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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we had a rough morning and it looks like it is not over just yet. speemac not quite yet we of one strong storm just offshore and it's in southern sarasota county. but i do want to alert you about seeing a lot of heavy cloud to ground lightning, downpours. and on top and on top of that
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let me show you are velocity as we zoom into that storm. you can see this storm has a lot of rotation moving to the northeast. folks from venice up to inglewood even over into northport. no active warnings for them, but i want to keep you weather aware of the storm as a continues to slide off to the northeast. also frequent cloud to ground lightning associated with the storm that will continue to move into the area. we will see inglewood about 12:19 pm, back toward venice about 12:25 pm. we will track this and talk about when this will finally move through. the storms we saw here this morning's bond tornadoes in north florida and surrounding states. we start in pensacola where a tornado traveled traveled 2 miles destroying homes and hitting an apartment complex. this video is just into our newsroom. at this complex, 24, 24 units were destroyed. the top floors demolished by heavy winds. gov. rick scott is in escambia county getting a first-hand look at the damage.
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are 70 plus homes that are damaged. we have about 27 homes without power. the power company is working hard to make sure that they get the power back as quickly as we can. fortunately we have only had three individuals taken hospital. right now we believe that the injuries are minor, so we are hopeful for them. but that is all we know right now. but we will continue to assess the damage. speemac the good news, as you just heard only a few people are minor. this is the damage in bradford county at the administration building and the correction center a part of the the prison instituted a lock care of inmates. speemac i see a lot of pine there's a warehouse in the chapel with damage and the top of the building air- conditioning unit has been
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one is hurt and everyone is accounted for. there's a tornado warning that we are seeing right now in sarasota , ashley ? >> just a few moments ago they just issued a tornado warning with this particular cell. this is moving into southern sarasota county. i will move into the velocity here. actually we just had one issue. if you could go to the north, we just saw that issued for manatee county if i am correct right there. we are detecting some rotation with this particular cell that we will be watching very closely. you can see there the tight rotation east of paris back to the new of water barry. this will be moving to the northeast back toward the local community. if we can put a tracker on this and time it out. we are going to continue to watch this particular cell and
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over the next several minutes. manhattan you are also in the path of the storm. about 12:12 pm. so i need you to go ahead and take precautions. warning. this is going to be moving into manhattan about 12:12 p.m. and shortly thereafter all know about 12:16 pm. our velocity scan. you can see the tight rotation that is where it is crossing just as we speak. so back toward county road 678 you are potentially the path of the storm two. back toward manhattan, manhattan, oak knoll this heading to the north - northeast. we will continue to track this. we have this eventually making its way toward king town although you have a little bit bit longer with the storm that we are going to continue to track. actually the latest scan has tightened up this rotation just a little bit. so it is something we will be
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we're going to switch back to velocity back to reflectivity, want to see what we can get in terms of that. we see this particular storm moving back to the northeast, again through manatee county. this is going to include parts of hillsboro county as well. not seeing that classic hook echo but you can see that tie velocity scan there. so the communities in manhattan back toward oak knoll you are in the path of the storm. go ahead and take shelter now. i want you to put as many walls between you and the outside of your house as you can. also make sure you are on the lowest floor. that is where you will be safest at this point. we continue to see that moved to the northeast. a little bit of a wider storm back toward baird if this holds together at 12:32 pm and eventually moving toward tiger bay beyond that. so again parts of manatee and into hillsboro county under an active tornado warning at this point. we can go ahead and jump back
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down the field in terms of where we are singh the most activity. again along state highway 64, that is a path we are definitely concerned about. we are watching very closely the storm. this other one off the coast of sarasota. we have a little while before that is going to be moving a sure that we are keeping a close eye on that as we have some very impressive rotation with a much larger cell. active tornado warning for manatee county. as the storm continues to move off to the northeast. the storms are moving at about 35 miles an hour. we are also producing about 10 miles northeast of lakewood ranch and about 60 miles from bradenton again moving to the northeast and 35 miles an hour. hour. this active tornado warning is in effect until 12:30 pm this afternoon. again. again a tight look at that rotation there. these are the areas we are
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west of county road 675. the red and green shows it really tight together, that is that spinning rotation we are picking up on the radar that will be moving northeast. manhattan, you are in the past of this within the next couple of minutes. you need to take these tornado precautions right now. don't wait, get to the lowest floor of your home. if you're in a mobile home you need to get out of it. we saw what happened with the last tornado that came through. it is not a safe place to be it's very dangerous. you need to find better shelter even that's that involves going outside and lying in a ditch and were better off than being in a mobile home. also your car is not a good place to be either. there's that rotation were sing along highway 64 right now moving northeast at about 35 miles an hour. it is a relatively quick moving storms. all the more reason we need to get you inside the soon as possible into the lowest floor of your house with his many walls between you and the outside.
