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tv   10 News Sunday Morning With The Tampa Bay Times  CBS  February 28, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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this is 10 news this sunday morning. >> good morning, and welcome to 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay town. i'm mark rivera and we're happy to have you with us. within a few hours, the biggest hollywood stars will walk the red carpet and some won't. we'll show the controversy behind the oscar and the relevant -- we let you know what happens when you let a --
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shock that's going to be putting a smile on your face. the volunteers retreats for the kids. but first here's a look what's making headlines on your sunday morning. clinton is hitting the campaign trail with a high note after run with the south carolina presidential primarily. a poll shows clinton had overwhelming support among black voters and women beating sanders by a wide margin. sanders ended his day with supporters in minnesota for super tuesday. >> minnesota can play a profound and important role in moving this country forward to a political revolution. >> the associated press delegate shows clinton gaining 39 of the 53 delegates at state in south carolina.
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political experience was important to them for making their voting decision. the next big event for the presidential hopeful on both side of the aisle is tuesday, march 1st otherwise, known as super tuesday. they're holding elections. 600 republican delegates are up for grabs and more than 800 for democrats. on the republican side of the campaign trail, this week, you'll see new jersey governor chris christie stomping for trump big time. the video you're seeing is shortly after christie endorsed the billionaire businessman. >> that's why i'm proud to introduce to you, the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> chris christie is quickly
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supportive -- this week, you'll he's calling him a no-show senator hearings. christie talked up some story and says he quote, wants to bring the american dream back to every american family. spacex has another launch attempt with the rocket 9 happening today. the launch window opens at 6:46 this evening at cape canaveral air force station. there's perfect conditions to launch of communication satellite. the oscars will be handed out this evening in los angeles. an award show that's getting a lot of attention, not only because of who has been nominated, but who has not. the second year in a row, all the acting nominees are white leading to boycotts from black
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in our condition with the tampa bay times, and news this morning anchor, ian rice ask how relevant are the academy awards. >> there's a lot of talk about about the academy and not reflecting the movie going audience. what's your take on this issue? >> i don't know if it's the academy's problem or it has to be the industry itself. it's who's getting hired to direct these movies. the process starts there. you can judge what's laid out in front of us. now when you get to that point there, they don't have as many movies there, but it can be a prb -- it can be a problem with the makeup makeup. movie like straight out of compton, the academy is overly white and male. so
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movies that have cultural -- certain culture quarters representing groups, they don't have that kind of representation speaking up for this. the problem starts in hollywood itself. >> the [indiscernible] that we're seeing, they reflect something bigger going on? >> i think it's a con bugs of a lot of pressure happening in the last few years. people point back to the fact that 12 years of slave won best picture. are we supposed to acquaint the african american with the darkest period in america? how about those hero african american war heroes or businessmen and women. this kind of stuff. so they have been very narrow in the types of movies that they have chosen to honor.
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winners, all the oscar winners who were black, they're playing convicts and crooked cops and holly berry was a single mother with alcoholism and everything. it's not really representative what the black experience in particular really is. and you can go beyond that. latinos and hispanic viewers are buying up as many tickets as anybody else and you don't see them represented in movies as well. it's a big problem, but it's not entirely the academy's problem. >> do you think it's the lack of diversity in movie. >> it started last year when selma got a token of best picture nomination. it got one other nomination of song which it did win. but at the same time, if you a best picture nominee, there's got to be
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writer, and acting and none of that was recognized. that was obvious tokenism and multiplied by the fact that there's no movies represented with the african american experience, all the actors are white. and you can see why -- they drew attention to this problem. >> there's issues like this in the past you've looked at in the past. >> i was at the oscar in '95 when jesse jackson was protesting that blacks weren't represented. >> this isn't a new issue so whatsoever. >> with the award show, people tune in. are there's actors or actresses you're keeping an eye on? >> i'm predicting the revenant
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going to hear revenant called out with the major pictures. that's leonardo dicaprio. and mad max will probably end up with the line of sheer of the technical awards. makeup and production design, editing. possibly special effects, visual effects. they may throw a bone to the force awakens. >> [indiscernible]. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. coming up on sunday morning with the tampa bay times, baseball season excitement is gearing up. and we have a future reporter who is taking inside looks at fan fest. and how a little sugar, spice, and 8,000 nice volunteers are everywhere. good morning tampa bay. we're looking live at this gorgeous start for us on our sky
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we hope you're off to a great start. highs around 70 today. ashley is going to have that full forecast after the break. right now, it's 8:38 on
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ahead, the oscar issue. brooklyn. let's check with a man who lives for movie, robert osborne. coming up this sunday morning. we're just 43 days from the opening day of baseball season. and the tampa bay rays showed how the excitement is heating up saturday for these activities and even you see there, getting a chance to run the bases. but the best part for most, getting a chance take a look at what our rookie reporter was able to uncover. >> i love it. i couldn't trade it for the world. so i'm excited to start this year. >>reporter: how was fan fest? >> it was fun.
