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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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why. >> 10 news at noon. >> good afternoon. thank you for joining us. >> the uber driver accused of going on a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan is few hours. if same time, investigators are still trying to figure out why he did it. police say that 45-year-old jason dalton shot eight people killing six. ken egg craig reports from the courthouse in cool -- ken egg craig reports from the courthouse. >> reporter: 45-year-old jason
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random killing six people and seriously injuring two others. the uber driver began his spree at an apartment complex in kalamazoo, michigan saturday night. he then killed a 17-year-old and his father at a car dealership and then gunned down four women at a cracker barrel. surveillance led to dalton's arrest early sunday morning. dalton is the former in sureness adjustor and father of two. he's being arraigned here on monday, as investigators search for a motive. >> there's no connection that we're aware of between three different sets of victims, to each other or any of the victims to mr. dalton. >> dalton had no criminal history before the rampage and uber says he passed a background check. investigators say he may have picked up passengers during his shooting spree. mark cutton and his friend say they got nervous when dalton pulled up in a black heavy hhr matching the one police were looking for. >> i said something, i said this isn't the hhr.
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he kind of just said no. >> hundreds came together for a prayer service as they tried to make sense of the senseless. >> in kalamazoo, michigan, kenneth craig, 10 new. >> >> the first victim a woman at the apartment complex is expect today survive. >> also a 14-year-old girl shot at the cracker barrel restaurant was originally declared dead by doctors until she squeezed her mother's hand. >> we have a crime alert for you out of hernando county. detectives are looking for anyone who has been scammed by a man who promises to help people with repairs and doesn't follow through. the sheriff's office says that dennis would claim to do odd jobs like repair ceilings or driveways mostly for older seniors. he would make the money and not do the work while pretend to finish. they know of at least 13 confirmed victims out a total of $8,000. they think there could be as in as a few dozen other victims. >> one lady called a detective
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buy a new dress to go to court to make sure that justice is served. >> the sheriff's office got complaints back in october. >> they're also work being passco county to see if there are plans as well. you may be wondering why we're not showing the mug shot. they don't want to ruin the information by showing his mug shot to the media, then web other victims come forward they want them to be able to pick him out of a line up. >> sports tv reporter and -- andrews is seeking $75 million in a civil trial that starts in just a few hours. andrews is suing a marriott hotel. she accuses them of allowing a man named michael david book rooms next to hers. he then put peepholes and filmed videos of her changing clothing. to visit a vanderbilt game. he then posted it videos on the internet. the jury trial is expect today last ten days.
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security guards are keeping reporters from a room at a marriott hotel. that's where bill cosby's wife will answer questions. she's schedule today be deposed today as part of a defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by seven women who claim the median sexually assaulted them decades ago. she filed a last minute motion to delay the deposition but a judge denyed it request. >> big changes coming to clearwater beach. check this out, more than half a dozen new resorts are you could construction on the island. -- under construction on the island. >> that includes this resort hours. a big concern though as you can imagine, traffic issues on the island. sarah shows you how this new even worse. >> if you haven't been to clearwater beach in a while you recognize it. this new resympathetic is just opening today. that means thousands more cars
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to these new resympathetics tourist. >> all of it spells bad news for traffic tie ups on to and off of the island where traffic backs up to bell air beach. >> we have always had a spring break traffic but now we have >> right now city leaders are solution. more trolleys, more ferry, a parking garage and an open arrogant will. one even calls for a bus that would pick up and drop off tourists but everything takes money. >> we can build more roads on clearwater beach but we can, with people's cooperation, manage the situation. >> during spring break this causeway will be faced with 10,000 cars a day. that's three times more than the amount we see during the rest of the year. >> the sands officially opens at 4:00 this afternoon for the very first guest to check in.
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will come to this island in 2017, a wyndam grand will be double that side. >> there's another way the city hopes to get you out of your car. this march and april for spring break, the ferry is only $2 per person. trolley is just $1. tampa police say a liquor store robbery ended with one of the two suspects being shot and killed just before 11:00 at cut right liquor store at 26th avenue. police say he and another armed man walked into the store and shot back and forth with the clerk. after the clerk shot and killed him, the other took off, the 57- year-old clerk was not hurt during that shooting. >> a connecticut judge will hear arguments from the company who made the rifle used in the sandy hook elementary massacre. families of the victims of the 2012 shooting have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.
