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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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it is your choice 2016. it is down to the wire in south carolina.
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polls tomorrow for the state's republican primary. canidates are scrambling for all the votes they can get now. with florida's primary three weeks away we explain why south carolina matters to you. >> reporter: maybe you noticed republican canidates wrapping up intensity ahead of this week's south carolina primaries. there is a reason, south carolina is a pivotal state in the republican primary process. iowa and new hampshire allocate delegates proportionately. even though ted cruz won iowa and donald trump won new hampshire all six canidates won delegates. in south carolina the state divides 21 delegates in state congressional districts. get all three delegates and you get all districts. whoever wins the state overall
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2008 john mccain lead the way with 33% of the vote and got 79% of the delegates. in 2012 newt gingrich won with 40% of the vote and got 92% of the delegates. in 2008 and 2012 south carolina was stripped of delegates because it move the primary forward. this year the state is following all primary rules and has all delegates back. that gives south carolina 50 delegates as much as iowa and new hampshire combined and that's why it matters. >> this could be ben carson's last stand. if jeb bush doesn't come ahead of marco rubio the florida governor could be out as well making it a four-man race towards super tuesday. republicans are focused on south carolina this weekend. democrats will be focused on nevada. right now the latest polls show clinton holding a one point lead over sanders in the state.
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on tuesday. a traffic alert you need to hear before finalizing your plans for the weekend. from tampa to there is a lot going on in the bay area. road warrior hilary zalla has areas you'll want to avoid. >> with all the events we'll have heavy traffic. i want to start in downtown tampa with the gasparilla distance classic. today during evening rush hour they are doing registration at the tampa convention center. tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. roads start to close. main ones affected gandy bridge, west shore boulevard and florida avenue. we have this information on our website and a break down on roads that are closed and parking information, as well. clearwater folks expect a lot of traffic downtown for the clearwater sea blues festival. what is not helping this situation is a road closing for railroad repairs. court street at myrtle avenue will be closed today at 9:00 a.m. and be closed through the
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detour the myrtle avenue to pierce street to harrison avenue. you can get on court street there. give yourself time if you are heading across the clearwater memorial bridge to the beaches. i would leave 15 minutes early if you can. we have all this at click on traffic. you can sign up for traffic alerts on the go. download our free 10 news app. today in tampa we tired general and former secretary of state colin powell spoke to hundreds of students at hillsborough community college. he talked about his journey of growing up in the south bronx to two jamaican immigrant parents to becoming the first african-american appointed at secretary of state. he is the first african- american to serve on the joint chiefs of staff. the main factor has been the unwaiverring support of his family. >> it happened because of a number of things.
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parents i had were terrific people. they always ask me who is the most important person in your life. they were. >> so true. today's conference focused on challenges minority men face completing college and the need for community involvement. new information about the so-called affluenza teen ethan couch. a judge moved his case to adult court. couch could face 120 days in jail as part of his adult probation. if the judge decided differently couch could have gone free once he turned 19. >> we want to see the opportunity that once it gets into adult court that a in that his condition hearing that prison time will be replaced with the privilege that he has had. >> you'll remember couch was tried as a juvenile for a drunk driving crash that killed four
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that's when his defense argued he was irresponsible because his wealthy parents coddled him. couch and his mother disappeared after a video surfaced of him at a party. that would have violated his probation. they were found hanging out in mexico and were deported. the government has a plan to help your cable bill go down. you may be able to get cable through streaming devices like apple tv. fcc says it would be better than allowing developers create cable boxes and apps that can stream cable to your tv for a cheaper price. it is soon possible one device can give you cable and allow you to stream movies and other shows. >> cable providers want to stay in business. the wisest solution is to get streaming. >> you might want to hold on to the cable box for now. the deal is not set in stone. an indiana man is suing tv
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about his viewing habits and selling it to third parties. lawsuit says people did not they were doing. the company is facing several legal challenges in other states. vizio's data collecting feature is turned on by default. your device starts gathering watching. there is a way to turn it off. that's posted at a 10-year-old girl is being called a hero tonight. her call to 9-1-1 saved her grandmother's life. jasmine nickels found herself in a scary situation wednesday morning. she woke up to use the restroom and found her grandmother not moving in the livingroom. she called her mom and she told her to call 9-1-1 right away.
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it is like she is not listening to me. but she is breathing really slowly. >> i'm proud of her. >> jasmine is a hero. they took her grandmother to the hospital. discovered she had a bad reaction to new medication. doctors say if she would not
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>> if you get a fake e-mail or phone call report it. we have details where to forward it to at i'm dion lim. all new at 6:00, bullets fly into a home with her mom and child inside. one year later lawmakers pass a bill to prevent this from happening again. we'll break it down for your neighborhood. >> reporter: a bay area high school on lock down all day as police investigate. what caused a classroom window to break. looking for a job or place to live one local community is growing so fast they can not keep up.
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weather. grass fire northwest of kansas city. crews were mowing the grass when the fire broke out. the weather extremely dry.
