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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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"10news" at 11:00 starts right now. all the eyes on new hampshire. trump claiming victory. >> we love you. we'll be back a lot. because of a huge voter turnout and i say huge. we won. good evening and thanks for watching. >> the numbers are still coming in but we have a better idea tonight of how the field of candidates is shaping up. donald trump finished well ahead of the republicans. he walked away with 43% of the vote. john kasich with 16%. jeb bush finished in third and find out place with 11% of the vote and marco rubio pulled in 10%. >> on the democratic side,
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walk away the winner. right now 65% of presijts are reporting and sanders has the vote. politic call reporter mark is in the control room tonight breaking down the primary. >> reporter: sanders gets the win. donald trump scores back promises more wins ahead. cbs news is projecting donald trump is the winner of new hampshire's primary. poles show that nearly half of republican voters wanted a political outsider. >> i like what he stands for. >> reporter: john kasich's ground game paid off with cbs news prokaryoting a second please finish for the -- projecting a second place finish. for democrats, it was the
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trustworthy. "cbs news" is protecting bernie sanders scored a significant victory over hillary clinton. >> thank you new hampshire. >> reporter: clinton conceded the loss but said she's in it for the long haul. the next contest takes place february 20th with the democratic caucus in nevada and g.o.p. primary in south carolina. just like last week, another one might bite the dust. chris christie says he's headed home instead of south carolina. >> make sure to join news this morning for the full pole results. new developments tonight about the juvenile justice said two teens escaped from. the security company, two workers have been faired and
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training. over a week ago, two teens broke out of the facility through a hole cut into a change link fence. both teens have been found and arrested. the $25,000 sculpture has been reported -- returned after it was reported missing. a cleaning crew noticed it missing yesterday. st. pete police are going through suede and looking for -- surveillance video to see who stole it. a tae kwon do accused of molesting two student. another student has come forward after hearing his arrest on the news last week. 23-year-old andrew kim is now charged with capitol as well battery.
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kim forced her into a sex act. he taught in seminole from 2012 to 2015. police believe more victims are out there. anyone with information come forward. a crime alert out of sarasota. 40 cars burglarized in less than 24 hours. tonight, detectives believe you could be a victim and not realize it. sarasota police say the group hit more than 40 cars between monday and tuesday morning. now, the oldest suspect is 18- year-old matthau gun. the other three are juveniles. if you saw anything suspicious the last few days, give them a call. the police chief is holding a press conference in the morning to talk about the crime. a jacksonville teacher has been fared for allegedly sending nude photos to a student through snapchat. he workabled as a -- she worked as a p.e.
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she's thot been critically charge but the case is under this is your 60 second scan. an investigation is underway after two trains collided head on in germany. ten people are dead. dozens were injured. the trains collided at a curb in the track when they were going about 60-mile-per-hours. they believe the drivers may not have seen each other but waiting to review the data recorders. >> wish gas price stay under $2 $two a gallon in you're in luck. they expect gas to average $1 .99 nationwide for the whole year. if the forecast is right, this will be the first time since 2004 sense drivers paid under $2 $two a gallon for an -- an entire year. >> disney announced the
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2018. if you want a shot, tryout begin some of the summer of '17. no information on those tryout yet. that's your 60 second scan. getting busted with marijuana may not be a crime soon in citrus county, the commissioner is easing up on the penalty for pot possession. tonight, kendra conlon uncovers it could pay off for taxpayers. >> i don't believe in that marijuana. >> i don't think marijuana should be ill legal. >> reporter: citrus county residents are divided on decriminal raising small amounts of pot. so are commissioners. >> i never smoked marijuana so i don't know what it's like. but you know, there's too many people being put in jail and very costly. >> reporter: that's what's behind the push for discretion
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grams of marijuana a fine instead of a misdemeanor crime. >> there's so many cases in the court system today. if we can kind of eliminate some of that and also not ruining some people's lives. >> reporter: carnahan said it will save people tax -- tax pay ears in court. and revenue. 141 people got busted for less than 20 grams of marijuana. at $200 a ticket, that's $2828 -- $2800. the sheriff supports it. drug free america is also on board for first time offenders. the foundation believes people are less likely to get busted again with a find drug assess
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and jail fine. >> the commissioners who voted against it think 20 grams is too much. the county is drafting the order nanced will have a public hearing -- ordinance and will have a hearing within the coming month. what do you think? go to our -- on our page, 87% of you said yes. head to our facebook page and while you're there, joan in on the conversation -- join in on the conversation. we investigate towing in tampa. how you can get a refound. >> posing as a front end get cash. >> talk about sharing, the big event these between sisters celebrated together. >> 53 miles per hour. that's the top wind speed we had. 33 in tampa. when will that wind back down
