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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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was part of our family, part of our business. he is not employee number one number five -- 1155, he is roger.>> reporter: roger perez borough toe was hit and killed on the side of the road on the howard franklin bridge around 2:20 in the morning. you just finished working the car when he spotted two people with car problems along the bridge. you put them in the cab of his truck and that's when troopers say allison faye huffman slammed into him and kept right ongoing. troopers later found her damaged the sot in the parking lot of the crown plaza hotel near westshore mall. she was later spotted in a cab outside the hard rock casino. she has been arrested for dui three times in the past.>>
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you guys are the ones who allowed her to die. with her record, she should have been put her were a -- put away a long time ago.>> reporter: his older brother, choking back tears, too upset to talk, says we have a lot of responsibility in this world. i think he is in a better place. tammie fields, 10 news.>> troopers say the woman a suspected -- suspected was violating the move over law, something that has been happening too often. last month we shared an investigation that not a week goes by without at least one tow truck driver killed. phyllis pransky is live with what you need to know about this little-known traffic law designed to keep us safe.>> you may know that the law requires you to slow down 20 miles an hour below the speed limit and move over elaine when passing
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that also applies to records. tow truck drivers are risking their lives out there, but driver after driver of passenger cars failed to move over for them even when there is an open lane. tow trucks operator wayne gauges lost his wife when she was working on clearing the scene of a rack. their family told us last month they are sharing their story to spread the word -- word about the law.>> you need to move over. people run 70 miles an hour on the interstate. you hit somebody, they are done.>> since 2011, more than 30,000 tickets have been issued for the violation, but tow truck violations were not tracked. if you know someone putting lives in danger on the road or you witness a hit-and-run crash, it is easy to get in touch with the highway patrol.
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we have that number and more information about hit-and-run consequences on our website, new information about deadly syrian airstrikes. syrian activists say russia's behind the strikes. charity drs. without borders says hits clinic was it four times in minutes. at least a dozen people including children and pregnant women killed. this comes days after a cease- fire in syria. rushes -- russia claims it will keep hitting planes in syria will despite that cease-fire. this leave civilians with nowhere else to go for medical help. parts of the northeast are going for rock-bottom temperatures. not as many people have been out on the roads because it is
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from new york and connecticut up into new england, temperatures dropped as low as -40. once the snow and sleet transitions terrain, flooding could be a problem. tonight, the death of antonin scalia is shaping the race for president. scalia passed away over the weekend. even though his family did not want an autopsy, we have learned he had a history of heart trouble and health problems. rita jang shows you the battle ruling over selecting scalia's successor. >> reporter: the owner of the west texas ranch where he died says he was found in complete repose in his room on saturday. he was on a hunting trip and was his usual personable self the night before. officially he was known as conservative titan while serving the nation's highest court. >> it's a -- if it's a question of rights and liberties, that's
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sides of the campaign trail have claimed the presidential election is a referendum on the future. >> we are one step away from a supreme court ruling.>> reporter: president obama pledged he would appoint his successor. >> i plan to fulfill my responsibility to denominate a successor in due time.>> reporter: senators were urged to consider the president's decision.>> we don't want for congress to hold the supreme court hostage.>> despite his controversial opinions, scalia had deep friendships with liberal justice's. reader jang, cbs news, the supreme court.>> we are digging deeper to what scalia's death means to the country. four of the remaining eight
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decisions while the other are -- others are conservative. the supreme court is split down the middle on immigration and the affordable care act. cases will be taken up on both topics in the next few months. is the hold on executive action shielding people from deportation? arguments -- argument start in april. if the decision is split, the hold would continue until obama is out of office. second is whether religious affiliated groups have to imply -- supply health coverage for contraceptives. the issue has come up in appeal courts. a split decision would lead to the law being interpreted differently depending where you live. a familiar face on the campaign trail in south carolina. george w. bush joins his brother jeb for a rally in charleston tonight.