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a cold front is in the southern plains. folks in the midwest and the lone star state have been enjoying a nice respit from winter temperatures. 78 dallas. 75 oklahoma city. topeka, kansas 70 degrees. back here at home mainly 60s and 70s. if you have big friday night plans the weather will cooperate for you. you can leave umbrellas at home. we'll be dry and comfortable. winds out of the east. temperatures in the upper 60s dropping down into the upper 50s by midnight. temperatures in the low to mid 50s will wake up for your on saturday morning. 54 clearwater.
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49 degrees for the folks in crystal river. planning out your saturday, saturday morning looking great. if you are doing the gasparilla distance classic perfect weather for runners. not too hot. not too humid. temperatures in the mid 50s. quickly warming up. by the time you are done with the race and you are refueling drinking water and eating bananas it will be temperatures in the mid 60s. 73 degrees by the noon hour. 75 degrees in the afternoon. these temperatures running above average for this time of year. upper 70s nature coast. 77 spring hill. 76 clearwater. 75 seminole. palmetto 75. lakewood ranch you are warm at 77. lakeland 77. bartow 75 degrees. a dry day on saturday with high pressure in control. our winds shifting more to out of the east southeast as we head into the afternoon.
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mid high level clouds as the moisture moves in from the atlantic. overall expect sunny skies. perhaps on shore flow during the afternoon at the beachs with a weak sea breeze circulation. that could keep temperatures at the coast cooler. if you are doing the distance classic race 55 degrees. mostly sunny. cool. during the afternoon perfect day to head to the beach or pool with the lighter winds. it will feel warmer than it has over the past few days. this is the next system we are tracking. it is kind of complex. it is not going to be a front that will race through bringing showers and storm. we could see several waves of scattered showers and storms. this is tuesday morning. the first wave moving in across the region. then we get a break tuesday afternoon. but before the front is done, wednesday looks like another chance of scattered showers and storms. dry by wednesday evening. thursday and friday looking great. through the weekend lots of sunshine.
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you'll need umbrellas tuesday into wednesday. dry by wednesday evening. thursday and friday cooler for you with highs in the 60s. you can track the showers and storms any time they threaten the area. download our 10 news app. it is new and improved. a local veteran got a surprise the entire family will use. >> this is really cool.
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many of us take for granted how easy it is to jump in our car and go. >> for one tampa man that all
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ambushed by the taliban and he was paralyzed. 10 news reporter jennie deans introduces you to this inspiring family. >> reporter: the sergeant was part of a special operations team in afghanistan. ambush by taliban fighters left him paralyzed from the neck down. >> i was embarrassed and didn't want to ever do anything. my kids are the reason why i tried to pull out of it. >> reporter: he eventually regained use of his hands and arms. will got active kayaking, water skiing and playing rugby. friday he and his family were presented with a wheelchair accessible van that can fit the whole family. since the kids are active in sports this gift takes pressure off his wife, shannon. >> i would always have someone waiting on me from dropping
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>> reporter: this is the 65th van donated for our heros. it is not just a van for the families, it is freedom. >> it is an amazing day for me. >> for him to be active duty soldier, special operations then all of a sudden have to wait on me, i honestly don't know how he was able to mentally keep that together. >> reporter: they work with other injured veterans and their families. >> we didn't plan it or anything. we reach to people going through what we went through. >> reporter: it is a journey he is taking one day at a time. >> very excited. i can't wait to take it out. >> reporter: in tampa jennie dean 10 news wtsp. >> to test out the wheels. it is incredible when you are able to get that mobility back. it makes a huge difference for military vets.
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organization where 100% of the donations go to getting adaptive vans for wounded warriors. >> if you would like to help we put a link with their information on "10 news at 6:00" is
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a class room window busted and a school on lock down all day long. we are digging deeper into what
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intense fires sent smoke high in the air and brings nearby traffic to that stand still. guns going off in your neighborhood. right now a bill sits on the governor's desk that could change that. good evening. i'm mark rivera. >> i'm dion lim. thank you for staying with us. it was a scary day for bay area students after an object breaks a classroom window. incident happened after 9:00 on hillsborough high school on central avenue in tampa. that's near hillsborough avenue and i-275. the school was put on full lock down and stay had the way for the day. 10 news reporter jennifer titus show use the chaos that had wondering what happened. >> reporter: police are investigating what broke a class window.
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>> reporter: parents had children alerting them something happened at their school friday morning. >> she text me says there was an active shooting. he was confused as to what building it was in. >> reporter: this guy was in a class room when the rumors started to swirl. >> we heard a bullet struck a window pane. >> reporter: police can not say yet what it was. they put the school on a full lock down, not letting anybody in or off campus as they investigated. at the end of the day still no answers. >> i immediately ran over here. >> reporter: parents say that's not enough. >> my stomach was turned upside down. >> reporter: there is a big basketball game here on campus tonight that has not been cancel. don't be surprised if you see police investigating what broke a classroom window. for now we are in tampa


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