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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> there's an app for just about anything anymore. >> this app was brought to our attention in our story 10 investigates brought you on tuesday. where a mom told where a mom told us that even though she was tracking her teen daughter she still had no idea the girl was traveling to see an older man she met through youtube. the teen was using a fake gps app. >> the reality there's nothing better than just putting ties on your kids in knowing whether hour at all times. >> we put one of these through the test it's called fake gps. producer wants us to think she's a westshore mall. when i tracker phone, that is exactly what comes up. as you can see, britney and see, britney and her phone or just a few feet away from me. >> take your kids phone, examine your kids phone. you're not your kids friend. you really need to get involved and make sure you supervise them and watch those phone apps. >> because there are plenty of other ways our kids can be sneaky with their phone.
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text messages through your phone carrier. there carrier. there are thousands of apps that not only text back and forth even through wi-fi, but they dissolve the text messaging right after the messages sent. >> nothing, not even technology can replace good old-fashioned parenting. >> contact your kids during the day. make sure they are there. if they say they are going to the bowling alley and you have iphone app that is locating them geographically through gps, don't rely on that 100%. those spot check. >> this this is not the first time we have warned you about ways teenagers are trying to keep you clueless. just a few days ago we cracked a list of more than 100 secret codes they are using to communicate. you can see that list again on our website wtsp .com. you just need to click seen on tv on the left-hand side of the page. there you will also find a link
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and when you scroll to the bottom we have three other links with everything you need to know, including eight cyber safety tips and information about other dangerous apps. a student's bring praised for doing the right thing and a very scary situation. he chose to chose to get help when he saw another student loading a gun on the school bus. hillsboro county deputy say the student texted a relative, who then called police. when they caught up with the bus they found jamarcus sims with a 9-millimeter pistol, a loaded magazine and a black ski mask. sims, student brandon student brandon alternative school. deputies arrested him on the spot. deputy say this is not the first time sims has been in trouble with the law. they don't leave he intended to shoot anyone, or fire shots of the school.
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is in place and how much trouble a child can get in before getting the kicked out of school four good. royal caribbean's and some of the seas is still making its way back to port. this is a live look at the ship at sea just off the coast of new jersey. it should be back around nine pm tonight. passengers have been through a lot after that winter storm slammed at the ship. you see the wild pictures and video of the damage done buy that storm. but now we are hearing what the captain has to say. a passenger a passenger recorded an interview with the captain that was laid on the ship's in-house channel the day after the storm. here on here on land he's been getting a lot of criticism for
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that the storm was not forecasted. but plenty of meteorologist, including our own tend weather team say the captain should have known to avoid it. anthem of the seas is expected to be back in new jersey tonight at 9:00 p.m. you never want to appear to be throwing someone under the bus i mean thursday and friday we were talking about that turning into a nor'easter so it was out there. we're just glad people are okay. >> today it's cold. >> and it's cold today let's talk about it. right now 53 degrees in tampa, 50 in crystal river. crystal river, you are right about in the 40s and the sun has not even set just yet. it is not just a typical freeze advisory north of tampa, yes you have a freeze warning until nine pm for citrus and hernando counties until 9:00 a.m.