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bathrooms without windows, closets, these will be the best places for you to go. again moving northeast 35 miles an hour. highway 64 into the manhattan area, county road 675, back toward 22nd street, that is also an area that we are particularly concerned about particular if you are west of that intersection. we can jump back over to reflectivity. in addition to the tornado warning we have with the cell of course capable of damaging straight-line winds. even if this particular cell does not end up producing a tornado. either way we want to get you into shelter. if you are in manatee county back toward oak knoll or manhattan moving northeast at 35 miles an hour an active tornado warning in effect until 12:30 p.m. today. as we look at the salad does not look that impressive on the reflected scan. if we look here you can see
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pray here that's an indication we are starting to see the counterclockwise rotation so we are likely picking up on that. and with the latest scan right over oak knoll as we speak. so if you're watching from there please take those precautions now, lowest floor, central part of your building it out of those mobile homes. that that will continue to slide off to the northeast. keane town and along highway 60 there that would be up next in terms of the storm continuing to move on through. 674 also in the crosshairs starting to see some rain. so if you are starting to see that now that potentially traumatic part of this cell is not far behind. we will continue to see that moving off to the northeast. we might've gotten gotten a new velocity scan, are you seeing anything new over there as far as any particular updates on your end? there again as that sell. we continue to watch this off the coast of sarasota county. but if we can go to the other
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over there? kate, we cannot hear your mike. no reports of damage though, correct? as of right now. but it again dropping to the surface. what we are seeing is very tightly rotation over the oak knoll area as the sell continues to move off to the northeast. we are going to continue to see moving northeast over the next 25 - 30 minutes. kate, think your mike is up at this point. are you hearing any damage reports? speemac we are not hearing anything as of right now. i do want to let you know this tornado warning is also an effect for southeastern hillsboro county and northwestern hardy county as well. the storm will be moving quickly again around 35 miles an hour. the storm we are looking out right now again the part of the storm that we are concerned about right now now has moved from state road 64 and is now
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near the town of manhattan , and also pushing toward oak knoll. so just like ashley mentioned, if you live in this area you want to go to your safe room right now. so bathrooms oftentimes are a good place to go on the lowest level. we have seen some pretty good indications of some wind shear occurring. this was a radar indicated tornado. so we are watching and monitoring the national weather chat for you. we are not getting any new reports of damage, but this is moving quickly to the northeast. let. let me take you back now to reflectivity. you can see that we have two areas we are watching. we we are still keeping an eye in fact on the shower and storm complex off the coast of inglewood. this is the storm that prompted the tornado warning right now. you can see the leading edge just about moving across state road 62. it two.
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all the way from paris to king town. rotation right now. it looks like it is free much road 675. knoll. keen town needs to be watching this very closely. let's put a new track on there let's put a tracker on and if you live in any of these areas you want to go ahead and head to your safe room. will will load 12:19 p.m. why mom is, 12:27 p.m., baird, 12:24 p.m. let's put on the velocity mode. speemac that would be great. let's keep an eye on that tight rotation. still tracking the one of sarasota county let's zoom and over to the manatee county cell, which is where we are detecting this really tight rotation. again near oak knoll , this is right now on your doorstep.
