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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. this morning-- donald trump and hillary clinton are from super tuesday. as predicted, walked away the big winners in one of the nights in the race to the white house. 10news reporter has been following closely. sarah, suprisingly-- a lot of the candidates ended up in florida to celebrate last night, instead of staying in one of the super tuesday states. yes, take a look. hillary clinton held night. donald trump celebrated victory in palm beach.
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celebrated victory in palm beach. marco rubio supporters just a few miles from his west miami home. celebrating in one of the super tuesday states where they won? onward and upward, according analyst lars hafner. be so crucial for a winner take all trump knows if he rubio in his home state, it could pave clinton knows if she can win florida's 99 delegates on march 15 she could shut out bernie sanders campaign. but florida is the most important for marco rubio-- if he can't win here there are serious doubts he can win anywhere, according to hafner.
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really betting on winning in the midwest. and gop operatives told cnn early this morning that they'll push ben carson to drop out of the republican presidential race, and instead run for a u.s. senate seat. it's unclear how receptive the retired neurosurgeon will be to their pleas. here's what i'm digging into right now as soon as i get back to my desk-- what will rubio need to go on? look for that at 5-30. ian... since super tuesday is over, get ready for florida to take center stage. you'll probably start to see lots of ads for the florida primary is now just two weeks away. republican frontrunner donald trump is stopping by the sunshine state again this saturday. this is video when he visited u-s-f last month. according to trump's official website, he will be campaigning at the university fo central
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again's florida's primary is march 15. mission complete! astronaut scott kelly is back on earth after a historic 340 days at the international space station. he and a russian cosmonaut landed around midnight in kazakhstan. today, kelly will head to houston where he'll be examined by nasa doctors. through his mission, he's helped pave the way for a mission to another planet. during his mission he flew more than 143-million miles, made more than 54- hundred orbits around earth and saw 11-thousand sunrises and sunsets. at least four people are hurt and 30 homes damaged after a tornado hit people are hurt and 30 homes damaged after a tornado hit jefferson county, alabama. take a look at some of the damage. several trees and power lines are also down. neighbors say they didn't have much warning and they are lucky it wasn't worse. butted to
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door to door to see if anyone needs help. michigan. to slow down just in time for this but not after eight to 12 inches fall in high winds are making travel difficult. blowing snow is causing whiteout conditions. crews have been out all night monitoring the roads. right now, an investigation is underway in lakeland to find out what caused a fire at a home. two people and a dog were found dead inside. another dog was hurt during the fire. two dogs found outside of the home are ok. this is a live look now. crews say flames broke out at the mobile home on old polk city road just after one a-m. as you can see the home is destroyed. the identities of those inside have yet to be released. we will continue to update you on this story all morning
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jury selection continues in just a few hours in the hulk hogan vs. gawker trial. of the 500 jurors summoned...106 will be back today. the former wrestler is suing tabloid website gawker for 100 million dollars after releasing a sex tape of him and the former wife of a radio personality. 10 news will be in the courtroom during the trial. if you're on the go and still want to keep updated on the latest developments, download our 10 news app. there we will be streaming the entire trial. right now, a little boy from orlando is in critical condition after deputies say he fell into a canal. thankfully, he was pulled out by a friend. detectives believe the boy somehow got through the fence and tried to cross the canal on a walkway next to a pipe, but then he fell 10 feet into the 3- foot-deep water. brittney brown says her son acted fast and jumped into the water to save his friend.
