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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. a super tuesday for donald trump. >> this has been an amazing evening. >> and hillary clinton. >> we're going to work for every vote. >> but could this vote count add up to the end for other ? it is your choice 2016. good evening. >> and thank you for watching. trump and clinton are racking up delegates in the delegate rich state this is super tuesday. 10 news political reporter is breaking down exactly what that means. mark? >> reporter: yes, this was a bad night for the republican establishment. the two candidates they disliked the most, donald trump and ted cruz pulled out some big wins. trump across the board say for cruz's home state of texas and
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and donald trump has 285 delegates to cruz' 159. rubio, 75. kasich, 24 and carson, seven. you need 1,237 for the nomination, but after such a sweeping showing, first place for trump, second police for cruz. marco rubio is going to have to reconsider his future in the race. right now ted cruz is -- >> the secondary candidate to donald trump, which really opens up the question what does marco rubio do now? does he continue on because the bottom line is he's not -- hay has not won a styte yet. cruz is the only one who has shown he can beat donald trump. >> reporter: the race is still up in the air, but donald trump has the momentum he needs go ing into the larger winner-take- all states. three of the top candidates are spending super tuesday here in the sunshine state and here is why that is significant. >> florida, the fact that all of these candidates are here tonight, whether it be donald trump, marco rubio, hillary clinton, they know the value of
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they know what it means to each of their campaigns. for trump it is a state that if he wins, it will carry him to victory. clinton knows and rubio knows if he mys in florida he has to survive florida because coming in second in his home state to donald trump will really make some questions raised about where his political future is. >> reporter: so come wednesday morning, the rubio campaign, despite what he has publicly said about continuing on whatever it takes, will have to take some time if he wants to stay in this race. on the nick side, this may have cemented hillary clinton's nomination and a win here in florida would catapult her to the democratic ticket. half of the delegates needed for the republican delegation are being handed out tonight. more than a third to chin sp ohen the democratic side. wtsp. >> mark, he will keep us updated throughout the newscast and you can join us on 10 news this morning for the final count on the fall-out from
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right now astronaut scott kelly is plummeting towards earth. kelly has spent the last 340 days in space. kelly and two russians are in a fiery metal can traveling at 17,000 miles per hour. their de-orbit started at 10:30 and the landing is scheduled for 11:27 in kazakhstan. hold on to your credit cards. we have a crime alert hitting people at the purpose tonight. the deputies are investigating a skimmer found at the rally gas station on main street. the detectives believe the skimmer was in place from monday morning until nearly 5:00 this afternoon. if you bought gas at that rally, check your credit card. if you see any unauthorized charges, contact the sheriff's office. and no tracking in florida, at least for now. the senate committee is refusing to consider the bill after voting against it last week.
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of oil and gas drilling could contaminate ground water. they argue the process is already legal. time for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan. you may see gas prices going up. aaa say this is is the time of year that the gas prices typically start to rise. and finally, slow production as they get ready to switch over to a summer blend. but last month marked the first february in a decade where the prices actually fell. you can say good-bye to the satellite dish. direct tv is joining the market of online screening with the new service, no box or annual contract will be required. and it is preponderated to cost less than the current direct tv bundles, but the new packages won't give subscribers access to premium features. ever wonder why cancer drugs are so expensive? a new study fins that nearly $3 billion will be wasted this year in an unused portion of cancer drugs. the drugs come in vials with
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need and the excess is tossed out, but it is till usable. the researchers hope the government will step in to reduce that waste that is your 60-second scan. we have shown you video of thieves going car to car trying to find a door that is warning. and we show you why some thieves could be using a key to break in. watch this. a thief walks right up to a locked car, unlocks the door, steal as lap the and a bike. hen he is done, he drives up and locks up. it is the same here. a thief unlocks, and steal what is he wants and takes off. the officers say both guys got in using something like this, a mystery black box remote. >> and regular. they have these nowadays. >> reporter: that's right. the same technology making it easy for you to lock and unlock
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and dennis russo with the national insurance crime bureau explains. >> the device is there and the key fob signal, and it can get into a vehicle. >> reporter: your key fob constantly emit as vehicle rs convenient in your house or a pocket. they think the secret device is really a power amplifier that boosts your key's signal and knowing. >> the whole thing you really puzzling law enforcement. do? some say they're wrapping their key fobs up in tin foil to stop the signal and others are putting them in metal boxes. and some are even keeping them in the microwave. courtney robinson, 10 news, wtsp. an odessa woman who spent the day making a special little boy's birthday dream come true came home to a nightmare. the black char is quite a contrast to the birthday party
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the party for for little eric. and he is a terminally ill little boy who we helped surprise with a "wheel of fortune" meet and greet. a few hours after the party she came home and discovered everything was destroyed. >> i am very confused the hardest part is my dog, the loss of my dog is the hardest part. we buried him already, and so they're up above in the rainbow and just playing. >> your heart just breaking for him. if you would like to help, a go fund me page has been set up for her. you can find a link at now let's get an update on super tuesday results from our 10 news political reporter mark rivera. >> reporter: we have the latest results. minnesota, arkansas, still up in the air for republicans. we're watching massachusetts for the democrats. hillary clinton is ahead, though, but just by a hair.
