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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now. i guess he decided he thing. >> an accused thief trying to steal this boat. how the crook wound up in the water with police reeling him in. good evening. >> certainly a different kind of report. the police nabbed a boat thief. >> he ended up on board begging to be rescued. >> tonight, 10 news reporter talked with the boat captain when was nearly sunk by a thief. it's a story you'll see only on 10. reporter: the owner says this is how the accused thief smashed his way in trying to steal the $100,000 boat.
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>> he made it 20 feet. reporter: jesse bought this 42- foot fishing boat six months ago and nearly had his livelihood stolen. >> you work hard to get something going and somebody just doesn't care. reporter: i tells me the boat -- it happened after closing time when jason tried to take it for a ride and floored it. while still tied up snapping it. >> if he would have gotten out of the slip, i guarantee you he would have smashed the boat up. he was not in his right mind. reporter: the boat bandit was still on board when he hopped on a police boat and watched as getaway. >> he bailed off. started screaming. he made two strokes, grabbed a swim platform and pulled incompetent into the boat. reporter: they rescued him and gave him a ride to jail. reporter: florida has the most
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they offer rewards to track down stolen boats. >> if someone will google a hull identification number and it will come back to our website as a stolen boat. reporter: he is relieved to have his boat and business back. >> nothing got damaged down there, but the glass in the back. reporter: 10 news, wtsp. >> we checked the criminal record and he's been arrested to times for dui, once for property damage. if you're thinking about buying a boat, one that's not stolen, right now, a workplace in kansas. dozens are injured and up to 7 people are dead including the gunman. moments ago, we just learned that the gunman is from florida and has a criminal record in the '90s. it happened at excel industries, a family-owned business where they manufacture
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it's located in the town of heston, kansas, we not far wichita. they captured a wife reunited with her husband after a painful moment of being uncertain about his fate. >> i heard his voice but i won't be happy until i see him in person. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> you can come in here. >> the sheriff says the gunman worked there and there could be as many as four crime scenes. the factory, another location in heston where a person was shot in the leg and the town of newton where a man was shot in the shoulder and a fourth location. >> new tonight, the governor is getting a firsthand at the damage down in charlotte county. he arrived around 7:00 tonight and walked around communities hardest hit yesterday by severe weather. you can see him here meeting
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who's home was destroyed when the ef-1 tornado moved through his neighborhood. a lively presidential debate as they battle it out for the final time before super tuesday. pretty much it turned into a trump verses rubio debate. when you look at the latest numbers, that's how it's shaping up as well. donald trump has a huge lead in the polls out today. 44% of the votes compared to rubio's 28. our political reporter joins with us those debates. >> it was explosive. at times the arguing developed into noise. trump verses rubio with ted cruz taking a big swing as well. will it be enough to make a difference voters on super tuesday? >> you hire workers -- >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people.
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>> the night was on immigration and illegal workers and donald trump fires back at marco rubio. the senator from florida kept up his attacks. >> if he builds a wall, you'll be using illegal immigrant to do it. >> you wouldn't know anything about it -- >> i don't know anything about bankruptcy. >> you know where he would be? selling watches and -- reporter: rubio landed good punches, scored a few percentage points with voters, but the political expert says overall, it's probably not going to affect next tuesday. >> the bigger deal may be what trump is saying, died and true conservative party lines and more liberal views on health care. he's getting slack from both of them. >> but i won with report setting numbers. new people are coming to the party.
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in. >> he's really trying to talk to the general election idea that he is elect i believe because he's bringing over independents and democrats. >> and staying on top -- as the rain rolls down to super tuesday. one more thing to note. former kkk leader through his support for trump saying voting for anyone else is -- >> if you like to see the debate or check out the action, head to our story at time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan right now. google will back app many in its battle with the fbi over iphone inscription. google is creating a way for authorities to access people's information on their cell phone. now gaggle -- google makes android software.
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to hacks into a locked iphone today. a break through for woman who are unable to get pregnant. surgens at the clinic have performed the nation's first uterus pans transplant. unlike other organ transplants babies. the uterus will be removed. the first birth from a womb transplant back in 2014. scary story out of chile, there were pills from the despicable me movies. they were inside coloring sets for kids. officials believe the pills originally came from the nether lands. two people were placed under house arrest after customs officials found drugs and that's your 60 second scan. it's home -- it has been on big screen and visited by thousands of people every year. but how would you like clear water marina area yum as a neighbor?