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the area, they noticed there was a hole in a fence. an interesting story this morning that may be a sign of the times we live in. florida senators have approved a bill that would allow high school students to take computer coding classes.. instead of a foreign language. the new bill will take effect in the 2018-2019 school year. lawmakers are saying it's ahead of its time.. but not everyone supports the decision. according to our partners at the tampa bay times.. the 'league of united latin american citizens' and the 'spanish american league against discrimination' both dispute the bill. los angeles and atlanta are top spots to film movies...but some wonder if the tampa bay area could be next? today, hillsborough county commissioners could vote to throw 360- thousand dollars towards the tampa hillsborough film commission. but it's a controversial move. $296 million in your tax dollars has been given to the industry over the last 6 years, and some argue movies don't pump enough money back into tampa bay. some economists estimate here in florida, films only generate 41 cents on
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florida taxpayers. the tampa bay rays take on the washington nationals today for their first spring training game. in just a couple of weeks, the rays will then travel to cuba to play an exhibition game. we've learned they will have another fan cheering them on there: president obama. on march 22nd the rays will play cuba's national team in havana. major league baseball tweeted out the news of obama's appearing at the rays game and the president retweeted it with the caption "play ball!" obama will be the first sitting president to visit cuba in nearly 9 decades. you know, today may be a good day to tell your boss you came down with "spring fever." we won't tell! the new york yankees play their first spring training game against the the detroit tigers. it starts at 1:05. remember, 10 news this morning gave away five pairs of tickets all last week to people across the bay area to todays game. we'll have a look at upcoming games across the area every morning at about 6:43. before you head out for the day...a warning you need to know about. out for the day...a
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the new way thieves are getting into your car and without you ever realizing it. but first a sea florida gets an surprising hitchhiker. live look along
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we know you're
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morning, so here's a look at other headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. right now deputies in california are looking for a surfer. 25 year old michael dwyer was reported missing late monday night when he did not return from a trip to the beach. someone reported seeing a man being swept out to sea at dunes beach, that's in northern california. his car was found in a parking lot along the shoreline about a half a mile away. a storm brought
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overnight. several cars collided because of slippery black ice forcing route five to close down temporarily. crews have been out laying salt in major roads throughout the night and the department of transportation is asking that everyone use extreme caution if they are driving. nearby in ripley, a train derailment has forced the evacuation of 30 homes because law enforcement isn't sure what's inside. listen to this, new research in the u-k finds taking vitamin d supplements during pregnancy may only help the bone health of babies born in winter months. researchers say vitamin d supplements may be beneficial during winter pregnancies because levels can drop with lack of sunshine. florida researches recently found a green sea turtle with a unwanted guest hitching a ride on its back. take a look. that is a giant eastern murex attached to the turtle's shell. biologists found the murex, which is a type of sea snail, off of jensen beach on the east coast. they safely removed it from the turtle and both
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you can get 10 weather updates on the road - with our 10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94- point-9.... and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. in spanish on maxima 92-5. lower prices of fruits and help you out in the long run. cost may benefit your wallet and your body. but first a major retailer and barbie are teaming up to promote positive body image. live look at washington d-c this
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one of the coolpperks of this place is you can eat as muchpcereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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barbie to promote its plus size swimwear line. the retailer says the campaign is part of an ongoing plan to promote body acceptance and confidence. earlier this year, matel released curvy, tall and petite versions of the doll. if you're thinking about somewhere other than florida to retire, you might want to consider moving out west. bankrate dot com came out with its list of the best and worst places to retire. wyoming came in at number one, followed by south colorado. at a combination of cost of living, crime being. new york was last at number 50. adrenaline junkie, story. down a slide, 70 stories high! that's about to become a reality in los angeles. take a look.. the u-s bank tower.. west of the mississippi is getting the "skyslide." the
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will allow thrill- seekers to slide from the 70th floor to the 69th floor.. and yes, it's on the outside of the building. that's about one thousand feet above the ground. organizers hope to have it up and running in just a few months.. tickets will be 25 bucks. a special ahead for two sea turtles in clearwater. recovering, they will be released back in the wild. but first, he may presidential race surrounding new jersey governor chris christie.
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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. final results are trickling in from super tuesday. it was a tough night for marco rubio, who told a crowd he is still fighting to stay in this race. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is in the newsroom-- breaking down what's next for the florida senator. at this point, rubio has only won one state- minnesota. that's a worse record than the worst teams in the nfl last year: the cleveland browns and tennessee titans at least managed to win three of their


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