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east and south you also have a frost advisory area that means you still have to protect your plants and bring anything inside that might be damaged. frost could be seen all the way county. that advisory again runs through the evening. temperatures. we will wake up to how cold it will be for where you live and when it will finally warm up. new video of someone swiping a glass sculpture from a museum earlier this week. just released surveillance responsible. the security camera caught the man inside and outside the building tuesday morning. he was apparently returning the $25,000 sculpture after this theft got a huge amount of publicity. inside the museum that appears the sculpture. but they are sculpture. just yet. they also have evidence from
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dropped at the door. >> we are working on it and just sent off to the lab. their health follicles another sort of dna on the box that are sent off and of course that takes time. >> just after dropping off the box with the sculpture in at the police said the suspect had a short conversation with a man standing next to a white limousine. they do not consider that man a suspect that detectives want to talk to him to see if he can help id the man in the video. donald trump pulled off the big when he needed in new hampshire. take take a look at this, not victory. escaping headlines from the new dawn of the brain-dead, and then trump taking to twitter posting that the paper is worthless. the huffington post headlines of racist, sexist , demagogue >> mark rivera joins us to break down all the results of new hampshire's first in the
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it means for the presidential race. >> there are two big reasons why new hampshire matters going forward. the first one, it is already weeding out an oversized republican field. and carly fiorina have number two, and the. candidates are probably the this means the money going forward for john kasich, ted now that he he finished in a close fourth place there. especially when it comes to that extra cash, those candidates will get a nice boost when they are propelled down to south carolina. we've seen case sick -- kasich and crews may need to watch out because that's traditionally bush territory. and watch out keep all this in mind donald trump is still out pulling them by double digits. so how good how good is new hampshire predicting a
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since 1976 this state has picked only two republican presidents. we have ronald reagan in 1980 and george hw bush in 1988. it has 1988. it has only picked one democrat during that same part -- time period, jimmy carter. so if you're looking for prediction out of iowa or new hampshire you are probably better off looking to florida where we have a more voting population. i'm working on a peace about that population and weather floridians even care about their native sons, jeb bush and marco rubio with donald trump so strong in the mix. the zika virus is spreading fast. experts say say the number of cases in the us could grow to significant numbers. six new states have joined the list with those with confirmed cases of zika organ, indiana, delaware, tennessee, pennsylvania, and ohio. florida still has the highest number of zika cases with 16. medical experts s congress today for nearly $2 billion in
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as mark albert shows you, that includes funding for help health issues and mosquito control. >> the nation's top health officials gave lawmakers wednesday a graphic description of the voracious mosquito behind the zika virus global health scare. >> it can bite four or five people in the course of one blood meal. meaning it can spread disease quite quickly. >> 80% of people who get zika don't show symptoms. the don't show symptoms. the virus has been linked to a rare birth defect known as microcephaly which causes head and brain abnormalities. >> we are working around the clock to find out as much as we can as quickly as we can to inform the public and to do everything we can do to reduce the risk of pregnant women. >> pres. president obama has s for an emergency 1.8 billion dollars to fight zika. but some republicans criticized the administration for
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disease program by 15%. >> the administration's disregard to this dangerous inexplicable. >> the cdc upgraded its emergency operations center to a level 1 status this week bring up hundreds more employees to work on combating the virus. >> ted news has been on top of the zika virus since the first morning and we want to make sure you get all the information you need. you can find all the latest stories including our list about the sprays that are the best about protecting against mosquitoes. that is on our website wtsp .com. hospitals are one of those places you expect to keep you and your family safe. >> imagine how terrified a family must of been to find out their newborn was in the
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from a life of privilege to life in a jail cell. tonight we are getting our first look at you can catch his new home. he's the so called affluenza teen from texas charged in a dui crash that killed four people. >> his lawyer argued his wealthy upbringing kept them from understanding the consequences of his action. couch is being held at an adult prison. the sheriff said rumors he is being called are wrong. jim douglas gives you an inside look at what couch is experiencing day in and day out. >> this is what we call a separation's style. >> . >> this is what ethan couch calls home for now. or could be an even smaller sell. >> this is a single cell and the difference you see a
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>> either way, you get the picture. >> this is the ability for we need to basically leave a person here 244 hours a day. we don't have to move them at all. >> when a judge ordered couch out to juvenile detention friday sheriff anderson put him in the still shiny new law evans jail. tighter security, safest for for jailers and prisoners. inmates never even interact. food through the being shoot as they call it. visitation through the being shoot to be a computer monitor. >> . >> there is no tv watching in this facility. >> unless an inmate wants to watch an exercise video. they can work out in their cells to richard simmons where jaclyn lane, or go to a tiny bare exercise room. >> it's standard, it's what we use this is it. >> it's true inmates can get ice cream, but only if they buy it from the commissary card. that is a privilege jailers can
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the sheriff says ethan couch is here because this is the best place to protect him. >> he's a notorious high- profile high-profile inmate you have to worry about someone else trying to hurt him. >> a judge is expected to decide in nine days whether to move his case to adult court once he turns 19 in april. the sheriff says no -- so far catches been a model inmate. you probably saw was looking toward the north. the south as everything it gave us the bridges and some of the tree lines give us a little bit of a break we are able to sign find some pockets where it wasn't quite as windy. 30-mile an hour gusts so far 28 in avon park and around sarasota were yesterday we had a 53 mount hour wind gust.