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hundreds who live nearby are voicing concerns over the expansion. 10 news out and about in the community tonight for a very, very, very. 500 strong turned out for tonight's metropolitan area ymca banquet entitled building a better us. i emceed it. throughout the event, we heard how the y has changed people lives, many were recognized for their contributions, including tampa restaurant owner richard and local business owners mike and darlene charles. congratulations. still to come, new ideas to reduce the number of drunk drivers out on the roads.
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growing some serious shade. how a former super model is slamming the latest "sports illustrated" cover girl for being too big. speeding through the city on inner tubes. you won't want to miss this crazy event coming to the bay area. winds were blowing up around today. gusts between 21 -- 31 and 38 miles per hour. tracking another front for friday. there will be another windy day. we're going to lay it out for you. make sure you stay up for a
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10 news has taken an agentive role to fight the drunk driving epidemic which has claimed too many innocent lives. >> after 10 investigates exposed our tampa bar patrons were scared to leave their cars overnight because of aggressive and illegal towing we saw a need for change. tonight, our investigative reporter is back taking a look at what other cities around the county are doing to keep intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel.
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a number of our cities and counties to consider copying an ordinance that's designed to ban tow trucks from patrolling bar parking lots overnight. further. cities like austin have waived morning parket tickets. denver allows to you park in meters spots through the morning and green bay has i had to with the idea of free overnight parking for anyone who has a pack arrested saying establishments. they want to consider similar measures here to do everything possible to discourage an intoxicated driver from driving home. ellen, head of an alcohol coalition said we shouldn't be towing or ticketing anybody who makes smart decisions at the end of a night out. >> it's personal responsibility. on the other hand, they're not. do you want that person to get their car. stop them and they go and kill somebody. it's our responsibility, too. reporter: the coalition is made up of representatives from law enforcement agencies, the
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parties looking to curb high risk drinking behaviors. that means doing everything possible to let intoxicated drivers know how to leave their cars outside tampa bay's bars. >> i think this is a priority. i would like to see reduced penalties for leaving your car. don't tow their cars and have a think tank and look at the other cities that have ideas and see what we can apply here. reporter: they have starting lobbying on the issue. we'll let you know what happens. 10 investigates. for more on his tow truck investigations including tips on getting refunds for unfair impounds, check out the ten investigates page here at back to the clear water marina area yum now. not everyone is hatchy with expansion plans. we share hundreds are voicing their concern. reporter: the plans are in motion. a bigger, better clear water square feet of space and
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but how it got to this point has an island divided. >> it is our job to make our officials uncomfortable enough that they pay attention to what we say. reporter: island estates residents showed up in force. their concerns are simple enough. traffic and transparency. >> l there's a lot of potential favors that have probably taken place. there's miss steps in the process. reporter: residents are trying to stop it. peter officially filed the appeal of the community development board's ruling and he's backed by hundreds. >> the island responded in such a way that they were really upset and they really wanted to take this as far as they can go. they don't want to see the cma expanded any longer. reporter: aquarium ce okay was among the crowd listening in. he says residents are misinformed. >> we put together a plan based on the comments we got.
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the streets. the plan does that. reporter: hundreds and hundreds of residents have signed on supporting this will be heard. friday, a possible compromise representatives from the aquarium and the attorneys behind this appeal will meet. in clear water, 10 news wtsp. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family, it's time for 10 weather. a little chilly. >> a lot chill glee is it really cold or what? >> we would have been so above average on temperatures. where we should be as far as the pocket. the wind we had today made it >> take a look. i want to show you. not too often you see it all whitecaps. with gusts around 30 to 38 knots, that was definitely the case today.
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we had a gorgeous sunset. look at this. clear water beach, beautiful tonight much our front that brought the rain and storms just now leaving the u.s. around maine in the last two to three hours. up around eastern canada. here's the next front we're tracking. as it makes its way down towards the tampa area, we're going to be looking at this front coming through right around daybreak. note the difference. this front, clouds, rain, snow. this front, a little bit of snow with that low in tennessee and kentucky, but follow along louisiana, texas, new mexico, colorado, the rain-northbound rain, no clouds, not much going on. this front is coming through in the morning as mainly a dry front. likely still kick the winds up for our friday. not as bad as it was today. but still gusty winds expected. it's going to re-enforce our low humidity and take the morning lows down starting saturday.
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so as we are sitting in the mid- 50s tonight, 45 in lakeland and 48 in land o' lakes. there will be cooler temperatures. around the bay area, we're starting until the mid to low 50s over the next, say, four or five hours. we won't see much of a drop at all. right at daybreak, i do expect us to cool off and then we'll rebound quickly around sunrise. 42 is where i'm putting us around crystal river. 46 brooksville. coastal pasco county low 50s. in the bay area, tampa through the bay, 52, 53 degrees will be common. i think downtown we're going to be around 49. i'm going to put that as the official temperature for tampa's low and the suburbs there, 47, 48 degrees. 51 around river view.
