry mix, not something you want to think too much about. dangerous out on the road. anywhere road. anywhere from 2 inches - 4 inches of snow are expected to
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that is as this system continues to bring to parts of the northeast and back into the great lakes area. we will see a lot of places across the country looking like those images you just saw. not tracking anything the way we did last time we were talking about the big lizard of 2016. we are getting some heavy snowfall totals up in through the appalachians and dc and new york and boston and all of those areas expecting get is decent amount of snow. the winds will be the main story with gusts about 30 - 40 miles an hour today. that led to some 13-14 foot waves foot waves offshore. really rough on the water. tomorrow won't be much better but we will see the wave heights coming down. you can see the pockets of snow falling across many areas of the country where anywhere from two inches-4 places like dc, baltimore, new york all going to be impacted by the storm. close to home, it is chilly. not quite, it is chilly. not quite snow chilly but we
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out as we head into tomorrow. right now still gloomy still gray and we have that breeze obviously shaking the trees leading to some pretty rough waters. we did manage to get to 60 degrees. that's where we are in tampa, 61 is the current reading in st. petersburg. those numbers not looking so bad but they will tumble overnight. as we start to see more clearing during the overnight hours allows more that to escape out into the state so were actually heading into upper 40s throughout the bay area tomorrow. and. and that won't even be the coldest day this week. the winds will still remain strong not quite as gusty as they were today. but even into tomorrow especially along the coast will see 20-25 mile an hour gusts possible so keep in mind a small craft advisory still in effect until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow we still have some pretty rough waters through the overnight hours tonight. heading out for the morning run still breezy and cool you want to wear long sleeves and the
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quickly as we head for some 60s tomorrow. notice along the coast waters will still be pretty rough and the winds will be high. we will see the winds generally between about 15 - 25 miles an hour at the beach. keep that in mind and it won't be all that warm with temperatures once again peeking into the upper 50s. getting through the day tomorrow, yes yes one more chilly day we have to get through but by friday 70s will be back in the forecast. the next couple of days will be on the cool side. we cannot rule out a quick sprinkle coming out over the next 24 hours. by then after that we don't move another round of rain chances until we head into what is looking to be late monday. so even monday morning we will be in the clear. keeping things dry for your valentine's day coming up on sunday 65 degrees. really cloudy we will see more of those clouds during the evening but nothing will
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still cool temperatures below average numbers as we top out in the 60s. between the two days getting outside this week and saturday looks really nice with temperatures up near 70 degrees. sunday itself not looking too bad for valentine's day plans. will have more on the cold temperatures we will see thursday morning. you can get the forecast any time download our ted news app for apple or android download
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bowl sunday helped save an elderly woman's life.
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had a missing for a couple of hours. >> patty snyder is thankful for super bowl sunday. it saved her mother's life. >> while watching the super bowl pregame show rob grabbed his phone and checked his facebook page. you saw an alert from northport police posted six minutes earlier. >> about an elderly lady that was missing with dementia. >> rob knew he had to help find her. >> my mother has had to venture for eight years. it could be my mother and i would want someone to look for my mother. >> northport city spent two hours looking for patty's mom, rob founder within minutes a half-mile away walking along
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do this out of the kindness of his heart it speaks volumes. >> rod is known for his kindness. nearly two years ago he rescue group, a straight 20 hours before being euthanized. >> he's brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. >> >> rod trained really to be a therapy dog treat they visit nursing homes and hospice patient several times a week. >> i like helping people living really brighten their day. >> it's that kind of spirit that moved rodney to search for patty's mom and bring her back home. >> he's a fantastic amazing human being. >> i'm just an average guy who tried to help. >> patty hopes to meet rod and thank him personally for finer mom.
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in protecting your property, the first thing that comes to mind might be surveillance cameras or an alarm system. police say the right plants can actually keep your home from criminals. 10 news reporter, jennifer titus watching through how it works. >> violent like more does the harsh reality of being a victim to a crime. she says she did not think twice about adding a security system. l e v el cameras monitored is
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