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i got the answer for both. >> make sure to stay up for a new late show with stephen
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this is great work. we're glad you were able to bring this to light. we're shocked it's on the books in the city and they're not enforcing the law. >> a county commissioner wants a consumer protection extended to all of hillsborough county. after seeing our report, his goal, to keep more drunk drivers off the street. we expose how a tampa raul is getting ignored resulting in unfair towing outside of bars tonight, noah continues to get action. >> i thought it would be safe. i thought i wouldn't risk the lives of other people and myself to not get behind the wheel and drive. >> reporter: we met robin winkler when we were exposing towing in tampa. she paid to park, went out with
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she cam back to get her car... >> it was towed. >> reporter: the early morning tow was prohibited in this case. they can't tow overnight outside of establishments that serve choel. it's encourage meant for customers to find a different we're going to work on getting your money back. >> that will be wonderful. >> reporter: we brought to the office where they maintain records. >> i'm assuming my car would be safe. >> reporter: they investigated and within 24 hours, she had a refund for the unfair tow. >> all was wrong is right not world again. >> reporter: sense we first told but the saturday -- since we told you about the ordinance sunday night, we heard from you that want an ordinance in your county. we heard from commissioner kris
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entire county to give more people to alive their cars if they've had -- leave their cars if they've had more to drink than expected. >> it provides a way if someone has been out and drinking beverages, to leave a vehicle and not worry about it disappearing. roper we've been taking your -- >> reporter: we've been taking your stories to leaders. tomorrow night, we talk to officials who want to bring the same to st. pete and penicillin county. -- pinellas county. >> if you go to the "10news" app, we have resource on how to get refund if you were wrongfully you had to. link for the link on the left- hand side. a warning tonight about a new scam making rounds on social media. a lot of us are good about
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mail inbox, but this one is personnel -- personal. thieves are posing as your friends and asking you to click on a link that will deliver a virus to your computer or get you to send money their way. it comes from friends who aren't on facebook often and wouldn't notice if their lock in is compromised. sisters did more than dress alike this week. >> they each gave birth to baby girls minutes apart. >> we actually had a doctor's appointment today because we were due on friday. we got there and they're like, you have to go to the hospital. >> stephanie and nicole say they delivered their daughters just six minutes apart. the sisters themselves, get this, were born three minutes apart. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family, it's time for 10 weather.
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>> what are the odds of that? they have to buy a lottery picket. >> getting blown around today. 53 miles per hour at bell air. 56 and that maria island. as we head to the morning drive first thing in the morning, a little cooler for you tomorrow morning but a few degrees. start around 49 degrees. clouds will be decreasing eventually in the next few hours. i'm looking for sunshine to return. about 47 for you out on the owed real. here's a look -- out on the road early. the pacific is very choppy and angry the early part of today. the wind gusting have been running around 35 to 45 miles per hour. we did see the 50 miles per hour gusts. for the time being for the next few hours, still a little cloudy. this will go on most of the
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the reason for the wind and reason for such a chilly feel is high pressure is overtaking low pressure. so what we have is a squeeze play. air flow around counterclockwise, air flow around high is clock wise. the two were wedged in between add have that convergence what it's called going on. as that high starts to slide on over to the east, the winds will settle down. it's going to take another day or two. looking for breezy conditions tomorrow. thursday, we'll have the wind backing down. look at the snow with this today, made it all the way down to macon, georgia. some decent snow around atlanta today. it does happen from time to time. not often. take a look. georgia deer completely confused by the snow. this is from our sister station
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i shared that on social media a couple minutes ago. 50 currently in crystal river. riverview, 56 degrees right how. we're almost to the bay area. it's mid-50s. the winds and clouds keeping the temperature up a little bit. but the clouds thin out overnight. the winds back down overnight and that should be the difference being just a touch cooler in the morning. again, you won't have the same wind. it will probably female about the same. it probably -- feel about the same. we will hold on to broken clouds this your planner at least up until lunch time. but the second half of the day should be clear. in the futurecast, on and off, close to the coast, some clouds still holding on to the first part of the day. we're expecting the second half of the day, the wind starts to back down and we will be mostly sunny at least the second half of the day.