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little bit today. 58 currently lake wales around 61 in sebring with temperatures falling quickly into the low 50s as promised never really got that warm when you add in the wind on top of it. it felt pretty chilly all day today. let's run down the advisories if you're just getting home. let's step back here so you can see that not only do we have this time of your typical to get a freeze warning for citrus and leavy and hernando county this goes from around 3:00 a.m. 29:00 a.m. but on top of the freeze warning that is in effect the one thing we don't see all that often is a frost advisory. that is issued for basically everywhere northeast or south of tampa. most of the eye 75 and east but also including all of pascoe county. and northwestern hillsboro county. so as to see it run that far
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money invested in plants or vegetation you may want to bring them inside or cover them. notice some frost is possible on the windshield in the morning first thing until about 9:00 a.m. that goes all the way into southern highlands county. the reason will be the clear skies and the winds actually backing down to almost calm conditions right around daybreak. perfect setup to allow for frost to develop and allow temperatures to plummet tonight. so when you step outside this evening you won't have the wind blowing around as much is the last couple of days. you will likely see your breath especially late tonight and first thing in the morning. it will be colder than it has been in a while. but tampa temperature around 42 to wake up to, 43 in st. pete look at the suburbs, lutes, plant city, brenda, upper 30s will be common. and touching around the freezing mark will be common. and touching around the freezing mark from zephyrhills and wesley chapel up to hernando and inverness 39 in newport richie. pretty cold around sarasota 44
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chilly even down to the north for the ground 390. 44 in venice and in the heartland we are looking at about 35-30 and about 35 - 37 to the end of the day. as promised, lighter winds and create -- clear skies. once the sun comes up phenomenal day. 64 may still sound cool but was no wind it will feel much much nicer. we are looking for high temperatures in the upper 60s east of i 75 room plant city, dade city, 65 around bradenton and lakewood ranch. on the water better day there only a light chop on the bay for once. northeast winds to start turning southwest but under 10 kn winds to start turning southwest but under 10 knots the entire day. low tide at 1003 p.m. a.m. low tide at four pm. a little cool in the evening as temperatures fall through the 60s it will still feel much better than it has lately. that warm-up continues into friday with 710, near 70 on degrees, near 70 on saturday. your seven-day forecast, valentine's day also in the 70s. still holding onto a decent chance of showers and storms
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overnight hours and early tuesday morning. one to keep up with forecast at any point those winds catch-up it during the day or the rain hit your windshield or you just want weather alerts so you can be notified of things happen the ted news app is a great way to go get on your phone for free. operating illegally for years. coming up on 10 news this local kennel where a small dog was attacked as being forced to shut down. we are digging deeper into who was supposed to be regulating these types of businesses. a major airport is making breast-feeding moms a priority. where these new lactation stations are getting a boost up. it is a little windy at clearwater beach but not too windy to keep two sons from chasing the dream.
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olympic gold letters. a demolition crew goes too
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lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary.
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tearing down giant buildings is serious business. new video out of houston the proofs it is possible to screw up a demolition. take a look.
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>> you got the whole thing. >> oh >> oh my god. >> a crew spent weeks taking down this parking garage and they were almost done when something went wrong. a huge portion came down all at once. it. it is hard to see in the youtube video that it collapsed on top of an escalator with a worker inside. the damage was pretty bad but the worker was able to walk away without a scratch. prices at the pump keep falling along with prices of oil. it is cheaper to buy a barrel than a bucket. the price of oil dropped below $20 a barrel today. meanwhile the price for a bucket of fast food chicken holding steady at around $29. the government is predicting the average price for 1 gallon of regular gas will stay below $2 per gallon this year.
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is not happen since 2004. i am taking a closer look at gas prices the national average $1.72 per gallon and in florida average is $1.78. in the bay area it cents. in the bay area it is lower at $1.71 for a gallon of regular. a serious mix up at a tennessee hospital leads to a baby undergoing an unnecessary operation. while the parents parents think their baby could face problems for life. would voters rather cast a ballot for socialist or an atheist?
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we are staying on top of several big stories happening right now.
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passengers at sea along the
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