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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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landing in an emergency landing at lax. an american airlines was forced to land because of smoke in the cockpit. everyone is okay. a bill to spare dogs from getting euthanized is heading to the governor's desk. it allows exceptions if the animal is defending a person or if the dog attacks someone illegally on your property. the bill exempts police dogs from dangerous dog laws. good news at the pump is bad news on wall street. stocks tumbled as oil prices fell below $27 a barrel today. markets recovered after a 400 point drop and closed down 255 points. imagine traveling from downtown st. pete to the beaches much faster than through the air. you may be riding a gondola like you may see at a ski resort. these would go 40 miles per hour.
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shows you how it will work and who will pay for it. >> reporter: first it was clearwater, now st. petersburg is considering air gondolas. 10 news tracked down this copy of the city's application for a $40 million federal grant called beyond traffic, smart city challenge. it encourages cities to find ways to improve ground transportation. >> we can make it safer and energy-efficient. >> reporter: st. pete councilman kennedy say they are in the beginning stages of applying for the grant. only one city would win. >> i would anticipate the competition will be fierce. >> reporter: the gondola will be the center piece of the vision. >> it is a new idea. it will bring more attractions to st. petersburg. >> we need had the for a long time. it is something to connect downtown to the beaches and make it easy for us to live here to use.
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proposed route for the gondola. east and west it goes from the st. pete pier to treasure island then north to tyrone square mall to caroline park. the grant covers city-wide wi- fi, smart cars and more parking. are your tax dollars on the line? how soon could it happen? only time will tell since it is in the beginning of the stages. >> why not make the city more beautiful than it is already. >> reporter: darren flowers 10 news wtsp. >> for a closer look at how the city plans to improve your travel in st. pete head to the seen-on-tv section at downtown tampa's business district is getting a huge new addition. crews began construction today on the 23-story apartment tower.
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than 360 apartments will be ready for folks to move in. soon it could cost hillsborough county more money to build. today commissioners talked about a new mobility fee to fix the roads you drive on every day. >> we have infrastructure that is quite literally crumbling before our very eyes. we desperately need to move forward in finding a solution in getting these roads up to speed. >> county has a $350 million short fall in money to fix potholes, patch pavement and restripe roads. with more people moving into hillsborough county our roads are only get worse. tonight we are digging deeper into what went wrong on the high seas? passengers from the royal caribbean anthem of the seas are happily back on land tonight. the coast guard started its job of assessing the damage done by a major winter storm.
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to the storm avoidance policy. a spokesperson says they'll hire more staff in the office and review how to deal with unexpected storms. forecasters say the ship's captain should have known they were in store for hurricane force winds. chief meteorologist jim van fleet is joining us with what forecasters were seeing before this ship left port in new jersey. >> we talked about this thursday and friday night. let's put that aside. say the ship leaves. was there time to turn around? this is the models i use to put your forecast together for sunday afternoon. this was issued saturday evening. a few hours after the cruise ship left. 350-miles from jersey to the outer banks of the carolinas cruising around 20 knots. that's a 15 hour window to stay
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here's later with this storm sunday evening. we are talking late night. watch this wind up from sunday night we are talking category three hurricane winds as these models were issued saturday night winding up to a stronger storm offshore on monday. again, was the word out there? you see eric fisher all the time. he is me for our cbs boston station. like we were talking on tv here, he was issuing that tweet saturday night as well as ryan who runs weather belt with a couple other guys 9:18 saturday night. cruise ships leave 4:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. the word had been getting out several days. time stamps were there. there is no way around it. it was out there and moving forward. it is our hope a lot of lessons are learned from this. we'll talk about your forecast coming up at 5:45.