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say set a mid-40s for the heartland -- sarasota mid-40s for the heartland. the pocket should be 5 inform 15 miles an hour. gusts around 20 to 25. might see a peak gust around 30 as we start around 49 we'll go to 62. look at your future cast. few clouds offshore as the front comes through around daybreak. might see an offshore sprinkle but no rain. as get on the roads in the morning, it just re-enforces that cool risk winter air and as we head into the weekend, a lot of you may like that with sunny skies coming along with it. high temperatures in the low 60s. now, this will be below average. the morning lows not far from where we should start this time of year, but our highs should be right around 70 to 72 degrees. we're going to be about 8 to 10 degrees cooler than where where should be for this time of year.
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waters. offshore waves 2 to 4 feet with the winds 5 to 15. gusts 20 to 25 are possible. if you're thinking about taking the boat out, we have a marine weather briefing online. if you want to go to and click on weather, you'll see it on the left-hand side. for you boaters and fishermen we do this every day. allergies, it is the time of year where -- year where we see the prettiest weather but the allergies are the highest. oak trees off the charts right it's that yellow film you see on your cars. that's not improving through friday and your weekend. the temperatures will be. if this is a little cool for your taste. 43 saturday, 64 for a high. 70s will return by sunday afternoon. but both mornings saturday and sunday will be quite chilly. 43 in tampa. you know mid-30s in citrus, but through the 7-day forecast, if the 60s are cool for your taste, tuesday and wednesday are your days.
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the next rain system, cold front on the horizon that could produce showers and terms next thursday to friday, about a week away. of course we'll keep tracking it and let you know about it. if you want to get that app where always always have a video forecast on your phone. trending online, a story that has a lot of people talking. former super model under fire after body shaming a current sports i will traited super model. plus size model ashley graham is one of the three women on the cover of this year's swimsuit issue. the former cover girl says by featuring graham in the magazine glam rised full-size women and that they're not healthy. a person's waist somebody under 35 inches, but her face is beautiful. >> i don't get that one. weather watch for a chance tor
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the middle of the city of -- in the milledle of tampa. i'm doing it. 9 urban water slide announced it's coming to the bay area. it's a giant slip and slide, 1,000 feet long and it travels all the way -- all across the country. now, the slide will be here on saturday, may 14th along tampa's north boulevard at west palm avenue. tickets of the day -- for the day $20 apiece for the event. but you can get early bird tinge et cetera online now for just 10 bucks. >> we've got the latest on the bucks negotiations with dock martin. we'll hear from the raise top pros text who's a long shot to
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for 2 -- from 23 years old to lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener
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training on friday. first workout with live batting practice although hitters don't swing at much. there's fan fest on saturday. chris archer made sure the young pitchers knew who was the top dog when he scold the blake day. there's talk of signing 23-year- old blake e to a long-term deal much like matt moore. >> it's a very impressive he through a four pitch make that was fun to watch. you see why everybody is talking about him. like i said, we can't get too caught up on this. this is his first big league camp. we're thrilled he's with us.
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about it it hasn't been presented. nothing that i really think >> all right. 40-year-old alex rodriguez is back at yankees camp after 33 season. him. he prepared hard. he said he didn't know what expect. now he seems like a changed man. he's more humble and says he's in a good place. >> i'm coming to this year. i'm not taking anything for granted. i'm hungry to cool back -- come back. i'm enjoying it. i know 2015 was a cinderella season. i don't take it for granted. to be able to wear a uniform at the age of 40 is pretty cool. >> fans were cheering his name today. bucks gm told the times that he met with dog martin -- dog martin's act. there's no deal reached yet and no deal is going to be reached in indianapolis.
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they scored 13 points in the first half. shot 15%. uconn went inside all night. in the second half, to miller. they won their 20th game. 81-51 final score. high school ball, the state tournament, jesuit had a huge crowd for the other semifinal, but a sneaky play there. they went the length of the court. 22 seconds left. lee green had a clutch triple to pull them within two and that was it. bishop defeated them 55-54. now, there's three more area teams that have a chance tomorrow to advance much they'll play semifinal game. our area hasn't had a whole lot of luck. three for chances tropical storm. >> we shall see. >> exactly.
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finally tonight, a cheerful family reunion after a cross- friend. her sky and bruce were reunited with their cat at chicago's international airport. the feline apparently walked away from their wisconsin home just before christmas. get. >> wait for it a few days ago, the family received word that she was found in naples, florida. >> how? >> because why would you want to be in wisconsin if you could
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