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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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10 news at 11 starts right now.
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history of dui accuseded in a deadly hit and runt run. >> breaking developments tonight in the search for a bay area hit and run driver. in florida highway patrol custody right now at this apartment complex. that is her in the front seat of the vehicle. showing us life from the jail. tell us all about it. >> reporter: once she leaves that apartment complex she will head to the door and go through the door to the receiving area. for the victim, he died being a good person.
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can't believe that he is gone. >> every time i would like to think about it, it makes he really tired. >> only knew him for a few minutes but in that short time she shoe she knew he was an angel. >> he asked me do you need help, i said yes. >> loading up their vehicle all of the sudden, this is the car that the troopers say wept flying by. 36-year-old was behind the wheel. >> i called 911. >> it was too late.
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we did not call him, he just stopped for us. >> still trying to come to determines with what happened. a person she says will always be her angel. >> shaking all night. >> and leaving behind a wife and a kid. facing numerous charges including leaving the scene of an accident that caused body injuries. live at the jail tonight, 10:00 news. >> we have been digging deeper into the record and it shows she is not a stranger to law enforcement showing why multiple arrest he was still able to get a license. >> by the end of my story, some where some where in the u.s. will be hurt by a drink driver. so why are drivers with
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behind the wheel. >> after a deadly hit and run the light shined brightly on the driver's record. in this case allison has had three dui arrest. but still driveing with a valid license. >> rogers, you know wanted to whip us. you guys allowed him to die. because her record she should have been put away a long time ago. >> but the investigation discovered more than 113 thousand dui offenders still driving. >> you may not be the person that should be driving but i don't know of another provision in which florida recapps driver's license. >> saying the eight years between the second and third arrest kept punishment at a
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and in florida, 40 percent of charges are downgraded or dismissed. remember 23-year-old. she brad cast herself live showed herself live driving and -- she showed herself live driving while drinking. we don't know if she was drinking and driving while this accident happens but many wonder why she was allowed behind can weal. >> under florida law no matter the time lapse is automatically a third degree felony. in the news room, jonathan, 10 news. this story will continue to develop overnight.
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and bring you a live update on 10:00 news this morning. right now people many the florida panhandle are assisting damage from a tornado. in the car when the twister touched down in the small town of century. saying he never saw a tornado form that big or that fast. three minor injuries so far. let us check in with the chief,. >> should be a whole different set of circumstances for us but we are staying here all night for you tracking it. the early part of the rain about 10 minutes ago and also moving into crystal river is not the main line of storms but look at the lightning about 56 miles offshore due in in the next couple on hours. ly take you through what it
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and what your tuesday forecast looks like. you don't want to miss this one we will talk about the threat coming up. the biggest night in the record books lots of star studded moment. >> yes, the tributes stoled the show tonight. and delivering a powerful performance of the hit song all right. [ music ] singing out of of the woods from her album 1989. lamar won best rap album then
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they both lost song of the year "singing outloud." [ music ] this is my last night with you. >> adel returned to the stage years. >> this is something that you never ever dream of. >> they paid tribute to several people that passed away recently >> take it easy, [ music ] >> and the retaining eagleing remembered glen fry.
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>> and in a first they got a taste of broadway curtesy of hamilton. and also surprised a few people during the tribute and two awards that we should mention, and taylor swift won album of the year for 1989. >> thanks to you, complete coverage of the night's big winers according a photo gallery. >> time now for the head lines around the nations and world. >> is supreme court justice, scalia is now shaping the president race. leaves the supreme court evenly divided. the president obama says she
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but many want to delay confirmation of a nominee. saying that obstructionism. >> a scary accident. a garbage truck flipped off the interstate falling off the bridge. about 100 feet. the driver was ejected and taken to the hospital in serious condition. thankfully no one else was hurt. >> republican president candidate donald trump is threatened to file a lawsuit against ted cruz. unless cruz stops airing woman trump's campaign calls false adds. asking for crews to the retract lives and apologize. all of this leading up to this weekend south carolina primary and that is your 60 second scan. the candidate bush is getting help in south carolina. the former president george w bush.
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experience and the character to be a great president. >> bush and his brother are joining forces to convince voteers. hoping to captainize on the popularity which is strong in this state. florida' primary is march 15th but tomorrow is the last day to register to vote. florida has a closed primary so you can only cast a ballot. you have everything you need to know on our web page. still to come, outrage over pricing why pink cost more than blue. >> and talk about an easy be
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>> women still get paid less than men but this may surprise the you, women may be paying more for products that are are the same. >> a recent study looked at 800
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on average, the female version cost 7 percent more. >> the anchor found it is easy to find the pink tax in action. >> it is not hard to find this but this is what got me something as simple as deodorant. >> look at this pack, this is a double pack for women. you get more many this truck, this one for women. more -- get more in this package, this one for women more. >> razors can set women back, both have 8 to a pack, both same price. >> these are more than the >> why? because they are womens. >> right.