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protected by the -- they're attend. >> republicans are begin to focus on two candidates. we will go to las vegas with trail. >> the primary, the race for the republican candidate nomination heads to nevada, and donald trump hopes to keep his going. >> i love to win. don't we love to win? >> and this past weekend, in south carolina, make this virtually a flee-man race. and cruz is making a claim he's the only. >> it is becoming clearer and clearer. we're the only campaign that has. >> some nevada we spoke with like cruz conservative message. >> i think cruz speaks to people like myself who are pro- life, who are, you know, are
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system, and want to return to constitutional values. >> while rubio is trying to make a main stream appeal to all republicans. >> of the people left in case, no one can unite this movement or this party faster than can you. >> rubio has drawn support from new kid on the gop block, donny who is voting republican for the first time. >> i would much rather have a republican tell me something that i don't want to hear than having another democrat tell me every single thing i want to hear just to get my vote. >> john kasich is looking past nevada to supertuesday. he's campaigning in virginia which votes a week from tomorrow. >> danielle nottingham,. the italian navy rescued sicily. they were trying to make the journey from north africa across the straight when they were spotted by the crew of two navy ships. they were on patrol.
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>> >> a special dedication over weekend for the late coach terry. he was a soft ball coach who was murdered last summer outside of his home. on saturday, you see here, hundreds packed the field behind auburndale speedway where the game is played. the mayor proclaimed the day harry day. >> . they all attended as they. >> tampa woman is fighting for her life after a horrible accident in south america. plus, these endangered snakes, it is not going over too well in massachusetts. >> the first ever year hundreds of patients pick up potentially deadly infections in hospitals. your family safe. >> as we head into the afternoon, a pretty nice afternoon in the bay area. >> another nice day with 70s, a lot of sunshine but you want to get outside today because we
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move in by the middle of this week, bringing with it showers, storms and cooler temperatures,
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>> every year tens of hundreds of americans die because of infections they get at the hospital, how to protect yourself and your loved ones during your next visit. >> heather had a knee replace in respect 2013. two days later she knew something was terribly wrong. >> i started to have bouts and attacks of diarrhea and it just wasn't going. i was in the bath room every two minutes. >> she picked up a life
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cdiff while recovering in hospital. >> you are knotted, dehydrateed and losing tremendous amounts of weight. >> it is estimated one in 25 patients contract an infection from the hospital and tens of thousands die every year from those infections. >> pick up bacteria. >> betsy mccoy says patients need to be proact skiff protect themselves. most importantly, make sure visitors and doctors wash their hands before coming near you. >> it is hard to do, patients are intimidated by those white coats and those nurses uniforms, but you can be saving that. >> also, doctors should wipe the stethoscopes between patients. >> bring a canister twice. >> research shows wiping down surfaces around the hospital bed can reduce infections by as much as 80%. >> pull them out and wipe the high touch surfaces by that i mean the bed rails, over the bed table, the call button, the television clicker. >> other step, choose a
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infection rates and days before surgery, bathe with soap that can remove harmful bacteria that may be on your skin. brightton calls her experience a big wake up call. >> i think hospitals try to to with done. >> each year half a million people get cdiff. patients on andy biotics are -- >> a 20-year-old tampa woman is fighting for her life in south america after a large rock hit her in the head. she's a graduate of tampa's berkeley prep in yale. she's there and visiting columbia for the weekend she was swimming when a rock fell from or head and hit her in water.
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broke vertebra, both femurs and a punctured lung. her friends are working to have money to have her flown from columbia to miami. so far they have raised $127,000 in just one day. >> now if you want to help, if you want to donate we have that link for you on the web site, you can go to to help. >> massachusetts is planning to establish a colony of ratedal snakes on an off limit park. this has hiker, fishermen and water think could escape the island and move to nearby wooded areas on the mainland. the meet willing be held tomorrow to allow residents to ask the division of fisher and wild life questions about the plan. they're endangered and a native one to the state. the rattlesnake has been on the decline for years and conservation is an attempt to save them from dying out all together. >> it is a plan that has a lot of people talking. >> sit over. >> the video is over. you are safe now. it is good to look. >> all right. >> that's an interesting plan right there.