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popular his family is in south carolina. earlier today, george w. bush and his wife laura met with veterans in california. the democratic primary is a week from saturday. the important dates you need to remember is tomorrow, the 16th, the deadline to register to vote if you want to cast a ballot for the primary or change affiliations. tonight on 10 news at six, digging deeper into what that means for you and why some say it's unfair. the oval office complete with this. this replica is at the florida state fair. dozens were out for the last day of the fair taking pictures to celebrate presidents' day. the election season in high gear. we asked what would you do if
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i would put together some legislation to protect our children and provide medicinal services to stop the cycle of child abuse. >> i would repeal all the presidential mandates that recently passed that were legal. >> the fair is backing up, but you can visit the replica white house in the presence hall of fame museum in claremont. this video will make you think twice about letting your guard down.>> we will show you why a person afterthought a woman would be an easy target and how she fought back. it's the person you trust with your child for a big part of their day. you'll be shocked to find the step missing in background checks on teachers. those clouds mean you're going from that perfect weekend to tracking thunderstorms. wonder they arrive in how strong will they be? we will walk you through it at 5:15. as we had to break,
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it's presidents' day. the frankland bridge totally backed up. never get stuck in traffic
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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this is something every parent needs to pay attention to. you would expect your kids teacher to be thoroughly cleared by background checks before they get into the classroom. an investigation by 10 news along with usa today and dozens of tv partners reveals teachers
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often end up teaching again. jeremy hall holy shows you how the system is not making the grade.>> reporter: they are supposed to be honest. troubled teachers cheat background checks by crossing state lines. daniel garcia lied about qualifications to at least five school districts after several forced resignations, he moved to seattle and lied his way into schools again.>> was it a mistake to put this guy in the classroom?>> he wasn't necessarily a danger to children.>> i am not saying i'm perfect. >> reporter: as florida was revoking lainie wilson's teaching license for failing to act on a suit -- suicide note, he -- she got certified in colorado. another teacher was allegedly caught trying to meet an 11-
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license without grounds. i let it happen because i didn't have the money to fight it. >> reporter: after that episode, this guy got a substitute job in indiana. he was supposed to be flag in the national database of problem teachers. there is confusion as to why the system failed. the nonprofit nasdaq maintains the date -- database. states can take months or forget to add names. this allows rob teachers back in the schools. there's no federal law requiring reporting. >> we want to make sure the federal government is doing everything they can to make sure our children are being protected while they are in the schools. >> we found 9000 disciplined teachers missing from the database. >> it's not a perfect system.
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same page to make this whole system work -- more efficient and reliable? >> each state is different with different laws that govern the certificates. orr it's about protecting kids. it seems like we could come up with a clear, consistent set of terms and rules.>> reporter: a case of states not completing their homework. for usa today, i am jeremy hall holy. 10 investigates founds several districts that failed to conduct background checks as often as they should. we made it easier for you to look up problems. all you have to do is had to, click the story on your home page. once you're there, go down to the bottom and you will find a link to usa today's story on how the lookout teachers background. if you look further, under
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let you search for disciplinary actions. then all you have to do is type in your teachers last name and school district right in the box here. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family. it's time for 10 weather.>> hope you have had a good weekend, maybe a three-day weekend. we want to talk about changes coming your way. you probably noticed after that gorgeous weekend the cloudy day we have had. we're tracking a funnel system that has already produced a couple of tornado watches in louisiana and the panhandle. as we are expecting some overnight thunderstorms, we will walk through what we're watching, what we expect and what it will mean. it's the same system that has been producing snow and ice you've seen from video earlier. heavy snows falling in new york city. i will have more in the 5:30 half hour. we are watching a few showers in the gulf, but the main stuff