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regardless of the weather you can see if cruise insurance is the right choice if you have an upcoming trip. all the information you need is on our website under the seen-on-tv section. there are two new cases of the zica virus in florida. one in lee county in the fort myers area. another one in miami-dade county. meanwhile lawmakers on capitol hill heard from disease experts for the second day in a row. cdc says two pregnant women who contracted zica outside of the u.s. miscarried after they returned home. obama administration is asking for almost $2 billion to fight zica. health officials want to spend a third of that in puerto rico which is a u.s. territory. a dozen cases of zica have been contracted there. u.s. olympic committee is bringing in infectious disease specialist to talk to the teams heading to rio. cdc says pregnant women should
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mosquitoes are spreading zica. almost all of the women competing in the olympics will be of child baring age. a family of a north carolina woman is outraged after she was mauled to death by a dog she adopted. they think the previous owners knew the pit bull would be a problem. they put an ad in the newspaper and pawned the dog off to a mother of two. >> i think the people who pawned the dog off on these people need to be held responsible. she is a great person. this should never have happened. >> with the help of an attorney the dog will be put down. hundreds of hunters have three days left to catch burmese pythons in florida. they are not venomous. they are big, strong and threaten the florida ecosystem.
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if you don't have that mind set you could get hurt. >> he tracked down his first burmese python eight years ago and he was hooked. he is works as an it guy and spends time on as a snake hunter on the side. >> i had hold of a 17-foot python a couple years back. it was great. >> the top freeze for the python challenge is $5,000. he is competing with a team of volunteers. he'll be featured on an upcoming planet show that focuses on the python challenge. >> reporter: gulf wild life stunned by the cold. what aquarium volunteers are
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here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. attempted prison break triggered a riot at a prison in northern mexico. 50 people were killed. no inmates escaped. pope francis is scheduled to visit a different prison in mexico next week.
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murder case that's been unsolved 50 years. former priest is underarrest for killing a 25-year-old beauty queen in texas. irene garza went to confession in 1960 and never returned. her body was later found in a canal. mayor of cleveland is apologizing to the family of tamir rice, the 12-year-old fatally shot by police in 2014. the apology comes after the family was billed $500 for the hospital. cops in austin, texas are getting on board buses to spot unsuspected drivers on their phones and radioing ahead to a team of motorcycle cops. they wrote 40 citations and had to let a dozen drivers go because they didn't have enough people to pull them over. on the road tonight there is turtle trouble at clearwater beach. dozens of turtles are washing up on the shore that's causing
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10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the world where world-famous winter has house guests. >> reporter: clearwater marine aquarium is usually busy. >> we are out. >> reporter: but not this busy. >> people got to work. >> reporter: so busy i could barely squeeze in a question. the reason? >> i'm going to give you this. >> reporter: their new friends with flippers are taking over the place. >> these guys came in yesterday. we ran out of bins so that's why we are sharing. yesterday we had 13 live and 22 dead. today we are up to six alive. unfortunately probably a higher number of deaths. >> reporter: all because they are freezing. already this year the aquarium has taken in over six dozen turtles cold and washed up on the beach.
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>> current numbers will 74 and growing. >> reporter: adrian's day started at 3:30 a.m. with another call for a stranded turtle. >> in the morning i'm trying to figure out who is going where and what is going on because we have so many. >> there are ten turtles at the clearwater marine aquarium year around. there is not a lot of room for more. 74 new turtles that come in cost $300 each to give them their initial medical evaluation. aquarium is hoping to treat them, flip them around and get them back in the ocean. >> hopefully we can get these guys back out. >> reporter: bobby lewis 10 news wtsp. >> the aquarium is trying to find other facilities to send the treated turtles. >> last year the aquarium took in 116 turtles. in two months of 2016 they treated 74 turtles.
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the road share it with us. tweet, facebook or e-mail bobby at on the road at coming up on "10 news at 6:00", a burglar steals something that can't be replaced. memories of a loved one. >> that is all i had left of him. they took that from me. >> a woman is asking for help getting her father's ashes back. we never gave up fighting for these homeowners. now a 10 news investigates series leads to tough action against the builder. could you qualify for a big payout? crime alerts, drivers that need to pay special attention to bank statements is coming up tonight on "10 news at 6:00".