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moments to get where you need to go. don't hold off on this any longer. go ahead and find a safe spot in your house. we are detecting some tight rotation to the southwest with that sell continuing to scoot off to the northeast. so potential notebook to mcdermott rotation will near oak knoll road at the moment that will continue to move to the northeast. the storm is moving quickly in about 35 miles an hour. an hour. so won't take long for this rotation to actually reach your area. what we are seeing is still radar indicated. as of right now we do not have reports of any damage, or confirmed tornado on the ground. what this shows us is we have really strong winds going in one direction and really strong winds going in opposition to that. we see this tight rotation right here again just southwest of central oak knoll. that is what we are watching to continue to slide off to the northwest and potentially we can have a tour not excel in
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are watching. regardless of whether that is on the ground at any moment these could still come down. so we want to give you the heads up. we want to get you to those safe spots. we want to get you in the central part of your house on the lowest floor. that is the safest place for you to be. as we mentioned a few. as we mentioned a few moments ago, if you are in a mobile home i need you to get out of sturdier structure. or. or if you are outside light down in it which flat. to be the safest option as mobile homes, even with very weak tornadoes can easily be blown to over and of fourthly we've seen several deaths earlier this year as a result of people being caught by tornadoes in their mobile home. continuing to slide to the northeast 35 miles an hour. again tornado warning in effect until 12:35 p.m. oak knoll you are in the crosshairs of this. manhattan, still not in the clear just yet. it does look does look like the strongest point of rotation is
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little bit. bit. so if you are watching from manhattan stay where you are for now. stay in in a safe spot not giving the all clear just yet. up dated velocity, if we can zoom out a little bit to show you where that is right now. again this storm centered right over oak knoll as we speak. if we can zoom out a little bit further want to give people a better heads up in terms of where this is going to be headed. we. we are seeing a strong rotation right now over oak knoll just to the southeast moving up into the keen town area as well as highway 62 right there. all of these areas throughout manatee county, hillsboro portions of that county well. very closely. you can see the strong screen. that will continue to slide off to the northeast as we look a
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here's the areas that are included in this tornado warning that goes until 12:30 pm. that includes parts of southeastern hillsboro county into parts of western hardy county as well. our county as well. our focus is right now on the oak knoll area where we are picking up on that significant location. we are starting to see more of the classic hook echo as we look at the reflectivity. you can can see the curvature there. that is indicating that those winds are really tight in that area. also also that there are some rotation in that area. kate, if i can get you to zoom in a little bit closer to that if you are watching from manatee county, oak knoll back toward keen town under active tornado warning until 12:30 p.m. left on this morning. the latest couple of scans that we have seen don't necessarily break this down completely, still dealing with some of that and as we zoom and a little bit more you can see the rotation
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the northeast. the areas we are seeing right now, again just east of oak knoll , moving back toward county road 39. also in the crosshairs of this back near keen town can't give you the all clear just yet. the latest couple of scans we've seen really not showing signs this is weakening so we have to keep a close eye on this one as fortunately. kate is going to put a storm tracker on that. you can see the areas that we are potentially watching very closely with this is across his highway 62 putting much as we speak starting to pick up on that very heavy rain and south of that. that is where we are picking up that rotation your oak knoll. over the next 30 minutes largely going to be sidestepping many more populated areas. that is good news. but we have some highways. so folks if you have people you know are driving these particular roads, call them, text them, give them a heads up and let them know we have a
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area. one moment you're going to stay west of the center of rotation. but still a strong thunderstorm will be moving up to your area. so so we want to keep you aware of this as well. over the next 30 minutes these are the areas back toward 674 crossing highway 62 that's toward county road 69 over to the keen town area. the strongest rotation we are detecting just west of you. again back toward oak knoll. manhattan, you are. manhattan, you are now in the clear. the storm has moved off to your northeast. starting to see the rain lighten up very rapidly. oak knoll, still not just yet. likely detecting a little bit of rotation. again about to cross highway 62 just west of county road 39. the latest view we are seeing actually are reflectivity not showing that tight notch. so it is quite possible this may be weakening just a little bit. however, it bit. however, it was something that is not a classic signature like this we could still get some