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crawllies just thinking about it. >> you want to talk about something happy like the forecast. >> the forecast would be an ideal segway. we have lots of sunshine again. we will continue to warm things up the next couple of hours but changes come wednesday. so, if you have the opportunity today, find some time, carve out some time, go out for a little strong because it is absolutely gorgeous out there. starting to see more cloud cover than we have. we are seeing the winds shift just a little bit. more of those especially high clouds are starting to work on in here but overall we are still in for a really nice forecast. you can see though, mostly clear skies for now, the next day or so. we are going to thicken up the cloud cover and even bring rain chances back into the mix although the bulk of this, that's not going be moving in here until wednesday, so we still have some time but with that comes an isolated chance for a couple of strong to severe thunderstorms. i-4 north wards, we are under a slight risk from storm prediction center.
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numerous strong or severe thunderstorms put one or two could get strength and what we have is going be damaging straight line winds. 73 now tampa, 71 st. pete. already reading 80 clearwater and 79 lakewood. so we have more numbers out there and we still is a couple 06 hours to continue to warm things up. we are heading for 77 today in tampa. there will be a few community that is do hit 80 this afternoon. then a nice comfortable evening nos the wind shift still light but we are starting to pull in a little more moisture so in the low level we will warm things up. yes, but we will bring the dew points up which as a warm front moves through tomorrow, it can bring the first round of showers and maybe an isolated rumble of thunder. today we are fantastic. crystal river, 77 this afternoon and tampa we will hit 77 today, sarasota, 78 in lakeland, polk city just shy of 80, checking in at 79 later on
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more cloud cover and an isolated chance south of i-4, 10 and 15%. most of us stay dry today. we have the rain chances as we head into tomorrow. notice, there will be a few streamer showers especially in eastern polk. we have the highest chanceover seeing rain today. then, we work in the warmer air tomorrow and at that point we start to develop a little more fog especially during the morning, and then, during the afternoon and evening, getting more sea fog into the mix as those dew points come up into the low 60s which match it is gulf temperature quite well. we move that over, and then we start getting more in the way of that fog. then the storm comes through on wednesday, it looks to be about a midday through evening event. then after that we do start to cool things down, pretty quickly, we drop from yeah, near 80 tomorrow, the storm rolls in on wednesday, that front comes through during the evening hours and beyond that,
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so highs in the 60s through saturday, and then as we look ahead to sunday, the temperatures rebound and we are back near 70. you can get the forecast any time, download the news app by store. >> coming up next on 10 news at noon, a wounded warrior talks world record. >> and a river runs green,. tonight supergirl kicks off at 8:00 followed bioscope january at 9:00 -- by-scorpion, casey and richard will be the late show. and watch for your chance to win tickets to the new york yankees spring train opening
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you can't deal with something, but that's how some seem to be dealing
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and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise)
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>> in just over a week, a big project for wounded warriors is set to begin. josh collin who is suffered seven traumatic brain injury also begin a new mission involving a paddle board. he's attempting the first ever world. >> i want today give back tutoring anyization and that was the task force foundation. they provided so much while i was in the hospital, and i wanted to find a way to give back and just because, you know, coming out of the push operation, i wanted to try to do something epic that would raise awareness and attention. you can do this and there's the military. >> physical right now is to complete the grueling mission in 18 months. you can learn more by going to >> tampa is making sure sure. rehearse example make sure >> that's not the kind of thing you want the test out the day
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there. >> this is just a small portion they on preparation. >> we are just testing the dye today. most years we have used powder die: this year we tried premixing it to get a better application rate the test appears to have gone very well. you can see the tide is coming in, the color is moving up river. >> the mayor's river o green fest is the city of tampa's park. it is a prefamily event. dog friendly event. takes place from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 in the afternoon. >> it will be fun. >> yeah. >> it will be. >> looks like they're all a go with the dye. >> the dye is all a go. >> they're ready. >> we're all a go with the sunshine. >> absolutely gorgeous. enjoy today we will see more scattered showers tomorrow and wednesday we will track strong and isolated severe thunderstorm in there before we cool down thursday into friday. >> another check of your forecast coming up tonight at 5:00.
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>> adam: you sacrificed your own grandson to prove how ruthless you can be. congratulations. >> victor: do i need to remind you that that luca santori guy was able to blackmail you more than once -- in fact, twice -- by threatening you to expose noah's bad behavior? right? and that peacock and his family will follow. >> adam: well, i wouldn't get too cocky if i were you. luca's on to you and marco annicelli, so that threat is still alive. >> victor: not for long, okay? >> adam: okay. what's the plan? >> victor: i want you to step back. >> adam: you want me to step back, whether i want to or not. >> victor: i don't want you involved in what is about to come down. >> adam: mm.


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