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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a towering conservative icon -- gone. a spot on the nation's highest court -- open. tonight -- president obama is standing his ground -- saying he will be the one to nominate the next supreme court justice. good evening, i'm tammie fields. supreme court justice an-to-nin sca- lia was found dead today from what appears to be natural causes. the big question now -- who will fill his spot? the answer will determine who will be deciding
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cases that directly impact your daily life. tonight, reporter omar villa-frah-nca takes a look back at scalia's legacy. scalia leaves behind a wife, 9 >> we honor his extraordinary service to our nation and one of the leaders of our time. >> he was born in trenton, new jersey.
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and then he went to harvard law school. he was a strong advocate for gun rights and consistently voted for states to outlaw abortion. he talked to charlie rows about one of his most famous decisions that led george w bush taking the white house instead of al gore. >> the remedy for a case is always subject to the courts discretion. >> his absence on this court will change potentially the balance of the supreme court. remember the supreme court is now narrowly divided. >> he may not be able to get passed the republican congress before the
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>> he leaves behind a wife, nine children and several grandchildren. on, you will find more information about his death. new information on a 40-acre fire. this fire broke out near the citrus and hernando county line. tonight the fire is being contained. the i-15 is opened again. three university students were shot this morning. one is from the bay area. students gathered in daytona beach to honor the students that were shot at an off campus party after a fire broke out. 23-year-old, johnson, a linebacker was killed.
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isn't a student has turned himself in. in a wake of last month's deadly tornado, they have issued a new alert system called "code red". it did not alert the city like it was supposed to. turns out the city was not signed up for the alert. now they are making sure the residents are safe. >> i never received the call and unbeknownst to me, i didn't know we had this system. >> especially when you are asleep, it's a good thing to have. >> to receive the new alerts even if you are one of the 13,000 people already signed up on the website, you have to sign up again. >> all the buccaneers had to bundle up. we were in the middle of the final
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>>reporter: he doesn't shine any rider than the lump naet ileum innate parade. they were the march the grand marshalls. >> i have been to a lot of parades. >> it's a smaller but more experienced crowd. >> you know other one is okay. this one is a little bit more laid back because it's adults and nobody really cares. >> the police do but they were able to remain passive as the crowd was in control. >> typically the night parade is a more r rated parade but it doesn't stop families from coming too. >> we never have a problem.
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we come it's great. >> i get a lot of beads. >> beads is the most pride but the real treasure. >> if you made it out to the parade, we would love to see your photos. you can share it with us on our facebook page. you can call it perfect snuggling weather for valentines day. we'll tell you if you need a jacket for your date tomorrow night. >> that's right. it means it's a really chilly start for our valentines day in the bay area. you can see in panama city and 47 in tallahassee. we are seeing widespread temperatures and 54 degrees. those
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10 degrees over the next 12 hours. going out for lunch with a nice 68 degrees will be a nice lunch. if you are heading out to a romantic dinner, be sure to bring a sweater. >> i have some changes. you may want to hear this coming up. thank you. it's time now to bring up headlines. >> in louisiana police officers were shot today. they are expected to survive. one officer was grazed and the other one was protected by his bullet
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gunman was seriously injured by police. the pope arrived today in mexico city. he said the president has the duty to provide safety to its people. >> the grammy awards this weekend. the stars are hitting the stage for rehearsal. valentines day is tomorrow. hopefully you have a special someone to spend it with, and hopefully you already have a heartfelt gift picked out for him. even if it's typical flowers orchards or even a high tech gadget. if you are still heading out for last minute gifts, here are a few things to consider. >> when a woman says, this is a really nice thing.
