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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and i'm reginald roundtree. we've seen a lot of wrong way drivers lately - and crashes... this could have ended up bad. >> a wrong way driver allegedly drunk caught speeding down i-85 in the break doing lane. take look at this, nearly missing a deputy. >> good evening and thanks for watching. >> we have seen lot of wrong way drivers lately. >> this time a sarasota deputy had a chose call along i-75 near exit 200. investigators tell us the accused drunk driver had been going the wrong way in the break down lane six miles without clue. >> it is terrifying for these drivers to watch this video from a sarasota county squad car. >> wow. that is pretty wild.
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morning the deputy sees a wrong way driver barrelling down i-75 shoulder as fast as 70 miles an hour right for him. >> that deputy had his lights and siren on signal ling for that driver to stop. you can see there are plenty of other cars out on the busy interstate. the deputy got a good look as the driver zoomed by heading the wrong way on to the on-ramp. he alerted other deputies who put an end to the wild ride. killed. >> investigators say wrong way driver ryan fleury wreaked of walked. his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. >> he should lose his license for a long time for that.
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he was apologetic. >> [ indiscernible ] defending where that -- depending where that vehicle is on the roadway. call 911 right away. >> innocent extreme people and even a deputy could have been hurt. >> tonight we talked to fleury who is out of jail. he didn't want to comment on his arrest. severe weather hit several areas in the southeast today. new tonight we are getting information about a possible tornado hitting there. louisiana got hit hard with severe weather. the roof was torn off this gym. this is what is left of mobile home park. rubble and downed power lines.
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and three killed in the outbreak of storms. this is what is left in louisiana. officials say two apparent tornados storm tlud here damage -- stormed through here damaging up to 20 homes and ten businesses. >> storms in louisiana -- [ indiscernible ] and around moving down i-10 corridor towards tallahassee tonight. we have likely had some tornados touchdown around pen is a cola. later tonight the expectation is that we will see more in the i-10 corridor. it is this area right here we are watching to track in the overnight hours towards the bay area. we will talk about the timing and the intensity of storms coming your way. i will see you at 11:16.
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a code red warning message sent out the residents in citrus county. that message went out the people living along the orange line on your screen right there. citrus sheriff's deputies said there has been an explosion of residential daytime burglaries in t area and are asking everyone to be on their guard. the republican presidential caucuses are under way in nevada right now. donald trump is hoping to make it three in a row after new hampshire and south carolina. trump had a substantial lead in the polls but it is really second place a lot of the candidates are watching. ted cruz is hopeful. marco rubio is already campaigning in minnesota and michigan. john kasich and ben carson are just hoping to keep their
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we zont -- won't have any final numbers tonight but you can join us in the morning on the outcome. >> my dad came from poland. i am running for president. nobody has asked for my birth certificate. maybe it is the color love my skin. [ cheering and applause ] >> i am going work hard in sketch -- each and everyone of them. apple wants its on going encryption battle with the fbi to go before congress. apple refuses to comply with a court order to create a back door allowing the fbi to access data from an iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. the company has until friday to make it's appeal time now for aide -- head license
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federal marshalls have been tracking nearly 6,000 cellphones. they have used powerful trackers called sting rays to hunt thousands of suspects in the united states. they can pinpoint a device's location. johnson and johnson will pay $72 million in damages to a woman's family who blames her talcum powder. a lawyer said the company knew customers. women in the u.s. who were infected after their male partners
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two of the 14 are pregnant women. officials are waiting for test results from their male partners. parents becoming protesters. a few dozen parents, teachers and students stood outside the pinellas county school board pushing for change. a tampa bay times investigation labeled five elementary schools as failure factory. the investigation shows the schools are the worst in the state and the times connecting decision by the school board as the reason why. reasons like getting rid of integration, lack of funding, teacher turnover and student disciplinary problems. >> i think it can become a success factory. that is what i am pushing.
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our children. what to watch for tomorrow. how about some free food? okay. chick-fil-a offering everyone who stops by one of their tampa bay locations a free breakfast item. there is a possibility the e chain -- chain will mix it up each hour. shutdown. we tell you the real reason behind the closure. plus how the battle of the sexes applyplays -- plays out when it comes to house work. want home cooking?
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plays -- plays out when it comes to house work. want home cooking? there is an app for that. new health code
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tonight at a popular fast food chain. now it looks like management at one popeyes chicken location tried to cover up the violation so customers wouldn't find out. we are talking about the popeyes located on i-19 and spring hill. >> okay so this is a franchise location with a history of violations that has been operating with an expired license. now he they -- they have to -- have had to close down several times over the past few weeks. the restaurant was shutdown as an emergency closure february 2nd. many customers had no idea why.
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i always thought was a good restaurant. >> signs on every entrance and at the drive through indicated a lack of hot water was the reason. [ indiscernible ] small flying unsects and live roaches. >> hearing about issues like that, what is your reaction? >> i can't cuss on tv so -- that is nasty. [ laughter ] >> in a written statement a spokesperson for popeyes corporate office acknowledged the restaurant was closed down february y -- 2nd activity.
