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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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where trump sparked 4,000 people in november. we begin with mark rivera inside the sun dome. there is no lack of energy out there. >> reporter: we are in the thick of it. the last time we spoke there was 1200 people here. now take a look at all of the people behind me. there are about 5,000 people in here, half capacity so far. it is a big day for donald trump coming to tampa. one of the biggest names going for the republican side of the ticket. now i am joined by nicole orchard, who is a supporter here. you drove several hours to get here. what is your biggest issue with trump now? what are you thinking he'll do for the country? >> i really think that he is not political correct and he is not afraid to say what he thinks. i think we need less government. we need a smaller government. we need less taxes. we need more support for small business owners.
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she is dying right now with obamacare. he needs to repeal obamacare. it is hurting small business owner who is have a certain amount of employees. >> reporter: thank you very much for your time. your family is all here to support trump as are many of thousands of others to the usf sun dome. we'll hear from trump in an hour. he is definitely going to count his double-digit poll numbers over marco rubio and jeb bush combined. mark rivera 10 news wtsp. >> dump trump! dump trump! as you can see not everyone is a fan of trump and his campaign. protesters stood outside of the sun dome with big signs and strong words. while they are smaller in numbers compared to donald trump's supporters their message is loud and clear. 10 news reporter tammy fields is joining us live with that part of the story. what are you seeing now? >> reporter: i have to tell you this crowd continues to grow.
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in front of the sun dome. while many of them are saying that they know they are outnumbered here, they say they have a very big message and it is important for them to get it across. protesters mainly university of south florida students calling republican canidate donald trump every name in the book for his past comments about immigrants, muslims, women and gays. >> trump isn't the right canidate for america. he is a liar and a fraud. he has never told the truth. >> people are stuck in their ways and they don't want to change. it is insensitive to have one mind set and think they are superior than other people. >> reporter: 700 groups coming together saying dump trump. >> in this day and age bigotry
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he is more vocal than politicians of the past could not be. >> reporter: back out here live while there are a lot of important and serious things a lot of people are having fun at donald trump's expense. the sign in the middle reads if donald trump is elected there will be hell toupee. get it? a lot of reasons out here and folks that don't like donald trump much. they are trying to get their message out there to the public. we are live in tampa tammy fields 10 news wtsp. at home you probably noticed tammy's video, as well as with mark rivera was blurry. we are using cell phone technology to bring you the live shots. we are working to get that cleared up.
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are seeing in florida. preach chances are you'll be shocked at what we'll be found. imagine this is the total donation for the top republican canidates in florida. right now trump has 187,000 dollars in donations. that is pocket change compared to the other campaigns. ted cruz raised almost $1.6 million. far more. home state canidate marco rubio has almost double that. he has $4.2 million. jeb bush has raised $6 million here outraising all of the others. why are we showing you this? the point is donald trump does not need your money. he is here vying for your vote. he is self-funded.
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donald trump's rally online or on-the-go. open our free wtsp app and click on the red banner at the top of your screen. too often. deadly wrong way crashes on i- 275. it happened on the ashley exit highway. to try to help. >> i need to break this so i can get the doors unlocked on the other side. >> tonight we want to know what will it take for bay area roads to be safe again? chris carson with the florida department of transportation says they are studying how this crash happened. once they determine where the driver got on the highway on the wrong-way they'll make improvements necessary, possibly with eye-catching signs like these. >> we are studying these flashing signs. we put them at several locations.
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it is an on-going study. >> troopers are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in this crash. it could be weeks before they get results from toxicology tests. it was two years ago this week when four usf fraternity brothers lost their lives in a wrong-way crash. they were not at fault. a driver hit their car drive south on i-275. 10 news wants to make sure everyone will drive sober. head to and download the parent teen contract making it clear you will not tolerate drunk driving. florida is taking more action against zica virus as new cases pop up around the state. there are now 20 cases of zica. three of them in hillsborough county all travel-related. tonight the state is launching a hotline to take your questions. it is for you, tourists and anyone else with concerns about the virus. the number is on your screen.
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adding to if fears, a michigan woman's claim she got florida. digging deeper we did call the centers of disease control and cdc epidemiologies are looking into that case. when it comes into our news room. there is something you could do this weekend to prevent mosquitoes from breeding around your home. hillsborough county is collecting tires tomorrow. they are easy breeding grounds for mosquitoes. we posted collection times and sites at bus changes at william's park in downtown st. pete is changing its route. it will have a major effect on william's park where the hub is now. on sunday the last bus will roll out as they switch to the free system. today employees thanked current riders handing out chocolate ahead of valentine's day.
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hearts to those customers that we love. because we are on about 48 hours away from a historic expansion of public transportation in downtown st. petersburg. >> some say the hub has become a central spot for the homeless. and they will have nowhere to go. city says it is reaching out to the homeless community and helping them get to shelters like pinellas hope. new information following a story 10 investigates first brought to you. repairs are coming to a runway, which is aggravating nearby homeowners. mike deeson found planes flying into tampa international airport are disagreeing a voluntary agreement to avoid noise sensitive runway except during abemergency. homeowners south of the airport say the noise is disturbing them. they are in for a break. starting monday the aviation authority will resurface this runway which will take it out
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homeowners are asking if the airport can operate without the runway for two weeks without problems why it is used repeatedly even when there are not emergency conditions or extreme bad weather. we are staying on top of this story. in manatee county there is about to be a new safe place for your kids to play in bradenton. the police department is teaming up with the church to build a basketball court. the court will be built in the empty lot of 16th avenue and 13th street west. police are using money seized from drug arrests to pay for the basketball court. how in the world do grandpa or grandma become a drug mule? >> we have a warning for you and your family next. look at this sunset. you should enjoy that full screen. beautiful in sand key. it is only getting better
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one lakeland man spent 18 months in a foreign jail.
