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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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surprisingly they are not held up to the same standards. 10 news reporter darren flowers is digging deeper. >> reporter: this demo shows how quickly a room can go up in flames. imagine your home not having the proper tools to protect you. >> they want these places to be safe. they are safe. >> reporter: currently florida law requires most buildings to have the newest fire safety equipment. >> like nursing homes and hospitals and daycare facilities. they have been updated every three years. >> reporter: surprisingly adult living facilities are not held to the same standards. they are only required to follow fire safety codes set back in 1994. tampa representative harrison hopes to change that. he is sponsoring a bill to
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>> it will be enforceable when you build new adult living facilities now because the fire marshall will come out and inspect everything. >> reporter: facilities making major renovations will have to update their technology. >> every minute is valuable getting that senior out of the building. >> reporter: janet is the executive director at highlands facility. >> most of them won't have the fire sprinkle systems. they for sure won't have one barriers we offer. >> reporter: it is important to ask about fire safety when protecting your loved ones. >> harrison's bill passed the house and needs to make it through the senate. he is hopeful it will become law later this year. there are three other big chosing a facility. first and foremost, take a cleanliness.
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the staff is, including how they interact with current residents. ask the stuff security and safety questions, things like what happens if a stranger enters that facility. new information in a lengthy battle. florida's 24-hour wait period for abortions is being enforced. appeal court lifted an injunction saying there were not enough facts or evidence to support blocking the law. american civil liberty's union challenged the law saying it created unnecessary hardships and violated florida's privacy rights. women must be in person 24- hours before receiving abortions. there are exceptions for rape and incest. new allegations in a lack of training and leadership at the zephyrhills police department. just yesterday the city pulled the school resource officers from two pasco county schools after the district said it lost trust in them. >> today an officer involved in
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incident made his case to get his job back. 10 news reporter casey cumley explains about the growing concern towards the department. >> i think the lack of training and leadership in the department is critical. >> reporter: there are allegations from the director jim diamond against the zephyrhills police department. incident last september. zephyrhills police were investigating a shoplifting case when the suspect refused to come out of his house. the officer who tased him was fired for excessive use of force. another officer was let go due to statements in his report. he is fighting to get his job back. 10 news uncovered in a 2014 independent review of the department officers had to show proficiency with tasers and fire arms only. report said this could be a concern if the department or city were sued for
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fast forward to a year after this report the city settled with the taser victim for $190,000. >> i'm concerned about the leadership they are receiving or the lack of leadership they are receiving. >> reporter: city manager had this to say about the accusations. >> i don't think that's the case. >> reporter: we took those concerns to zephyrhills police chief david spears. >> i prefer not to comment. >> reporter: diamond is disappointed by the lack of cooperation by the department. in zephyrhills 10 news wtsp. >> you can count on 10 news to stay on top of the police chief and city manager when it comes to those concerns within the department. a disturbing revelation by st. pete police. chief says 99 guns have been stolen in eight weeks. put that into perspective 155 guns were reported stolen in all of 2015. with this year off to a horrific start police are urging gun owners to lock up
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they are giving a way free gun locks to encourage them to keep their property safe. >> just be responsible gun owners. people always talk about the second amendment. take the gun out of your car. take it in your home. lock it up. we are not telling you not to have it. we are telling you to be responsible. >> this is one part of stopping violence in st. pete. the department also started a special team that focuses on troubled areas. in seven weeks they made 188 arrests. in hillsborough county a trial date is set in the hogan guacamoler sex tape trial. exwrestleer is sawing for $100 million. he claims the website blasted part of a sex tape without his permission. today their attorneys discussed jury selection in court. that trial is set to begin march 1st. 10 news will be there. president obama talked about clean energy and jobs in jacksonville today. >> clean energy investments we
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combined to support hundreds of thousands of jobs. including nearly 300 right here. >> he visited the battery plant this afternoon to show the effects of the american recovery and reinvestment act. it was signed in law in 2009. they were awarded $95 million of the $760 billion stimulus bill. officers are looking out for your money in sarasota. they are searching for skimmers. officer are going pump to pump to make sure criminals have not electronics. they install devices that can steal your credit card it comes after skimmers were found in that city. >> it is a good idea to watch out for people ripping people off. taking advantage of people who work hard and have money in their account. >> once a criminal has your credit card information it can lead to identity theft. in manatee county a threatening phone call to
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school into a lock down. this comes days after we told you about a rash of lock downs this school year. investigators didn't find anything suspicious. heads up if you are driving in bartow around the polk county government complex. beginning monday crews will truck in large concrete pieces. that will make up a parking garage in that area. deliveries will take place over several months. each time the deliveries block part of boulevard street between broadway and mills avenue. a tense scene in hillsborough county where a bus slams into a streetcar in tampa. don't worry it is not real. it is staged to allow police and rescuers prepare for a disaster. drill included 20 pretend passengers and simulated diesel spill in ybor city.
