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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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donald trump and hillary clinton win big in the delegate- rich super tuesday. after 340 days in space, astronaut scott kelly has his feet on earth ready to head home. how thieves could be using your car keys to break in. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby deskins. donald trump and
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closer to winning their party's presidential nomination after sweeping victories on super tuesday. mark albert has the latest from washington. -nats- after securing key victories in several delegate- rich states.donald trump is shifting his focus to the general election...and his republican party: "i'm going to get along great with congress. paul ryan, i don't know him well, but i'm sure i'm going to get along great with him. and if i don't, he's going to have to pay a big price." -nats- ted cruz is touting wins in oklahoma and texas. the strongest campaign to beat donald trump is our campaign. trump's super tuesday wins is stoking fear in the republican establishment who question whether his nomination will keep them out of the white house.
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most dishonest politician in america - hillary clinton and how could you do that - nominate someone who's crazy marco rubio echoed the south carolina senator. rubio picked up just one win yesterday in minnesota. donald trump wins the republican nomination it will split the republican party and it will basically i think split the conservative movement with wins in seven states - democrat hillary clinton widened her lead over bernie sanders: it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. sanders won in colorado, oklahoma, minnesota, and his home state of vermont. the people, when we stand together, will be victorious! the presidential candidates face their next major test march 15th. mark albert, for cbs news, washington. on march 15 voters in five states - illinois, missouri, north carolina, ohio, and florida - will
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right now astronaut scott kelly is safely back on earth. kelly landed late tuesday night in kazakhstan after spending the last 340 days in space. kelly and two russian cosmonauts' traveled in a fiery metal can at 17- thousand miles per hour to come back. their de-orbit burn started around 10:30 pm with the spacecraft slowing down. after kelly is checked out by nasa doctors, he'll fly home to houston where he says he plans to jump in his pool. hold on to your credit cards! we have a crime alert hitting people at the pump. pinellas deputies are investigating a skimmer-- found at the "rally gas station on main street in dunedin." detectives believe the skimmer was in place from monday morning, until nearly 5:00 that afternoon. if you bought gas at the rally-- check your credit card. if you see any unauthorized charges, contact the sheriff's office. and no fracking in florida for now. a senate committee is refusing to reconsider the bill-- after voting against it last week. opponents worry the method of "oil and gas drilling"-- could contaminate groundwater. supporters argue
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more cases of the zika virus are popping up across the country, and here in florida. health officials confirmed two new cases in miami-dade county. like every other case in florida, both are travel-related. researches say there's a link between zika and guillain-barre syndrome. that's a rare condition in which the immune system attacks nerve cells and causes paralysis. five latin american countries with zika epidemics have seen an increase in guillain- barre cases. experts say more research needs to be done in more countries to prove a link between zika and the condition. two-month old father-- is now degree murder. if found guilty-- "joseph walsh"-- faces life in prison. baby chance's mother-- kristin bury-- pleaded no contest to "aggravated month. deal-- bury must testify truthfully in the walsh case. time now is . here's a look at headlines around world in 60 seconds. you probably noticed gas prices go up early this week and you may keep seeing them
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is a time of year gas prices typically start to rise. refineries slow production as they get ready to switch over to a summer blend. but last month marked the first february in a decade where prices actually fell. you can say goodbye to that satellite dish! directv is joining the market of online streaming. with the new service, no set top box or annual contract will be required. it's expected to cost less than current directv bundles, but the new packages won't give subscribers access to some premium features. ever wonder why cancer drugs are so expensive? a new study finds nearly three billion dollars will be wasted in the u-s this year on an unused portion of cancer drugs! the drugs come in vials containing more than most patients need. so the excess is tossed, but it's still usable! researchers hope the government will step in to reduce that waste. the f-b-i and apple faced off on tuesday for the first time since federal prosecutors asked a judge to force the tech company to unlock a terrorist's phone. both sides testified before a congressional
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about encryption. the f-b-i director says the request is only for syed farook's phone, but he understands the request sets a precedent. apple's attorney argued it will lead to a broad encroachment on privacy and security. the hearings were just one day after a new york judge ruled the f-b-i cannot force apple to unlock an iphone that's part of a drug case. that ruling could have implications in the san bernardino dispute. #### we've shown you the videos of thieves going car to car looking for one that's unlocked. you've seen the damage after smash and grabs. now, a new warning. 10news reporter courtney robinson shows you how thieves could be using your car key to break in. watch this a thief walks right up to a locked car . unlocks the door . steals a laptop and a bike . when he's done he drives up and locks up. it's the same here a
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in . steals what he wants . and takes off. officers say both guys got in using something like this a mystery black box remote. -- 2016 51 lock unlock you know its regular everybody's got these nowadays 54 modern times you know 57 -- that's right. the same technology making it easy for you to lock and unlock . is making it easy for criminals too. dennis russo with the national insurance crime bureau explains. -- 1555 the devices are out there and they're able to clone the key fob signal and gain entry into a vehicle 16 00 -- your key fob constantly emits a signal . even in your house or your pocket. the n-i-c-b thinks this secret device is really a power amplifier that boosts your key's signal . and pop your locks . without you ever knowing. -- 1214 that's the whole thing you really wouldn't know and that's it's puzzling law- enforcement there having a hard time with it 19 -- so what can you do? some say they're wrapping they're key
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putting their keys in a metal box. cr, 10news wtsp. woman-- who spent special little boy's true, came home to a nightmare. the black char ollenberger's home-- is quite a contrast to the birthday party she helped put together at old mcmickey's farm on sunday. the party was for eric piburn-- the terminally ill little boy who we helped surprise, with a wheel of fortune meet and greet. a few hours after the party-- she came home-- and discovered everything was destroyed. help-- a gofund me site has been set up
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link to it, at our website, wtsp-dot- com. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning, several people are hurt after a possible tornado rips through parts of alabama. an orlando boy is in the hospital this morning after a friend rescued him in a canal. when the tampa bay rays take on the cuban national team in havana, they will have a surprising fan attending the historic game. still ahead, convenient chinese take-out may come at a cost. the violations one restaurant faces in today's restaurant red alert. designed to protect you is being recalled. technology are making homes a target for hackers. toss to 10 weather
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bobby weather chinese take-out. for many-- it's
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for many-- it's for many-- it's about the convenience just as much the taste. but you might be a little more choosey after hearing about some of the health code violations inside the kitchen at china wok. the restaurant is in the 84-hundred armenia avenue in tampa. beau zimmer has this location's inspection reports in today's restaurant red alert. christina ibarra says she's a frequent china wok on north armenia avenue. 10:29 it's right around the corner. and its fairly cheap. here to pick up her lunch. she had no idea this very location was shut down by state health inspectors just a week earlier. china wok racking up 42 violations. on their january 27th inspection. live roaches throughout the kitchen. 25 inside the door handle of the walk- in cooler. 10 under the steam table on the cooks line. even 1 on a utensil under the rice steamer.