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midmorning to late morning. high temperatures, one more day where 50s likely rule for the afternoon high. 58 wesley chapel. 55 spring hill. same for palm a harbor and downtown st. pete. south tampa and mcdill, about 59. same for riverview and sarasota. 60 in likewood rambling and 60 degrees in winter haven, lakeland and in sebring. it will take two more days before the wind and waves settle down. this is better than today. offshore waves we saw ten to 10 ten -- 15 feet today. with your 7-day forecast coming up in a no moment. tomorrow, chilly and breezy. nice and clear, temperatures in the 50s.
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degrees. even warmer friday at 70 degrees. 70 degrees. we'll stay draw. no rain gear until monday. the coldest part will be thursday morning. 42 in at any point -- in tampa. if you want to retweet that picture, there's couple of cool snow pictures from up in georgia. if you want to keep up with the kidney, stormtracker10 or get a video -- with the wind or stormtracker10 all you have to do is grab your fiend we're -- your phone and we're right there. the maple leaves make a the fire stone take shape in
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now, live from the suncoast hyundai dealer's sports desk it's fame for sports. -- time for sports. >> toronto may be paying an offer. today they traded their captain add his big contract to ottawa. the lightning on the ice not much better today. they lost 4-2. that's the second straight loss. they tied this one. nice shot there. his 7th get. six minutes later, the canadians
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it's a 2-1 game. canada had 3-1. victor scored late to make it a 4-2 fwachl that's how it ended -- game. that's how it ended. it's getting closer to grand prix time. organizers for the fire stone grand prix put the first barrier on the ground. the mayor was there along with the defending race champ montoya. the race has moved up to march march 13th to avoid conflicting with easter sunday, which is at the end of march. montoya said he enjoys the challenges of the street course. >> you know, how close can you get to the walls without hitting them and, you know, commit yourself it's very important and, you know, you really got to commit. and especially in qualifies so it -- qual fying so it makes an
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>> take a look here. over a million broncos fans came out to cheer on heros with the big parade in downtown denver. meanwhile in charlotte, cam newton spoke to reporters and wouldn't back down from being the way he is. >> i've been on record to say i'm a sore hasser. who likes to lose? you show me a good loser and i'll show you a loser. it's not a popularity contest. i'm here to win football games. >> you won a lot this year. a scarry moment for north carolina basketball coach. after an argument with the ref, he went down to one knee on the bench. medical people attending to him and helping him off the court. he looked dysy. the school tweet -- dizzy. the school later tweeted it was linked to vertigo. >> gen kens pass -- jenkins
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she was back in the lineup for the first time since she sprained her ang the. they needed her -- anged. they needed her. just in time to get alisha back. coming up on postseason play. she's a monster. >> they have real tall women that play center... >> it's an international squad. they come from all over the world. and from i believe, georgia. [ laughter ] >> do you go for the game or go for the ladies? >> no, they're gorgeous and they can play. they have an interesting background. >> they come from around the world. >> i believe you. stay with us, we'll be right
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what dusay a minute ago? on the streets of new orleans are packed.
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as you can see. the famous bourbon street, thousands of folks enjoying the parties. the fun stops at midnight and ash wednesday starts. >> straight to downtown on the thousands spent -- celebration. thousands spent the night with great music and food along about a family friendly parade winding down on douglas avenue. >> i feel like you boys have had a good time there time in your life.
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