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highway 62. back over to the reflectivity we will take a quick gander there what is going on this particular storm. as again just west of keen town with keeping an eye on this particular cell just off the coast of sarasota county. no active warnings as of right now for this particular storm. what we are watching is this one right here over into manatee county that is moving again to the northeast. a tornado warning hour. a tornado warning has been issued for manatee, parts of extreme southern hillsboro as well as back toward hardy county. kate, are you hearing anything speemac the good news, there are no reports of any injuries. i. i want to go ahead and show the correlation coefficient graphic if i can find that. the manatee county tornadoes
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result in some severe weather. as you you can see we have the velocity mode on let's go now to the correlation mode. what this looks for is the possibility of any debris in the atmosphere that could be associated with tornado damage. and like i said, the deadly tornadoes we had earlier this winter, it was easy to see that debris. but as i am zooming in right now into the oak knoll area it does not seem to look very likely that we are seeing anything. let me loop that for you. speemac i know we are looking at a big collage of colors. but really what we are looking for will we see this coalition coefficient would be the debris in the air that is being picked up by the radar. but not really seeing anything that would give us a definitive, that is a debris potential. it looks like we are seeing a bit of a mess right there.
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ball. is good news. but that would be after we have already seen the tornado touchdown, pick up some debris. it is not a guarantee that there has not been a tornado touchdown. still sing them very tight rotation there and we still warning for manatee and parts of sarasota, hardy county until 12:30 p.m. >> we are also hearing that has been a severe thunderstorm warning issued for sarasota county until 1:00 p.m. so that storm we are watching is located about 5 miles to the southwest of englewood moving northeast at 25 miles an hour. hour. so it is this storm system we are looking out that we have been keeping a close eye on as well. again, this is moving pretty quickly, 25 miles an hour. so will put a little storm track on there for you.
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about 25, self venice around englewood 12:44 p.m., warm p.m. right now this is a severe thunderstorm warning and not a tornado warning, but that could change so we will keep you up- to-date. that tornado warning remains in effect until 12:30 pm for the original so we have been watching. went to manatee county. this this is in effect four another seven minutes - eight minutes but it could be extended. it could transfer more into hillsboro county. right now it is located about 14 miles to the west of kona, or 19 miles south of fish hawk moving northeast at 35 miles an hour. yet. let me go ahead and switch back now to the reflectivity mode and i know ashley standing by over there on the wall and is ready to ...
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is the severe thunderstorm warning. speemac this is the severe thunderstorm warning issued few moments ago for parts of sarasota county. if you are in inglewood watching from venice you are starting to see heavy rain moving onshore. this particular storm has the capability of producing some large hail, and more likely damaging straight-line winds in excess of about 60 miles an hour. the storm in storm in and of itself is moving at a pretty good pace , about 35 miles an hour. it. it does not need a whole lot of energy to actually pulls up to the severe level criteria, which we were telling anyone about yesterday. that will continue to slide off to the northeast. all of these cells moving quickly and about 35 miles an hour. again, this is as of right now a severe thunderstorm warning until now a severe thunderstorm warning until 1:00 p.m. but we can see some rotation developing so we will keep a close eye on this one. but of course we have that active tornado warning still in effect for manatee county now
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northernmost portions of this southern hillsboro county where rain. latest reflectivity scan looks weaker. but again we still have that cookie mishap and so when we see that cookie look at go tells us there some rotation within the storm. we showed you just a few moments ago the correlation coefficient not picking up on any debris. so it is quite possible we may until this point, or that we see the rotation a little too high in terms of the radar scan to be able to pick up on what is happening on the ground. this has been a radar indicated tornado warning. it will be expiring in about five minutes from now. it is possible a new warning could be issued. it could be extended, butt, but it looks a little bit weaker in this latest scan. so there's a possibility may continue to weaken and it may be allowed to expire within the
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kate, if we can jump over to velocity and see if we have any new updates there's far as how that rotation. also keeping an eye on this but manatee, that is where we warning. it looks like it has may be loosened up just a little bit. but still picking up on some of that tight rotation right here in east of the oak knoll's. are in the clear on this one as a continues to move to the northeast at about 35 miles per capable of producing a tornado so again if you are in the keen town area along highway 62 go ahead and take precautions now. go ahead and get into a safe spot on the lowest floor of your home, in the central part of your home as well. speemac quickly i want to mention that here's where we have the severe thunderstorm warnings.