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far, but his first could be minnesota. he is second only in virginia, but besides donald trump, ted cruz had a strong showing in texas and oklahoma. take a listen. >> head to head, our campaign beat donald trump resoundingly. [ applause ] >> but for that to happen, we must come together. >> reporter: yes, jaw yesterday a poll came out that had node head cruz beating hillary clinton in a general election, but 10 news political expert says it is way too early to project that. and he is going to use that as a feather in hayes hat. wtsp. you want employ questions washing their hands, but not right above your food. we have all of the violations in tonight's restaurant red alert. a product designed tofect you from scenes like this one could end up mutting you in
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plus, the new drone that will track your every move. and speaking of tracking, we're tracking a cold front. it is headed into the gulf for the next couple of hours. what it mvps for your wednesday forecast at 11:16. and make sure you stay up
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chinese take-out. for a lot of people it is just about the taste. >> and customers might be queasy after hearing about the health code violations inside the kitchen at china wok. it is located in the 8400 block of north armenia avenue in tampa. and we have the election and restaurant red alert. >> reporter: and christina says she is a frequent cuesdommer at tampa's china worldcom on north armenia avenue. >> it is right around the corner and fairly cheap. >> reporter: here to pick up her lunch, she had no idea this very location was shut down by state health inspectors just a week earlier. it is racking up 42 violations on their january 27th inspection.
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25 inside the door handle of the walk-in cooler. 10 under the steam table on the cook's line, and even one on a utensil under the rice steamer. the inspector also ordered a stop sale after witnessing an employee washing their hands right above the raw chicken contaminating the food. another employee written up for failing to use soap. >> it makes me not want to eat. it makes me not want to come back. >> reporter: we shared the full list of violations with customers. >> washing your hands over raw food, that is disgusting. human consciousness purposely doing it and not being aware of how nasty that is. to me that is just the worst. >> reporter: a health inspector was back the following day, again, writing up the restaurant for not replacing their paper towels for employees to use after washing their hands. there were also more live roaches, this time right in the front register, on the floor
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>> and the not washing of the hands, yeah, that is disgusting. >> reporter: so we stopped in hoping to see if conditions had improved. >> is there a manager around i could speak to? >> reporter: this employee was unable to understand many of the questions we were asking. >> i'm a all righter. can i come become and take a look into the kitchen? >> hold on one second. >> reporter: after speaking with another employee, we were told we would be unable to look inside the kitchen until the manager returned. do you think she'll be back soon? do you think the manager will -- >> tomorrow. >> reporter: tomorrow? this location was cleared by state health inspector to reopen later on january 28, even so, some customers say they want assurances the previous health code violations won't be repeated. >> cleanliness is really important, especially if you want people to come back that is not good. it is not good at all. >> reporter: health code
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have a sink with soap and paper towels for employees to wash their hands. it may sound like common sense, but we see a lot of restaurants not in compliance. we have posted china worldcom's entire innings history for you online at alert. 10 investigates. a recall alert tonight for a product that is supposed to protect you. and 57,000 weather radios are being recalled tonight bus they overheat and are a fire hazard. the ambient weather radios are red and black with white lettering on the front, have a crank handle and also a flashlight. the manufacturer is offering refunds. and you can now buy a drone to track your every move that is the latest from the world's largest drone maker. the phantom's built-in camera can lock on to a person or animal and follow them all while avoiding objects in its path. and it flies back to its own
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it can run for 28 minutes and fly up to 45 miles per hour. the price? almost $1,400. it may seem a little steep, but the analysts say that is around the price people say for professional cameras. kind of scary. >> yes. i don't like anything tracking me. >> what are you hiding? >> nothing to hide. i just don't want to be followed. >> and i amtraking this cold front for tomorrow morning. but this time of year we have cold fronts and florida fronts. and i'll show you this gorgeous sunset. rite at sunset. some of the clouds in the gulf came in and helped make a wild mix of the sun rays and clouds that we saw right around that 6:00 to 7:00 time frame. mostly cloudy right now.