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to avoid becoming a victim. >> reporter: one of the top priorities of this committee -- on wednesday witnesses and family members testified on the u.s. committee on aging about how this phone scheme ruined their lives. >> my father was arrested in madrid last july having 200 kilos of cocaine in his possession. >> reporter: the caller invites the senior to a trip overseas. once the senior lands he is quick to pick up luggage and bring it to another country. the drugs are aligned in that luggage. the feds say 145 seniors have been duped so far. investigators say the victims thought they were carrying innocent items. >> typically the criminals pick up the tab for the senior's travel expenses. that's one way that they convince them they are legitimate.
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and dubai is not one of them. i said i want to go. >> reporter: better business bureau knows about scams that target seniors. they have a scam tracker online. we told them about this new dangerous ploy. they say they are opened to adding this new fraud to their site. >> once you get into drug trafficking, that gets more into law enforcement. >> i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: in lakeland marcus grayson 10 news wtsp. >> collins says 30 seniors are still in jail in foreign countries as a result of this fraud. check out the scam tracker. go to our website i was thinking i might get jim
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>> maybe a steak or something. >> that's the way to a man's heart. this weekend is off the chain. >> you get me reggie. >> i really listen. >> we'll talk about it. i want to show you. this may look weird. it looks like the sun is setting on the east side. it is the reflection of the sunset in downtown buildings. isn't that a cool shot? that's the sun now going down. we are looking east from pinellas county across the bay. 70 leak wales. 65 lakeland. 66 brooksville. storm tracker 10 is quiet. and will be as we head into your evening. i'm tracking a cold front even though high pressure has been
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interestingly enough if you have not seen a forecast in a couple days and want to get your weekend planner, that is the current location of this front we are tracking. note there is no clouds or rain. there is nothing to work with the majority of this front. there is an impulse of energy across the mid-atlantic. that's will wind up out to sea and turn into a good sized storm. not the level of what we saw last weekend with the other low. still we'll wind up into an impressive low in the atlantic. you can see the cold air and snow happening over the great atlantic. you can see the tracks. the walls are going up for the tracks in downtown st. pete. low 60s for you and clear skies and a gorgeous friday evening with light winds. i do have that front coming in saturday. it won't mean a cold morning for you.
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a little above average in the upper 50s to start your saturday. if you are up around sunrise or just before we are looking at a few clouds just for a couple hours 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. yes, that would mean rain as far as future cast goes. you have probably not heard us talking at rain all weekend long. verga is what it is called. it means it is raining above us. but evaporates before it gets down on our level on the ground. here's a picture. it falls from the clouds but never reaches the ground. it evaporates into dry air. don't be surprised tomorrow morning if you open the 10 news app and you look outside and only see a few clouds going by. we'll be track it in the upper atmosphere. it is called verga. by 7:00 a.m. it is gone. the clouds go with it. the majority of your saturday is rain-free, cloud free
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a touch cooler than where we were today. still not a bad day looking at upper to mid 60s for highs. valentine's day similar although the second half of the day we'll see more cloud cover coming into play. i am tracking scattered thunderstorms. it looks to get wrapped up late monday night into tuesday with this low coming across. the main low will be up around atlanta. time will tell if that develops and spins up a secondary one. that will give us an idea if this is just rain or do we have stronger storms in the mix? it is a forecast i want to keep checking on. we'll have an update at 11:00 with new models. a valentine's day delivery for special animals in the bay area. so far this group has been crossing the country delivering more than 400,000 bowls of healthy food to homeless pets. today the stop was a pet food warehouse in st. petersburg
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to three animal organizations. pet pal animal shelter. florida poodle rescue and the bruno foundation each got 1500 pounds of food. >> it is important to focus on animals that need help. rescue pets are in need of loving homes where they'll stay forever. >> this 2008 halo donated 15 million-pounds of food to shelters and rescues. donald trump is in tampa.
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welcome to 10 sports. it is like you are happy to be home from a terrible work trip to find an unwanted guest in your house. that's the case for the lightning tonight as they face the nationals goal tender who is undefeated against the bolts. winners of eight in a row on home ice are licking wounds after dropping two in a row combined six goals. and dealing with a loss of defenseman garrison to an injury, former first round pick has been called to replace him on the blue line. >> he is here for a reason. he's done really well there. we have had injuries before on the back end.
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we have to pick up minutes. >> nascar has nine day before dropping the green flag. brian vickers has been announced as refireplacement in the 500 driving bass pro shops number 14 car. rays pitchers and catches will hold first spring training workout in poral charlotte. matt moore is looking forward to the process after missing last year's rehab from tommy johns surgery. >> looking forward to getting games going and opening day and all the stuff that comes after spring training. i feel like i'm going to be part of things. >> we are a half hour away from donald trump's rally in tampa. 10 news is live there. you are looking inside of the sun dome. the arena is pretty much packed. speakers are getting the crowd excited. and protesters are still outside of the venue. donald trump starts his rally
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we'll bring it to you live through and our free app. search and download wtsp through your app store. we want to show you what is next for the south carolina primaries and nevada caucuses on saturday february 20th and march 1st. super tuesday people in 14 states will cast their ballots. >> that's it for "10 news at 6:00". join us tonight at 11:00. breaking news is always here and always on.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey cand >> pelley: republicans fight for the christian right and prepare for our cbs debate. tempers flare between the democrats. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. >> pelley: also tonight, a low blow of cold in much of america. the pope's pilgrimage to mexico. greyhound racing may be neither the end of its run. and steve hartman at a museum of love. >> i built it for other people to see, but it's for me, too. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"
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