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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening. i'm courtney robinson. >>i'm reginald roundtree. thank you for staying with us. a bill requiring florida law enforcement to turn over rape kits for testing within 30 rick scott's desk. house lawmakers passed it today. legislation comes after an audit showed 1300 rape kits have gone untested. area.
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of the world's biggest natural crash. he was indicted on federal antitrust charges for conspiring to rigged byes and buy natural gas in oklahoma. a medical examiner is looking into the ceo's death. a new mexico driver is facing charges after speeding away from a traffic stop with a deputy inside his car. that deputy was not hurt. tonight that driver is in jail on an outstanding warrant. veterans in minnesota, texas and possibly nationwide have been denied benefits and treatment for traumatic brain injuries after exams by
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it is part of an investigation we call invisible wounds. >> reporter: traumatic injuries have been called the signature wounds of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. often invisible but debilitating. this veteran suspected lingering effects from a blow to the head in the navy turned to the minneapolis v.a. for help. the v.a. policy says they must be diagnosed by specialists, neurologists. anton wasn't seen by a specialist. he is one of hundreds of veterans in minneapolis, many misdiagnosed and denied treatment by doctors who were not qualified by the v.a.'s own rules. some examined by a nurse practitioner not a neurologist. now there is evidence it is happening at other v.a.'s. >> the issue other unqualified doctors is happening here?
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blowing the whistle because of these internal v.a. e-mails saying that before he started his job of the unit in amarillo, texas last may as many as 70 veterans in amarillo alone had exams done by unqualified doctors. >> traumatic brain injury exams were done by people who were not supposed to do it. >> reporter: shortly after he did this interview he was demoted. after seeing amarillo e-mails technic media filed a freedom of information request for every v.a. hospital in the country to find out how many other veterans have been misdiagnosed.
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>> reporter: mike deeson. ivy coaches are eliminating down on potential concussions.
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rehab patients return to tampa general hospital this week to look at people who helped put their lives back together. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the road with the touching reunion.
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driver and left in the middle of the road for dead one night. >> reporter: when one door closes another opens. sometimes looking back helps you move forward. >> i had three ministrokes heart valve. >> reporter: many days at tampa trouble. >> the food here was terrible but the care was great. >> reporter: it is about triumph. >> zach ward! >> reporter: a brain hemorrhage should have kept zach ward from walking the stage at graduation. rehab at tampa general made it possible. >> a year and a half ago i could not roll over in my bed on my own. to be here talking to you without a cane or wheelchair this place was a means to getting my life back. >> reporter: this rehab reunion
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they do it twice a year to see the power of persistence and healing from a hug. >> it means hope and encouragment. we have so many relationships. there is such a connection when you walk through such a difficult time with them. it is not like a normal relationship. it is deeper than a friendship. it is an understanding of i have seen what you walked through and i walked through it with you. >> i could not feel more blessed. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: on the road in tampa bobby lewis 10 news wtsp. >> his therapist walked step-by- step with him across the stage during graduation. >> tampa general used to do one rehab reunion every year but they have so many success
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looking ahead to the weekend we have your forecast. get traffic alerts any time of the day.
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here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. u.n. security council approved stricter sanctions for north korea. that's in response to recent nuclear and missile tests like this one.
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require cargo ships and aircraft to be inspected. the man who kidnapped and killed two virginia college students will serve life in prison. jesse matthews pleaded guilty to to murder. he is serving time for a sexual assault in a third case. there is no escape. an inmate at a jail in bakersfield, california crashed a transport van. he and fellow inmates in the van are accounted for. he was once king and had a castle. now sports authority is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. the company will shout down 130 stores. 140 in all. that's your 60 second scan. consumer alert. lawmakers are looking closer at
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funding campaigns. websites like gofundme and you caring are often used to solicit charity donations. those two should get the money don't always wind up with the cash they deserve. >> reporter: adam king was killed by a drunk driver near his home in ohio. the next day they were consoled by a woman they never met before. she offered to set up a you caring crowd funding website to raise money for his funeral expenses. >> we thought she was a good neighbor. >> reporter: that neighbor pleaded guilty to telecommunications fraud after his parents accused her of pocketing $1,000 of the $3,000 raised. you caring and gofundme are
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raise money for people who need help with everything from medical bills to adoption fees and college tuition. crowd funding saids raised $2 billion in 2015 profiting through fee or percentages of donations. this industry is unregulated. you caring insists incidents of fraud are rare. >> we watch hundreds of thousands of fundraisers a year. the vast majority of people using the sight are good- natured people. >> reporter: gofundme says fraud is something that happens less than one 10 of 1% of the time on its platform. any campaign that displays suspicious behavior are removed immediately. u.s. senator is asking the federal trade commission to examine the problem to ensure
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former bucs receiver michael clayton is now part of our wtsp team. we are so excited that michael will now permanently be joined stephanie. you can see them weekdays at 9:00 a.m. here on 10 news. i'm dion lim live in the news room all new at 6:00 a car crash disguised as a blessing. >> three trips to icu in six months helps you realize how fragile life is. >> local deputy says his brush with death saved his life. he shares his inspirational story. dozens upon dozens of frustrated tax payers outside tampa's irs office. ahead why it is so many of them waited several days for help
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>> you could use that negative experience like this and destroy your life with it. a man who lost most of his life savings investing in the failed trump tower of tampa weighs in on the presidential canidate. a wild find in this pool. what happened after a bay area couple spotted this gator. that's tonight on "10 news at 6:00". good evening. we have a quiet start to our area. we have more action across the midwest setting the stage for our next system. until friday. up until then we have those high clouds. this front overall washing out a bit. we are not going to see big temperatures.