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international airport and no rain we're tracking currently. and let's talk about if you will see some tomorrow. 64 degrees is our temperature. as we talked about, there is clouds building in, and the temperature not falling off a whole lot tonight. the high pressure is technically still in control, but that is eroding as the mid levels are starting to see a little more moisture. definitely more cloud cover over our southern counties, manatee, sarasota and highland. we have been streaming quite a bit of high clouds as well. the front right here, we do see. they're diving towards the panhandle. and you follow along back on this front that is coming across the gulf, it would likely be our area that we see. eventually it slides due east. storms. a pretty big night for storms in atlanta. those are on top of macon. as we're looking at the main low up here produced big snow
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that low is not diving south or east. so as it tracks to the northeast, what that is going to mean is the front will just slide off like so. not really moving through. so what we do, we look almost straight west and you can pretty much see what we have out to the west. it is not all that impressive. add to it, since we don't see that low or the cold air really diving to the south, that tells us this front will not really have much in the we of cold with it as it comes through. know when you get up and head out the door in the morning, there are likely going to be clouds building in or already settled in. it may look a little gray in places, but look at the rain that we're talking about on future cast. just isolated showers. again, one or two might move through the bay area forthe morning commute, but no thunderstorms, no heavy, heavy showers. these will mainly be 20%
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from crystal river, all the way out to sebring. about 20% might see a shower. that's about it a very quiet front for us. no cold behind it. look at the high temperatures behind the front. in the mid 70s. the morning clouds with that isolated shower. even the clouds are breaking up and they're out of here somewhere between early and mid afternoon we start to see a thinning of clouds, get some more sunshine in here, and there will still be warm temperatures in the low 80s east of i-75. that will put the bay area in the mid 70s. oak pine and -- oak, pine and cedar, they're the main things in the air and they are in for your allergy forecast. over the next seven days, 77 on thursday, friday and saturday we'll see another similar set up to what we see wednesday. a very weak cool front moving through. just an isolated shower. no cold behind that one either. the high temperature also be in
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head through the weekend and next week. we just want to take a peek just to see where a couple of the isolated showers are located a good way to do it. if you search the app store we'll get it on there right away. it is your choice 2016 and let's get another super tuesday update for you from 10 news political reporter. >> the associated press is projecting marco rubio has won minnesota. that is good news for him, but it could be the only win of the night. his only second place in virginia with a very close third after john kasich in massachusetts. florida voters node the polls in about two weeks, but rubio says he is going to stay in the race to beat trump. >> donald trump has never fought for the little guy. he says he is tough on illegal immigration. instead of hiring american workers, he hires foreigners to work at his hotel here in florida. she a con artist. >> still, the spin doctors are
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rubio says if trump wins the nomination, it will absolutely destroy the republican party and the corvee movement. mark rivera, 10 news, wtsp. the florida gators really needed a win to help their chances in the tournament. did they get isn't it? the rays open their spring training schedule tomorrow. and then in three weeks, they're off to cuba. yes, the game has been finalized. what the rays' owner has to say
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a little basketball. the florida gators did not get the win they desperately needed. espn has them as one of the first teams out of the
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but it was a lovely night for swimming in gainsville, wasn't it? the star for the gators. baseline here. he kept them in the game. they were down by only three in the second half, but then kentucky went on a 7-0 run. they were getting hot. and jamal murray, the jumper in the lane. he had 21 points, and then tyler yous for three. he had 19. the wildcats ran off from there for an 88-79 win. the gators have lost four straight games now. and finally, three weeks before the game, the rays' trip to cuba was finalized. they will play in havana on tuesday, march 22. it wasn't a matter of deciding on the rays. they already won a lottery to do this. it was making all of the arrangements. there were a lot of them and considering president obama is going as well, together with the buccaneers and the lightning, the rays' owner believes we have an international reputation now. >> and each of our sports teams played in different countries
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well, and they are wonderful things. and they are opportunities to go and smile and share your culture a little bit. there is expense involved, but the players are pretty psyched about it. i know our organization is looking forward to it. >> and the rays open the spring training schedule tomorrow in port charlotte against the nationals, and that guy is going to start. and he gets the first start, which, according to jake, is not that big of a deal. >> and focus is one thing and finally starting games would be a step in the right direction. we'll get plenty going after that. this is the first step in a month of games until we get to the real thing. >> and the joe maddon style of keeping things loose is rubbing off on the new york mets. and that is cespedes. and to the mets' camp in port st. lucie today. he and syndergaard. that is the pitcher, went riding around the complex along
11:27 pm
cespedes already brought six of his tricked out vehicles to camp last week. so he tops it off with horses today. and there is a story out there. it is true. you know, the report in the county, the fair was this past weekend, and the mets were invited. he went and he wound up buying the grand national hog. he went back the next day, bought a hog for $7,000. >> what did he do with the hog? >> oh, we know. >> oh. >> exactly. >> $7,000. >> very unexpected. >> but the money goes to charity, so everybody is happy. >> with that, stay with us. >> tonight's lottery numbers
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one last look at super tuesday. bernie sanders is projected to win colorado and he was just called to win minnesota. senator mark aye rubio finally won one state and trump with eight wins tonight. cruz with two. marco rubio just with one.
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now, here is a look at the republican delegate count. trump is still with a commanding lead here. and then the big winners, of course, trump, hillary clinton, and just moments ago, clinton was projected to win massachusetts. so we'll have much more on 10 news this morning. mark rivera, 10 news on wtsp. >> it is interesting. >> well, thank you for joining us, everybody for 10 news at 11:00. >> and join us starting at 4:30 a.m. and don't forget, take 10 knews with you. all you'll have to do is download the 10 news app. and breaking news, weather and traffic, don't miss out.
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>> jon: stephen colbert! yeah! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! thanks, everybody! thanks so much! welcome to "the late show." nice to see you.


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