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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the car they were towing was damaged in the fire. no word yet on when emergency responders will get it cleaned up. facebook ceo mark zuckerburg is responding after employees marked out black lives matter on the walls of the company. it was replaced with all lives matter. zuckerburg called the action deeply hurtful in an internal memo. university of missouri fired assistant professor following campus protest last year. me lisa click was suspended after seen asking for help to get a student journalist away from protesters. she was seen cursing at a police officer a month earlier. she said she regrets her actions. never-before-seen video of tampa police officer's body cam video. this is a video you might be used to see. this is meant to open your eyes. 10 news reporter jennifer titus
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these videos give you a closer officers face every day. >> reporter: there are the good, the bad and the ugly. it is body cam video taken officers. >> do you have any questions? >> not for you i don't. >> reporter: this officer is the voice behind this incident. traffic stop. then ends up complaining to me inappropriate. >> reporter: every since he started wearing a body cam he's been able to prove exactly what happened. >> what the camera does for me is allow other people to see how that person was with their interaction. >> reporter: tampa police releasing this chilling video to showing exactly what officers protecting you are faced with day-to-day. many officers wearing body cameras these days, remember that conversation you are having with them may be being recorded.
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no. this map shows you in the bay area only four departments are utilizing them now. more than a dozen are not. citing your privacy and cost. >> you name it. i have seen it. >> reporter: for departments that chose to record like tampa police, it gives everyone a point of view of what is happening out on the streets. in tampa jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. >> many departments tell them they have body cameras but officers have not worn them yet. for now they say they are waiting to see what lawmakers do. we did post the video jennifer brought you on our facebook
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apple ceo refused to comply to give the fbi technical help over concerns technology could fall in the wrong hands. >> we always found a way to balanced our cherish right to privacy. and our cherished right of securing ourselves in our national security. case. the safety and security of our fellow americans depend on it. >> nelson says the number of
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access to prevent future attacks will only grow with another terrorist strike. >> it is a very uncomfortable position to oppose your government of something doesn't feel good. and to oppose it on something where we are advocating for civil liberties, which they are uncredibly ironic. >> apple ceo tim cook says this isn't about the phone but about the future. the company provided data from the dead suspect's icloud account. apple engineers are working on security measures that will make it impossible for the government to break into a locked phone. most drivers behind the wheel admit they are driving distracted. new research from aaa shows a whopping 87% say they have done something risky while driving in the last month. two out of three admit to talking on the phone.
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a third say they have texted while driving. took part in the survey. if you have a baby in the city of brandon in the last three decade use probably woman. that familiar face is leaving diapers and late nights behind. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the road where a career impacted a community. >> you like her? >> yes. >> she is beautiful. >> reporter: bonnie has always been in the business of saying hello. for 35 years she's roamed the halls at the brandon regional hospital welcoming babies to the world. >> there is not more of a miracle than babies being born. after 35 years each one is a little different. each one is a little more special. >> reporter: the tough part of hello is it is always followed by good-bye.
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together. it is going to be weird. it is going to be sad. >> reporter: time is running out. march 4th will be a bittersweet day. bonnie's last on the job. >> when i first heard she was going to be retiring i didn't believe it. i thought bonnie would never retire. i told her the day she left i would leave with her. >> is that true? are you going to be back on monday? >> yeah. i'll be back on monday. i wanted to leave. >> it will be a huge transition for all of us when she retires. it is bittersweet. it will be a huge void. >> reporter: her legacy is swaddled and abundant. she has no idea she would be saying this. >> 35 years 90,000 babies. that is a lot of babies. that is a lot of people in brandon. >> reporter: when she walks out the door for the last time
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decades of babies and memories. all of them sweet and unique in their own way. >> it is a lot. it is my hospital. it is my community. that's what it is all about. >> reporter: on the road in brandon bobby lewis 10 news wtsp. >> how incredible. the nurses are so important after labor and delivery when you come back out. they are lifesavers there. i know how much she probably means to so many people. >> 90,000 babies. to put this in perspective, those 90,000 babies were born in her 35 years at the hospital. the city's current population is just over 102,000. >> coworkers are throwing her a good-bye party on sunday. tammy fields is in the community today speaking with several groups at east bay high school. it is part of the week-long
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tammy talks about her journey of being a teenager and how writing for her high school newspaper sparked her interest in journalism. sky 10 network camera i-75 and brandon boulevard. traffic is a stand still at i- 75 and fowler. >> lakewood ranch is beautiful. make sure you download our 10 news app. it will bring you instant
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here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. students in south africa burned several university buildings including a science center in protests. administrators had to close the northwest university campus and tell them to leave. violence comes as many press for lower tuition and more student housing.