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>> gender pricing knows no age. we found that soccer shin guards for girls were 10 cents higher than the boy's version. if and if your kids want a disney bike helmet. five dollars less than the mickey version than the mini mouse. >> and something as simple white pocket shirt, the different. >> 501 jeans, for men 79, for women, 88. are you kidding me? >> how do manufactures get away with this, they know how men and women shop. >> they tend to view shopping as a competitive game.
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win is by getting the cheapest price. they area about the quality of the product the social value of the product. >> how do you fight the pink tax. call out the price differences when you see them or follow brittney's lead. >> i surprisingly use men's razors. >> because you save money. >> and they shave better. so women they should just start buying men's razors. >> in tampa, 10 news,. that is so true. >> that is crazy. >> genre based pricing is illegal in california,. >> if you find more examples we want to see them so up load your photos so our facebook page. protecting your family, it is time for 10 weather. >> time to get you caught up on the storms moving in.
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however, still some moderate to heavy rain moving in after mid night. and it is a nice rain coming down. and moving towards the heavier wave is coming in around 1:00 a.m. for crystal river. the other stuff over the next few minutes is just a nice steady rain. but herier stuff over the gulf -- but heavier stuff over the gulf. as it hits the cooler shelf waters meaning out here in the gulf water temperatures are warmer. but don't be surprised if thunder wakes us up if not the heavy rain. it is about three hours away from the beaches. and the radar can't see through the heavy rain but all of this some heavy pockets in the middle of the gulf.
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next couple of hours it will be heavy for a few hours. going between 2:00 a.m. and wrapping up fairly early in the morning. chance of severe weather is a more prominant threat as we have seen from the tornado video but everyone watching tonight still in a marginal risk but most of this should just be rain but the two things watching for tonight on the north end, tampa north a squall line will develop and they could produce damaging straight line winds. that does lend to the possibility of an isolated tornado. it should be more isolated than the rules. strongest wave between 2:00 and 7:00 a.m. with the bulk in the bay area, 3:00 to 6:00 and moving out of the high land county by about 7:00. that is it for your day.
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the rest of your tuesday sunny skies, is no rain, beautiful looking day. and as far as threats reagan a small chance. otherwise you are are in the slow 70's for your tuesday. but after that moves through the rest of the week amazing weather. and your seven day forecast, warming up by the weekend. the next system not until a week away from tuesday the follows tuesday. before you head to bed download the app. and if a warming goes out we will be on line and tv talking about it. >> trending a man skips out of work for six years, and no one noticed he was not in the office. >> but get this point his bosss did not suspect anything until they tried to give him an
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>> the man should have been the supervising the construction of a water treatment plant. he felt there was not any work for him to do in his role, but he collected a pay check any way to support his family. >> during the investigation to the official determines the man had done absolutely no work between the years of 2007 and 2010, she was fined 30 thousand dollars that's is the equivalent of one year's salary after taxes. making one of the biggest moves of the been by doing nothing. u.s. women take to the road for one of the games for the season. spring training just a few days
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now, live from the sun coast sports desk. >> here we go by doing nothing, lightning gmc took heat off of the lightning. and specialty the captain's team. said he will not trade before the trade deadline in two weeks and they will continue to get a new contract. saying in a statement will not be traded before the deadline. i have said repeatedly that it is our hope to reach an agreement we want to focus on making the play offs. >> it has been a week since jason garrison went down with a new injury. matt karl is filling in, now even though he is a healthy scratch quite a bit lately. >> just getting used to the
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quickly the puck movess that is just it. just trying to get your timing back. >> we need to play better. we create too many turn overs, and so we need to be better. >> i thought this was interesting. the golf channel is planning a life prime time golf exhibition this summer. along with a couple of celebrities, it is tuesday night, u.s. open week happens in detroit and the two hour period is on cbs. 19th ranked had a chance for a signature win tonight. courtney williams had it going on in the lane the jumper had 25 and 10 a five point lead pushing the troops but went on
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of the first help and erika again. the finally in forth myers some the boston red socks are in early for spring training. they played golf in the afternoon. it is a nice day, right? it was until the golf cart went in the lake. the fun ended right there. but the teammates loved tweeting out pictures. left the cart on a hillside and thought he applied the brake but he did not. someone dove in. >> yes, jumped in. >> and retrieved like their clubs and valuables. their phones are gone. >> and i would imagine he has to play the club for that golf of cart which is 5 or 6 grand. >> no, 15.
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>> there you go we will be
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finally tonight what is going on, it is not your typical house cat. this is jasper. he lives in norway and loves to go cross country skiing. >> look at this, when he gets tired his owner has a backpack he can ride in. during the summer he goes hiking and swimming. i want to be him. >> jasper.
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i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? expected that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.


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