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right gift? >> i don't think it's hard if you are married to the right girl. >> she's standing next to you. >> it's the thought that counts. if you are low in cash, no problem. we have worked it out for you. we have a video showing you creative gifts that you can make at home. >> start your engines. nascar giving us a taste of their season at daytona. we'll take you there coming up. plus the lightning and rays coming back. we'll show you how just ahead in 10 sports. >> why one candidate is describing
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>> boy oh boy, sparks flew at the republican debate. greg boswell reports. >>reporter: the republican presidential candidates took to the debate stage and the first questions turned to the death of supreme court justice skalia. >> i would like the president to for once here put the country first. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we are not going to allow barack obama to make one other appointee. >> things got heated between donald
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>> obviously in the war in iraq is a mistake. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building an apparatus to keep us save. >> the south carolina primaries is just a week away and could decide who makes the race. >> for marco rubio this is his time. >> voters go to the polls february 20th. and good saturday evening to what a pretty day at our local beaches, however it was a little bit cool out there with the on shore flow over the water temperature which is around 57 degrees. sunday afternoon will be
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winds will be diminishing and you will feel a little bit more comfortable. it's 48 degrees in crystal river. they are dropping quickly tonight. 56 clearwater and newport around 54 degrees and we'll see those degrees tumble over the next few hours. we are going to the surface set up and we have a cold front to the south of florida straits. that's why it's tonight we are colder than 24 hours ago. between these two systems, we have a pretty good northeasterly flow in place and right now conditions are not too great but they will be improving. low temperatures down to the upper 30s for citrus county. certainly snowy weather. we don't have freeze warnings, but you
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vegetation. in the bay area, currently in the 50s. for saint petersberg. a chilly start. it's 60 degrees. the winds around 10 miles per hour. >> they are getting in the spirit for valentines day. pretty cool sand sculpture displaying cupid. it's going to be a great day. breezy sunshine. your winds at 9 miles per hour. not a lot going on. i can show you the wind direction in the morning out of the north east. that's going to pull in some moisture from atlantic. you might see some high level clouds from our inland areas. basically a sunny day all day long for our local
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and a nice day celebrating valentines day. always a good time out there. nice pleasant, mild conditions, not too hot and not too cold. if you are going out in the evening, you might want to have a sweater. if you head to the beaches this season and you end up with itchy eyes and coughing, just the best bet is to go to the pool. if you are taking the boat out. 2-3 feet. bay water temperatures 59 and you have index around 6. the sun is getting stronger this year. our tied times for saint
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sunday for a low tide at 11:45. if you suffer from allergies, keep that in mind, you might have to stock up on some kleenex this week as they are staying at a high category. rain we are tracking for late monday into tuesday. an area of low pressure just the to our north. the front moves through bringing with it a chance of rain with scattered showers. that will be a quick moving front and already seeing a clearing front tuesday through the afternoon. storms through 10:00 p.m. monday and tuesday. high temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s and when you are on the go this weekend, download our app
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working cameras. it was wreck after wreck at daytona.
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>> it's the appetizer before the main course in daytona. a 75-lap shootout for practice the daytona race. only four caught up in a crash. this one has 3 laps to go.
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a third shot at the new over time and it fails. denny going with delgado and the crash with caution. hanley gets the checkers for the third time. >> gaiters open alabama. second half dorian smith. gaiters up 6. alabama goes on a run. and one. stick with the tie on his back. alabama shocking the gaiters. winning since 1995. 61-55. >> the lightning would consistently say a win doesn't build momentum.
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even the equalizer with 26 left. the sixth game for stammer and the only game winner adding to the momentum franchise record nine straight home wins. >> especially when you come back like that. we didn't play our best but we find a way to win. guys are feeling a lot better than themselves. >> when you are in the season and on a roll, things happen. i think it buildup a little bit more. you know, for us to have that to get off the way we did. >> the kiddos and families are out at a hockey game in tampa bay. they allowed the fans to watch the lightnings but there was a streak out with the community.
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distributed over 16,000 tampa bay lightning street hockey sticks. and we donated hockey gear to schools. it's been tremendous. >> you can see how much the game is growing. when you see the kids coming out with their hockey sticks. it's fun to practice in front of them. >> the rays talked baseball and little league coaches at the trough and talking about game planning many for the first 3 years, they donated 10,000 hats and jerseys from charlotte county. >> it's special since my tie is personal from little league baseball and some that i got to play with and grew up in.
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prodigy. so much as they drafted the win team over all. fast forward for today, trying to deliver on that promise. addu not in uniform or against his old squad. preseason friendly and checkout the extra action there. passing the line to the 28th minute. luciano and taking another look. pulls darnel king and touches the ball out of bounds. should have been a foul. they still lose. >> bill murray always delivering a lap. they are having fun. to the action, phil nicholson with the lead and lefty on the lead with
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tomorrow's final round action. at 6:00 tomorrow in the arena. the lightning will have a chance to win at home. it will be a record if they pull it off. extra for bishop. talking to him about it today. he says he's really excited. >> we are excited too.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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all right, make sure to join us tomorrow with 10 news. this week you will get the updates with how the presidential candidates are shaping up and you will see how one family's legacy is continuing on the road to the olympics. 10 news morning where we take the time to tell you great stories. >> finally tonight. >> people are running down the street in their underwear. cupids running down the street in red
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it's for a great cause, the cancer foundation. >> at least it's for a good cause. >> you have to figure it started at a beer establishment to come up with that idea. >> it was really cold out there this morning. >> even colder for sunday morning. we are talking about wake up temperatures in the mid-40s for the bay area and in the 30s if you are in citrus county. keep that in mind if you head out in the morning. you may want your jacket. >> that's going to do it for 10 news at 11:00 p.m.. be sure to join us
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