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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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they were both shot in the leg and expected to survive. don't be surprised if you see dead fish at the beach this weekend. red tide blooms in sarasota engelwood have been killing fish. blooms are expected to move through the waters over the next three days. fargo, north dakota man is out in temperatures above zero to show support for fallen officers. jason moser's death inspired him to say police lives matter. a story for every parent tonight. do you know how well your child is performing in school? florida department of education released school rates today. among those that failed the same elementary schools in st. pete that have been labeled failure factors. 10 news reporter jennifer titus is getting answers about why the grades are not improving.
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again tonight to find out their child's school failed once again. they say although the direct made changes it is not enough. >> we realize through the racially identifiable schools we have challenges. there are ways to get around it. >> reporter: six months after 10 news sat down with the pinellas county superintendant about five elementary schools in st. pete that ranked among the worse in the state, a report out today from the florida department of education shows not much has changed. receiving an f grade. >> what grade? >> preschool and first grade. >> reporter: some parents so upset because these school child's education. >> yeah, people in higher positions isn't doing what it is supposed to do to get these schools on track. time. we ask parents partner with us to put in support from the
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success we want to see for these students. >> reporter: lisa with the pinellas county school district says they improved the school district letter grade to a b for the first time since 2011 and increased the schools with an a and b. >> the parents are reasoned to be concerned. that's why our work will continue. >> reporter: jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. breaking it down. the florida department of education graded 3200 schools statewide. grades. close to 650 got b's. even more were considered average with a c. all these grades are based on tests given about a year-ago. parents you can check on your
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we posted a link to every school and the grade they
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it is not too late to request a voting ballot. you have unsill march 9th as the supervisor of i elections to send you one. according to state law registered democrats and republicans are eligible to vote in the presidential preference primary election. completed vote by mail bat roll will be in the supervisor of election's office by march 19. if you have not registered to vote the deadline is tuesday. investigators are asking for your help tonight after two thieves made off with a new ford f-450 from a dealership. you may not realize that you witnessed a crime. take a look. sarasota detectives say they pulled up to sarasota ford in a flat bed truck off haines parkway then loaded the $74,000 truck on the flat bed and took off. if you have any information detectives want you to call
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if you have an i-phone a prank may turn it into a brick so you cannot even use it. it sets your phenoback to 1970. it reboots and won't start all the way. if this happens you'll have to go to the apple store to get the battery removed and put back in. >> at&t plans to test 5g wireless technology this year.
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however, ag isn't expected to power smart phones until the end of the decade. verizon will test 5g but doesn't have a timeline yet. one of the newest moment the nfl hall of fame was out spreading hope today. former bucs coach tony dungy and his wife passed out packets of hope to st. joseph's children's hospital. baskets are stuffed with toys, game and crafts. they are designed to comfort and support kids dealing with medical challenges. >> my wife and i come out and pass out the baskets. we do all the fun work. all the hard work is done putting them together and getting it ready and shipped out. to come and deliver them and make the day more fun from the kids is awesome. >> the two delivered 300 baskets in one day. the organization plans to
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i'm frack stag cold front for the days and head. we'll look at the forecast at 5:45. here's a look at the sky 10 traffic camera. take a wild guess what bridge this is. that's right i-275 the howard
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here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. it has been a deadly week for law enforcement across the country five officers were killed by gunfire. that doubles the number of officers who have died so far this year. a temporary cease-fire in next week. the deal will allow food and humanitarian aid to reach hostile areas where homes have been destroyed. coast guard crews are looking at the anthem of the seas to see if it can sail. the royal caribbean ship got caught in hurricane force winds before turning back to new jersey. a piece of the propeller was broken. controversy swarms the titans of maverick surfing competition in california.
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sporting events in the world and only men are competing. the commission is demanding they change that. there have been female judges and on patrols and water rescue. that's why they want to change. manatee county's high number of nonemergency ambulance runs are tasking the emergency system. there may be a way to cut the costs. 10 news reporter isabel mascareas shows you how a new e.m.s. program might be able to help. >> reporter: every time manatee county e.m.s. receives a 9-1-1 call the only place paramedics can transport hospital. >> they take away from someone else's emergency. >> reporter: manatee e.m.s. says last year only 5% of 46,000 9-1-1 calls were true medical emergencies. >> it leads to er backups and
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streets. it is usually for non-acute problems. dental pain. frequent falls. respiratory patients. diabetic patients. >> reporter: those are the patients the program will target this summer. >> it is a gate keeper for patient navigation for the different resources in the county. >> reporter: to help prevent future er visits community paramedics will do home safety checks of 9-1-1 callers who use the emergency line more than three times a month. >> 51% of transport injuries are falls. if we were able to mitigate falls by grabbing devices, ramps or removing trip hazards in the home that will reduce the transports. >> reporter: e.m.s. will begin training two paramedics and a program manager next month. >> i expect to have more cases than resources. >> reporter: in manatee county
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>> manatee county has a state grant to run the pilot program. it will ask manatee county commissioners on tuesday to include the program next year. the hottest names in music are preparing for the 58th annual grammy awards. l.l. cool jay will host the grammies for the fifth consecutive year. taylor swift will open the show. she is up for seven awards including album of the year. lady gaga is planning to give one of the night's most highly anticipated performances. it will be a tribute to the
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i'm courtney robinson. coming up on "10 news at 6:00" does donald trump from your financial support. praying on the most vulnerable. the con that trapped dozens of seniors into trafficking drugs. saying fair well to a long time public service. what it means for those that depend on it tonight on "10 news at 6:00". we have been through storms and cold and windy weather. >> you kept your promise. >> it could be like tennessee, getting snow in the last 24- hour. that looks like the kind that is not easy to drive on. that is a mess. this was around knoxville in the mountains.