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venice, north of englewood , you are in the zone for a severe thunderstorm warning. of course we would not rule out the possibility of a waterspout moving onshore here. so we want to keep the folks updated who live down around venice and englewood. speemac right, that is right, that is one of the two storms we are tracking. looking at our velocity scan still heavy rotation with that storm up to manatee county. as of right now this is just west of keen town near county road 39 west of the duet area as well. an area we did see a tornado move through earlier in the year and did some damage there. again another reminder if you are in a mobile home that is not a safe spot for you to be, so you need to find a sturdier structure to take shelter. or you are actually better off going outside and lying in a ditch, getting out of that mobile home. even very weak tornadoes can completely toppled trees these over. we are tracking that
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continuing to move to the northeast. the latest scan looks like we are not seeing that really well defined what we would call a tornado vortex signature. so looking like this may be weakening, although it could be a brief weakening and we could still see some activity beginning to pulse up. we are also tracking the severe thunderstorm warning right along the sarasota county so back toward venice, inglewood you are still under that until one pm this afternoon. the potential for strong gusty winds in excess of 60 miles an hour with this one. we will keep an eye on and of course as the storms come ashore we can always have these up and become tornadoes as they move over land and cause some damage there as well. kate, we want to check vacuum with you. are we hearing any damage reports from either of these storms ? nothing at this point which is we are happy to report that. but of course we are still under the threat and two areas
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were saying that we have the two areas that severe thunderstorm warning off the coast and moving on inglewood in venice and also we have a report of that storm with a possible tornado, tornado warning for portions of manatee county and southeastern hillsboro and northeastern manatee county. speemac we just checked with the desk we're not hearing any damage reports at this point as well. this particular storm is just coming ashore. this one will be a little while before we can definitely sound the all clear on this. with severe thunderstorm warnings we can see the storms capable of producing large hail which can do a lot of damage by themselves. and more importantly, damaging straight-line winds. something we can easily see 60 molnar winds so trees can be blown over and can certainly do some damage. and of course we still have that active tornado warning we are tracking through manatee county. looking about velocity scan still picking up on some rotation with this particular
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kate, if we can slide over to our reflectivity on that particular cell just to see what it is that we are looking out there. right now the neighborhoods we are looking at just west of keen town, back toward the duet area, that is where we are singh the potential for some strong rotation that could include a tornado there. again, that rotation just west of keen town. if you are in that area again they could easily jog just a couple of miles to the east. you are not under the all clear until this moves off to the
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eventually moving back toward 674. kate, you want to double check we're not seeing any warnings reissued because this one will be expiring in the next couple of moments. >> that is what i'm looking for right now. we have live chat capability, so we are getting second by second updates from the national weather service. as far as i i see i'm not seeing that tornado warning allowed to expire, but i have not heard being extended either. so we are coming up to 12:30 pm. so we may be getting some new information very shortly for you. as you mentioned, ashley does seem like that rotation is weakening, that that we are not in as much of a threat for that storm warning system in manatee county. speemac i am on the chat as well. does look like they have re- issued a new tornado warning , just issued for parts of


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