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of kids like you running around. >> great to see. loud fans waited in line for players past and present too. some of the proceeds from the autograph passes will go to the als association florida chapter. let's get a check of our forecast with meteorologist ashley bailey. it's a beautiful start. >> pretty, but chilly to start our day. a lot of community in the 40s. that will change as the temperatures do come up quickly through the rest of the morning. but you'll need the jackets over the next couple of hours. 49 in tampa. hanging onto 47 in crystal river and brooksville, we're checking in at 39 degrees. we got cool spots out there, but much of the area coming above that 50-degree mark or getting close to it. 51 holiday. lots of bright blue skies. you can see there, that it's looking good through the day.
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as long as we see that being the case, which it will be throughout the day, a few high clouds anding blocking the blue skies. a fantastic day to get on the golf course. lots of blue sky and a light wind as well. nothing in the way of rain, so a great day to get outside all across the board whether that's golf or going for a walk. whatever the case may be. we're looking for a picture perfect day. mild temperatures and a light breeze coming out of the east, southeast. that sunday brunch forecast does look good. we'll see temperatures into the 60s by 11:00. if you're getting a later start, perhaps that's a warm idea. 73 degrees which is where we're going to be through the area, including in downtown st. pete. not a bad day to get on the
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some cool to get in the gulf as water temperatures still in the low 60s, but they're starting to come back up as the days slowly get longer and warms up the gulf with more. 73 today. spring hill, brooksville, we'll get you around 7 2 in tampa. 73 at macdill. right at 73 degrees at st. pete and 72 in sarasota. it communities. 75 lakeland city and polk county. nothing going on the satellite. there's a light wind today and nothing in the way of cloud cover and notice how quickly the temperatures will be rebounding through the afternoon when we easily hit that 70-degree mark across the board and tomorrow, it gets warmer. temperatures in the mid-to up 70s and some communities could hit 80 degrees coming up on tuesday especially if you live east of i-75. we will be tracking showers on wednesday. it does not look
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we're going to be at the tail end of a frontal boundary which is going to bring out thursday and heading into next weekend looking beautiful. you can get the forecast anytime the download our 10 news app by store. there's so many ways to be entertained in tampa bay today. 10 community staff members had ideas for you and your family. >>reporter: good morning, today. the bay area renaissance festival continues at mosey. entertainment including live plus merchants for shopping for food and fun for the family. the craft festival continues today. this is the tradition going for 22 years now. there, you'll find a large variety of hand made art
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takes place along ocean boulevard and beach road in keys. today is your last chance to take in the red white, and bellow show put on by circus sarasota. the final two shows are at 1:00 and 5:00. it's this is amazing family entertainment sure to provide thrills. have a i'm kathryn bursch for 10 community. coming up, baking for a special reason. why one mom joined thousands of others of smile. good morning, tampa bay. we're looking at a gorgeous start for us . clear skies this sunday morning. we hope you're off to a great start as well.
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finally this morning, we have a story full of sleep [indiscernible]. kristin watt has been baking cakes since she was a little girl. these days, the mother of teens is baking for a special reason. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the road in zephryhills at 10,000 cakes and counting.
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>>reporter: that person could be hard to find. kristin watts loves sugar. so much she bakes for strangers. >> i hope she'll be excited. i hope she'll really like it. i lost track how many i have made. this is my second cake for smiles. >> it's a group of 8,000 volunteer bakers who make free birthday cakes for critically ill children. >> this is for elise. >> a cake for a 16-year-old girl diagnosed with a brain tumor. >> i know what it's like to have a sick child. i had a son who died very early on, shortly after birth, so these families who are going through this, i might not know exactly what they're going through, but i know the emotional roller coaster they're on. >> it's personal for you?
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>> the finished product made to elise's birthday this weekend. she's tumor free, but her younger sister is battling leukemia. she got her cake two weeks ago. >> who is at the top of that? >> me. >> you? >> it's hard because she adds steroids and [indiscernible]. >> [indiscernible]. >> yes. >> i think she brought equality in celebrating all three of my kids no matter what their diagnosis or what we have going on. it has meant that we can celebrate fully that one child on their special day. >> that's why icing smiles exist, to bring a free smiles to those who really need them. on
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lewis, 10 news, wtsp. >> now, icing smiles called this volunteer baker, its sugar angels. the non profit is at 10,020 donated cakes. >> huge amounts there. >> and what a beautiful service for them to provide. it's incredible, the families, you see the smiles on their faces. >> [indiscernible]. >> exactly. >> weather wise, how are we looking? >> kathryn was talking about heading to fan fest. we're looking nice and -- and temperatures looking nice. we're getting to that point in the year where there's more sunshine getting more intense. a friendly reminder to leave the rain gear at home. we're not going to track shower chances until wednesday. even before that, mid-to upper 70s back in the forecast. >> nice little warmup coming. good deal. that's it for 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. thank you so
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we're glad you're here. like 10 news wtsp on facebook and follow find ashley and me there as. but before we go, we want to leave you with the sight and sounds of
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing americans work hard, so our next president needs a real plan
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(donkey noise) captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> good morning, charles osgood to off today i'm jane pauley. this is a special edition of "sunday morning" our oscar issue. an advanced look at hollywood's big night. many a movie in contention,


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