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blanketed with snow. i want to show you where it is at. it cleared out of the mountains and now is in the mid-atlantic. could see some more again late tonight as the cold northerly wind is bringing it into kentucky and higher elevations. it is more than likely to come this way. same cold front we are tracking for the weekend. if you have not seen the forecast in a couple days you may want to know we are tracking a cold front for the morning. high pressure kept our skies clear and is doing so along this front. it has not allowed much to develop. the main piece of energy is going out in the mid-atlantic. that will wind up offshore and head off northeast. here at home, as we expect this front to roll through, we'll be looking at increasing clouds after dark. for your evening beautiful, clear skies for sunset. temperatures currently in the upper 60s for us in brooksville, land o'lakes and carrollwood.
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you clear for the important hours while you are out tonight. i'll look for building clouds after midnight and even a chance that we will track this front. might even see what looks like rain on the radar. i'll explain it in a moment. tonight around tampa and st. pete. low 60s. light wind. we'll wake up to mid 50s. very comfortable considering the windy and cold mornings. it is manageable and doable. in our forecast again before 7:00 a.m. i expect a few clouds to stream by. you might open up the 10 news app and see rain. this front brings a couple light showers. we are so dry at the surface. it probably will never make it to the ground the way things look. the weather word for that is verga. that is a possibility between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00. don't look for much rain for the next couple of days. that is in the forecast. saturday and sunday beautiful
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great day to go to the fair. it is the last weekend for it. get it in while you can. 66 in the afternoon. low 60s for the dinner time hours. early evening hours. night parade. i hear a few people go to that time to time and enjoy that. 56 and clear skies. we are looking at a light breeze in the low 50s. should be really nice. then it is golf on sunday. 44 at 7:00 a.m. it will be chilly first thing in the morning. after you are done with golf, it is time to take care of your sweety. whether you are taking them to breakfast, brunch or dinner upper 60s for the lunch date. upper 50s late on sunday. next front we are tracking is monday night into tuesday. it will look to be a tuesday event. we'll need to be ready for
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for the most part likely tuesday is very, very stormy. we'll stay on top of it. at this point i expect rain and storm. minimal severe weather threat. there is a couple things i'm watching. if you want to keep up with the forecast over the weekend you can do it on your phone. wtsp in the app store is a good way. it is not your average
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one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money.
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geico motorcycle, three contractors carrying out justice. >> the super hero inspired police officers are coming to life in the pages of a new coloring book.
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pasco county sergeant grew up wanting to be an artist. went to school in new york. he was pulled into a career of fighting crime investigating murders. he wanted to create the comic book to bridge the gap between you and lawmaker. educating kids and also preventing crime. >> . >> they hope to have eight page books printed up in circulation in restaurants, churches and schools within a few weeks. they'll see how it goes and they may be required to print even more. >> is that great idea in restaurants. not only are they going to have
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fans and foes of trump a pack tampa as new hampshire's big winner focuses on florida. 10 news is live with team coverage.
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crash on i-275. why doesn't ever ramp have a sign like that? we are getting answers. is grandma smuggling drugs? the warning every family needs to know about. good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >>i'm courtney robinson. he is probably the most controversial presidential canidate. tonight donald trump is in tampa. we have team coverage tonight. political reporter mark rivera is inside the usf sun dome where fans are pouring in. >> first some perspective on how big this rally really is. the sun dome is located on the usf campus on fowler avenue. it holds 10,000 people. that's more than double the
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where trump sparked 4,000 people in november. we begin with mark rivera inside the sun dome. there is no lack of energy out there. >> reporter: we are in the thick of it. the last time we spoke there was 1200 people here. now take a look at all of the people behind me. there are about 5,000 people in here, half capacity so far. it is a big day for donald trump coming to tampa. one of the biggest names going for the republican side of the ticket. now i am joined by nicole orchard, who is a supporter here. you drove several hours to get here. what is your biggest issue with trump now? what are you thinking he'll do for the country? >> i really think that he is not political correct and he is not afraid to say what he thinks. i think we need less government. we need a smaller government. we need less taxes. we need more support for small business owners.


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