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producing anything in the way of rain. down to 72 tampa. 71 st. pete. 68 crystal river. around the bay area the general trend is that we are cool along the coast. 65 tarpon springs. 69 treasure island. we get east of i-75 and we have some low to mid 70s in the mix. 72 seffner. 75 lakeland. the numbers this evening looking good. temperatures will be dropping overnight. it means it will be cooler as tomorrow. dew points coming back up during the daytime hours tomorrow allowing for some showers to develop in the forecast on friday. for tonight we'll stay dry. cloud cover. producing kind. we'll drop those temperatures into the low 50s. in fact, for some of us we'll tomorrow morning. 50s.
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as we get into citrus county we see more wide-spread 40s. 49 tonight in spring hill. 54 overnight in bradenton. inland communities will not get in the 40s. we'll get you close to the mark. 51 lakeland overnight tonight. future cast keeping things quiet overnight and into tomorrow morning. except for a few high clouds we'll be looking really nice for our thursday. after a nice, cool start, great running weather heading outside tomorrow morning with the temperatures in the 50s. we'll warm you up into the mid to upper 70s tomorrow afternoon. in fact, 80s are not that far behind. as we look ahead to the weekend we'll see bright, sunny skies and that will warm up our temperatures. upper 70s to near 80 coming up weekend. notice aside from a few batches of clouds we'll see a whole lot
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as we look ahead to spring training coming up on sunday against the minnesota twins we'll see temperatures flirting trop. weekend. looking ahead to next week we temperatures we have seen in quite some time. up at 6:15. >> a year is a long time. it felt like i had been up
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astronaut scott kelly is flying back home to houston tonight. >> don champion shows you how his completed mission may soon pave the way for a trip to mars. >> reporter: scott kelly gave a thumb's up tuesday night moments after landing. >> your first thoughts back on earth after a year? >> the cold air was amazing. >> reporter: last march kelly flew to the international space station and carried out, among other things countless experiments to study everythings of long duration trips in space.
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the same number of days it would take to get to mars. >> i'm encouraged on our ability to go even longer. even though i looked forward to coming home and there are things that i miss, i felt like if it was for the right reason i clearly could have stayed. >> reporter: but last week while still in orbit kelly admitted space is a harsh environment. >> for instance having no running water. it is kind of like i have been in the woods camping for a year. >> reporter: during his mission he flew 143 million-miles. made more than 5400 orbits around earth and saw 11,000 sunrises and sunsets. later today he'll fly to houston for a final check up by doctors.
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in the 90s a russian doctor set space. nasa says he may have problems with his immune and digestive systems because he's been isolated in space and hasn't
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lines up out the door and around the corner. now u.s. senator bill nelson asked the agency to look into it. this all comes as the irs found that data breech is much bigger than they first realized. hackers were able to get more than 724,000 people's personal information. >> the irs is expecting 150 million individual tax returns to year. you can imagine when a small percentage of taxpayers have a problem offices can get backed up quickly. what is being done to bring relief. 10 news reporter eric glasser is getting answers tonight from the irs. >> reporter: this is not the
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at best buy. >> i have been here since 2:00 a.m. >> reporter: it is the line winding around tampa's irs office. more than 100 people, many victims of i.d. theft or fraud told they would need new personal identification numbers to file returns. they tried to website and phone and got nowhere. >> where it is a lack of staff or quality customer service the problem needs to be addressed. >> reporter: since it is first- come, first-serve at tampa's irs office several of these folks waited for hours only to be told at 4:30 sharp come back tomorrow. >> they just locked the door. >> reporter: that's not right said adrian who has been here. >> three times. >> reporter: the internal revenue service blames a spike in i.d. theft as budget cuts force them to cut back. >> the irs is aware of the lines at the taxpayer assistance center. we regret the frustration the tax payers are facing.


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