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down the days until the first rays game of the season. there are 44 to be exact. this weekend you'll have a chance to meet your favorite players for free. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck went to tropicanna field today to find out what you need to know for tomorrow's fan fest. >> reporter: we have insider tips for you. the best one i can give you is charge your phone. you'll want to take so many pictures out here. where i'm sitting is where evan longoria will be signing autographs. take a look at this. that will be full of people waiting in line. the other insider advice i have for you is better to take pictures with them and a lot easier than getting something signed. another insider tip bring your kids, grand kids. those under 14 get free access to players, coaches and baseball legends. >> because you follow these
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they know them already. they'll get a chance to get to know them better. >> reporter: this is set to be the best fan fest yet. here's what you need to know. it is tomorrow saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. if you are a season ticketholder you can come in at 10:00. it is totally free. parking is free. lots six and seven will be your best bet. how cool is it to stand in the center field and talk to your favorite players on what could be their best year yet? i talked to a lot of baseball experts. they say the rays have a shot at the world series this in tropicanna field sarah hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. stay with us. we'll be
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you seen them on tv all the time. police chases and many of them end in crashes. in november st. pete police tried to track down two carjacking suspects. eventually the driver of this
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a report of a missing child up u.s. 19. that driver is in jail for not pulling over and putting others in danger. carjacking suspect lead lakeland police on a high-speed chase with a cash. hurt. it highlights proper training chases. today lakeland police department demonstrated what it takes to run a safe high-speed chase. officers blocked off streets in the city to simulate the split- second choices they make while navigating a chase. while the bad guys seem to have no rules in the way they operate, the police have to stick to the law. >> it was so fun. it was terrifying. >> i can imagine. they go crazy places. lakeland officers have to have
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pursuit training every five years to even become certified. we posted bonus footage of the training at under seen on tv. this is the news you need when you need it. it is really funny, i have done a number of police chases in miami. that ran from coconut grove to broward county. >> that looked like me and reg coming into work last week. let's get you off and rolling. chilly city tonight. a beautiful start. temperatures similar this hour. lakewood ranch nice and clear
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we'll drop a lot faster tonight than we did last night. if you are going out and going to be gone from the house for a few hours a layer or two highly recommended. 55 tampa. 56 st. pete. as we look over tampa international airport we are finding, and you probably noticed very dry air with the second cool front that came through reenforcing low humidity. northwest winds 12 miles per hour. that will settle back tonight. downtown st. pete beautiful. as the birds fly by. low 50s mid to late evening. we'll see again at 11:00 likely
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mid 40s palm harbor and duneden. upper 30s brandon to river view, lutz and carrollwood. definitely 30s north of tampa over the nature coast. 38 dade city. 35 zephyrhills. 43 sarasota. 40 north port. 30s will be common from lakeland to haines city, lake wales and winter haven and bartow at day break. very similar afternoon highs for your saturday as to what we saw today. the difference a little bit lighter wind. it should not feel quite as crisp and cool. blue skies all day long. hardly a cloud can be found in the state of florida tomorrow. 66 brooksville. 65 lakewood ranch and sarasota. on the water tomorrow after the strong winds the last two days very well likely kept you off the water. much better.
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turning northwest staying two to ten knots. gusts 10 to 15 at the highest. light chop with offshore waves settling down to two to four feet. sunday we'll mark the better day of the two. they are both fantastic. the reason being the afternoon highs is climbing into the 70s on sunday. we should be cloud-free and beautiful both days. sunday, again, starts crisp and cold. 30s crystal river, dade city, land o'lakes. 45 tampa. 50 st. pete. with very light winds and beautiful clear skies 70s return for sunday afternoon. that does begin an upswing next week. if you are thinking about a beach day, saturday it is more comfortable with highs in the low 70s. note the water temperature in the 60s. both days beautiful. low humidity. cold mornings. beautiful afternoons. that continues into monday. 75 for a high temperature.
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have upper 70s, if that's more your cup of tea, tuesday and wednesday. a front will be coming through late wednesday. we are back in the 60s on thursday. looks like most of the energy will be up around georgia and tennessee. a few isolated showers tuesday. mainly i-75 east and a 30% coverage of stray showers. not really looking like any rough weather. just a few passing showers. we'll keep tracking it for you. if you want to get the latest on your forecast the 10 news app is a great way to do it. you can download it for free. he spent years overseas all to keep you safe.
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happy friday. i'll say this steve knows how to manage his time. the coast negotiations and the jonathan trade talks and trade dead line on monday he found time for cobert. he signed him to a three year extension today. great move for the line. he is great on the penalty kill. he took less money because tax. tonight. full squat on the field for rays today. catchers position has competition. skipper says don't look for decisions soon. >> you have to wait and let them get comfortable.
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we are thrilled with the four guys we have in here competing. we'll just see how it shakes out as we get deeper into spring. >> in duneden there are the blue jays favorites in the alc this year. jays won the division last season. lost in the alcs. starting lineup is loaded with power. they could not keep david price. pitching may be thin. >> if you want to be the best you have to go through the best. for us we play in the best division. one of two teams will come out of the division. we'll play competitive games all year. >> congrats to st. pete green devils. they beat tallahassee lincoln today 71-65 to advance to 7a state championship tomorrow. sarasota river view will play for the 8a state title after beating south miami in overtime.
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a new family-friendly exhibit opened today. it is called otters and their water. exhibit features throw playful little buggers there hanging out in their habitat. you get to learn the history of otters and how they survive in the wild. finally, an injured american soldier and purple heart recipient is set to receive a new home in ruskin. >> 3, 2, 1. >> there we go. the house is under construction now. when it is done it will belong to a u.s. army veteran and his family. he served two tours and while in afghanistan he was injured by ied in 2011. this morning the group celebrated the official start of construction for his new mortgage-free home. >> it feels like your hard work paid off.
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people appreciate what you do down there. it gives veterans hope. >> that home is expected to be finished by this summer. donation is part of a program that provides mortgage-free homes to injuries veterans. >> well deserved. that's it for "10 news at 6:00". see you back here at 11:00. for breaking news anytime, is always on. like us
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> pelley: the campaign deteriorates. >> donald trump is a con artist. >> pelley: and the front-runner get an endorsement no one saw coming. also tonight, zika virus is confirmed in nine pregnant women in the u.s. one child has a birth defect. the deadly shootings in kansas. what might have triggered the rampage and the hero cop who stopped him. and steve hartman with the special bond between child and duck. >> i'm his mom. >> reporter: you're not really his mom. >> yup, i'm his mom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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