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still warm and muggy even under cloud cover monday evening in the low 70s for most of us. 67 in st. pete. mostly cloudy skies. you can see fairly light conditions as far as the wind goes. the water is almost classy. we will keep you mostly cloudy and in the mid-60s. a few straight showers late evening are possible. the biggest round of storms looks to be coming with this front as it crosses the state starting in the middle of the night ramping up north of tampa. it will take until the morning commute to get it through here. a flight risk first -- for severe weather. everyone has at least a marginal risk. the things i'll be walking -- watching for in the early morning hours, there are several things i'm not seeing in the atmosphere, no push of cold air behind this. we are seeing in the mid-levels
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would enhance the chance rotation. i think we will get a squall line coming in north of tampa in the middle of the night. that could produce straight- line winds that could be strong to damaging. i'm also seeing the jet stream strong south of tampa in the middle of the night. that has a possibility of producing isolated tornadoes. severe weather is not guaranteed . i just wanted to show you what the big event looks like. i want you ready for the fact that a warning or two could come out the middle of the night. from two-3 am, north of tampa, most of the bay area looks to be four-6 am. it may be mother nature waking you up and not the alarm clock. we will be tracking not only storms but how it impacts the morning drive. we think the rain is done as
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that means the rest of your tuesday, absolutely beautiful. let me show you how it looks on the seven-day forecast. i have temperatures in the low 70s. there is no real cold behind it. that is some of the things we need for bigger storms. we are wrapping up early in the morning. low 70s for the rest of the week. i'm not tracking another storm system until the following tuesday. the rest of your week, your weekend looking pretty amazing like last weekend. i will have more on that cold weather you have seen in social media in the 5:30 half hour. you can get it up date, good night to download that app if you don't have it yet. you can get a look at storm tracker 10 and weather alerts in the middle of the night. it's a site that would shock any driver. all new at 10 news at 5:30, check this out. a child was sitting on the lap
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steer the struck. see how this video is causing outrage and what is being done to find that driver. is zika caused by genetically modified mosquitoes? we are fact checking this conspiracy theory of -- making the rounds on facebook. how to preserve memories from 60+ years up next. all this and much more coming
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here's look at what's coming up tonight. important programming note, at seven, it's the grammy red
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keep in mind wheel of fortune and jeopardy will not air tonight. at 8:00, the 58th annual grammy awards. after that, stick around, 10 news at 11. after that, the late show with steven colbert. a huge drug bust in australia with a twist. the countries biggest ever hall of math was found inside a shipment of bras. you have to see it to believe it. inside the box a bra inserts and art supplies, 190 gallons of liquid crystal meth. it is worth almost 1,000,000,000 american dollars. four man with hong kong passports were arrested. each faces a life sentence. new video from las vegas of a woman who put up a fight against a person after. you can see her coming out of the restroom at a fast food restaurant.
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behind and thought she would be distracted. instead, she went right after him, dragged into the ground and got her purse back with the help of a good samaritan. the purse snatch still got away. police are using surveillance video to track him down. even though it is presidents day, you might enjoy a long weekend, you are taking a look at the backup on the howard frankland bridge. on the left is the northbound lane heading to tampa. a different story getting across the bay. look at this. everything clear for now. lower gas prices are good for you, but find out why dropping oil prices could take a toll on the environment. we're live ahead of the biggest night in music. what you can expect from taylor
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10 news at 5:30 starts right now. good evening, i am courtney robinson. >> i'm reginald roundtree. >> three big stories right now, there is a florida connection to a bizarre discovery in zimbabwe. aviation officials say a dead body in cash were found on board a cargo plane. the plane is registered to western global airlines, just south of fort myers. damage left behind by stores -- storms in louisiana. pizza hut patrons at to run for cover when a car wash roof slammed into the building.
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warnings are hitting the southeast. a new study suggests heartburn medication could raise risk of dementia. german researchers found those 75 and older who regularly used prilosec, nexium, or prevacid, increased their risk of dementia by 40%. [ music ] the biggest names in music are about to converge for the 58th granule -- grammy awards. danielle nottingham is live with the city peak at what to expect. danielle?>> reporter: the red carpet is open, the celebrities are flying by as we get closer to showtime. this is the fifth year ll cool j will host. musics favorites will return to the stage. the stars are arriving on the


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