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issue, popeyes was unable to provide any documentation that the system was ever worked on. we spotted an exterminator praying for bugs >> they are trying to cover that up. >> we also tried asking employees about the signs and if they were misleading customers. >> is there a manager around? >> [ indiscernible ] >> no manager ever came back out and the franchisee never returned our call. we did spot what appeared to be a dead roach through the window at the front dining room. health inspectors back again on friday finding more dead roaches. >> i know we won't be eating here. [ laughter ] even when they do reopen. >> customers say they are relived the know what is really going on inside the kitchen. >> roach activity first showed
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inspection report back in august of last year. one customer complaining of a roach by the drink machine back in october of 2014. another alleging the restaurant had a roach infestation a year ago back in march . [ indiscernible ] which has also received a fine from the state for allowing their drivers license expire. back to you. >> ladies. to you feel like you are constantly doing house work but just can't figure out why? >> yes. researchers though may have found reason. husbands, a new university of mitch study -- i hope my husband is listening, found husbands create an extra seven hours of
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>> that is hard to believe. >> it also found women do an average of 17 hours of house told -- tasks a week. men are now clocking an average of 13 hours of house work a week which has now doubled in the past ten years. tell you right now i know how to clean up. i don't leave -- we don't leave messes. >> we? you brought jim into this? >> [ laughter ] just don't say anything. it is safer that way. >> be very careful right? >> yes. >> somebody knocked it out of the park tonight. >> yes. >> the reds were down there. >> let's take a look. [music playing] >> did you hear somebody back there say yeah?
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>> that was me. i was on the ice. >> it was an honor. i was a little nervous tonight. >> awe, why? no pressure. >> because you can't get that song wrong. >> yeah. all ice are on you but you knocked it out of the park. you really did. >> let's take a look at the storms we are tracking. now our attention turns to -- what we are watching and keeping an eye on up to the north. it is around the pan handle and around areas of new orleans. we are expecting that that is going to be the area of rough weather tonight. we will look for this to make its way down i-10 corridor. it will eventually be something in our backyard. it is this pocket that has yet
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storms coming to us. we have some some -- time. [ indiscernible ] to see it that far south tells you how strong the atmosphere is set up. any of these storms tonight could be tornadic. here is what went through there earlier tonight and around the bay. these are the reports of the hand the touched down. i am hearing reports from f dot that they are temporarily closing parts of hi -- i-10 till they can get that cleaned up. it will be several hoursz before before -- hours before we see that
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this just hit social media. it took a hard hit from this tornado. that was a quarter of a mile from his house tonight. back here at home while we wait for the storms the wind gusts today quite strong. very quiet weather, might be a little surprising to you. this is the case. we are not expecting this till we get up and get going in the morning. it is not likely you will be rocked out of bed at 2:00 or 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. you see the line as it starts to move in. the earliest around 7:00 and 8:00. then likely the strongest storms between mid-morning and lunchtime. wrapping up by mid afternoon.
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not a moderate or enhanced but still a slight risk. it is possible that we could be seeing not only hail, straight line winds but isolated tornados are still a threat. again while it doesn't look like it is coming in the middle of the night, it is still a day to stay weather aware for your wednesday. any of these storms could quickly become severe with very little time to react. strongest storms again mid morning to lunchtime. wrapping up by mid to late afternoon. should be done with these storms by about 3:00 or 4:00. could be getting started as early as the back end of the mid-morning. as that front moves through, better weather on the horizon for later this week. this will be the day we need rain gear. this storm could be borderline severe. high temperatures with the storms and the rain still pretty warm and muggy in the mid 70s.
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before storms arrive. low tide at 9:00 in the morning afternoon. these storms get out of here by mid afternoon. we will be looking at cooler weather. thursday, friday and this upcoming weekend highs in the this weekend. we will see mid 40s both saturday and sunday morning. really tomorrow is our stormy day of the week. this is a great time to download the 10news app on your phone if you don't already have it. of course we will be looking at these showers and storms and keep you updated with any warnings coming out. okay. you may not feel like eating right about now but the next time you are hungry but don't feel like getting take out or cooking yourself there is a new alternative.
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the app matches up home cooks with hungry people. the food also gets delivered on demand. there are still a few details
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener
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oh i kachlt hockey fans -- okay hockey h fans things are starting to turn
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rebound. watch this one. late in the second on the penalty kill, cedric stops the shot, he is gone, right? oh, no, he stopped but that was a hook. it is a penalty shot. almost stops -- but he goes top shelf to beat him. the first penalty shot in five they win 2-1. good for them. now in gainsville, watch these two play. he didn't do that, did he? take another look. mo way -- no way he could make two of those in a way, right? no, he does. david ortiz told the new york post today the thing he wants to most on his farewell tour this season is a standing
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stadium. it might be fair since red sox fans gave them standing o's in the last few years. his team dealt from strength even though losing him hurt. >> it has been tough finding offensive guys. cory comes with -- a pretty impressive stat line when he has been healthy. i have heard nothing but good things up to this point. some go carting for the fire stone today. this was the sixth annual media carting competition. somehow we did not win. i don't know what happened. [ laughter ] i don't know.
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more -- looking for more success in his chevy. >> [ indiscernible ] really we are in the hunt for the championship all the way till the end. all two or three races till the end. very much excited about the challenges and the perspectives. >> i am chalking it up to bad racing look. >> no you need lead foot. >> why me? [ laughter ] y'all are picking on me. next time it is on.
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>> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: thank you so much, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome to can the to "the late show,"" everybody. thank you, that's lovely.


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