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it has been cold the last few days. >> water temperature running in the mid 50s. the wind is not helping. >> it was cold this morning but we had a nice payoff. >> you may still be thawing out from this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. with no wind. beautiful clear skies. it felt a lot better than any day this week. 68 polk city. tampa 63. 62 st. pete. storm tracker 10 just like outside your window clear with nothing going on. we have a few fair weather clouds over the straits, keys and by miami tonight. pressure. any time you see on a weather map this guy here, grab your bags, head outside and have fun. that's stable air sinking air. it keeps everything in check. keeps the bad weather away.
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eventually this weak front, you can see no storms or clouds on that, but it is a front, will start to sink down our way for saturday. the weather along this is going to float over the mid carolinas and mid-atlantic region over the next 48 hours. there will be stormy weather along that front. for us it will sweep through quietly. as we look out, you can see sailboats. this is a cruise ship leaving port. it is about the right time as they head out close to the sunshine skyway bridge. clear skies and light winds that start the dinner time hours in the low 60s. most your evening will be in the 50s tonight. there will be a chill still in the air in the morning. compared to 42 this morning in tampa and 32 in crystal river and hardly any wind at all, unlike earlier this week this is a cake walk.
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50 st. pete. downtown tampa 45. 41 zephyrhills and wesley chapel. look for 49 in sarasota. north port will be cool for us around i-75. about 43 degrees. closer to the water 48. heart land 43 degrees. a great day, a wonderful day to try to make it a three-day weekend. make your plans and adjustments. have somebody cover for you. 71. a touch cool at day break. that rapidly shoots up to low 70s and southwest winds 10 miles per hour or less. we are looking at high temperatures around 75 in lake wales. on the water light chop on the bay. good day to get out there. water temperature cool. southwest winds under 10 knots.
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saturday, men while you are out buying flowers and chocolates 68. 67 for valentine's day. we will be back with rain gear if you will be out late on monday. most of us will be inside. after 8:00 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms that
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it took 40 days but a bay area vet was helping three swans. >> this is the first hatching ever by incubation. it is the first step in replenishing the black swan population. >> reporter: every time dr. madison hole's lakeland's newest swan she realizes the significance of their birth. the odds were against these lady black swans making it this far. the last time a black swan survived birth in the bay was five years ago.
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known to stay with their eggs. doctor said they were successful because of this. a state-of-the-art german incubator. the white swans far out number black swans. of the three eggs that hatched only one baby bird's future is in the balance. it appears the bay area's black swan population is promising. in lakeland marcus grayson 10 news wtsp. >> it looked like one had a mohawk. so cute. now the vet doesn't know the sex of the baby black swans yet.
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>> to see a slide show of the birds head to click seen on tv. "10 news at 6:00" is moments away. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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a skimmer peeled off a gas pump. now a push to go after the people who put them there faster than ever. heart breaking crime. thieves go after the one thing inside this house that can't be replaced. good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm courtney robinson. thank you for staying was. first up a 10 news investigates story we broke on it impacts thousands of you. after years of aggressive 10 investigates reports kb homes is forced to pay out millions of dollars for building shotty homes in a hurry. >> it is a story we have been staying on top of. tonight we have 10 news team coverage on what could be a megapayout for homeowners. jennifer titus is breaking the good news to relief kb homeowners in lakewood ranch.
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crumbling construction by kb homes. >> reporter: first, we want to get you up to speed on our investigation. in august 2012 we first brought you the stories of new condos with leaking walls, unstoppable mold and crumbling balconies. in september 10 investigates revealed kb homes might have known about the problems before selling the units. then in october, as kb started to patch up some of the problems, a state senator pleaded for attorney general bondy to get involved. in may of 2013 she did assigning a team of attorneys to examine the construction. tonight bondy is coming down hard on kb homes to pave the way for thousands of homeowners to get part of a $10 million payout. >> what does this mean for homeowners that have been fighting for years to get help? >> the settlement means these


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