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operator is contesting $30,000 in fines after a collapse killed two people. it happened new hampshire last week. walker international events is talking after the feds say they failed to properly put the tent up and ignored severe weather warnings. sea world admits to sending a worker to infiltrate animal rights group. company ceo says they are no longer spying on opponents and hiring an outside phone to review security practices. halliburton is cutting 5,000 workers due to the crashing oil market. spokesperson says the cutting is a reality of the changing market. that is your 60 second scan. a family is back home after they were kicked off of a flight.
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their message turning something terrible into a teaching moment for toddlers.
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you would be surprised how many people butt dial 9-1-1. your children could speak a heard of. will coding really help your teen in the future?
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look at the snow coming down in cleveland. we have a sister station there. betsy kling is the meteorologist there. cleveland is a pretty city. this time of year there are warmer places to be. you can see this ripping through cleveland now. pennsylvania taking a big hard hit today. we have a mixture in philadelphia moving up towards new england. it is the back end of the front we saw yesterday winding up around maine. what we are tracking for you is a cold front. this is it here. note, the difference between all the snow and rain and
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front versus this front here. no clouds. it is a reenforcing shot of cooler air. we are tracking it coming across the gulf tonight. you can see it first thing in the morning. the only thing we'll note is maybe a few clouds by the coast. first your evening will remind as clear as it is now. beautiful start to the evening. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. 51 st. pete. 62 tampa. 55 sebring. 61 safety harbor. 63 pinellas park. river view 57. 58 largo. 59 land o'lakes. look how beautiful it is. the night. the 50s. that cold front not expected to arrive until early in the morning at day break. yes. but not where we have been
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as the front is coming through around 7:00 we'll start around 42 in crystal river. 46 brooksville. north and east of tampa 40s expected. be likely. low 50s tampa and west across pinellas county. same for i-75 west in manatee and sarasota county. 52 to start. lakeland. as we are looking ahead through the day, a few clouds and an isolated shower in the gulf as the front passes through. over the bay area, probably won't even notice a front has come through other than the winds picking up. it is not a warm day. 62 for a high. it will be ten degrees cooler than average high. 43 saturday morning. high of 64. this is the coldest part of it. saturday morning i'm expecting 35 crystal river, dade city and brooksville. low 40s around the bay area. we'll rebound in the 60s. nice thing about that is by
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forecast, 73 for our high. by tuesday. we'll be close to 80 degrees. little something for everybody in that extended forecast for your weekend and the upcoming next week. if you want to keep up with the temperatures when you wake up, it is there for you on the 10 news app. open it up. search wtsp in the app store. sweat, paint and hard work is sure to pay off. >> i'm overwhelmed. i probably won't know my house when you guys (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries
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>> that could have been my mother, your mother or my grandmother. >> i'm waiting for donuts. >> there is people after the crime is solved they need our help. we are trying to show it is not put a person in jail and move along. things need to be tied up in the end. we do the best we can. >> i won't believe my house when they get finished. there are good people out there. really there is. >> let me say she can have as many donuts as she wants. >> you have earned it. look at all the people out there helping her. that is so great. >> it is beautiful. >> who called code enforcement
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they have more work they have to tackle.
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this is what we know. they were boarded after hearing a noise. some kind of mechanical problem. we don't know the details. passengers had to be put on another plane. they are getting ready to take off any minute now. a traffic alert along eastbound lanes of gandy bridge in st. pete. quite a mess on the roads. minutes ago sky 10 over the crash involving several cars. as you can imagine this is a
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things are getting worse. you can see there is only one lane creeping by that ambulance and other crews on the scene. you can see fire rescue. they tell us five people were hurt. two treated on the ground. the other three were taken to the hospital. the good news none of those injuries are serious. more problems on the roadways. the cleanup from a motor home fire tying up traffic along u.s. 19 in clearwater. you can see the backups stretching several miles. this all started about 90 minutes ago. all is south of enterprise road. you can see the back of the rv sitting there. it is charred from what we can tell at this point. two people got out safely. only the northbound lanes are getting by. we'll let you know as soon as everything gets back opened. to our big story. the cell phone. it is your lifeline to emergency help. is it working against you?


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