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ordered a stop sale. after witnessing an employee washing their hands. right above the raw chicken. food. written up for failing to use soap. want to eat what i just got. makes me not even want to come back that's disgusting. we shared the full list of violations with customers. 17:27 washing your hands over raw disgusting. that's human consciousness purposefully doing it. and not being aware of how nasty that is. to me that's just the worst. a health inspector was back the following day. again writing up the restaurant for not replacing their paper towels for employees to use after washing their hands. there were also more live roaches. this time under the front register. on the floor near the fryers. and on a food cart. 13:54 between that and the not washing of the hands, that's disgusting. so 10investigates stopped in hoping to
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improved. manager around i could speak to. i'm sorry. we don't speak engwish. this employee was understand many of the questions we were asking. 1:51 i'm a reporter. can i come back and take a look in the kitchen? hold on a second. after speaking with another told we would be look inside the kitchen. until the manager returned. 2:30 do you think she'll be back soon? do you think the manager. i think it is tomorrow. this location was cleared by a state health inspector to reopen. later on january 28th. even so. some customers say they want assurances the previous health code violations. won't be repeated. 14:41 cleanliness and having good quality food. especially if you want people to come back. that's not good. not good at all.
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a product that's supposed to protect you. 57-thousand weather radios are being recalled because they can overheat and are a fire hazard. ambient weather radios are red and black with white lettering on the front. they have a black crank handle on the back and also a flashlight. the manufacturer is offering refunds. you can now buy a drone -- to track your every move. that's the latest from the world's largest drone maker. the phantom four's built-in camera...can lock onto a person or animal and follow them -- all while avoiding objects in its path. and it flies back to its base on its own! it can run for 28 minutes...and fly up to 45 miles per hour. the price of almost 14-hundred may seem steep -- but analysts say that's around the price people pay for professional cameras. it seems just about every home has them: modern day gadgets that entertain us and make life easier.
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dangers that could make you and your family easy targets for hackers. marlie hall shows you how your wi-fi enabled devices are putting you at risk. pkg trt: 1:32 restrictions: contains webcam photos from - no excerpting. cgs: 24-30 tod beardsley/tech security researcher, rapid7 it seems like everything is now connected to the internet. like this baby monitoring camera.. and this refrigerator with cameras built right into the door. toys are also tied to the web. barbie: hey you're here how are you? they all have processors that transmit and receive data. its part of an exploding category of connected devices called the "internet of things." "we're gonna have something like twenty billion of these devices online by 2020" tod beardsley is a tech security researcher with rapid-7. he says gadgets that send out information on the internet can also let hackers into your home. "wake up little boy... daddy's coming for you." last april a new york city couple was horrified to hear a man talking to their three-year old through a web- connected baby
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just for fun. this web site features hijacked camera feeds from homes around the world. mh: this biggest entry way into your home is the router td: that blue box right there changing your router's default password is a must. "you don't have to be a particularly sophisticated attacker to guess "password" is the password." once one device - like your router - is compromised, hackers can learn a lot about you. "first name, last name, zip code, date of birth he says create unique passwords for all your devices and change them often. marlie hall cbs news austin texas. internet security experts also suggest you check for internet security experts also suggest you check for software updates for all your connected gadgets. they also recommend turning off your devices when they're not actively in use, and resetting them to their original factory settings at least once a year. just remember to update them again right after. ### a new bay area project is one step
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you can expect traveling from one side of the bay to other on the water. here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, survivor, followed by criminal minds at 9:00. at 10:00, c-s-i cyber. then tune in to 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests octavia spencer and "fuller house" cast members john stamos, bob saget and dave
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the future of side of the bay to the water! the ferry project between saint pete and tampa the downtown tampa partnership showed expect on board the boats. the ferry pilot program will run from november of next year, on and sundays. service will expand. coming up on 10 news this morning, donald trump and racking up victories after super tuesday. candidates stand as they hit the campaign
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plus astronaut scott kelly back on earth. his plans for the next few days after spending almost a year in space. and a deadly accident in new hampshire when a car slams into a pizza restaurant. whether you have 10 minutes or 30, we have everything you need to start your day. we'll see you back
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welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. this morning-- donald trump and hillary clinton are from super tuesday. as predicted, walked away the big winners in one of the nights in the race to the white house. 10news reporter has been following closely. sarah, suprisingly-- a lot of the candidates ended up in florida to celebrate last night, instead of staying in one of the super tuesday states. yes, take a look. hillary clinton held night. donald trump celebrated victory in palm beach.


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